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A tale of two developers
Let me tell you about two developers who worked for the same company: Both were talented, gifted software developers and had many years of e...
02-07-2020 16:34:04 helper code Agile & Testing
ZGC - Using -XX:SoftMaxHeapSize
In JDK 13 we introduced a new JVM option called -XX:SoftMaxHeapSize=. ZGC is so far the only garbage collector in HotSpot that supports this...
02-07-2020 16:25:26 inside.java Inside Java
JetBrains Academy Celebrates the Close of Its Early Access Program with 50% Discount Plan
We recently announced the next step for JetBrains Academy - the transition from Early Access to a subscription model. Well, today is the day...
02-07-2020 11:15:18 JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA Blog Beginners
Jakarta EE 9 - Milestone 1 Released by Eclipse Foundation
The Eclipse Foundation celebrated the first milestone release of Jakarta EE 9 with a Jakarta EE 9 Milestone Release Party. The event, hosted...
02-07-2020 10:00:42 infoq java Advanced
Comic for July 02, 2020
02-07-2020 07:20:21 Dilbert Comics
Top 5 Courses to Crack CompTIA Cloud+ (CV0-002) Certification Exam
Hello guys, As the tech world is moving faster towards cloud computing, the demand for certified cloud practitioners, programmers, and devel...
02-07-2020 06:12:21 java revisited Beginners
Spring Boot - RESTful Web Service With POST Request in JSON Example
In the video below, we take a closer look at Spring Boot - RESTful Web Service with POST Request in JSON Example. Let's get started!
02-07-2020 02:17:59 dzone java Advanced

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