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What is Xms and Xmx parameter in java?
In this post, we will see about Xms and Xmx parameter in java. -Xmx specifies maximum memory size for Java virtual machine (JVM), while -Xms...
15-09-2019 20:06:58 Java tutorial for ... (Arpit Mandliya) Beginners
Article: Q&A on the Book "Continuous Delivery in Java"
The book "Continuous Delivery in Java" by Daniel Bryant and Abraham Marin-Perez was released nearly ten years after the original "Continuous...
15-09-2019 17:34:20 infoq java Advanced
Exercises in MapReduce Style
This is the 19th post in the Exercises in Programming Style focus series. In the last episode of Exercises in Programming Style, we solved t...
15-09-2019 17:28:56 A java geek (Nicolas Frankel) Agile & Testing
Recruiting Software Developers – Checking Out a Company
I often get contacted by recruiters asking if I am interested in changing company. Even if I am happy where I am, I briefly check out compan...
15-09-2019 16:06:06 henrik warne Agile & Testing
Spring boot webflux test with @WebFluxTest with WebTestClient
Learn to unit test spring boot webflux controller using @WebFluxTest annotation and WebTestClient which is used to test webflux endpoints wi...
15-09-2019 14:57:18 how to do in java Advanced
JavaFX 13 release interview with Johan Vos
Today is a big day in the Java world - it's JavaFX 13's proposed release date! To welcome it to the world, we sat down with Johan Vos, Java ...
15-09-2019 14:53:29 jaxenter Advanced
JUnit 5 + Maven examples
This article shows you how to add JUnit 5 in a Maven project, nothing special, just add the JUnit 5 junit-jupiter-engine library and make su...
15-09-2019 10:50:57 mkyong (Yong Mook Kim) Beginners
Top 5 Courses to Learn SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and Microservices - Best Of Lot
Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Microservice Architecture are essential skills for modern Java developers as most of the Java applic...
15-09-2019 09:45:46 java revisited Beginners
Microservices are only web based services?
I've been reading a little bit about microservices but the articles only talk about web based services. I'm working on a number of services ...[comments]
15-09-2019 09:42:44 reddit java (min. 40 likes) Advanced

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