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Eclipse Infrastructure Support for IP Due Due Diligence Type
The Eclipse Foundation's Intellectual Property (IP) Policy was recently updated and we're in the process of updating our processes and suppo...
17-01-2017 18:17:42 java code geeks Advanced
Fast Data & Analytics — SQL, NoSQL, IMDGs, Hadoop, Spark. What next?
Twenty years ago we were just learning how to hook up the new Java language to our relational database to run queries. Five years later and ...
17-01-2017 17:03:32 jaxenter Advanced
This Week in Spring - January 17th, 2017
Welcome to another installment of This Week in Spring! We've got a lot to get into this week - even more so than usual! So, let's get into i...
17-01-2017 15:51:07 spring Advanced
Functional Programming Is Not What You (Probably) Think
After seeing many of the comments from another article attempting to explain what FP (Functional Programming) is about, I thought I would ta...
17-01-2017 13:18:56 dzone java Advanced
Guide to Guava Multimap
A short guide to Guava Multimap in comparison with standard java.util.Map
17-01-2017 13:16:20 baeldung (Eugen Paraschiv) Advanced
An Inferno on the Head of a Pin
Today's processors contain billions of heat-generating transistors in an ever shrinking space. The power budget might go from: 1000 watts on...
17-01-2017 13:12:25 codinghorror (Jeff Atwood) Advanced
Hadoop Hbase Maven Example
In this article, we will learn about using Maven for including Hbase in your Apache Hadoop related applications and how Maven makes it easy ...
17-01-2017 12:05:45 java code geeks Advanced
How to replace the TABLE identifier generator with either SEQUENCE or IDENTITY in a portable way
Introduction As previously explained, the TABLE identifier generator does not scale, so you should avoid id. However, some enterprise applic...
17-01-2017 12:00:40 vlad mihalcea Advanced
Finding the best programmers requires international search
When looking for the best programmers in the world, where should you start your search? While the United States has been the birthplace of s...
17-01-2017 10:52:37 jaxenter Advanced

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