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Blockchain Technology Conference: Explore dApps, smart contracts & more
The Blockchain Technology Conference takes place in Berlin from November 11 - 13. Over twenty-five international speakers from different sec...
16-07-2019 00:38:28 jaxenter Advanced
Tanja Obradovic: Update for Jakarta EE community: July 2019
Two months ago, we launched a monthly email update for the Jakarta EE community which seeks to highlight news from various committee meeting...
16-07-2019 00:38:14 planet eclipse Beginners
JPA With Eclipse and MySQL Using Java Configuration
In this article, we will discuss the Java persistence API configuration with EclipseLink and MySQL. The Java Persistence API is a standard s...
16-07-2019 00:38:04 dzone java Advanced
What does the future hold for Spring Portlet MVC? Long live PortletMVC4Spring!
What does the future hold for Spring Portlet MVC? Long live PortletMVC4Spring! It's my pleasure to announce the release of a new project spo...
15-07-2019 22:50:46 liferay Advanced
Java 8 Functional Interfaces Introduction Example
Hello readers! In this tutorial, we will learn the amazing feature of Java 8 Functional Interfaces. 1. Introduction To achieve the benefits ...
15-07-2019 20:40:14 java code geeks Advanced
Dataclips Power Insights at Heroku
Every organization needs to be data-driven in order to be successful. Whether you're tracking an application's performance, incoming support...
15-07-2019 20:33:18 heroku Advanced
Integrating Fingerprint Authentication Into Your App
Gain mastery of fingerprint authentication features that are included in the Android APIs.
15-07-2019 20:32:44 developer Advanced
Thabang Mashologu: Commercial-Grade Collaboration at the Eclipse Foundation
When it comes to the digital economy, business runs on open source. That's because open source is the best way to deliver large-scale busine...
15-07-2019 18:22:09 planet eclipse Beginners
6 Talks We're Excited to Hear This Year at the Kansas City Developer Conference
Good news if you're a developer! The 11th annual Kansas City Developer Conference is just around the corner, on July 18th and 19th at the Ka...
15-07-2019 18:14:06 OverOps (overops) Advanced

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