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Testing React applications
When it comes to testing front-end applications, there's a painless way. In this session, find out about pain-free React application testing...
18-01-2020 15:26:42 jaxenter Advanced
A Look at the Scala Main Class
Check out this quick look at adding a main class in Scala. Adding a main class in Scala is something that I always end up searching online, ...
18-01-2020 10:30:57 dzone java Advanced
Best fonts for programming: JetBrains Mono typeface is easy on the eyes
What typeface do you program with? JetBrains released a new open source typeface that is designed with coding in mind. JetBrains Mono aims t...
18-01-2020 09:17:33 jaxenter Advanced
Comic for January 18, 2020
18-01-2020 08:00:42 Dilbert Comics
Digging Into Sockets With Java Flight Recorder
Let's look at one amazing tool for gathering information about what's going on in your JVM the Java Flight Recorder. Let's look at one amazi...
18-01-2020 04:22:48 dzone java Advanced
CodinGame 2020 developer survey says Python is the most loved programming language
Which programming languages do developers love most and which do they dread? CodinGame has the answers, as the company surveyed more than 21...
18-01-2020 03:05:17 jaxenter Advanced
Spring Framework 5.2.3, 5.1.13, 5.0.16, and 4.3.26 releases
After unfavorable weather on Maven central caused service disruption much of today, skies have finally cleared up, and I am pleased to annou...
18-01-2020 00:43:45 spring Advanced
Managing Environments and Plugins in Maven
It is amazing that in 2019, there are still no proper plugins for managing environments in Maven. The only one that makes an attempt at solv...
17-01-2020 22:11:16 dzone java Advanced
MicroProfile 3.2 in WildFly 19.0.0.Beta1
I'm pleased to announce that the WildFly 19 Beta1 zip is now available for download. I typically don't blog about the WildFly betas, but I w...
17-01-2020 22:08:10 Wildfly (JBoss) Advanced
Gradle 6.1 adds relocatable dependency cache and a few more changes
Gradle is an invaluable tool for helping teams build, automate, and effectively deliver software. The latest version is out. Version 6.1 add...
17-01-2020 20:57:12 jaxenter Advanced

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