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The Apache News Round-up: week ending 27 November 2020
Farewell, November --we're wrapping up the month with another great week. Here are the latest updates on the Apache community's activities:A...
27-11-2020 13:51:42 apache Beginners
Guide to the System Stubs Library
Learn the importance of being able to mock system resources and how System Stubs allows for complex configurations of stubbing with JUnit 4 ...
27-11-2020 12:32:55 baeldung (Eugen Paraschiv) Advanced
Comic for November 27, 2020
27-11-2020 09:52:27 Dilbert Comics
Queryable Logging with Blacklite
I've published a logging appender called Blacklite that writes logging events to SQLite databases. It has good throughput and low latency, a...
27-11-2020 08:27:24 Terse Systems Advanced
2 Best Black Friday Deals for Educators and Online Course Creators - [Teachable and Thinkific Black Friday Dicsounts]
Hello guys, I have been advocating for programmers and developers to create online courses to both learn and earn. In today's world, there i...
27-11-2020 04:36:01 java revisited Beginners
Java Weekly, Issue 361
New release of GraalVM, Speculating over the fate of Loom and Valhalla, Building a server framework, Cloud computing and climate change, and...
26-11-2020 19:10:49 baeldung (Eugen Paraschiv) Advanced
ActiveJ Overview. New Full-stack Java Framework
ActiveJ is a radically new development platform for creating diverse modern applications of any complexity with a lightweight and natively s...
26-11-2020 17:57:04 jaxenter Advanced
LJV: What We Can Learn From Java Data Structures Visualization
When I started to prepare a course of lectures on the Java language for the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, I became to search f...
26-11-2020 17:56:37 dzone java Advanced

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