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String replaceAll() example - How to replace all characters and substring from String
You can replace all occurrence of a single character, or a substring of a given String in Java using the replaceAll() method of java.lang.St...
19-01-2017 02:54:46 java revisited Beginners
Kotlin Properties and the Vaadin 8 Beanbinder [Code Snippet]
Vaadin 8 (currently in beta) comes with a whole new DataBinding API that makes heavy use of Java 8 lambda features. Unfortunately, Java has ...
19-01-2017 02:52:43 dzone java Advanced
Oracle OSB-SOA-BPEL Interview Question and Answer – Part 7
In this article, we will discuss interview question with their justification on Oracle OSB, SOA and BPEL This is part-7 of Oracle OSB-SOA-BP...
19-01-2017 01:40:49 BenchResources.Net Beginners
Jenkins Docker Image Example
1. Introduction In this post we will learn about how to install and configure Jenkins through the Jenkins Docker image. This is the official...
19-01-2017 01:37:49 java code geeks Advanced
Java Swing - Draw shapes dynamically example
In this article we create an application that randomly puts shapes on a JPanel. The user can choose between the different shapes our applica...
19-01-2017 01:33:52 mkyong (Yong Mook Kim) Beginners
AngularJS Spring MVC CRUD Example using $http service
In this post, we will learn how to integrate AngularJS with Spring MVC and perform CRUD operation using $http service. We will be building a...
19-01-2017 01:31:28 Java Interview Point Beginners
Spring Integration Extension for SMB 0.5.0 is Available
On behalf of the Spring Integration team I'd like to announce release of one more Spring Integration Extension. This time it is Spring Integ...
19-01-2017 00:27:51 spring Advanced
First alpha release of the Rust Language Server is here
The Rust Language Server is a way of providing editors and IDEs with a range of functionality. It should now be able to run against most Car...
19-01-2017 00:23:20 jaxenter Advanced
The JavaFX Ecosystem
Abstract: JavaFX is booming! For the past 4 years we have seen open source libraries and JavaFX projects popping up slowly, however the pace...
18-01-2017 23:12:47 virtual jug Advanced
Project vs product teams
One of the hardest things for companies trying to be agile is how to structure teams. Back in the bad-old days, teams would form around a pr...
18-01-2017 23:05:16 Actively Lazy (David Green) Agile & Testing

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