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What happened to Vaadin Elements?
One of the changes introduced with the Vaadin 10 beta release is that there is no longer a separate product called Vaadin Elements. We now c...
23-03-2018 08:55:27 vaadin Advanced
Types: When I Use Them, and When I Don't
Note: Below is my personal perspective. If I write a one-page program, I don't mind having no types: 0 types, -1 types, I'm happy with it.
23-03-2018 07:41:18 dzone java Advanced
Kubernetes v1.10: What's new and what to expect
Kubernetes v1.10 is in the pipeline! There are lots of changes afoot, including a number of important ones for cluster operators. In this ar...
23-03-2018 06:28:08 jaxenter Advanced
For Programmers: How to Deal with Distractions and Interruptions
Hello dear daydreamers, turning caffeine into codeine! I hope you have not come here from some disruptive notification or a referral from a ...
23-03-2018 06:27:42 java code geeks Advanced
Comic for March 23, 2018
23-03-2018 06:27:41 Dilbert Comics
Webtools News: WTP 3.9.3 Released!
Web Tools Platform 3.9.3 has been released! Installation and update can be performed using the Oxygen Update Site or through the Eclipse Mar...
23-03-2018 05:14:28 planet eclipse Beginners
Personal Data
23-03-2018 05:13:02 xkcd Comics
The Incredible Shrinking Java Platform
In an earlier blog, I wrote about the changes for deployment of Java applications that will take effect in JDK 11. Specifically, the removal...
23-03-2018 01:36:02 dzone java Advanced
JSF 2.0 Tutorial for Beginners
1. What is JSF? JSF is an acronym for Java Server Faces. It is a server side processing technology which allows to embed server side code in...
23-03-2018 00:22:50 java code geeks Advanced
Java Long Term Support
So with JDK 9, 10, 11, etc, I'm getting confused about the future of support for Java. I am a professional Java developer, so changes in how...[comments]
23-03-2018 00:22:28 reddit java (min. 40 likes) Advanced

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