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Presentation: Designing, Implementing and Using Reactive APIs
Ben Hale, Paul Harris and Stephane Maldini talk about what led them to choose a reactive API. Using that project as a lens, they explore how...
04-12-2016 19:20:20 infoq java Advanced
Spring Boot - How to change Context Path
In Spring Boot, to change the context path, update server.contextPath properties. The following examples update the context path from / to /...
04-12-2016 19:12:02 mkyong (Yong Mook Kim) Beginners
Sharing Experiences from a Microservices Journey
In our continued effort to showcase lessons learned by microservices practitioners, we look at an article Piotr Gankiewicz has recently writ...
04-12-2016 18:07:39 infoq microservices Agile & Testing
Feeding Spring Boot metrics to Elasticsearch
This week's post aims to describe how to send JMX metrics taken from the JVM to an Elasticsearch instance. Business app requirements The bus...
04-12-2016 18:04:07 A java geek (Nicolas Frankel) Agile & Testing
Day 4, Java Holiday Calendar 2016, RemoveIf
4. Use RemoveIf in Java Collections Today's tips is to use the removeIf() method (that all collection classes like List have) rather than ma...
04-12-2016 18:02:24 Minborg's Java Po ... (Per-Ake Minborg) Advanced
A Guide To NIO2 FileVisitor
A quick and practical guide to Java NIO2 FileVisitor
04-12-2016 16:51:37 baeldung (Eugen Paraschiv) Advanced
Java Holiday Calendar 2016 (Day 4): Use RemoveIf in Java Collections
Today's tip is to use the removeIf() method (that all collection classes like List have) rather than manually iterating over the elements an...
04-12-2016 15:41:14 dzone java Advanced
Technical liabilities: not technical debt
(This is refactored version of my earlier blog post Technical Liabilities and not Technical Debt - its shorter and contains few of the refer...
04-12-2016 14:25:19 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
Android Spinner Dropdown Example
In this post, we are going to see about Android Spinner Dropdown example. Android Spinner is a UI widget which have dropdown. Once you click...
04-12-2016 13:11:17 Java tutorial for ... (Arpit Mandliya) Beginners
Java Thread - Mutex and Semaphore example
Java multi threads example to show you how to use Semaphore and Mutex to limit the number of threads to access resources. Semaphores Restric...
04-12-2016 13:08:18 mkyong (Yong Mook Kim) Beginners

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