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Top 8 Java Interview Questions On main() Method
Execution of a Java application starts with the main() method, this is one of an important Java interview questions for both freshers and ex...
25-06-2018 02:31:09 Java Interview Point Beginners
[GitHub] DeepLearning Projects from Scratch using Java
I maintain deep learning projects using Java (DL4J) in this GitHub repository: [DeepLearning4j Concrete Implementations]() Feel free to make...[comments]
25-06-2018 01:22:51 reddit java (min. 40 likes) Advanced
Java 8 Unsigned Arithmetic Support
Learn the ins and outs of working with unsigned integers in Java 8 and later.
25-06-2018 01:16:49 baeldung (Eugen Paraschiv) Advanced
Donald Raab: EC by Example: Min and Max
Learn how to find the minimum and maximum values in a collection using Eclipse Collections.Of Max and MinHow do you find the min and max of ...
24-06-2018 20:28:23 planet eclipse Beginners
WireMock Tutorial: Request Matching, Part Three
This blog post describes how we can specify expectations for the JSON document that is received by our WireMock server. After we have finish...
24-06-2018 18:06:04 petri kainulainen Advanced
Distributing webapps via Homebrew
Distributing Java webapps via Docker is pretty widespread. However, regarding replacing desktop applications, it suffers from a not-so-great...
24-06-2018 17:55:06 A java geek (Nicolas Frankel) Agile & Testing
No qualifying bean of type in Spring or Spring Boot
In this post, we will see about an exception: No qualifying bean of type. Exceptions are least expected but you might get it while working w...
24-06-2018 14:23:05 Java tutorial for ... (Arpit Mandliya) Beginners
How to write a Kotlin DSL – e.g. for Apache Kafka
The Kotlin language is gaining more and more attention and is being used in an increasing number of projects. One thing that Kotlin can be u...
24-06-2018 14:22:05 codecentric Advanced
Top 5 Free Java Courses for Beginners to Learn Online - Best of Lot
We all love free resources, don't you? There was a time when I buy a lot of books when I was preparing for my engineering entrance exam but ...
24-06-2018 13:11:13 java revisited Beginners
Kotlin – Validate XML against XSDs
This post is about XML validation against more than one related XSDs - one XSD is included into the main XSD. Continue Reading The post Kotl...
24-06-2018 10:36:48 turreta Advanced

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