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5 Hidden Secrets in Java
As programming languages grow, it is inevitable that hidden features begin to appear and constructs that were never intended by the founders...
21-02-2018 08:39:39 dzone java Advanced
Composition vs. Inheritance with JPA and Hibernate
Like all object-oriented programing languages, Java supports the fundamental concepts of inheritance and composition. There is an important ...
21-02-2018 08:36:32 Thoughts on Java (Thorben Janssen) Advanced
Apache PDFBox Split PDF Document in Java
The following example demonstrates how to use Apache PdfBox to split a PDF Document. Maven Dependencies We use Apache Maven to manage our pr...
21-02-2018 08:34:04 memorynotfound (Olivier Sips) Advanced
Self-Driving Issues
21-02-2018 07:23:02 xkcd Comics
Comic for February 21, 2018
21-02-2018 07:17:49 Dilbert Comics
Spring Data Kay SR4 released
On behalf of the Spring Data team, I'm pleased to announce the fourth service release of the Kay release train in prospect of Spring Boot 2....
21-02-2018 06:14:45 spring Advanced
Why You Should Join the 7.1 Community Beta Program
So Jamie just announced the new Liferay 7.1 Community Beta Program here: I recommend everyone who has working code in Liferay 7.0
21-02-2018 06:12:28 liferay Advanced
Is API gateway an anti-pattern?
Commonly I see people creating a 'microservice' that serves *all frontend requests, authenticate them and orchestrate among all the real bus...[comments]
21-02-2018 06:10:48 reddit java (min. 40 likes) Advanced
Spring Batch - Tasklets vs Chunks
Learn about the two ways to implement jobs in Spring Batch: tasklets and chunks.
21-02-2018 06:09:03 baeldung (Eugen Paraschiv) Advanced
DB authentication, JSF and microservices, Denormalization, Web Components, JAX-RS, Transactions, Sagas or: 47th airhacks.tv
43 mins with topics like: "Database Authentication, Microservices with JSF, Denormalization, DB Audits, Web Components decoupling, with or w...
21-02-2018 06:04:40 Adam Bien Advanced

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