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DBMS vs RDBMS: Comparison and Differences between DBMS and RDBMS
The World is all about Data. Know more about DBMS and RDBMS and what's next. Data and Information Management is not new. Nevertheless, this ...
18-01-2019 08:41:43 java code geeks Advanced
The Most Significant Changes to the Java Ecosystem
To understand the current and future state of the Java Ecosystem, we reached out to our community for their insights. Unlike other topics li...
18-01-2019 08:41:31 dzone java Advanced
"In the history of the Jenkins project, we've had 8 vulnerabilities reported with co-ordinated disclosure deadlines – all in the second half of 2018."
The past year has been a marathon for open source projects with multiple vulnerabilities being discovered. We caught up with Tracy Miranda t...
18-01-2019 08:41:12 jaxenter Advanced
Spring WebClient and OAuth2 Support
Learn how to set up an application as an OAuth2 Client and use the WebClient to retrieve a secured resource in a full-reactive stack.
18-01-2019 08:38:43 baeldung (Eugen Paraschiv) Advanced
Using Minimum Fractional Digits with JDK 12 Compact Number Formatting
The post "Compact Number Formatting Comes to JDK 12" demonstrated the support added to NumberFormat in JDK 12 to support compact number form...
18-01-2019 08:34:27 inspired by actua ... (Dustin Marx) Beginners
AngularJS Scope
1. Overview In this post, we are reviewing scope in AngularJS. It is passed as an argument when we make a controller: Scope is actually an o...
18-01-2019 07:15:43 Java and Cyber Se ... (Michael C Good) Advanced
Comic for January 18, 2019
18-01-2019 07:15:22 Dilbert Comics
Models of the Atom
18-01-2019 07:13:04 xkcd Comics
Getting to Rearchitect a System Is a Sign of Success
Most applications we have globally, maybe 90% of them, are perfectly served by a monolithic approach. To avoid overengineering, we should st...
18-01-2019 06:00:16 infoq microservices Agile & Testing

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