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Spring Boot Custom Favicon Example - How to set custom Favicon in Spring Boot
Spring Boot Custom Favicon example The default Spring Boot configuration provides the default favicon for the web application. If you start ...
22-09-2017 14:20:43 viralpatel Beginners
How to use Voice to control IoT devices using Android
In this post, we will describe how to use voice to control IoT devices. In other words, in this article, we will use our voice to send a set...
22-09-2017 14:18:21 java code geeks Advanced
Guide to LinkRest
Discover LinkRest - an open-source framework for building data-driven REST web services
22-09-2017 12:56:14 baeldung (Eugen Paraschiv) Advanced
Top 10 Business IT Trends That Every CTO Should Know
A comprehensive guide to the most important business IT trends and must-know predictions about the future of business IT. As a CTO, it?s you...
22-09-2017 11:50:24 vaadin Advanced
Akka HTTP: another one validation directive
The question is how to validate a HTTP request body using Akka HTTP directive? Of course we can use for this reason validate directive, but ...
22-09-2017 11:38:07 Fruzenshtein's No ... (Alexey Zvolinskiy) Advanced
A Clarified String Formatting Cheatsheet
The Java documentation of String formatting is not the easiest to read and understand if you are not familiar with String formatting or just...
22-09-2017 10:32:34 dzone java Advanced
Transaction Monitoring with WildFly
The WildFly Java EE application server comes with extensive monitoring capabilities. In this screencast I'm monitoring the number of commits...
22-09-2017 10:29:52 Adam Bien Advanced
How to Write TOP N Queries Efficiently in SQL
A very common type of SQL query is the TOP-N query, where we need the "TOP N" records ordered by some value, possibly per category. In this ...
22-09-2017 10:27:46 jooq (Lukas Eder) Advanced
What role will Java play in the future of Big Data and IoT?
Java's not going anywhere, no doubt about that. But why are people choosing to use Java? And what sort of role will it play in the future de...
22-09-2017 09:17:20 jaxenter Advanced

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