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Spring Data 2021.1 enters RC phase
Dear Spring community, On behalf of the Spring Data team and everyone who contributed, it is my pleasure to announce that Spring Data 2021.1...
18-10-2021 20:31:10 spring Advanced
Kotlin and FaaS, An Impossible Union?
Some time ago, I read a post describing how to run a serverless Kotlin function on OpenFaaS. While the content is technically correct, I bel...
18-10-2021 20:28:21 dzone java Advanced
Webinar: "Smarter FastAPI Through Tooling" with Sebastián Ramírez
FastAPI has quickly become super-popular. One of the reasons: embracing standards which help tooling, which then boost productivity. This is...
18-10-2021 20:19:16 JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA Blog Beginners
6 Best Operating System Courses for Beginners to Learn
My favorite courses to learn Operating System concepts for Computer Science students, programmers, and IT professionals from Udemy, Coursera...
18-10-2021 19:03:31 Javarevisited @Me ... (Javarevisited at Medium) Beginners
Declare empty array in php
An array is a data structure where you can store the same or different types of data in a single variable. In PHP, you can declare empty arr...
18-10-2021 17:40:28 Java tutorial for ... (Arpit Mandliya) Beginners
An Introduction to File Handling in Go
Data can be stored in a file, which provides some form of a structure to the data and allows it to be stored permanently or temporarily depe...
18-10-2021 16:16:00 developer Advanced
The Apache News Round-up: week ending 15 October 2021
Happy Friday, everyone. The Apache community has had another great week. Let's review what we've been up to:ASF Board - management and overs...
18-10-2021 16:15:33 apache Beginners
Spring Data 2021.0.6 and 2020.0.14 released
On behalf of the team, I'm pleased to announce the availability of the Spring Data 2021.0.6 and 2020.0.14 service releases. Both releases ar...
18-10-2021 13:35:45 spring Advanced
Stealing Data and Source Code From Java Application
Attack Scenarios In this article, we review possible ways how to inject malware code in JVM/to sniff JVMs traffic/etc. The key objective of ...
18-10-2021 13:32:43 dzone java Advanced

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