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Top 5 Java Multithreading and Concurrency Courses for Experienced Programmers - Best Of Lot
If you are a Java developer and looking for some awesome resources e.g. books and courses to improve your multi-threading and concurrency sk...
22-06-2018 16:26:08 java revisited Beginners
Second maintenance release for Hibernate Search 5.10
We just published Hibernate Search version 5.10.2.Final, the second maintenance release of Hibernate Search 5.10. This release adds previous...
22-06-2018 16:25:41 hibernate Advanced
OpenLiberty: Error on Injection, works on TomEE and Wildfly
While I was working on this blog, I encountered this error: [INFO ] DSRA8203I: Database product name : MySQL [INFO ] DSRA8204I: Database pro...
22-06-2018 16:22:22 java code geeks Advanced
Top 3 reasons to use JRebel and XRebel APM
Here are three development challenges that I run into the most - and the solutions we've offered up to real customers to help them do better...
22-06-2018 15:14:23 rebel labs Advanced
Oracle Announce New Support Pricing Structure for Java
Oracle have announced a new pricing model for commercial support for Java. Considerably simpler, it seems to be of most interest to enterpri...
22-06-2018 15:10:22 infoq java Advanced
Learning Kotlin: String Templates
The purpose of this lesson is to show off string templating. The Koan starts with some interesting examples: fun example1(a: Any, b: Any) = ...
22-06-2018 13:57:07 dzone java Advanced
IoT for web developers
Have you already taken your first steps with maker boards like an Arduino and successfully implemented your first projects? The maker hardwa...
22-06-2018 11:33:38 jaxenter Advanced
Spring Reactor Tutorial
In the world of RESTful services where a lot of work actually happens behind the scenes, we often have to do much of the processing in our a...
22-06-2018 10:22:06 java code geeks Advanced
What is a Functional interface in Java 8? @Functional Annotation and Examples
The functional interface is one of the most important concepts of Java 8 which actually powers lambda expression but many developers don't p...
22-06-2018 09:14:38 java revisited Beginners
Article: How BuzzFeed Migrated from a Perl Monolith to Go and Python Microservices
Starting in 2016 BuzzFeed began a re-architecture project moving from a single monolithic application written in Perl to a set of microservi...
22-06-2018 09:10:04 infoq microservices Agile & Testing

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