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Cloud Native Java Extract: 12-Factor Application Style Configuration
At Voxxed Days CERN, Josh Long's gave his talk on Cloud Native Java. This is an extract of the early release version of Josh Long and Kenny ...
27-02-2017 18:26:16 voxxed Advanced
What's in a Name? Spelling Matters in Code
Think back to college (or high school, if applicable). Do you remember that kid that would sit near the front of the class and gleefully poi...
27-02-2017 18:25:39 dzone java Advanced
Video Content
27-02-2017 18:21:36 xkcd Comics
New JAX Magazine issue — Finance: What's in it for developers?
IT is a must have for most banks these days - a massive change from its previous "optional" status. That being said, if banks are trying to ...
27-02-2017 17:12:51 jaxenter Advanced
microXchg Microservices Conference Day One Summary: DDD, Platforms, and Organisational Impact
At the microXchg conference in Berlin, a group of software development practitioners shared their latest learnings about the microservice ar...
27-02-2017 17:12:46 infoq microservices Agile & Testing
itemis: YAKINDU Statechart Tools February Release - New and Noteworthy
We're happy to announce the new YAKINDU Statechart Tools releases: YAKINDU Statechart Tools Community Edition 2.9.3 and YAKINDU Statechart T...
27-02-2017 15:58:47 planet eclipse Beginners
Meet Marco Pivetta
In this post, I'd like you to meet Marco Pivetta, who is one of the maintainer of Doctrine, a suite of PHP projects that were inspired by Hi...
27-02-2017 14:49:18 hibernate Advanced
JUnit Quickcheck Example
In this example we shall show users the usage of property based testing. JUnit quickcheck example will demonstrates the way to test the meth...
27-02-2017 14:45:55 java code geeks Advanced
Introduction to Cobertura
A quick and practical guide to generating code coverage reports with Cobertura.
27-02-2017 14:37:11 baeldung (Eugen Paraschiv) Advanced
Integration testing strategies for Spring Boot microservices part 2
This is the second part of my earlier post about strategies for integration-testing Spring Boot applications that consist of multiple (rest)...
27-02-2017 12:20:46 codecentric Advanced

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