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J2EE, Java EE, Jakarta EE, MicroProfile - and The Release Cadence
J2EE was released every 2 years, Java EE every 3-4 years: J2EE 1.2 (December 12, 1999) J2EE 1.3 (September 24, 2001) (2 years) J2EE 1.4 (Nov...
17-02-2019 10:37:18 Adam Bien Advanced
IoT and blockchain are ready to drive a manufacturing revolution
In this article, Ilya Pupko, chief architect at Jitterbit, explains how the convergence of IoT and blockchain can transform an entire indust...
17-02-2019 07:42:29 jaxenter Advanced
Comic for February 17, 2019
17-02-2019 07:41:14 Dilbert Comics
Top Java Blogs Weekly: Best of 7/2019
Best of Top Java Blogs, year 2019, week 7
17-02-2019 07:40:22 Jiri Pinkas Beginners
The Cloud is Just Someone Else's Computer
When we started Discourse in 2013, our server requirements were high: 1GB RAM modern, fast dual core CPU speedy solid state drive with 20G+ ...
17-02-2019 04:34:05 codinghorror (Jeff Atwood) Advanced
Hibernate Query Plan Cache
Have a look at how Hibernate's Query Plan Cache can help improve the performance of an application.
17-02-2019 03:01:59 baeldung (Eugen Paraschiv) Advanced
Building applications on the Ethereum blockchain
Blockchain is rapidly becoming the technological darling in the worlds of FinTech and established finance alike. In this session, Eoin Woods...
17-02-2019 01:37:25 jaxenter Advanced
How is the Eclipse Foundation Specification Process (EFSP) different from the Java Community Process (JCP)?
As developers become more used to Jakarta EE and the Eclipse Foundation, it's time to take a look at how new code becomes a part of Jakarta ...
16-02-2019 19:33:53 jaxenter Advanced

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