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Android touch not working? Not to worry.
It's fairly rare to see a non-smartphone these days among the masses. Despite their numerous benefits, smartphones can sometimes be a PITA e...
19-07-2018 00:17:17 java code geeks Advanced
Optimizing Spring Integration Tests
An opinionated guide to implementing and optimizing integration tests with Spring.
18-07-2018 23:00:28 baeldung (Eugen Paraschiv) Advanced
Scala Wars: FP-OOP vs FP
I'm one of those crazy functional programming zealots and architects of ZIO, a purely-functional effect system for Scala. I use the purely-f...
18-07-2018 20:33:15 dzone java Advanced
Nashorn JavaScript Engine deprecation: "This might increase the importance of Rhino again"
Ready or not, Nashorn JavaScript Engine will be deprecated once JDK 11 is here. The "massacre" of this youngling sent a shockwave across the...
18-07-2018 19:14:30 jaxenter Advanced
My bots are now placeless. Homeless. Serverless.
I usually keep an eye on various websites - for latest publications, hot new offers, limited-time games and contests, and the like. Most of ...
18-07-2018 18:00:55 java code geeks Advanced
Software Development
18-07-2018 17:59:09 xkcd Comics
Hibernate Validator 6.0.11.Final released
We just released Hibernate Validator 6.0.11.Final which comes with an improved compatibility with JDK 11 and a couple of bugfixes. This is a...
18-07-2018 16:51:15 hibernate Advanced
Add Hours To a Date In Java
Learn several ways to add or subtract a given number of hours from a date in Java.
18-07-2018 16:41:29 baeldung (Eugen Paraschiv) Advanced
Dependency Management Plugin 1.0.6.RELEASE
I am pleased to announce that Gradle dependency management plugin 1.0.6.RELEASE is now available from Maven Central, Bintray, and the Gradle...
18-07-2018 15:37:10 spring Advanced

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