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Liferay Form in Custom Module
Liferay Forms are one of most powerful feature in Liferay with which we can create and edit form without code change. Today we will be seein...
18-07-2019 20:00:46 liferay Advanced
Presentation: Java Futures, 2019 Edition
Java Language Architect Brian Goetz gives a tour of some of the features coming to Java next. By Brian Goetz
18-07-2019 20:00:29 infoq java Advanced
Grails Spring Security Tutorial
There are many security features in Spring Security such as authentication, authorization, instance-based control, and others. Grails develo...
18-07-2019 17:48:14 java code geeks Advanced
Top 4 Free Java 11 Certification Mock Tests and Practice Questions - (OCAJP 11 - 1Z0-815 and OCAPJP 816 Sample Questions)
The latest Java certification is now out, the Java 11 Certification. Ever since Java 9 and Java10 was out, programmers were speculating that...
18-07-2019 16:34:27 java revisited Beginners
A Guide to the Latest Features in Spring Boot 2.1
Spring Boot 2.1 was released late last year. What was most exciting to me was the improved performance and OpenID Connect (OIDC) support fro...
18-07-2019 16:04:14 dzone java Advanced
New JAX Mag issue: Exploring the IoT universe
We've prepared a double dose of goodness for you with this special double issue! We've dedicated one half to talking about the IoT universe'...
18-07-2019 16:03:21 jaxenter Advanced
Java Regular Expression Examples
Java 8 stream and regular expression examples. Note Learn the basic regular expression at Wikipedia 1. String.matches(regex) 1.1 This exampl...
18-07-2019 15:54:41 mkyong (Yong Mook Kim) Beginners
Simplest Possible Liveness and Readiness Probes with MicroProfile and Quarkus
Simplest possible live- and readiness probes with quarkus.io and Microprofile Health: See you at Web, MicroProfile and Java EE Workshops at ...
18-07-2019 13:40:42 Adam Bien Advanced
Best Practice: Track Package Versions, not Bundle Versions
So recently I got to hang out with board members and officers of the OSGi Alliance, including Liferay's own Ray Auge. A great bunch of folks...
18-07-2019 12:09:51 liferay Advanced

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