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What is Spring bean?
In short, a Spring bean is an object which Spring framework manages at runtime. A Spring bean is a basic building block of any Spring applic...
19-03-2019 10:29:33 Daniel Olszewski (Daniel Olszewski) Advanced
JBoss Wildfly Change Port Configuration Example
This is an article about JBoss Wildly Change Port Configuration. JBoss WildFly runtime manages the applications deployed on its server. It u...
19-03-2019 10:21:51 java code geeks Advanced
Microsoft Survey to Study the JavaEE to Cloud Migration: A Call to the Java Community to Participate
The Microsoft Azure engineering team is calling on the Java community to participate in a special survey to understand the challenges of mig...
19-03-2019 09:04:06 infoq java Advanced
Integrate Social Login Into Your Spring Boot App
You've probably seen social login options with just about every username and password field on the Internet. And it's not hard to see why al...
19-03-2019 06:12:02 dzone java Advanced
Turn DevOps into DevSecOps without sacrificing automation
As DevOps matured within organizations, the process became efficient and fast, but security ended up falling to the wayside. In this article...
19-03-2019 06:11:45 jaxenter Advanced
Protocols are Important: Martin Thompson at QCon London
The protocols we use should be studied and practiced more, they are really important in many aspects, Martin Thompson claimed in his present...
19-03-2019 06:11:38 infoq microservices Agile & Testing
Comic for March 19, 2019
19-03-2019 06:10:48 Dilbert Comics
Curriculum Vitae
Stay tuned. This page is coming soon.
19-03-2019 06:09:37 beyond java (Stephan Rauh) Advanced
Spring Boot @CrossOrigin Annotation Example
Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) is a standard protocol that defines the interaction between a browser and a server for safely handling ...
19-03-2019 03:34:55 java code geeks Advanced
Java 8 – Convert stream to array
Learn to convert stream to array using Stream.toArray() API. This post contains multiple examples for collecting stream elements to array un...
19-03-2019 00:50:28 how to do in java Advanced

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