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DevOps at scale: Winning strategies for modern enterprises
DevOps is required for the smooth flow of engineering efficiency hand overall growth; it's more about trying to execute more frequent change...
03-04-2020 18:05:20 jaxenter Advanced
Top 10 Courses to Crack Java Programming Interviews in 2020
Hello guys, if you are preparing for Java interviews like for a core Java developer role in a big Investment bank like JP Morgan, Morgan Sta...
03-04-2020 16:45:08 java revisited Beginners
Spring Boot 2.3.0.M4 available now
On behalf of the team and everyone that contributed, I am pleased to announce that the fourth milestone of Spring Boot 2.3 has been released...
03-04-2020 14:19:31 spring Advanced
Article: Java's Missing Features: 5 Years Later
Ben Evans revisits his take on Java's Missing Features from 2015 and compares how the language has evolved since then compared to his observ...
03-04-2020 14:16:37 infoq java Advanced
How to share run configurations in IntelliJ IDEA
Finally, with IDEA 2020.1, you can easily share your run configurations among your team members utilizing version control.
03-04-2020 11:42:37 Vojtech Ruzicka (Vojtech Ruzicka) Beginners
IoT security - "The safest software is the one not being on the system"
When there is a security flaw in an Internet of Things system, thousands of devices can be vulnerable. We spoke to Christoph Engelbert who s...
03-04-2020 11:39:33 jaxenter Advanced
What's a "String" in the jOOQ API?
One of jOOQ's biggest strength is the fact that it is a type safe SQL API. "Type safe", in this context, means that every object that you pu...
03-04-2020 11:38:52 jooq (Lukas Eder) Advanced
Gamified security with hackthebox.eu: DevOops
Today we're going to learn how to hack our way into the DevOops machine at hackthebox. If you want to know more about hackthebox, see the fi...
03-04-2020 08:58:49 codecentric Advanced
The Apache News Round-up: week ending 3 April 2020
Welcome, April! We've had a great week within the Apache community. Here's what happened:Break out the cake, balloons, and streamers! The Ap...
03-04-2020 08:52:57 apache Beginners

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