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19-09-2018 19:08:01 xkcd Comics
Mapping A Hibernate Query to a Custom Class
Learn how to map query results into custom objects with Hibernate
19-09-2018 19:03:49 baeldung (Eugen Paraschiv) Advanced
JDK 12 News: Switch Expressions and Raw String Literals
With the General Availability of JDK 11 planned for later this month (25 September 2018), it's a good time to start looking more closely at ...
19-09-2018 17:56:24 dzone java Advanced
Amazon AWS Rekognition Tutorial
1. Introduction Amazon Rekognition is an Amazon Web Service (AWS) that provides image and video analysis services. You can provide an image ...
19-09-2018 17:56:13 java code geeks Advanced
PapyrusUML: Papyrus IC at Models 2018
It's official! The Papyrus IC is a sponsor of Models 2018. It's members and users will be there to show me to anyone interested - Please go ...
19-09-2018 17:56:07 planet eclipse Beginners
EMF Forms and EMF Client Platform 1.18.0 released!
We are happy to announce that with the Eclipse Release 2018-09, we have also shipped EMF Forms and EMF Client Platform...
19-09-2018 17:48:45 eclipse Beginners
Announcing Spring Cloud Function - 2.0.0.M2
We are pleased to announce the second Milestone of the Spring Cloud Function - 2.0.0.M2. Individual modules of Spring Cloud Function 2.0.0.M...
19-09-2018 16:47:05 spring Advanced
JavaFX 11: First impressions, a look back and a leap forward
Now that JavaFX 11 is here and a new era has begun, it's time to take a look back and a leap forward. We invited Johan Vos, Jonathan Giles, ...
19-09-2018 16:41:12 jaxenter Advanced
Kotlin vs Java - Which language Android Developers should Learn?
Ever since Google announced Kotlin as the official language for Android development in Google IO 2017, programmers, who want to become an An...
19-09-2018 15:28:12 java revisited Beginners

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