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Feature lifecycle in Java
Today, I'd like to tackle a subject that seems to be misunderstood by a sizable fraction of developers, the lifecycle of features. Suppose y...
24-03-2018 20:20:00 A java geek (Nicolas Frankel) Agile & Testing
Jakarta EE needs a logo — Submissions extended to March 21 [UPDATE]
You've chosen the name, now it's time to submit a logo for Jakarta EE. The deadline for submissions has been extended to March 21st so if wa...
24-03-2018 19:10:33 jaxenter Advanced
Java environment management
Despite what a lot of conference talks might lead you to think, far from every Java developer uses Docker on a daily basis, if at all. Howev...
24-03-2018 14:11:46 A java geek (Nicolas Frankel) Agile & Testing
Monitoring Microservices at Scale at Crisp
Crisp's engineering team shared their experience in monitoring their microservices stack. Vigil, their open sourced project in Rust, is a se...
24-03-2018 13:02:48 infoq microservices Agile & Testing
Building a better DevOps-enabled cloud
As the number of applications utilizing cloud technology grows, it is more expensive to have DevOps teams build each environment as a wild w...
24-03-2018 13:02:42 jaxenter Advanced
Delete directory with contents in Java
Removing empty directory in Java is as simple as calling File.delete() (standard IO) or Files.delete() (NIO) method. However, if the folder ...
24-03-2018 10:34:47 software cave Beginners
Presentation: Enable Authentication and Authorization with Azure Active Directory and Spring Security
Anton Ovechkin, Yawei Wang show through a live coding session how to use Spring Security to enable Azure Active Directory authentication and...
24-03-2018 09:24:57 infoq java Advanced
Lightbend Podcast: sbt 1.x - The Past, Future, and Baby Steps
In this Lightbend podcast, we sit down with Marina Sigaeva (@BesseIFunction), a physicist, Scala engineer, and speaker of growing renown in ...
24-03-2018 08:11:30 dzone java Advanced
Kubernetes: the "distributed" Linux of the cloud
Kubernetes is the first CNCF project to graduate this means it is "mature and resilient enough to manage containers at scale across any indu...
24-03-2018 06:57:00 jaxenter Advanced

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