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This Week in Spring - July 25th, 2017
Hi Spring fans! This week I'm in Istanbul, Turkey talking to customers and speaking at the Spring and Java meetups tonight. I hope you'll jo...
25-07-2017 07:55:22 spring Advanced
Java 9 misconceptions & Java 10 wish list: A tell-it-all interview with Java influencers
Java 9's due date is coming but there are still some things we need to understand before its arrival. In the last part of our interview seri...
25-07-2017 07:48:54 jaxenter Advanced
My Favorite Websites
I recently published a summary of the software and hardware I'm using every day. Now I'll list my most favorite websites and online services...
25-07-2017 07:45:27 Yegor Bugayenko Beginners
A Guide to Byte Buddy
A quick and practical example of using ByteBuddy - a tool for runtime class creation.
25-07-2017 07:42:27 baeldung (Eugen Paraschiv) Advanced
Comic for July 25, 2017
25-07-2017 07:40:16 Dilbert Comics
Oracle PL/SQL - Delete Trigger example
This article shows you how to use DROP TRIGGER to delete a trigger. -- delete a trigger DROP TRIGGER trigger_name; Note In DROP TRIGGER stat...
25-07-2017 06:25:41 mkyong (Yong Mook Kim) Beginners
Lifting Functions to Work With Java Monads
Stream and Optional classes, added to Java 8, allow you to have some fun with functional programming. The problem is that Java is still miss...
25-07-2017 02:35:48 dzone java Advanced
Spring For Apache Kafka 2.0 Milestone 3 Available
We are pleased to announce the availability of the Milestone 3 of the Spring for Apache Kafka 2.0 version. Since the previous announcement, ...
25-07-2017 01:23:24 spring Advanced
Measuring DevOps: The key metrics that matter
What are some of the key KPIs and best practices for determining the business value of your DevOps transformation? Where should you focus on...
25-07-2017 01:16:41 jaxenter Advanced
Java Static Analysis Tools in Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA
Learn how to use PMD and Cobertura - static analysis tools for Java - and how they integrate with Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA.
25-07-2017 01:16:09 baeldung (Eugen Paraschiv) Advanced

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