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Iterator Design Pattern
An iterator design pattern provides a way to access the elements of an aggregate object sequentially without exposing its underlying represe...
18-12-2018 20:12:44 how to do in java Advanced
Mixins Via Kotlin Delegation
The State of the Inheritance Union When Java 8 arrived, interfaces could be fitted out with default methods. This freed developers from havi...
18-12-2018 18:55:00 dzone java Advanced
Hibernate OGM 5.4.1.Final release
Hibernate OGM 5.4.1.Final has been released! The feature packs included in this release are now compatible with WildFly 14 and we added supp...
18-12-2018 17:45:15 hibernate Advanced
openHAB 2.4 brings new additions to your smart home
The latest release for the smart home system, openHAB, has plenty of improvements just in time for the holidays. OpenHAB 2.4 includes two ne...
18-12-2018 17:41:08 jaxenter Advanced
Pagination and Sorting using Spring Data JPA
Learn how to paginate and sort query results in Spring Data JPA.
18-12-2018 17:35:34 baeldung (Eugen Paraschiv) Advanced
Why I Don't Want to Live in Silicon Valley
Silicon Valley is a great place to be or maybe not. I've spent five years there, from 2011 till 2016. I did enjoy some parts of it, but othe...
18-12-2018 16:24:11 Yegor Bugayenko Beginners
The Top 13 Sessions From 2018 Ops and Dev Conferences
It's our favorite tradition of the season; Sit back, grab some popcorn and catch up on the top talks you might have missed, or want to watch...
18-12-2018 16:21:26 OverOps (takipi) Advanced
Memento Design Pattern
Memento design pattern is behavioral pattern and one of 23 design patterns discussed by Gang of Four. Memento pattern is used to restore sta...
18-12-2018 14:03:26 how to do in java Advanced
Christian Pontesegger: Jenkins 7: Pipeline Support
Next step in our Jenkins tutorials is to add support for pipeline builds. Jenkins Tutorials For a list of all jenkins related tutorials see ...
18-12-2018 12:42:19 planet eclipse Beginners
Dev vs. Ops: The State of Accountability – "The road to DevOps is paved with chaos"
More and more companies are making the transition to DevOps. However, they are finding accountability a struggle to understand and implement...
18-12-2018 11:27:00 jaxenter Advanced

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