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Spring Boot – Passing Command Line Arguments Example
Command Line Arguments can be used to configure your application, pass data at runtime, or to overwrite default configuration options. By de...
29-05-2017 17:30:21 memorynotfound (Olivier Sips) Advanced
GlassFish 5 Promoted Build 7
This week's promoted GlassFish build b07 is available here. We don't have any component updates to call out for this week, but bulk of the c...
29-05-2017 16:28:22 the aquarium Advanced
Microservices and Modularity
Gene Hughson discusses how the reasons for choosing microservices are important and that he does not believe improved modularity is a valid ...
29-05-2017 16:23:53 infoq microservices Agile & Testing
Processing: This is how you make designers addicted to coding [Pirates of the JVM]
It's time for another stop our Pirates of the JVM journey is taking us to the island of Processing, not far away from our previous stop, Fan...
29-05-2017 16:23:39 jaxenter Advanced
Opening Crawl
29-05-2017 15:05:06 xkcd Comics
Object and Class in java
In this post, we will learn about Object and class in java. As Java is an object-oriented programming language, we need to design our progra...
29-05-2017 13:57:59 Java tutorial for ... (Arpit Mandliya) Beginners
Hibernate Community Newsletter 11/2017
Welcome to the Hibernate community newsletter in which we share blog posts, forum, and StackOverflow questions that are especially relevant ...
29-05-2017 12:46:08 hibernate Advanced
Using Jackson's ObjectMapper With Optionals
Today, to warm up (it's actually my first essential post), I want to share with you simple trick that might be useful when mapping Java obje...
29-05-2017 12:43:48 dzone java Advanced
Java Performance Tuning Tutorial
1. Introduction Java application performance tuning is a complex subject. There are many articles and books dedicated on the details and res...
29-05-2017 11:31:53 java code geeks Advanced
JUnit 5 – Parameterized Tests
Thorough introduction to parameterized tests in JUnit 5: How to create them, how to name them, where to get the arguments from, and how to c...
29-05-2017 11:26:02 Nicolai Parlog Agile & Testing

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