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Presentation: 10 Lessons We Learned with Cloud Foundry
Neville George discusses the top 10 challenges Comcast has faced and adapted to while working with PCF over the past three years. By Neville...
24-02-2018 09:37:43 infoq java Advanced
A practical explanation of Progressive Web Apps
The ongoing debate over what appliance form is best suited for which app carries on. Should an app be a desktop application or would it work...
24-02-2018 07:09:51 jaxenter Advanced
MongoDB Evaluation Query Operators Example
Hello readers, in this tutorial, we will understand the different evaluation query operators available in the Mongo database. Let's study in...
24-02-2018 07:09:47 java code geeks Advanced
Comic for February 24, 2018
24-02-2018 07:07:18 Dilbert Comics
Doug Schaefer: Building a Custom Viewer for VS Code
I attended the online CheConf this week and was impressed by a few of the sessions. Now don't get me wrong, I still have reservations over t...
24-02-2018 05:57:02 planet eclipse Beginners
Shuffling Collections In Java
Learn how to shuffle various collections in Java.
24-02-2018 05:50:46 baeldung (Eugen Paraschiv) Advanced
Reproducible Builds in Java
When it comes to software, we look at source code to learn what an application will do when executed. However, the source code we read is no...
24-02-2018 04:44:03 dzone java Advanced
Presentation: Cloud-Native Journey in Synchrony Financial
Michael Barber shares Synchrony Financial's journey from a monolith application to microservices, from elaborating on the initial strategy t...
24-02-2018 03:30:22 infoq microservices Agile & Testing
Presentation: Agile: The Bad Parts
The presenters discuss why Agile failed in their case and the need for a new revolution in software processes and methodology. By Matt Parke...
24-02-2018 03:30:14 infoq java Advanced
Exploring Azure Free Account – Free Trial Subscription
In this video article, we will explore, Azure Free account The new Azure free account provides Azure customers USD $260 credit for first 30 ...
24-02-2018 02:18:29 BenchResources.Net Beginners

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