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Testing OpenLiberty with Arquillian (Remote)
Having heard many great reviews, I thought I'll give Open Liberty a try. In this post, I shall discuss the following: Setup of Open Liberty ...
22-06-2018 22:22:46 java code geeks Advanced
The MicroProfile Community Influence on Jakarta EE
James Roper, senior developer and co-creator of the Lagom microservices framework at Lightbend, was recently named a committer for Eclipse M...
22-06-2018 22:22:30 infoq java Advanced
Getting Started with Shareplex on Windows on AWS, Part 1
Learn about installing Shareplex on one of the most commonly used Cloud providers, the Amazon Web Services (AWS).
22-06-2018 22:20:17 developer Advanced
Apache Maven 3.5.4 Released
The Apache Maven team is pleased to announce the release of the Apache Maven 3.5.4. Apache Maven is a software project management and compre...
22-06-2018 21:13:16 kama (Karl Heinz Marbaise) Beginners
How to Write a C-like sizeof Function in Java
If you just started learning Java and come from C background, then you might have noticed a difference between Java and C programming langua...
22-06-2018 19:57:42 dzone java Advanced
Apache NetBeans 9.0 - How to Build & Run the Latest
In my last post, I spoke about how to obtain the Release Candidate of Apache NetBeans 9.0. There have been some changes made since the Relea...
22-06-2018 19:52:22 Josh Juneau Beginners
Update Notes
22-06-2018 18:43:51 xkcd Comics
Agile and ISO: Applying certifications and standards to software development
Agile and ISO aren't incompatible; it's time to challenge conventional beliefs. In this article, Nathan Sykes makes the case for Agile and I...
22-06-2018 17:34:33 jaxenter Advanced
Are you any good at it?
22-06-2018 17:32:39 CommitStrip Comics
Top 5 Java Multithreading and Concurrency Courses for Experienced Programmers - Best Of Lot
If you are a Java developer and looking for some awesome resources e.g. books and courses to improve your multi-threading and concurrency sk...
22-06-2018 16:26:08 java revisited Beginners

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