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End Of Thorntail, Generic DAOs and DTOs, DB Migrations, JPA, Transactions, Caches, Quarkus, Metrics, Raspberry PI--77th airhacks.tv
77th airhacks.tv with 25+ questions and topics like: "Thorntails' EOL, Generic DAOs, Bulkheads, DTOs, Migrations, JPA, Transactions, Caches,...
14-08-2020 08:52:49 Adam Bien Advanced
Comic for August 14, 2020
14-08-2020 07:28:15 Dilbert Comics
Overriding CASFilter in Liferay 7.3 to support multiple domains
Liferay has great integration tools with 3rd party authentication systems and thanks to the recent changes in Control Panel, they are much e...
14-08-2020 06:24:01 liferay Advanced
Config file processing in Spring Boot 2.4
Spring Boot 2.4.0.M2 has just been released, and it brings with it some interesting changes to the way that application.properties and appli...
14-08-2020 06:23:26 spring Advanced
Top 5 Courses to learn Appium for Automation Testing Mobile apps - Best of Lot
Hello guys, If you are in mobile app development like Android and iOS application development then you might have heard about Appium, one of...
14-08-2020 05:03:08 java revisited Beginners
The Apache News Round-up: week ending 14 August 2020
Happy Friday! Let's take a look at what the Apache community has been up to over the past week:ASF Board - management and oversight of the b...
14-08-2020 03:30:20 apache Beginners
Liferay Message Bus
Introduction Liferay's Message bus is a service level API for exchange messages inside the liferay. It supports synchronous and asynchronous...
14-08-2020 00:19:54 liferay Advanced
Spring Boot 2.3.3 available now
On behalf of the team and everyone who has contributed, I'm happy to announce that Spring Boot 2.3.3 has been released and is now available ...
14-08-2020 00:19:15 spring Advanced
Extracting Database Metadata Using JDBC
Learn how to retrieve database metadata using a JDBC connection and the DatabaseMetaData interface.
13-08-2020 22:54:36 baeldung (Eugen Paraschiv) Advanced

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