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Tracing With Logback and Honeycomb
I've written a logback appender that uses the Honeycomb Event API. It's pretty great! I don't recommend using this as your primary means of ...
23-08-2019 05:47:31 Terse Systems Advanced
Guide to JUnit 4 Rules
Learn how to use the JUnit 4 Rules Model to extend the behavior of JUnit tests
23-08-2019 05:41:02 baeldung (Eugen Paraschiv) Advanced
Why Clojure?
I've programmed systems in many different languages; from assembler to Java. I've written programs in binary machine language. I've written ...
23-08-2019 01:56:28 Uncle Bob (Robert Martin) Agile & Testing
ValueTypes video, must see for juniors
JAX-TV uploaded the recording of my talk I presented this year in Mainz at W-JAX The topic is Java ValueTypes. The talk, however, starts wit...
22-08-2019 23:38:04 java deep (Peter Verhas) Agile & Testing
How Do Annotations Work in Java?
Annotations have been a very important part of Java, and it's been there from the time of J2SE 5.0. All of us have seen annotations like @Ov...
22-08-2019 22:03:51 dzone java Advanced
GraalVM 19.2.0: Preview the Java Flight Recorder plugin
The most recent version of GraalVM is here! 19.2.0 includes a variety of bug fixes, compatibility improvements, and some brand new developer...
22-08-2019 22:03:43 jaxenter Advanced
Presentation: Graal: How to Use the New JVM JIT Compiler in Real Life
Chris Thalinger discusses how to use Graal with JDK 10, how to compile an upstream Graal version and what to look out for when using it for ...
22-08-2019 22:03:40 infoq java Advanced
Dynamically Load CSS with the Angular CLI
I've written about lazy loading in the past, as well as how to handle various styling issues in Angular. This time we'll explore how to cust...
22-08-2019 22:00:08 juristr (Juri Strumpflohner) Advanced
Silencing the Output of a Bash Command
Silencing a Bash command's output is very handy in a script or simply when there is a lot to process. Learn how to do this easily.
22-08-2019 21:57:33 baeldung (Eugen Paraschiv) Advanced

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