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What's New in MicroProfile 3.3
The Eclipse Foundation released MicroProfile 3.3 featuring updates to five APIs - Rest Client, Config, Fault Tolerance, Metrics and Health. ...
31-03-2020 14:17:05 infoq java Advanced
CSS Position guide
How to understand and properly use CSS position property to control placement of your elements.
31-03-2020 13:06:32 Vojtech Ruzicka (Vojtech Ruzicka) Beginners
GitLab is open sourcing 18 features for the DevOps lifecycle
The DevOps tool GitLab offers paid and free versions, and now 18 additional features will be moved to the open source editions Core/Free. Th...
31-03-2020 13:03:17 jaxenter Advanced
How to determine day of week by passing specific date in Java?
A quick and practical guide to determining the day of the week in Java.
31-03-2020 07:41:38 baeldung (Eugen Paraschiv) Advanced
Comic for March 31, 2020
31-03-2020 07:41:01 Dilbert Comics
The key capabilities of a modern application monitoring solution
The ideal solution is a central monitoring approach that can provide monitoring for multiple platforms within a single console. With a compr...
31-03-2020 06:31:50 jaxenter Advanced
Pathogen Resistance
31-03-2020 03:47:07 xkcd Comics
Spring Bean Life Cycle — BeanNameAware Interface
In the video below, we take a closer look at Spring Bean Life Cycle - BeanNameAware Interface. Let's get started!
31-03-2020 01:27:08 dzone java Advanced
Spring Boot tests with Testcontainers and PostgreSQL, MySQL or MariaDB
Testcontainers is a Java library that allows integrating Docker containers in JUnit tests with ease. In a Containerized World, there is litt...
31-03-2020 01:24:09 codeleak (Rafal Borowiec) Advanced

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