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Java desktop links of the week, March 13
Sorry for the irregular posts recently whilst on paternity leave my time was limited and it wasn't always easy
27-03-2017 18:52:14 Jonathan Giles Beginners
Difference between Stack and Queue Data Structure in Java
Stack and Queue are two of important data structures in the programming world and have a variety of usage. As opposed to the array and linke...
27-03-2017 17:44:28 java revisited Beginners
27-03-2017 17:36:27 xkcd Comics
Learn how to implement Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) mechanism in JAX-RS based applications.
27-03-2017 17:33:58 baeldung (Eugen Paraschiv) Advanced
It's a cultural movement, it's a magic bullet, it's a catalyst. It's DevOps
Some people call DevOps a cultural movement, others think it is a magic bullet but it is actually a catalyst for collaboration between the r...
27-03-2017 16:26:12 jaxenter Advanced
Java finalization to be deprecated?
Java's finalization mechanism, a part of the platform since Java 1.0, has been proposed for deprecation in the forthcoming Java 9 release. B...
27-03-2017 15:13:14 infoq java Advanced
JavaFX Animation Tool
Ok, I guess it is time to let you in on a little secret. The last three months or so I worked on a private project with the goal to create a...
27-03-2017 14:00:17 java code geeks Advanced
Java 8 Comparators with Method References
Java 8 Comparators with Method References in action. We mix Java 8 static and default methods with method references to sort objects by mult...
27-03-2017 12:48:07 farenda (Java Programming Examples) Beginners
Java Regex: Simple Patterns
Regular Expressions are the bread and butter of string pattern matching. They allow you to express a search pattern in general terms without...
27-03-2017 12:47:19 dzone java Advanced

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