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Xamarin Forms: Refresh Data Using MessagingCenter
Learn to use Xamarin Forms' MessagingCenter's publish and subscribe model to refresh shopping cart data.
22-09-2017 09:16:47 developer Advanced
MVC, Delivery Mechanism and Domain Model
Model-View-Controller (or MVC for short) is one of the most misunderstood design patterns in software design. MVC has its origins in the Sma...
22-09-2017 07:56:43 java code geeks Advanced
Comic for September 22, 2017
22-09-2017 07:56:22 Dilbert Comics
JDK 9 Released Today
The big news in Java today is, of course, the release of JDK 9 in General Availability. Mark Reinhold starts his message JDK 9: General Avai...
22-09-2017 07:55:16 inspired by actua ... (Dustin Marx) Beginners
Introduction to GeoTools
A quick and practical guide to working with geospatial data in Java using the GeoTools open source library.
22-09-2017 06:36:56 baeldung (Eugen Paraschiv) Advanced
Enum: Using the Name() and toString() Methods Correctly
The Java Enum has two methods that retrieve that value of an enum constant, name() and toString(). The toString() method calls the name() me...
22-09-2017 04:14:20 dzone java Advanced
Presentation: Generating Unified APIs with Protocol Buffers and gRPC
Chris Roche and Christopher Burnett discuss how they extended the Protocol Buffer (PB) IDL to create unified APIs and data models. From vali...
22-09-2017 04:14:12 infoq microservices Agile & Testing
The performance engineer's guide to OpenJDK HotSpot Garbage Collection
In this presentation, JAX London speaker Monica Beckwith talks about GC Performance Engineering while providing GC facts and examples. She a...
22-09-2017 02:59:54 jaxenter Advanced
Low-risk Monolith to Microservice Evolution Part I
As part of a two-day microservices workshop I'm putting together, I've been thinking a lot about how to explain monolith-application decompo...
22-09-2017 01:46:23 java code geeks Advanced

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