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Bridge Design Pattern for Begineers
Photo by Jack Anstey on UnsplashBridge Design Pattern is one of the gang-of-four-design-patte rns.Bridge Design Pattern comes under the Stru...
25-01-2021 11:43:28 Javarevisited @Me ... (Javarevisited at Medium) Beginners
What Makes Java Open-Source?
If you're using Java to write business applications, you may know that Java Standard Edition (SE) is not open-source software. It is not man...
25-01-2021 11:37:42 dzone java Advanced
Pattern Matching in the Java Object Model
This document describes a possible approach for how pattern matching might be integrated more deeply into the language. This is an explorato...
25-01-2021 11:37:31 inside.java Inside Java
3 Ways to Use Space in Your Company Based on Our Customers' Experience
We at JetBrains believe that listening to you, our users, is one the most important things every product team should do, especially during a...
25-01-2021 11:23:23 JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA Blog Beginners
Seeding the ground for automation
The foremost problem that organisations encounter when trying to automate is knowing their own environment. That simply won't do. Organisati...
25-01-2021 10:16:10 jaxenter Advanced
Comic for January 25, 2021
25-01-2021 10:03:08 Dilbert Comics
Setting a Request Timeout for a Spring REST API
Explore a few possible ways to implement request timeouts for a Spring REST API. The post Setting a Request Timeout for a Spring REST API fi...
25-01-2021 10:01:17 baeldung (Eugen Paraschiv) Advanced
ReScript - the language after TypeScript?
In the confusing jungle of transpiler languages for JavaScript, there are some gems. TypeScript is mainstream, ReScript is starting to estab...
25-01-2021 08:47:54 codecentric Advanced
Stream.toList() and other converter methods I've wanted since Java 2
Better late than never?A perfect dinner setting after 7 years of planning Grounds for Sculpture, Hamilton, NJSelf-service onlyIn 2004, I was...
25-01-2021 04:37:37 Javarevisited @Me ... (Javarevisited at Medium) Beginners
Data Access Object Design Pattern: Introduction, Example, and Key Points [Video]
In the video below, we take a closer look at the Data Access Object Design Pattern: Introduction, Example, and Key Points | DAO Design Patte...
25-01-2021 04:35:25 dzone java Advanced

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