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Working with the DynamoDB
Part 0 - The application. We have this application called Tasqui that can be found in THIS repository. It is another todo list for the comma...
16-02-2019 15:00:35 java code geeks Advanced
Top 5 Online Courses to Learn Java Design Patterns in 2019
Today, we'll talk about design patterns and some of the best online courses to learn design patterns in Java. If you are wondering what a de...
16-02-2019 13:30:52 dzone java Advanced
Troubleshooting CPU problems in production for the cloud
How can we solve CPU issues when the application is already in production for the cloud? It's not like we can fire up Task Manager and see w...
16-02-2019 13:30:44 jaxenter Advanced
Asynchronous RDBMS access with Spring Data R2DBC
Not too long ago, a reactive variant of the JDBC driver was released. Known as R2DBC. It allows data to be streamed asynchronously to any en...
16-02-2019 11:57:14 Lanky Dan Dev Blo ... (Dan Newton) Advanced
Java Weekly, Issue 268
An in-depth look at Spring Boot configuration with application.properties, and several strategies for dealing with FaaS cold starts.
16-02-2019 11:54:49 baeldung (Eugen Paraschiv) Advanced
10 Essential Tools Every Java Developers Should Know
Hello guys, we are already in the second month of 2019 and I am sure all of you have already made your goals about what to learn in 2019 and...
16-02-2019 10:32:58 java revisited Beginners
Project Helidon ready for prime time: With 1.0 comes greater API stability
Project Helidon, a set of Java libraries for writing microservices was introduced in September 2018 but the big 1.0 is already here! The tea...
16-02-2019 07:30:30 jaxenter Advanced
PostgreSQL's psql \set versus SET
It is easy for someone who is new to PostgreSQL and who uses PostgreSQL's terminal editor psql to confuse the commands \set and SET. This po...
16-02-2019 07:24:36 inspired by actua ... (Dustin Marx) Beginners
Comic for February 16, 2019
16-02-2019 07:23:29 Dilbert Comics
This Week in Spring: SpringOne, Podcasts, Spring Cloud Data, and More
Hi, Spring fans! Welcome to another installment of This Week in Spring. We've got good stuff to get to, but first, I want to invite you to b...
16-02-2019 06:00:14 dzone java Advanced

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