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Java and Database Newsletter, Issue 1
Introduction I started my newsletter in November 2015, and every time I was publishing a new article, I would send it to my newsletter subsc...
17-01-2020 09:40:16 vlad mihalcea Advanced
Python 2 end of life: 31% of organizations have no Python 3 migration plans
Its end of life came as no surprise, and yet, many teams still do not have a plan going forward on what to do with their Python 2 apps. A re...
17-01-2020 08:29:03 jaxenter Advanced
Presentation: JUnit 5: Evolution and Innovation
Sam Brannen presents new features in JUnit 5: parallel test execution, temporary directories, custom display name generators, method orderin...
17-01-2020 08:28:59 infoq java Advanced
Comic for January 17, 2020
17-01-2020 07:12:11 Dilbert Comics
Bad Map Projection: South America
17-01-2020 07:11:16 xkcd Comics
A Bootiful Podcast: Spring Cloud Services' Bella (Yuxin) Bai
Hi, Spring fans! In this week's installment Josh Long (@starbuxman) talks to Spring Cloud Services teammate Bella (Yuxin) Bai.
17-01-2020 06:04:20 spring Advanced
Watching Files With Java NIO
Learn more about watching files with Java NIO. The java.nio.file package provides a file change notification API, called the Watch Service A...
17-01-2020 03:32:16 dzone java Advanced
GitHub for Android beta program has launched
GitHub for mobile now includes a beta program for GitHub for Android. It offers GitHub functionality in a native Android app that supports d...
17-01-2020 02:18:17 jaxenter Advanced
Presentation: The Reality of Managing Microservice Deployments at Scale: You Need a Spinnaker
Olga Kundzich, Richard Francois cover JPMorgan Chase's journey to transition to Spinnaker, demoing a configurable Spinnaker pipeline templat...
17-01-2020 02:18:12 infoq java Advanced
Spring Boot 2.2.3 released
On behalf of the team and everyone who has contributed, I'm happy to announce that Spring Boot 2.2.3 has been released and is now available ...
16-01-2020 23:50:03 spring Advanced

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