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Ant-to-Maven Conversions: The Painless Method
If you've ever come across a situation to convert your grandfathers' Java project (which he used to build with Ant) to Maven, you know my pa...
24-08-2019 12:57:52 dzone java Advanced
@Timed Annotation Using Metrics and AspectJ
We look at how to add lightweight timing instrumentation to an app using a combination of Metrics and AspectJ, making it as simple as adding...
24-08-2019 12:48:18 baeldung (Eugen Paraschiv) Advanced
Comic for August 24, 2019
24-08-2019 08:54:12 Dilbert Comics
Liferay SAML SP Requirements
Just a quick post today... Helped a client who was getting a message in the logs after configuring the SAML SP in Liferay using an ADFS IdP:...
24-08-2019 05:18:36 liferay Advanced
A Bootiful Podcast: Google's James Ward, Okta's Matt Raible and Grand Cloud's Ryan Knight on the Simplicity Continuum
Hi Spring fans and welcome to another installment of a Bootiful Podcast! This week I had the pleasure of talking with Ryan Knight and with t...
24-08-2019 05:11:46 spring Advanced
Add Custom Functionality to a Spring Data Repository
Spring Data is pretty convenient and speeds up development, avoiding boilerplate code. However, there are cases where annotation queries are...
24-08-2019 05:08:14 dzone java Advanced
Smart Home technology: Making life easier with automation
AI is integrating into all aspects of our lives, even into our home. As home automation tools are becoming more and more affordable, the sma...
24-08-2019 05:08:00 jaxenter Advanced
JPA Query Parameters Usage
Learn how to use JPA Query Parameters
24-08-2019 05:01:21 baeldung (Eugen Paraschiv) Advanced
Well-Ordering Principle
24-08-2019 01:14:38 xkcd Comics

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