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Kindle edition of Refactoring now available from Amazon
Amazon is now selling the Kindle edition of Refactoring. As I write this, it's touch more expensive than the hardback since they are current...
17-12-2018 22:50:17 martin fowler Agile & Testing
vert.x project: Eclipse Vert.x 3.6.2
We have just released Vert.x 3.6.2, a bug fix release of Vert.x 3.6.x. There is already a 3.6.1 release but that exhibited a (Maven dependen...
17-12-2018 22:45:20 planet eclipse Beginners
Michelangelo PyML brings the flexibility of Python ML deployment to Uber
Looking for a tool that can help you build the prettiest ML models this side of the Sistine Chapel? Take inspiration from Uber's latest ML p...
17-12-2018 22:45:09 jaxenter Advanced
Intro to Spinnaker
A quick and practical introduction to Spinnaker - an open-source continuous delivery platform.
17-12-2018 22:39:14 baeldung (Eugen Paraschiv) Advanced
Generic Search in MongoDB With Java
In this post, we will create a generic method to search data in MongoDB database via MongoDB driver API. There is no need to put specific Se...
17-12-2018 21:31:45 dzone java Advanced
How to Grow Your Career as Java Developer?
First things first. If you're someone looking to adopt a new programming language to learn and earn then Java is certainly a great option to...
17-12-2018 20:18:08 java code geeks Advanced
History Department
17-12-2018 20:14:40 xkcd Comics
How to Create a Scrollable, Updatable ResultSet Object in JDBC
When fetching a list of records through queries, we often need to store them in an object that allows back and forth traversing. Learn how h...
17-12-2018 19:03:05 developer Advanced
We, The Unoffended
We, The Unoffended, believe that a free society depends upon the tolerance and forebearance of it's members toward each other, and each othe...
17-12-2018 17:46:15 Uncle Bob (Robert Martin) Agile & Testing

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