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It's Time to Make a Change
The post It's Time to Make a Change appeared first on Thorben Janssen. Things are constantly changing, and that's especially the case in our...
19-10-2021 11:35:30 Thoughts on Java (Thorben Janssen) Advanced
The jOOQ Parser Ignore Comment Syntax
jOOQ's parser can't parse every possible SQL syntax. Try this random PostgreSQL syntax: And the jOOQ parser will complain: DOMAIN, INDEX, SC...
19-10-2021 11:29:27 jooq (Lukas Eder) Advanced
How Garbage Collection works in Java
I have read many articles on Garbage Collection in Java, some of them are too complex to understand and some of them don't contain enough in...
19-10-2021 10:26:06 java revisited Beginners
How to print an array in PHP
Introduction An array is one kind of data structure, which can store multiple items of related data types. The printing of an array is one o...
19-10-2021 10:26:00 Java tutorial for ... (Arpit Mandliya) Beginners
"Employees need to feel that their work means something"
We spoke with Laura Baldwin, President at O'Reilly and Mike Loukides, VP of Emerging Tech at O'Reilly about the latest trends in data and AI...
19-10-2021 10:22:50 jaxenter Advanced
Comic for October 19, 2021
19-10-2021 10:11:46 Dilbert Comics
#54: Immutability: from data structures to data centers
Immutability means that when something was once created, it can't be changed. This concept is tremendously important across our whole indust...
19-10-2021 10:11:19 NoBlogDefFound (Tomasz Nurkiewicz) Advanced
Announcing Windows support for Java Management Service
We are excited to announce that Java Management Service (JMS) now supports the Windows operating system. JMS is an Oracle Cloud Infrastructu...
19-10-2021 10:11:18 inside.java Inside Java
ETW Host Service Installation Changes in 2021.3
Changes are coming to the installation process for our .NET Tools, specifically ReSharper and Rider. The JetBrains ETW Host Service will now...
19-10-2021 10:02:14 JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA Blog Beginners

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