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Java 8 – How to remove an entry with Smallest Key in a Map or HashMap ?
In this article, we will discuss how to remove an entry with Smallest Key in a HashMap using Java 8 Stream Remove an entry with Read More Th...
07-02-2023 03:03:56 BenchResources.Net Beginners
Convert Instant to ZonedDateTime in Java
Learn to convert a specified Instant (in UTC) to ZonedDateTime (at some zone), and ZonedDateTime to Instant with easy-to-follow Java example...
07-02-2023 03:02:00 how to do in java Advanced
Date & Time API before java 8
Understanding Date & Time API before java 8Your Definitive Guide to Master the Date & Time API in Java.In Java 7 and earlier versions, the D...
07-02-2023 00:37:09 Javarevisited @Me ... (Javarevisited at Medium) Beginners
Electron Color
07-02-2023 00:33:22 xkcd Comics
#96: Border Gateway Protocol: the duct tape that makes the Internet work
Border Gateway Protocol, BGP for short, is probably the most important protocols you might have never heard of. Well, you did at least once,...
07-02-2023 00:28:07 NoBlogDefFound (Tomasz Nurkiewicz) Advanced
Generate Random Numbers in a Range in Java
Learn to generate random numbers (ints, floats) in a range using new methods added in Java 8 in Random, SecureRandom and ThreadLocalRandom. ...
06-02-2023 20:00:02 how to do in java Advanced
Article Series: Developing Apache Kafka applications on Kubernetes
Apache Kafka has integrations with most of the languages used these days, but in this article series, we cover its integration with Java. In...
06-02-2023 19:58:48 infoq java Advanced
Hibernate ORM 5.6.15.Final released
Today, we published a new maintenance release of Hibernate ORM 5.6: 5.6.15.Final. What's new This release introduces a few minor improvement...
06-02-2023 19:51:00 hibernate Advanced
The 2023 PHP Developer RoadMap
Hello guys, if you want to become a PHP developer in 2023 and looking for guidance like PHP Developer RoadMap, particularly PHP Backend deve...
06-02-2023 17:17:53 java revisited Beginners
5 Best Free Books and Courses to Learn Apache Maven
Want to learn Apache Maven? Here are few free books and online courses to learn Apache Maven betterHello guys, if you are working in Java fo...
06-02-2023 17:13:30 Javarevisited @Me ... (Javarevisited at Medium) Beginners

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