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Find Perfect Number in Java
In this article, we are going to find whether a number is perfect or not using Java. A number is called a perfect number if the sum of its d...
30-09-2020 03:47:33 Java tutorial for ... (Arpit Mandliya) Beginners
Cómo crear una regla de descuento para Liferay Commerce - DEV24 - (Parte 2)
DISCLAIMER: This blog post has Spanish and English version. ... Terminada la parte 1, podemos continuar nuestra jornada a trav s de la exten...
30-09-2020 03:46:51 liferay Advanced
Spring Batch Listeners
A quick guide to spring batch listeners.Learn how to configure and use listeners with Spring Batch Job.
30-09-2020 03:45:57 Java Dev Journal (Java Dev Journal) Beginners
This Week in Spring - September 29th, 2020
Hi, Spring fans! Welcome to another awesome week in Spring! Can you believe we're staring down October, 2020 already? I can't. Time sure fli...
30-09-2020 03:45:01 spring Advanced
Article: Java InfoQ Trends Report—September 2020
This article provides a summary of how the InfoQ editorial team currently sees the adoption of technology and emerging trends within the Jav...
30-09-2020 03:44:29 infoq java Advanced
Intelligent Code Art
beauty/ bju ti/A combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight. What happ...
30-09-2020 03:43:54 JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA Blog Beginners
Reading an HTTP Response Body as a String in Java
Explore several options for reading an HTTP response body as a string in Java The post Reading an HTTP Response Body as a String in Java fir...
30-09-2020 03:39:49 baeldung (Eugen Paraschiv) Advanced
New candidate JEP: 393: Foreign-Memory Access API (3rd Incubator)
The Foreign-Memory Access API was first proposed by JEP 370 and targeted to Java 14 in late 2019 as an incubating API, and later re-incubate...
30-09-2020 03:37:07 inside.java Inside Java
Migrating from Hibernate's to JPA's Criteria API
The post Migrating from Hibernate's to JPA's Criteria API appeared first on Thorben Janssen. As shown in my previous post, Hibernate offers ...
30-09-2020 03:36:52 Thoughts on Java (Thorben Janssen) Advanced

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