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Can blockchain protect privacy in a pandemic?
Privacy is a human right. With blockchain technology, a true decentralized process governs actions such as uploading or deleting data, preve...
06-06-2020 03:41:07 jaxenter Advanced
View Test Results in Grafana - Part 2
In the 1st part of this series, we set up Grafana and InfluxDB for our test reports. Now, as a follow up to that, we are going to see how to...
06-06-2020 01:07:05 dzone java Advanced
JBoss Tools Team: JBoss Tools 4.15.0.AM1 for Eclipse 2020-03
Happy to announce 4.15.0.AM1 (Developer Milestone 1) build for Eclipse 2020-03. Downloads available at JBoss Tools 4.15.0 AM1. What is New? ...
05-06-2020 22:33:05 planet eclipse Beginners
Hair Growth Rate
05-06-2020 22:25:34 xkcd Comics
"SEO technology is the answer to the challenges that agile organizations face"
We spoke with Michal Magdziarz, CEO of DeepCrawl, about what developers need to know about SEO, what benefits it can provide, the most helpf...
05-06-2020 21:16:09 jaxenter Advanced
Dekorate: Generating Kubernetes and OpenShift Manifests for Java Projects
Dekorate, formerly the ap4k project which stood for Annotation Processors for Kubernetes, is designed to make the generation of Kubernetes a...
05-06-2020 21:16:06 infoq java Advanced
Form Navigator and Image as Layout Metadata using Image Selector
Form Navigator helps you to add new sections and section categories to existing form navigation. Form Navigators can be used in two ways: cu...
05-06-2020 18:43:17 liferay Advanced
How to Use Bootstrap to Build Beautiful Angular Apps
Since 2005, I've been a proponent of CSS frameworks. I was even the leader of an open-source project, AppFuse, and during that time, we held...
05-06-2020 18:41:55 dzone java Advanced
Eclipse Ditto: Announcing Eclipse Ditto Release 1.1.0
Today, approximately 4 months after Eclipse Ditto's 1.0.0 release, the team is happy to announce the first minor (feature) update of Ditto 1...
05-06-2020 16:07:45 planet eclipse Beginners
Article: Running Axon Server - CQRS and Event Sourcing in Java
Axon Server Standard Edition is an Open Source, purpose-built solution supporting distributed CQRS and Event Sourcing applications written i...
05-06-2020 14:49:43 infoq java Advanced

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