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Optional usages, defaults and checks
We have three ways to create an instance of Optional var opt = Optional.of("notNull") not null otherwise NullPointerException var opt = Opti...
18-12-2022 15:21:35 Lukas on JVM (Lukas on JVM) Beginners
Serve static files in no time with NGINX and Docker
What is NGINX? Initially it was just a webserver. Nowadays, it is often used as a reverse proxy, load balancer, and HTTP cache, static files...
17-12-2022 19:40:37 Lukas on JVM (Lukas on JVM) Beginners
Different ways to dockerize spring-app
Introduction Used tool to analyze docker image dive Analyzed SpringBootApp repo Method 1: Spring Boot Build Plugin I was actually surprised ...
17-12-2022 11:49:33 Lukas on JVM (Lukas on JVM) Beginners
Most important things to know about modern Java ☕ 8 ⇒ 11 ☕
String java = "java8" var java = "java10" mostly Java 8 up to Java 11. Java 8 features are here for quite some time. To be honest I didn't e...
20-01-2019 14:22:29 Lukas on JVM (Lukas on JVM) Beginners
The nature of Domain Driven Design – what the heck it is?
"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." Albert Einstein He probably didn't say that but the quote has some me...
29-06-2018 18:49:16 Lukas on JVM (Lukas on JVM) Beginners

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