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We're all average now
I've read enough hot takes on last week's election result to last me a lifetime, so I don't really want to dwell on it but as a consequence ...
17-12-2019 23:43:12 Actively Lazy (David Green) Agile & Testing
What is software?
What actually is software? It's obviously not a physical thing you can point at. If I imagine a specific piece of software, where does the s...
19-09-2018 22:45:04 Actively Lazy (David Green) Agile & Testing
ActiveMQ Performance Testing
We use ActiveMQ as our messaging layer sending large volumes of messages with a need for low-latency. Generally it works fine, however in so...
14-09-2018 10:32:06 Actively Lazy (David Green) Agile & Testing
Async await in Java
Writing asynchronous code is hard. Trying to understand what asynchronous code is supposed to be doing is even harder. Promises are a common...
23-02-2018 00:12:21 Actively Lazy (David Green) Agile & Testing
What craftsmanship means to me
Over a decade ago now I got my first team lead role. It was a reasonably unexpected promotion when the existing team lead left shortly after...
21-03-2017 23:08:16 Actively Lazy (David Green) Agile & Testing
Friction in Software
Friction can be a very powerful force when building software. The things that are made easier or harder can dramatically influence how we wo...
21-02-2017 22:04:39 Actively Lazy (David Green) Agile & Testing
Copy & paste driven development
Software development is rife with copy & paste: all of us resort to copy and paste coding sometimes. We know we probably shouldn't, but we d...
08-02-2017 22:56:31 Actively Lazy (David Green) Agile & Testing
Never trust a passing test
One of the lessons when practising TDD is to never trust a passing test. If you haven't seen the test fail, are you sure it can fail? Red Gr...
24-01-2017 23:40:48 Actively Lazy (David Green) Agile & Testing
Project vs product teams
One of the hardest things for companies trying to be agile is how to structure teams. Back in the bad-old days, teams would form around a pr...
18-01-2017 23:05:16 Actively Lazy (David Green) Agile & Testing
Cross-functional teams
Cross-functional teams aren't a new idea. And yet, somehow, we still don't seem to have got the memo. I was listening to the excellent Scott...
10-01-2017 23:07:34 Actively Lazy (David Green) Agile & Testing

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