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JSON-B, Groovy and Jenkins, CQRS, 40k with JSF, EJB TX or 48th is available
36mins: with JSON-B and hierarchical mapping, Groovy and Jenkins pipelines, CQRS, 40k with (deprecated) JSF, EJB TX, JSON-B, Java EE migrati...
19-04-2018 10:35:24 Adam Bien Advanced
Local-Variable Type Inference Java 10 Example
Java 9 legacy code: @Test public void java9Legacy() { Map devs = new HashMap(); devs.put("duke", "java8"); for (Map.Entry dev : devs.entrySe...
11-04-2018 09:37:01 Adam Bien Advanced
Simplest Possible Microprofile Liveness Check
A health check can be exposed using the org.eclipse.microprofile. health.Health qualifier exposing a HealthCheckResponse: import javax.enter...
10-04-2018 11:31:37 Adam Bien Advanced
Swing without WebStart, No Sessions, Performance Testing and JWT, JPA Query Result Caching, SAML, JavaScript Data Binding, Asynchronous Java EE or 49th
Topics and questions () for the 49th . Swing without WebStart Preventing Web Sessions Performance Testing with JWT JPA query result caching ...
09-04-2018 07:18:49 Adam Bien Advanced
Blackdown Java, Java in science, Telematics, OSGi,
A conversation with Johan Vos about Sting at Java One, Blackdown Java, dream teams, Bill Joy, Java in science, telematics, OSGi, JavaFX, wil...
02-04-2018 15:21:32 Adam Bien Advanced
When Numbers Are More Important Than Quality
The higher the bureaucracy in an organization, the higher the chance that your QA department is more interested in metrics and statistics, t...
15-03-2018 11:34:28 Adam Bien Advanced
10.000 Thin WAR deployment cycles or IoT with pure Java EE at IBM
Tobias, please introduce yourself My name is Tobias N. Sasse, from Cologne (Germany) and I am a Software Architect and Managing Consultant w...
07-03-2018 06:35:26 Adam Bien Advanced
Jakarta EE News, JSON-B, Groovy Jenkins, CQRS, 40k with (deprecated )JSF, EJB TX, JSON-B, Migrations or 48th
Topics () for the 48th Questions and Answers: Jakarta EE News JSON-B serialization, deserialization Automating Jenkins CI with Groovy light4...
05-03-2018 11:16:46 Adam Bien Advanced
Displaying Tables with Vaadin Grid Web Component and Java EE 8 Backend
In this screencast I'm integrating a data grid Web Component / Custom Element with plain ES 2015 code and connect it with a Java EE 8 micros...
25-02-2018 10:16:17 Adam Bien Advanced
DB authentication, JSF and microservices, Denormalization, Web Components, JAX-RS, Transactions, Sagas or: 47th
43 mins with topics like: "Database Authentication, Microservices with JSF, Denormalization, DB Audits, Web Components decoupling, with or w...
21-02-2018 06:04:40 Adam Bien Advanced

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