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Invoking AWS_IAM Auth Lambda Function URL with Java 11+ HttpClient
If your Lambda Function URL uses the AWS_IAM auth type: import rvices.lambda.FunctionUrl AuthType; import software...
16-05-2022 15:16:22 Adam Bien Advanced
Real World Enterprise Serverless Java on AWS podcast
Subscribe to podcast via: spotify| iTunes| RSS The #190 episode with Goran Opacic (@goranopacic) about: running a sa...
15-05-2022 12:35:02 Adam Bien Advanced
Java 17 String to JSON with Glassfish' jakarta.json
To read a Java String with Jakarta JSON Processing (JSON-P) into a jakarta.json.JsonObject with Glassfish' implementation add the following ...
13-05-2022 20:25:01 Adam Bien Advanced
AWS Lambda with Provisioned Concurrency: How to use the latest deployment with HTTP API Gateway
To use the latest AWS Lambda deployment with HTTP API Gateway (or REST API Gateway): import
07-05-2022 09:37:13 Adam Bien Advanced
How Pulumi for Java podcast
Subscribe to podcast via: spotify| iTunes| RSS The #189 episode with Joe Duffy (@funcofjoe) about: Java, Infrastruct...
06-05-2022 16:41:32 Adam Bien Advanced
AWS Lambda: "UnreservedConcurrentExecution below its minimum value" and the solution
To fix the following AWS Lambda deployment error error: Resource handler returned message: "Specified ReservedConcurrentExecuti ons for func...
05-05-2022 16:15:02 Adam Bien Advanced
Serverless Caches, JPA, Quarkus, JWT, SOAP deprecation, JSF performance, PostgreSQL clusters and JPA--98th
The 98th, live streamed from with the following topics: "Serverless, Caches, JPA, Quarkus, Multipart, JWT...
04-05-2022 13:56:40 Adam Bien Advanced
AWS Lambda: Exposing Java (Corretto) / MicroProfile HTTP / REST Service via Function URL without Gateways or Application Load Balancers with CDK
With Lambda function URLs you can directly expose an AWS Lambda, without REST / HTTP API Gateway or Application Load Balancer. An AWS Lambda...
03-05-2022 09:48:55 Adam Bien Advanced
Serverless, Caches, JPA, Quarkus, Multipart, JSF, Clusters--or Topics for 98th live streaming show
Questions and topics () for the 98th streamed live on ve: Recursive JSF structures PostgreSQL active...
02-05-2022 12:50:53 Adam Bien Advanced
Java: Text Blocks + String#formatted = JSON
JEP 378: Text Blocks combined with String#formatted allow inline creation of JSON objects with plain Java: @Test public void generateJson() ...
01-05-2022 12:00:05 Adam Bien Advanced

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