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Setting Timeout For JAX-RS / TomEE CXF Client
The name of the "read" and "connection" timeout properties is not standardized in Java EE 7. For TomEE / CXF clients you will have to use th...
23-05-2017 11:19:47 Adam Bien Advanced
Java EE (and Docker) Quickstart
Create a Thin WAR Java EE project. Name it "micro". Create a Dockerfile in project folder with the following content: FROM airhacks/wildfly ...
19-05-2017 12:29:57 Adam Bien Advanced
Gartner and Java EE, BCE, Modular JSF, Monitoring, JAX-RS Refactoring or 39th
55 mins, 125 live attendees, 20 topics ranging from Gartner and Java EE, BCE architecture, modular JSF, monitoring, REST refactoring, how to...
15-05-2017 15:28:53 Adam Bien Advanced
Java EE (and Microservice) Quickstart
Create Thin WAR project with: mvn archetype:generate -Dfilter=com.airhacks:jav aee7-essentials-archetype . (see: Setting Up Java EE 7 Projec...
11-05-2017 13:45:51 Adam Bien Advanced
Gartner, BCE, Modular JSF, Firehose, Translations, Favorite Application Server, GET Refactoring or Questions for 38th
Questions (gist) for the 38th, May, 8th, 7pm (exceptionally one hour later): Java EE 8 and Oracle Code Conference News Gartner a...
08-05-2017 07:04:37 Adam Bien Advanced
GlassFish v5 (Java EE 8 RI)--Docker Image Is Available
GlassFish v5 ea (Java EE 8) builds available for download: The nightly build is also available from docklands as glassfish5 and glassfish5-p...
24-04-2017 13:18:03 Adam Bien Advanced
Serverless Microservices On Java EE Servers -- Oracle Code Keynote In London
The "Live For The Code" Keynote in London, 20th April 2018 is available: The sample code from the slideless keynote was pushed to: -- expect...
22-04-2017 08:15:18 Adam Bien Advanced
Accessing The Current Build User In Jenkinsfile Pipeline
To access the current user in the Jenkinsfile install the Build User Vars Plugin first. After the installation the current user becomes avai...
21-04-2017 17:30:14 Adam Bien Advanced
Java EE, Microservices and HTML 5 -- Bucharest Voxxed Days Keynote
During the Bucharest Voxxed Days Keynote I discussed the impact of using "standards" from Java EE backend to the HTML 5 frontend: Any questi...
20-04-2017 14:23:38 Adam Bien Advanced
(Free) Oracle Code Conference and Enterprise A Slideless Keynote
I will deliver keynotes for (free) Oracle Code conferences in London, Berlin, Prague and Brussels. The deal was: slideless content. The adva...
16-04-2017 10:12:53 Adam Bien Advanced

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