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firehose v0.0.1 released --the prometheus gateway for Java EE (micro) service monitoring
firehose v0.0.1 (ignition) the MIT-licensed, "prometheus metrics gateway" is available as docker image, Thin WAR. firehose connects to (micr...
27-03-2017 06:39:10 Adam Bien Advanced
polymer 2.0 with browsersync: a minimal installation
For a minimal polymer 2.0 installation with perform the following steps: Install Install with: sudo npm install -g b...
22-03-2017 09:13:02 Adam Bien Advanced
Voxxed Days At Cern: Java EE -- As Cool As The LHC
After watching the keynote at Voxxed Day CERN I decided to add the "almost" to the title: "Java EE -- (Almost) As Cool As The LHC": See you ...
19-03-2017 07:10:20 Adam Bien Advanced
Yes/NO User Input in Jenkinsfile
The method input within the Jenkinsfile suspends the build and waits infinitely for the user input with configurable options. A Yes / No dia...
18-03-2017 12:18:29 Adam Bien Advanced
JMS Redelivery, HA Singletons, Message Ordering, Test Coverage, JSON-P vs. JSON-B, UI Strategies or 36th Episode Is Available
The 36th, or 3 years anniversary live question and answers show with 96 live viewers and 20+ topics is available: Past episodes ...
17-03-2017 13:59:03 Adam Bien Advanced
Java 8: An Endless Stream Of Random Numbers
The method Math#random is a Supplier and can be used to generate an endless Stream or random numbers: import; import...
07-03-2017 08:16:36 Adam Bien Advanced
HA Singletons, Clouds vs. On-Prem, Messaging and Message Ordering, UI-Stack Options, Swagger, Code Coverage or 36th
Questions for the 36th, March 6th, exceptionally 0.5h earlier, at 5.30pm. CET: Java EE 8 News HA Singletons and Java EE JMS-rede...
05-03-2017 16:58:50 Adam Bien Advanced
Pushing Full Profile Java EE Applications To Amazon EC2 Container Service
In this screencast I created from scratch with Maven, built (CentOS, JDK, Payara, Thin WAR, taken from docklands) and pushed a Full Profile ...
14-02-2017 10:51:03 Adam Bien Advanced
20+ Topics in 45 mins -- 35th Questions and Answers
90 live attendees, 20+ topics in 45 mins ranging from Java EE 8 News over JPA relations in MSAs to cross-field validation. The 35th (2.2017)...
09-02-2017 11:03:27 Adam Bien Advanced
JPA and Microservices, RxJava, CRUD and TX, Gradle, Cross Field Validation, Licensing, MDA or Topics For The 35th
Questions (gist) for the 35th, February 8th (exceptionally at Wednesday, not Monday), 6 pm CET: Handling JPA relationships in CR...
08-02-2017 08:32:46 Adam Bien Advanced

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