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Forever Young and Building Mobile Apps with Podcast
The #61 episode with Anton Epple (@monacotoni) about: DNA, the science of staying young, HTML 5 with Java, Java on mobile device...
10-11-2019 16:23:49 Adam Bien Advanced
MicroProfile: Examples, Tutorials, Guides, APIs, Projects and Resources
Official website: The very first MicroProfile pom.xml Spec overview MicroProfile Latest Spec (APIs) la...
06-11-2019 09:24:36 Adam Bien Advanced
Jakarta EE Big Bang, Quarkus Secrets, OKD, Kubernetes, OpenShift, JavaScript i18n, MicroProfile and Monoliths--the 68th
The 68th episode covering: "Jakarta EE Big Bang migration, what is quarkus, quarkus and secret management, internationalisation ...
04-11-2019 17:05:31 Adam Bien Advanced
Java EE, Jakarta EE, MIcroProfile and the Big Bang Podcast
The #60 episode with Kevin Sutter (@kwsutter) about: the early WebSphere times, JCA, Java EE, Jakarta EE, MicroProfile, the Big ...
03-11-2019 16:04:41 Adam Bien Advanced
Simplest Possible Internationalization with Vanilla JavaScript
DOM elements (li) with language-dependent text are going to be marked with the data-i18 data attributes (or any attribute of your choice): o...
02-11-2019 17:43:39 Adam Bien Advanced
Jakarta EE Big Bang, Quarkus, Secrets, Internationalisation, Consistency, Threads, mvn clean, Kubernetes, OKD, Docker--or 68th
Topics () for the 68th episode: Conference (EclipseCon, ijs, JUGs) reports Jakarta EE Big Bang approach New release What ...
01-11-2019 13:59:56 Adam Bien Advanced
Dynamic Imports with JavaScript
With the function-like dynamic import() statement: const lazy = async _ => { const module = await import("./LazyContent.js" ); console.log("...
30-10-2019 10:34:06 Adam Bien Advanced
MIcroProfile REST Client for System Testing
MicroProfile REST client provides an alternative to plain JAX-RS client for writing System Tests. A given HTTP endpoint (it doesn't have to ...
29-10-2019 12:26:18 Adam Bien Advanced
Blockchain, Heavy Metal, Docker and Podcast
Subscribe to podcast via: spotify| iTunes| RSS The #59 episode with Kevin Wittek (@kiview) about: Blockchain, Heavy ...
28-10-2019 16:20:57 Adam Bien Advanced
Watch and Deploy (WAD) 0.1.1 "the substitutor" is available
Watch and Deploy (wad.jar) version 0.1.1 was released. The path to the deployment directories configured in /.wadrc can contain now placehol...
27-10-2019 14:30:24 Adam Bien Advanced

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