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Visual Studio Code: Java, XML and Quarkus--an podcast episode
Subscribe to podcast via: spotify| iTunes| RSS The #91 episode with Fred Bricon (@fbricon) about: Visual Studio Code...
06-06-2020 12:35:21 Adam Bien Advanced
Kafka, JAX-RS, MicroProfile, JSON-B, GSON, JWT, VSC, NetBeans, Java Fullstack--75th
75th episode started with a few viewers questions and ended answering 20+ topics like: "Kafka vs. JAX-RS / RPC, thoughts about A...
04-06-2020 12:46:20 Adam Bien Advanced
JUnit 5: The Single Dependency You Need
JUnit 5 requires a single dependency in the pom.xml: org.junit.jupiter junit-jupiter 5.6.2 test ...unfortunately, you will also have to decl...
03-06-2020 10:48:36 Adam Bien Advanced
Bruno Hates YAML-Microsoft Loves Java--an podcast episode
Subscribe to podcast via: spotify| iTunes| RSS The #90 episode with Bruno Borges (@brunoborges) about: how YAML help...
02-06-2020 13:10:57 Adam Bien Advanced
Kafka over JAX-RS, Spring to MP, JSON to POJO, Java Records, Code Coverage--or 75th
Topics () for the 75th (always first Monday of the month, 8pm CET / CEST): Kafka over JAX-RS? Migrations from Spring & AngularJS...
01-06-2020 12:25:45 Adam Bien Advanced
Java 14+: Java Record JSON Serialization and Deserialization with JSON-B
To serialize a Java 14 POJR (Plain Old Java Record): public record Developer(int age, String language) { } You can use stock JSON-B Jakarta ...
27-05-2020 15:40:07 Adam Bien Advanced
Java 14 Record and Map.Entry
With a Java 14+ record: import java.util.Map; public record Developer(String language, int age) { public Developer(Map.Entry entry) { this(e...
25-05-2020 10:52:35 Adam Bien Advanced
What is the Direction of Quarkus?--an podcast episode
Subscribe to podcast via: spotify| iTunes| RSS The #89 episode with John Clingan (@jclingan) about: MicroProfile, cl...
23-05-2020 14:13:25 Adam Bien Advanced
Java 11: Write a String To File
With the method writeString introduced in Java 11, writing a String to a file takes a single line: import static org.junit.jupiter.api.Ass e...
19-05-2020 12:56:45 Adam Bien Advanced
Java 14: A Simple Record
A Java record: public record Article(String title, String content) {} a ready to use Data Transfer Object (DTO). equals,hashCode, toSt...
18-05-2020 10:44:07 Adam Bien Advanced

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