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Convenient http filtering with Servlet 4.0 and Java EE 8
HttpFilter was introduced with JSR 369 / Servlet 4.0 and Java EE 8. The HttpServletRequest and HttpServletResponse parameters are directly p...
16-11-2017 12:46:25 Adam Bien Advanced
Fetching content reactively with JAX-RS 2.1 client and Java EE 8
Java EE 8 with JAX-RS 2.1 / JSR-370 introduced a JAX-RS Client API integrated with CompletionStage (aka reactive client). Now an asynchronou...
15-11-2017 09:46:43 Adam Bien Advanced
Code review, reports, NoSQL, BCE, Async and State -- or 44th
WebStandards, microservices, reports, dealing with state in asynchronous JAX-RS, interactive code reviews, NoSQL,BCE, or 44th is...
13-11-2017 15:45:26 Adam Bien Advanced
Reuse, Tech Impact, Microservices, WebStandards -- a JavaONE 2017 interview
During JavaONE 2017 I was interviewed in the Developer Lounge about reuse, technology impact, microservices, my sessions and Java EE: See yo...
10-11-2017 09:40:32 Adam Bien Advanced
Unskippable Maven Tests
The following maven plugin configuration introduces "unskippable" unit tests: org.apache.maven.plugins maven-surefire-plugin 2.20.1 false Ev...
08-11-2017 11:43:42 Adam Bien Advanced
Using Chrome Developer Tools as an IDE / Editor
The Chrome's Developer Tools can be not only used to inspect the DOM, CSS and JavaScript, but also as an IDE / editor with write access to l...
07-11-2017 11:14:19 Adam Bien Advanced
HTML 5 Progressbars, Code Reviews, JAXB deprecation, Virtual DOM speed, Java SE Release and EE4j, EJB Timers in Cluster or 44th
Topics for the 44th () show 6th November, 2017 CET: JavaONE talk: Java EE heavyweight or lightweight Mythbusters and the compari...
06-11-2017 10:49:56 Adam Bien Advanced
A Conversation with Sebastian Daschner about CQRS, Java EE, EE4J, JavaONE
A conversation with Sebastian Daschner about Java EE, EE4J, JavaONE 2017, Microprofile, CQRS, JAX-RS analyzer and his: "Architecting Modern ...
05-11-2017 16:26:04 Adam Bien Advanced
System.Logger--the minimalistic logging interface in Java 9
Java 9 comes with a minimal logging interface: System.Logger with default implementation returned by System#getLogger: @Test public void log...
01-11-2017 07:06:26 Adam Bien Advanced
Java EE 8: Sending asynchronous CDI 2.0 events with ManagedExecutorService
Java EE 8 with CDI 2.0 introduced asynchronous CDI Events. The Event interface was extended with the fireAsync method and an optional Notifi...
31-10-2017 11:23:44 Adam Bien Advanced

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