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Productivity with Plain Vanilla Web podcast
Subscribe to podcast via: spotify| iTunes| RSS The #71 episode with Robert Brem (@bremrobert) about: "replacing depe...
19-01-2020 17:00:06 Adam Bien Advanced
Injecting List of Strings with MicroProfile Config
A comma-separated String in microprofile-config.prope rties: messages=hello,bye ...can be injected as a List of Strings: import java.util.Li...
17-01-2020 13:26:30 Adam Bien Advanced
Jakarta EE + MicroProfile: Tips, Tricks and Workarounds--W-JAX Conference
Jakarta EE + MicroProfile: Tips, Tricks and Workarounds (in German) W-JAX conference session:
16-01-2020 06:18:47 Adam Bien Advanced
Using Jakarta Server Pages (JSP)s For Web Component Generation / Configuration
JavaScript can be pre-generated on the backend and delivered as static content with JSPs. Jakarta Server Pages (JSP) are used in this screen...
15-01-2020 07:52:10 Adam Bien Advanced
Memory Consumption: WildFly Full ThinWAR vs. Quarkus SkimmedJAR
Comparing the memory consumption of WildFly 18.0.1.Final (Java EE Full & Web Distribution) and Quarkus by deploying identical microprofile a...
14-01-2020 11:56:35 Adam Bien Advanced
CSRF, XSS, JWT, Reactive Databases, TX and WebSockets, JSON-B, OpenShift -- the 70th
The 70th episode covering: CSRF, XSS, JWT, Reactive Databases or R2DBC, transactions with WebSockets, Java 9 modules vs Microser...
13-01-2020 05:56:16 Adam Bien Advanced
JavaFX Strikes Back -- podcast
The #70 episode with Johan Vos (@johanvos) about: Advantages of JavaFX, the JavaFX ecosystem, OpenJFX, GraalVM and Java on mobil...
12-01-2020 16:05:32 Adam Bien Advanced
Quarkus: Configuring Context and Resource Paths
A Quarkus application exposes the JAX-RS resources directly from the "root": The HelloResource: @Path("/hello") public class HelloResource {...
09-01-2020 10:07:17 Adam Bien Advanced
Maintainability or Deletion over Upgrade -- podcast
The #69 episode with Robert Brem (@bremrobert) about: "the joy of maintaining dependencies and rethinking Jakarta EE" is availab...
08-01-2020 20:36:18 Adam Bien Advanced
JAX-RS: A JSON-B Configuration per @ApplicationPath
The serialization / deserialization behaviour of the JsonbBuilder from the Jakarta EE JSON-B API can be configured with various strategies r...
07-01-2020 09:50:51 Adam Bien Advanced

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