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CDI and plugins, Bean Discovery, Migrations, Async Microservice Communication, Validations with JAX-RS, Serialization---or 52nd is available
"CDI components as plugins, CDI bean discovery mode recommendations, asynchronous microservice calls, modelling validations with REST, JSON-...
16-07-2018 11:32:54 Adam Bien Advanced
From Zero to Hello with Open Liberty 18 Full Profile Java EE 8
How long does it take to install, start "Java EE 7/8 Full Profile" Open Liberty 18 (the opensource version of IBM WebSphere) server, then cl...
13-07-2018 06:56:12 Adam Bien Advanced
Generating Swagger / OpenAPI Without External Dependencies
A CRUD JAX-RS 2 (Java EE 7/8) service: @Produces(MediaType.APPLI CATION_JSON) @Consumes(MediaType.APPLI CATION_JSON) @Path("workshops") publ...
12-07-2018 11:39:45 Adam Bien Advanced
From JSF and PrimeFaces to WebComponents--A Conversation With Cagatay Civici
An podcast conversation with Cagatay Civici (@cagataycivici) about starting with Java, interfaces and return statements, IBM RAD...
11-07-2018 07:44:09 Adam Bien Advanced
From Zero to Hello with WildFly Full 13.0.0.Final
How long does it take to install, start a "Java EE 7/8 Full Profile" WildFly 13 (and the largest available WildFly distribution), then clone...
10-07-2018 07:31:46 Adam Bien Advanced
Building PWA with Polymer 3, WebComponents and Java EE 8 Backend
I'm starting with the implementation, build and deployment of a Java EE 8 HTTP/JSON endpoint, then scaffold a polymer 3 Progressive Web Appl...
06-07-2018 10:51:56 Adam Bien Advanced
Using enums as CDI Events
Java enum can be used as an CDI "command" event: public enum OrderEvent { CREATE, CANCEL; } Now you can sent enum instances: public class Or...
05-07-2018 13:07:53 Adam Bien Advanced
When "There is a process already using the admin port 4848", but it is not true
When you try to start Payara 5 / GlassFish with: asadmin start-domain ...and you get the following error: There is a process already using t...
04-07-2018 10:35:02 Adam Bien Advanced
Combining Serverless Functions with CDI 2.0 from Java EE 8
Serverless functions act as a facade / gateway to business logic. With CDI from Java EE 8, plain POJOs can be directly injected to fnproject...
03-07-2018 12:41:45 Adam Bien Advanced
CDI and plugins, Discovery Modes, CompletableFuture and failures, ECB, ReadOnly JPA, Migrations -- or topics for 52nd
Topics and questions for the 52nd live show, July 2nd, 6pm: CDI components as plugins CDI bean discovery mode recommendations De...
02-07-2018 10:59:55 Adam Bien Advanced

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