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Web Components in Unsupported Browsers
What happens to Web Components (Custom Elements and Shadow DOM) in unsupported browsers? In this screencast I'm creating a Custom Element wi...
19-01-2018 10:26:16 Adam Bien Advanced
Metrics, ServerSockets, SSE, WebSockets, Smelling DAOs, JPA Historization, SLSB scalability, Killing EJBs, Logging, ELK, Docker, Kubernetes, Openshift, Licensing, Obfuscation -- or 46th
This time "Metrics, ServerSockets, SSE, WebSockets, Homework / Code Review of a basic CRUD, Smelling DAOs, JPA Historisation, SLSB design fo...
16-01-2018 12:45:14 Adam Bien Advanced
Web Components On-Demand Workshops
After covering the "basics" in WebStandards igniter, now 50+ episodes of continuous Web Components (Custom Elements, Shadow DOM, CSS 3 styli...
15-01-2018 07:10:37 Adam Bien Advanced
Pipeline-specific timeouts with CompletableFuture#orTimeout and JAX-RS 2.1
CompletableFuture#orTimeou t (>= Java 9) method "...exceptionally completes this CompletableFuture with a TimeoutException if not otherwise ...
11-01-2018 10:27:40 Adam Bien Advanced
Java 9's StackWalker
The Java 9's StackWalker class allows stack walking without instantiating an Exception. The following unit test: package com.airhacks; impor...
10-01-2018 10:24:09 Adam Bien Advanced
Building a Web Component with Java EE 8 Backend
In this screencast I created a Java EE 8 application with JAX-RS endpoint and JSON-B serialization from scratch, then developed a Custom Ele...
09-01-2018 11:42:57 Adam Bien Advanced
Homework Review, JPA history, Business Metrics, Sanity, WebSockets, SSE, XMPP, Logging, Licensing or Questions for the 46th
Questions for the 46th Surprise Interactive review of a CRUD homework assignment JPA history Testing and embedded integration t...
08-01-2018 11:59:06 Adam Bien Advanced
Reactive JAX-RS 2.1 Client Combined with Asynchronous Resource and CompletableFuture
The reactive JAX-RS 2.1 client integrates seamlessly with asynchronous JAX-RS resources and Java 8+CompletableFuture: See you at Java EE Wor...
21-12-2017 16:11:33 Adam Bien Advanced
4th Episode: "Micro Java EE"
4th episode "Micro Java EE" of podcast with special guest, Payara CEO, Steve Millidge is available. We discussed Microservices, ...
17-12-2017 15:24:58 Adam Bien Advanced
From BeanShell and Kotlin over Deadlocked Conversations to AWS, Authentication and Java PWAs -- 45th is available
From BeanShell over deadlocked conversations to AWS and authentication. The 45th is available: Any questions left? Ask now: and ...
08-12-2017 06:23:38 Adam Bien Advanced

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