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Java 8: Catching Integer Overflows
In Java the addition: Integer.MAX_VALUE + Integer.MAX_VALUE results in -2 without complaining. The following unit test passes: @Test public ...
21-09-2017 06:59:30 Adam Bien Advanced
WebStandards Igniter On-Demand Workshop
80+ episodes of continuous HTML 5, CSS 4, JavaScript (ES 6/7) coding workshop is available: . Only vanilla WebStandards, without any externa...
18-09-2017 09:10:58 Adam Bien Advanced
42nd is available -- The Answer to all questions included
The 42nd episode with "The Answer to all questions" is available: Any questions left? Ask now or suggest a topic: . See you at J...
14-09-2017 07:10:41 Adam Bien Advanced
Early Autumn Java (EE) / Web Events
See you soon at: JUG Paris, 12.09.2017: Building WebApps In The Lean Java EE Style #usetheplatform Java One, San Francisco, 03-04.10.2017: M...
11-09-2017 08:24:36 Adam Bien Advanced
A Java EE 7+ Alternative To EJB Timers
In addition to EJB timers (Simplest Possible EJB 3.1 Timer), with Java EE 7+ you can directly inject ManagedScheduledExecutorS ervice, a sub...
10-09-2017 12:59:12 Adam Bien Advanced
Microservices' Impact On App Design, Lightweight Java EE and Java EE-stic HTML 5 ...or my JavaOne 2017 sessions
Session ID: CON5252 Session Title: Microservices and Cloud-Driven Code Simplification Room: Moscone West - Room 2003 Date: 10/03/17 Start Ti...
07-09-2017 18:25:37 Adam Bien Advanced
42- the answer, Fork Join, Pixel Perfect JSF, Building React and Angular, Scanning JAX-RS, Async CDI Events, Monolith or Topics For 42nd
Topics for the 42nd 42 - the answer to all questions ForkJoin support in Java EE 8 Java FX in the browser Code cove...
04-09-2017 13:10:14 Adam Bien Advanced
Reactivity, Security, JSF Testing, AMQP, Encryption, Trends or 41st is available
25+ questions ranging from Java 9 Logging, over Reactive Programming and differences to CompletableFuture, testing JSF, AMQP to using framew...
02-09-2017 20:20:11 Adam Bien Advanced
How to establish JMX connection to JVM running in docker
For remote monitoring of JVM processes (running in a docker container) you will have to activate remote JMX monitoring with the following JV...
31-08-2017 09:09:23 Adam Bien Advanced
React over Angular, Reactive Programming, Blocking @Asynchronous, To Framework Or Not, SSR with SPAs, Java 9 Logging or 41st
Questions for the 41st React over Angular? ...and WebStandards JSR-375 and REST Reactive Programming vs. CompletableFuture Bloc...
07-08-2017 07:03:51 Adam Bien Advanced

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