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Pushing Full Profile Java EE Applications To Amazon EC2 Container Service
In this screencast I created from scratch with Maven, built (CentOS, JDK, Payara, Thin WAR, taken from docklands) and pushed a Full Profile ...
14-02-2017 10:51:03 Adam Bien Advanced
20+ Topics in 45 mins -- 35th Questions and Answers
90 live attendees, 20+ topics in 45 mins ranging from Java EE 8 News over JPA relations in MSAs to cross-field validation. The 35th (2.2017)...
09-02-2017 11:03:27 Adam Bien Advanced
JPA and Microservices, RxJava, CRUD and TX, Gradle, Cross Field Validation, Licensing, MDA or Topics For The 35th
Questions (gist) for the 35th, February 8th (exceptionally at Wednesday, not Monday), 6 pm CET: Handling JPA relationships in CR...
08-02-2017 08:32:46 Adam Bien Advanced
JSON Is The New Data Transfer Object (DTO)
The JSON processing API comes with Java EE 7 and is already integrated with JAX-RS. JsonObject and JsonArray are serialized and deserialized...
06-02-2017 07:40:44 Adam Bien Advanced
Asynchronous WAR To WAR Communication With WebSockets
WebSockets come with Java EE 7 and require no additional dependencies or libraries. Particularly in "microservices architectures" websockets...
03-02-2017 11:23:14 Adam Bien Advanced
Creating A CustomElement (WebComponent) From Scratch
Building a native, vanilla, HTML 5 Custom Element (a WebComponent standard) without any external dependencies from scratch: Polyfills are av...
02-02-2017 13:17:46 Adam Bien Advanced
60k eBills per Hour, Tiny WARs -- Or Java EE 7 In Mass Billing and Public Services Market in Slovenia
Aleksander, please introduce yourself I am a software engineer that has more than 30 years of experience in software development. I'm curren...
31-01-2017 07:24:56 Adam Bien Advanced
Launching Java EE Thin WARs In The Clouds
Java EE (Full Profile) and Thin WARs are particularly suitable for cloud deployments. In this screencast I created from scratch, built (with...
30-01-2017 16:38:49 Adam Bien Advanced
Upcoming Cloud, Microservice, Web and Java EE Events
(free) Cloud Native @BMW, Munich, 24th January 2017, 8:15pm, "Live-Hacking: Microservices und HA-Patterns" (free) 35th / 2.2017,...
20-01-2017 11:58:02 Adam Bien Advanced
Importance of Java EE, JCP, Java EE Guardians and Microprofile--Interview With Reza Rahman
Reza, please introduce yourself I am just a professional server-side Java developer, architect and consultant. I have been involved in the J...
17-01-2017 07:09:35 Adam Bien Advanced

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