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Java 11: Synchronous HTTP GET into a String
Java 11+ ships with a new HttpClient To fetch the content of a website synchronously into a String: import; import java....
23-11-2020 16:35:40 Adam Bien Advanced
jOOQ Loves episode
Subscribe to podcast via: spotify| iTunes| RSS The #115 episode with Lukas Eder (@lukaseder) about: abstractions, qu...
23-11-2020 08:25:38 Adam Bien Advanced
JDD 2020: Building Kickass Frontends with Vanilla Web Components
Building a frontend with vanilla Web Components for a "Kickass Java Backend"
20-11-2020 18:58:46 Adam Bien Advanced
GitHub's Time Elements Web Components
GitHub's Time Elements: is a set of web components which comes without any dependencies, does not require any processing and is useful for f...
19-11-2020 11:44:02 Adam Bien Advanced
J4K: Live Virtual MicroProfile on Kubernetes / AWS / EKS Hacking #slideless
Building, designing, and structuring a cloud-native MicroProfile (Metrics, OpenAPI, FaultTolerance, JAX-RS, Config, Health, JSON-B, REST Cli...
17-11-2020 21:16:39 Adam Bien Advanced
Building Software for Data Center Providers with episode
Subscribe to podcast via: spotify| iTunes| RSS The #114 episode with Ruslan Synytsky (@siruslan) about: working for ...
16-11-2020 06:44:35 Adam Bien Advanced
Java EE 6 to Jakarta EE 9 Migration
Migration of an 8 years old Java EE 6 / Java 6 application written on stage of the JDD 2012 (Java EE: Future Is Now, But It Is Not Evenly Di...
14-11-2020 16:59:04 Adam Bien Advanced
What Should Happen in 2021 with Java Backends and Web Frontends--JCON 2020 Keynote
Past, present and possible future of Java backends and Web frontends:
13-11-2020 14:03:08 Adam Bien Advanced
MicroProfile 3.3: Links to Specs and JavaDoc
Eclipse MicroProfile "umbrella" spec: spec html Configuration for MicroProfile: spec html | javadoc Eclipse MicroProfile Fault Tolerance: sp...
11-11-2020 12:44:10 Adam Bien Advanced
Emitting JAX-RS Messages into MicroProfile Reactive Messaging Channels
Reactive Messaging for MicroProfile API allows mapping of method's parameters and return values to virtual channels: import org.eclipse.micr...
09-11-2020 22:56:42 Adam Bien Advanced

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