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Quarkus with MicroProfile, RAM, Jetty and -Xmx18m
The memory consumption of a "hello, world" quarkus JAX-RS application is comparable to "empty" Tomcat or Jetty (see: Memory (RAM) Consumptio...
27-02-2020 18:20:09 Adam Bien Advanced
In-Browser Unit Testing with MochaJS, ChaiJS, BrowserSync and ES Modules
In-browser unit testing JavaScript functions with MochaJS test runner, using chaijs assertions and loading the "function under test" using E...
26-02-2020 19:47:55 Adam Bien Advanced
JAX-RS Response#seeOther, vs. 301, 302, 307 and 308 HTTP Redirections
The JAX-RS Response#seeOther method is a convenience wrapper of the following snippet status(303).location(loca tion). Status 303 is used fo...
24-02-2020 10:44:59 Adam Bien Advanced
Quarkus Developer podcast
Subscribe to podcast via: spotify| iTunes| RSS The #76 episode with Alex Soto (@alexsotob) about: quarkus developer ...
22-02-2020 15:21:44 Adam Bien Advanced
Memory (RAM) Consumption of: Tomcat, Jetty and Quarkus
Comparing the memory consumption of freshly installed and "emtpy" tomcat, jetty with "hello,world" JAX-RS in quarkus. From outside and insid...
21-02-2020 11:21:55 Adam Bien Advanced
The Lord of the podcast
Subscribe to podcast via: spotify| iTunes| RSS The #75 episode with Alex Soto (@alexsotob) about: the journey from H...
16-02-2020 16:07:46 Adam Bien Advanced
Migration from @Stateless (BCE) to Quarkus
A typical BCE Jakarta EE application comprises a JAX-RS resource: import javax.inject.Inject; import; import
14-02-2020 16:58:14 Adam Bien Advanced
February / March 2020 Java and Web Events
Cloud Native Patterns und Approaches mit Jakarta EE + MicroProfile #lowslides #cloudful JUG Oberpfalz OTH Weiden 2020-02-19 Microprofile Pro...
12-02-2020 05:01:43 Adam Bien Advanced
Paths "Subtraction" with Path#relativize
The method relativize computes the difference between an absolute path (src/main/java/com/airhac ks) and it's root (src/main/java). This is ...
10-02-2020 08:21:50 Adam Bien Advanced
String.split with a "dot"
String#split with a dot "." does return an empty array: String packages[] = "com.airhacks".split(".") ; assertThat(packages.lengt h, is(0));...
09-02-2020 18:21:27 Adam Bien Advanced

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