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An Interesting Way to Build Docker Images (by
helidon MicroProfile quickstarter ships with an interesting, incremental, approach to build docker images. A Two Phase Build (2PB :-)):
19-06-2021 18:10:28 Adam Bien Advanced
Mid-Year 2021+ Observations and Predictions
Kubernetes won the "Container Orchestration Wars" and became a standard for building cloud-like environments. All public clouds offer altern...
15-06-2021 16:52:41 Adam Bien Advanced
How Java WebSocket Implementation Happened--and podcast
Subscribe to podcast via: spotify| iTunes| RSS The #144 episode with Justin Lee (@evanchooly) about: early Java e-co...
14-06-2021 21:59:35 Adam Bien Advanced
Cloud development, Logging Frameworks, Transactions, Micro Services, Testing, ETags, JPA, BCE, Batch on AWS, Exception Handling, FlywayDB, Lombok, CDI events--or 87th
The 87th (and the first from : "Cloud development, logging frameworks, transactions and micro services, unit-, integration-, sys...
12-06-2021 08:20:17 Adam Bien Advanced
How Hudson and Jenkins happened--an podcast
Subscribe to podcast via: spotify| iTunes| RSS The #143 episode with Kohsuke Kawaguchi (@kohsukekawa) about: PCs in ...
11-06-2021 17:46:15 Adam Bien Advanced
Lombok, Clouds, Transactions, Events, Batch, Exceptions, Clusters, BCE--or 87th
Questions and topics (details: for the very first on youtube : How to microprofile metrics in Kubernetes cluster Authentication ...
07-06-2021 12:42:03 Adam Bien Advanced
Scroll snapping with plain CSS properties: scroll-snap-type and scroll-snap-align
Enforcing "snapping" with the CSS property: scroll-snap-type on the scroll container and scroll-snap-align on the container's children:
31-05-2021 19:08:43 Adam Bien Advanced
Serverless with Java EE, Jakarta EE, MicroProfile and a Kubernetes Operator--an podcast
Subscribe to podcast via: spotify| iTunes| RSS The #142 episode with Rudy De Busscher (@rdebusscher) about: fourier ...
29-05-2021 08:30:29 Adam Bien Advanced
A minimalistic "Plain Web Standards" template (PWS) was released
A plain and minimalistic "Plain Web Standards" template (PWS) was released: . To create a project you have to: Install browsersync git clone...
28-05-2021 18:32:07 Adam Bien Advanced
java.util.Objects: Useful Array Index Check Methods
Objects ships with useful array index check methods: checkIndex: Checks if the index is within the bounds of the range from 0 (inclusive) to...
25-05-2021 13:42:59 Adam Bien Advanced

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