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Security, Functional Java, React, TX, Docker Swarm, Dying MVC or 40th
40th is available (thanks to the 101 live viewers for the interactions): Any questions left? The queue for the 41th ...
12-07-2017 12:22:53 Adam Bien Advanced
SimpleDateFormat, Java and Taligent Object-Oriented Operating System
The source of the class SimpleDateFormat comes with unusual copyright information: (C) Copyright Taligent, Inc. 1996 - All Rights Reserved (...
09-07-2017 11:41:28 Adam Bien Advanced
DerbyDB start fails on Docker -- Problem and Solution
An attempt to start DerbyDB delivered with Glassfishv5 or recent Payara (asadmin start-database) will fail with: Starting database...
07-07-2017 12:04:42 Adam Bien Advanced
Payara Server "Full", Autodeployment and Docker
Payara server comes with disabled autodeployment feature, what complicates deployments at start in containerized environments, like Docker o...
04-07-2017 07:41:49 Adam Bien Advanced
JASPIC, Lambdas, React, TX, JSF, MVC, JSON, Microservices, Docker Swarm, Threads or Questions for the 40th
Topics for the 40th at July, 3rd, 6pm CET: JASPIC for securing Java EE 7 applications Thoughts on lambdas and more functional Ja...
03-07-2017 10:25:48 Adam Bien Advanced
Unorthodox Enterprise Practices--at JavaOne 2015
Removing bloat with Java EE 7 (a JavaOne 2015 session): See you at Java EE Workshops at Munich Airport, Terminal 2 or Virtual Dedicated Work...
30-06-2017 12:01:37 Adam Bien Advanced
Java EE -- The Competitive Advantage For Startups
At the 2017 conference in Gdansk I got 30 minutes time to explain why Java EE is happily used by startups with live hacking. De...
22-06-2017 10:42:55 Adam Bien Advanced
Building and Running a Fullstack Java EE ThinWAR in Oracle Container Cloud Service 7 Minutes
7 minutes are sufficient to: Create Java EE 7 application (single JAX-RS endpoint) from scratch with Maven 3 Build an executable Docker imag...
16-06-2017 11:12:57 Adam Bien Advanced
Beautiful Java EE, JWT, EAR cases, Dynamic Serialization, @Asynchronous Testing or 39th is online
39th is available: Any questions left? File the your questions now or see you in MUC at: . Real World Java EE Workshops [Airport...
14-06-2017 07:53:38 Adam Bien Advanced
Java EE Application Servers Are Not Suitable To Host Microservices
Due to low footprint, fast startup and low runtime overhead ("The Overhead Of Java EE Application Servers"), deploying multiple WARs into on...
06-06-2017 11:39:48 Adam Bien Advanced

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