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Jakarta EE / MicroProfile Testing and Quality over Podcast
Subscribe to podcast via: spotify| iTunes| RSS The #37 episode with Andrew Guibert (@andrew_guibert) about Java EE, ...
19-05-2019 16:20:12 Adam Bien Advanced
Dead javax, Singleton performance, exactly once, DB authentication, refresh tokens, Kafka, distributed failures--62nd
62nd episode with the following topics: "javax and Jakarta EE's future, singleton performance, exactly once delivery, DB authent...
15-05-2019 11:10:24 Adam Bien Advanced
Using ConfigMaps To Configure MicroProfile Applications
Injecting values from ConfigMap into a MicroProfile (Configuration) / Java EE application. The project was created with Java EE 8 / MicroPro...
14-05-2019 07:59:50 Adam Bien Advanced
javax and future of Jakarta EE, TX, quarkus, startup, Java FX, MicroProfile, openJDK support, Green Field Architectures--or 62nd
Topics for the 62nd : Cloudy airhacks Jakarta EE and the javax issue (see post) and the future of Jakarta EE It it worth to use...
13-05-2019 10:07:59 Adam Bien Advanced
Java Native Podcast
Subscribe to podcast via: spotify| iTunes| RSS An conversation with Markus Kett (@MarkusKett) about: C64 and sports ...
12-05-2019 21:14:19 Adam Bien Advanced
Java EE, Jakarta EE and the Dead "javax"
Eclipse Foundation won't get the rights to use Oracle's Java trademarks with the following implications: "... The javax package namespace ma...
07-05-2019 11:59:39 Adam Bien Advanced
80% Code Coverage is Not Podcast
Subscribe to podcast via: spotify| iTunes| RSS An conversation with James Wilson (@jgwilson42) about: the result of ...
05-05-2019 19:37:19 Adam Bien Advanced
MicroProfile and Jakarta EE -- The Lightweight Stuff Session
An itkonekt session for building a MicroProfile / Java EE application from scratch. Metrics, OpenAPI, FaultTolerance, Configuration, multi-s...
24-04-2019 08:06:04 Adam Bien Advanced
Jakarta EE + MicroProfile Kickstarter
To create a Jakarta EE (Java EE) + MicroProfile Maven project replace both placeholders GROUP_ID and PROJECT_NAME and execute: mvn archetype...
23-04-2019 11:26:52 Adam Bien Advanced
Kafka vs. JMS/ podcast
Subscribe to podcast via: spotify| iTunes| RSS An conversation with Andrew Schofield, Chief Architect, Event Streams...
22-04-2019 11:12:08 Adam Bien Advanced

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