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Jakarta EE 8 Quickstarter / Archetype is Available From Maven Central
The Jakarta EE 8 Essentials quickstarter (archetype) is available from maven central and can be started with: mvn archetype:generate -Darche...
05-01-2020 16:48:18 Adam Bien Advanced
You Are Not Google, Netflix, Facebook -- podcast
The #68 episode with Tomasz Nurkiewicz (@tnurkiewicz) about: The "Recipe For Success" slide, "You Are Not Google, Netflix, Faceb...
04-01-2020 13:11:33 Adam Bien Advanced
How To Disable Caching for all HTTP Requests in Quarkus
To disable HTTP cache with the following headers: Cache-Control: no-cache, no-store, must-revalidate Pragma: no-cache Expires: 0 ...for all ...
03-01-2020 18:15:18 Adam Bien Advanced 0.0.4 released (JWT generator) 0.0.4 version was released with support for the "exp" claim (expiration time). Thanks to Gunnar Morling @gunnarm...
02-01-2020 16:33:34 Adam Bien Advanced
If Gmail Is Not Working After macOS (Mojave / Catalina) Upgrade
If you get prompted for your user credentials and your Gmail account is listed offline, your email user name probably contains a "dot". To f...
31-12-2019 17:29:37 Adam Bien Advanced
TestContainers, Unit, Integration, System, Load, Stress Testing -- podcast
The #67 episode with Kevin Wittek (@kiview) about: TestContainers, Unit, Integration, System, Load, Stress Testing and a bit blo...
27-12-2019 10:47:59 Adam Bien Advanced
VSC Plugins, 2017, 2018 and 2019 Predictions Review, 2PC with MQ and DB, JWT, Share Code -- the 69th
The 69th, and last in 2019, episode covering: VSC as IDE, Visual Studio Code Plugins, 2017, 2018 and 2019 Predictions Review, 2P...
23-12-2019 11:47:37 Adam Bien Advanced
Java Cloud Native Starter with MicroProfile -- Podcast
The #66 episode with Niklas Heidloff (@nheidloff) about: Kubernetes, OpenShift, istio, Postgres, Clouds, Backend for Frontend, v...
15-12-2019 16:52:30 Adam Bien Advanced
VSC as IDE, Predictions Review, 2PC with MQ and DB, JWT, Package Naming and Structure--or 69th
Topics () for the 69th episode: Review of the 2017, 2018 and 2019 predictions. Visual Studio Code Plugins and general programmin...
09-12-2019 07:51:01 Adam Bien Advanced
JSF 2, Web Components and Micro Frontends -- Podcast
The #65 episode with Mark Struberg (@struberg) about: JSF 2, Web Components, and JavaScript without frameworks is available for ...
08-12-2019 15:30:18 Adam Bien Advanced

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