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Install, Start and Walk-Through a vanilla Web Component Application
Install, run (builds are not required), a vanilla Web Components application. Code walk-through included:
21-04-2021 14:28:42 Adam Bien Advanced
Mockend for Frontends: mockend is available
The "mockend for frontend" (mockend): is available. mockend was used to test / illustrate the "unidirectional dataflow" in the Web Component...
20-04-2021 19:24:14 Adam Bien Advanced
From ZX Spectrum over Clouds To Winning the Java Duke's Choice Award-an podcast
Subscribe to podcast via: spotify| iTunes| RSS The #136 episode with Prof. dr. Matjaz Juric (@matjazbj) about: "dist...
18-04-2021 20:45:00 Adam Bien Advanced
Java 16: a minimalistic Apache Maven / pom.xml
To use Java 16 with Apache Maven, you will have to set the following properties: 16 16 16 With the following pom.xml: 4.0.0 com.airhacks jav...
14-04-2021 17:51:59 Adam Bien Advanced
Writing Boring Software: From WebLogic over GlassFish to Quarkus--an podcast
Subscribe to podcast via: spotify| iTunes| RSS The #135 episode with Antonio Goncalves (@agoncal) about: "learn once...
12-04-2021 09:07:21 Adam Bien Advanced
Spring / Summer Java and Web Conferences, Workshops and Shows workshop: Best Practices, Hacks and Frontend Patterns with Vanilla Web Components [online event] web apps best practices airha...
11-04-2021 12:44:53 Adam Bien Advanced
Unidirectional data flow example with Web Components, redux toolkit and lit-html
Code walk-through an example of the "unidirectional data flow" shipping with the BCE Web Component quickstarter: ():
10-04-2021 14:11:45 Adam Bien Advanced
NEW: "Lightning" video course: "From redux to redux toolkit"
In the "lightning" video course: "From redux to redux toolkit", I'm deleting a significant portion of JavaScript "plumbing" by migrating the...
09-04-2021 10:13:22 Adam Bien Advanced
Web Components, BCE, lit-html, redux toolkit, vaadin router quickstarter is available
Minimal magic, minimal tooling, essential dependencies, uni-directional data flow, BCE-structure, high productivity, no transpilations and n...
08-04-2021 12:41:19 Adam Bien Advanced
Redux Toolkit, JPA via REST, Micrometer, MicroProfile, Obfuscation, JPackage, CDI, JWT--or 85th
The 85th covering: Redux Toolkit migrations, JPA Entities via REST, Micrometer vs. MicroProfile Metrics, obfuscation, decompilat...
07-04-2021 08:45:26 Adam Bien Advanced

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