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2019 Predictions
Oracle's move to opensource the entire JDK with tooling (even Java Mission Control) opened the market for third party companies like e.g. Am...
30-01-2019 09:29:10 Adam Bien Advanced
Python, C and Java have the most commits in OpenSource projects
Python, C and Java have the largest commit count. [] C spiked more than Java and now is #2, Java is #3. Python is slightly strong...
29-01-2019 09:04:45 Adam Bien Advanced
Watch and Deploy (WAD) 0.0.7 is available
Watch and Deploy (wad.jar) version 0.0.7 was released. This release comes with a fix, additional stats (try to build 10 times) and nicer out...
28-01-2019 13:06:15 Adam Bien Advanced
Current time in HH:MM:SS with Java 8+ and DateTimeFormatterBuilder
With the DateTimeFormatterBuilder you can directly specify the desired time format. The invocation of the method currentFormattedTime: impor...
27-01-2019 08:48:23 Adam Bien Advanced
Free Video Series -- Cloud Native Java EE on OpenShift
In the free, 3-part "Cloud-native Java EE" video series, I'm covering Java microservices, containers, openshift, WildFly full, container pac...
22-01-2019 08:53:42 Adam Bien Advanced
A possible cause of "...has been blocked by CORS policy"
A JavaScript client: const deletePing = async () => { const config = { method: "delete" }; const response = await fetch('', config); console...
21-01-2019 09:24:57 Adam Bien Advanced
Java EE 8 Authentication and Authorization -- a Podcast Episode with Arjan Tijms
Subscribe to podcast via: RSS iTunes An conversation with Arjan (@arjan_tijms) about: "Starting programming with Com...
20-01-2019 15:35:01 Adam Bien Advanced
Java is #1 in January 2019
Java is #1 (16.904%, +2.69%), C is #2 (13.337%, +2.30%) and Python is #3 (8.294%, +3.62%). The most popular JVM-based language is Groovy wit...
18-01-2019 12:35:40 Adam Bien Advanced
Generating a Test Client for HTTP/JSON (JAX-RS / JSON-B) Services
In this screencast I'm creating a Java EE 8 project from scratch using an archetype, expose a HTTP / JSON service with JAX-RS and JSON-B, bu...
16-01-2019 11:03:14 Adam Bien Advanced
Illegal base64 character 5f, Illegal base64 character 2d and java.util.Base64
Decoding a String with invalid Base64 '_' character: import java.nio.charset.Standard Charsets; import java.util.Base64; import org.junit.ju...
16-01-2019 03:04:30 Adam Bien Advanced

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