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CORBA, gRPC, OSGI, vert.x, mutiny, Reactive Programming and podcast
Subscribe to podcast via: spotify| iTunes| RSS The #108 episode with Clement Escoffier (@clementplop) about: CORBA's...
04-10-2020 19:46:10 Adam Bien Advanced
JAX-RS API Documentation: Reasonable Practices
Jakarta RESTful Web Services (JAX-RS) / MicroProfile OpenAPI documentation ideas from DevNation Day 2020 conference (0.5 hours):
04-10-2020 01:35:12 Adam Bien Advanced
Java Developers-Now Is Your (Web) Time: Drive-In Conf #slideless
Productive web development without frameworks. Just with browser-APIs, WebComponents and lit-html. A slideless recording from the Drive-In C...
02-10-2020 00:39:06 Adam Bien Advanced
High-Performance Java Persistence and Cloud Native podcast
Subscribe to podcast via: spotify| iTunes| RSS The #107 episode with Vlad Mihalcea (@vlad_mihalcea) about: the myste...
27-09-2020 17:23:07 Adam Bien Advanced
Java is #2 / #3 in September 2020
According to TIOBE Index for September 2020: C is #1 (15.95%,+0.74%), Java is #2 (13.48%, -3.18%) and Python is #3 (10.47%,+0.59%). The most...
24-09-2020 23:23:24 Adam Bien Advanced
The Open-Closed Principle and Lots of podcast
Subscribe to podcast via: spotify| iTunes| RSS The #106 episode with Lincoln Baxter III (@lincolnthree) about: writi...
21-09-2020 06:09:06 Adam Bien Advanced
CyberJUG-HH: Why is everybody talking about Quarkus?
In this (Why is everybody talking about Quarkus?) Java User Group Hamburg (CyberJUG-HH) session I highlighted possible reasons for Quarkus' ...
19-09-2020 17:01:32 Adam Bien Advanced
Payara, the Unknown protocol: RFB and the Solution
Macs are using port 5900 for screen sharing, often also used by video conferencing software like Skype or Microsoft Teams. Payara uses the s...
18-09-2020 07:30:28 Adam Bien Advanced
Serverless Java #slideless -- Guild42 Session Recordings
The live, on-stage hacking Guild42 session "Serverless Java #slideless" featuring:,, and several Jav...
17-09-2020 12:00:03 Adam Bien Advanced
openJDK 11 RAM and Startup Time: openJ9 vs. HotSpot
openJ9 vs HotSpot: 48% less memory consumption and 28% faster startup:
16-09-2020 17:16:13 Adam Bien Advanced

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