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Accessing Shadow DOM inside a Web Component from Cypress
A Custom Element with a input field placed inside a Shadow DOM: class ShadowInput extends HTMLElement { constructor() { super(); this.root =...
25-10-2019 21:07:38 Adam Bien Advanced
MicroProfile Runtimes Overview
KumuluzEE HollowJARs and UeberJARs / FatJARs deployments are possible. Commercial (but fully optional) support is available. helidon Service...
24-10-2019 13:09:52 Adam Bien Advanced
JavaScript: cleaner "fetch" without "then" with "async" / "await"
The await keyword can be only used within a JavaScript async function. At the same time await allows the use of asynchronous APIs like e.g. ...
23-10-2019 10:10:26 Adam Bien Advanced
Code Shrinking with Quarkus and Panache ORM
With Panache ORM and Quarkus a JSON-B / JPA entity: package workshops; import java.time.LocalDate; import javax.persistence.Entity; import i...
22-10-2019 08:12:43 Adam Bien Advanced
What are: ThinWARs, HollowJARs, SkimmedJARs, FatJARs, UeberJARs, FatWARs and Executable Images?
ThinWAR contains application code only. The runtime is strictly separated. "Hello,World" is about 4kB and takes advantage of Docker layering...
21-10-2019 08:14:20 Adam Bien Advanced
Helidon, FatJARs, ThinWARs, HollowJARs, MicroProfile, Jakarta EE and Podcast
Subscribe to podcast via: spotify| iTunes| RSS The #58 episode with Tomas Lager (@tomas_langer) about: Helidon, FatJ...
20-10-2019 16:26:37 Adam Bien Advanced
The Simplest Possible Web Component (CustomElement)
A WebComponent (CustomElement) is an ES 6 class: class HelloWorld extends HTMLElement { connectedCallback() { const message = "world"; this....
18-10-2019 07:27:27 Adam Bien Advanced
Custom Map Updates without Null Checks: Map#merge
The Java 1.8+ Map#merge method is useful for upserts of a Map with custom bevavior. Null checks are not required: import java.util.HashMap; ...
17-10-2019 07:52:23 Adam Bien Advanced
Installing and Deploying Swagger UI
The following dependency: api-ext swagger-ui 1.0.2 installs the Swagger UI "website" and makes it available direct...
15-10-2019 08:13:56 Adam Bien Advanced
Threads, Transactions, EntityManager, Fluid Logic,Quarkus, AMQP and Jakarta EE -- the 67th
The 67th episode covering: "Jakarta EE without Docker and FatJARs, Fulltext Search, Connection Pools, Password Management, Fluid...
14-10-2019 07:26:46 Adam Bien Advanced

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