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Serverless without Functions, OpenShift with a bit podcast
Subscribe to podcast via: RSS or iTunes An conversation with Sebastian Daschner (@DaschnerS) about: being chief Ente...
31-03-2019 21:34:57 Adam Bien Advanced
Monitoring HTTP Requests with MicroProfile Metrics
A Java EE 8 HttpFilter, configured to map all URLs: import javax.inject.Inject; import javax.servlet.FilterChain ; import javax.servlet.Serv...
27-03-2019 08:07:01 Adam Bien Advanced
Optimizing for Humans, Not podcast
Subscribe to podcast via: RSS iTunes An conversation with Simon Harrer (@simonharrer) about: Amstrad Laptop, first l...
24-03-2019 20:53:38 Adam Bien Advanced
ThinJARs with on Docker separates business logic from the infrastructure out-of-the-box and therefore keeps the ThinJAR (see: ThinWAR) small and the depl...
21-03-2019 12:29:34 Adam Bien Advanced
MicroProfile: @Counted vs. @Gauge
MicroProfile Metrics comes with @Counted and @Gauge annotations: @Path("ping") public class PingResource { @GET @Counted(monotonic = true) p...
20-03-2019 07:14:44 Adam Bien Advanced
JAX-RS, CDI: native executable vs. JVM with
Creating a native, executable app from CDI / JAX-RS application with and hot-reload features. The native executable is compared w...
19-03-2019 11:52:33 Adam Bien Advanced
Supersonic, Subatomic Java (EE) -- SkimmedJARs with
Setting up a project from scratch, injecting a CDI bean, building a SkimmedJARs and running the server: See you at Web, MicroProfile and Jav...
18-03-2019 05:13:38 Adam Bien Advanced
Jakarta EE / MicroProfile in the Clouds: Runtimes not podcast
Subscribe to podcast via: RSS iTunes An conversation / 29th episode with Bruno Borges about: sudden death of remote ...
17-03-2019 15:28:08 Adam Bien Advanced
Running Java without javac
Running Java without javac and class files: See you at Web, MicroProfile and Java EE Workshops at Munich Airport, Terminal 2 or Virtual Dedi...
15-03-2019 19:03:41 Adam Bien Advanced
DB Load Balancing, Java EE Authentication, Unikernels, Lazy Entity Serialization, Quarkus, MIcroProfile--60th
5th anniversary, 60th, 30 questions and topics () 1h:15mins: "DB LoadBalancing, Java EE Authentication, Unikernels, Hexago...
14-03-2019 19:51:15 Adam Bien Advanced

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