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Closures don't Mean Mutability
In a previous post we discussed how a closure differs from a lambda expression. There's a misconception among some developers that closures ...
11-01-2017 12:51:14 agile developer (Venkat Subramaniam) Beginners
Tell me Now or Tell me When
There was no email when I was a kid or even when I was in college. Back in those days, if you wanted to communicate with someone, you wrote ...
02-01-2017 21:14:25 agile developer (Venkat Subramaniam) Beginners
2016 Top Viewed Presentations @agileLearner
Tweet The following were the five most viewed presentation on in the year 2016: Builder PatternDesign by Contract vs. Design by CapabilityJa...
30-12-2016 15:20:55 agile developer (Venkat Subramaniam) Beginners
What is a Closure?
We will first discuss lambda expressions and then see how closures are related. Lambda expressions are anonymous functions which may receive...
28-12-2016 12:55:58 agile developer (Venkat Subramaniam) Beginners
Lesson on Agile Learner: JavaScript Programming Idioms
The Lesson on JavaScript Programming Idioms is a series of example driven presentations that show how to create fluent code in JavaScript. T...
17-08-2016 14:54:20 agile developer (Venkat Subramaniam) Beginners
Infinite Streams May Remove Accidental Complexity
We discussed how lazy evaluations may lead to infinite streams in the previous post. In this post we see how it can help make code more expr...
29-06-2016 12:42:15 agile developer (Venkat Subramaniam) Beginners
Lazy Evaluation make infinite streams possible
In the previous post we saw how lazy evaluation may make the code expressive without losing on performance. Here we'll see yet another benef...
22-06-2016 12:46:13 agile developer (Venkat Subramaniam) Beginners
Lazy Evaluation: may make code more expressive without losing on efficiency: Part II
In the Part I we converted an imperative code to a more expressive functional code and ended with a question about efficiency. Let's pick up...
15-06-2016 12:49:11 agile developer (Venkat Subramaniam) Beginners
Lazy Evaluation: may make code more expressive without losing on efficiency: Part I
In a previous blog we discussed how pure functions may enjoy lazy evaluations and mentioned a few benefits of being lazy. In this blog we di...
08-06-2016 19:16:19 agile developer (Venkat Subramaniam) Beginners
Benefits of Pure Functions: Can be Lazy
In a previous related blog we discussed how pure functions are easier to parallelize. In this blog, we discuss another benefit from this lis...
01-06-2016 12:44:50 agile developer (Venkat Subramaniam) Beginners

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