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Build a professional relationship then eventually ask for a reference
A relative of a friend emailed me asking if I can provide a professional reference. I have known this person for some time, in a social sett...
07-02-2022 14:37:13 agile developer (Venkat Subramaniam) Beginners
PaL Series
Pair and Learn (PaL) SeriesVenkat invites you to be part of the PaL (Pair and Learn) Series.What is it?Schedule a 2-hours session to pair wi...
02-01-2021 21:27:14 agile developer (Venkat Subramaniam) Beginners
Update: Starting sixth month of stay at home
- revenue down sharply - loss from cancelling conference * keeping up with usual charity donations, thanks to companies that have hired me d...
03-08-2020 16:08:03 agile developer (Venkat Subramaniam) Beginners
Learn while you look for a Job
Interested in learning different topics related to programming, while you look for a job? Please see .
09-05-2020 18:24:59 agile developer (Venkat Subramaniam) Beginners
Something surprising happened
I am deeply humbled by the generous acts of some developers. On March 14th I tweeted and posted on Linkedin that I am offering subscription ...
21-03-2020 16:45:49 agile developer (Venkat Subramaniam) Beginners 2020 Conference Program Announced
About 20 years ago I gave my first conference talk. I will never forget those first moments it was a great experience to learn from the lege...
07-01-2020 13:40:04 agile developer (Venkat Subramaniam) Beginners
Rediscovering JavaScript book release
From the back cover of the book "JavaScript is no longer to be feared or loathed the world's most popular and ubiquitous language has evolve...
27-06-2018 13:40:01 agile developer (Venkat Subramaniam) Beginners
I'm blessed, deeply humbled, and very thankful
Today I finish what started almost 11 months ago traveling to 50 user groups, to interact with developers, share the little I know, and lear...
16-05-2018 00:58:51 agile developer (Venkat Subramaniam) Beginners
Definitely no intention to exclude ladies, or anyone for that matter.
It was a great pleasure to be asked to write a forward for Java by Comparison: Become a Java Craftsman in 70 Examples. The book does a great...
05-05-2018 14:43:05 agile developer (Venkat Subramaniam) Beginners
2017 Top Viewed Presentations @agileLearner
The following were the five most viewed presentation on in the year 2017: Internal vs External Iterators Code Quality: Code Coverage Test Dr...
28-12-2017 16:34:32 agile developer (Venkat Subramaniam) Beginners

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