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Gradle Plugins DSL and Spring-Boot Plugin
Gradle Plugins DSL is a new gradle feature which provides a very succinct way of adding a plugin to a Gradle based project. A good way to sh...
16-01-2017 05:16:34 all and sundry Advanced
Deploying akka-http app to Cloud Foundry - Part 2
In a preceding post I had gone over the steps to deploy a simple akka-http app to Cloud Foundry. The gist of it was that as long there is a ...
11-01-2017 08:02:25 all and sundry Advanced
Deploying akka-http app to Cloud Foundry - Part 1
It is easy to deploy an akka-http application to Cloud Foundry. I experimented with a few variations recently and will cover ways to deploy ...
04-01-2017 02:47:13 all and sundry Advanced
Practical Reactor operations - Retrieve Details of a Cloud Foundry Application
CF-Java-Client is a library which enables programatic access to a Cloud Foundry Cloud Controller API. It is built on top of Project Reactor,...
28-12-2016 06:15:53 all and sundry Advanced
Spring Boot and Application Context Hierarchy
Spring Boot supports a simple way of specifying a Spring application context hierarchy. This post is simply demonstrating this feature, I am...
19-12-2016 06:06:21 all and sundry Advanced
Using Kafka with Junit
One of the neat features that the excellent Spring Kafka project provides, apart from a easier to use abstraction over raw Kafka Producer an...
29-11-2016 16:52:48 all and sundry Advanced
Recipe for getting started with Spring Boot and Angular 2
I am primarily a service developer who has to create some passable UI's once in a while. I was adept at basic AngularJS1 based UI's and coul...
22-11-2016 06:59:00 all and sundry Advanced
Spring Kafka Producer/Consumer sample
My objective here is to show how Spring Kafka provides an abstraction to raw Kafka Producer and Consumer API's that is easy to use and is fa...
13-11-2016 19:25:04 all and sundry Advanced
Parallelizing Hystrix calls
This is more common sense than anything else. If you make calls to multiple remote systems and aggregate the results in some way, represente...
05-11-2016 20:39:32 all and sundry Advanced
Tracing Spring Integration Flow with Spring Cloud Sleuth
Spring Cloud Sleuth is an awesome project that provides a way to trace requests that span multiple systems. Spring Cloud sleuth can optional...
21-10-2016 19:29:59 all and sundry Advanced

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