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Reactive Spring Webflux with AWS DynamoDB
AWS has released AWS SDK for Java version 2, the SDK now supports non-blocking IO for the API calls of different AWS services. In this post ...
17-12-2018 01:51:12 all and sundry Advanced
Helm chart to deploy and scale a generic app image
This is a post about a simple helm chart that I have worked on to deploy any generic app image to Kubernetes. The chart is available [here](...
30-10-2018 01:45:33 all and sundry Advanced
Knative serving - using Ambassador gateway
This is a continuation of my experimentation with Knative serving, this time around building a gateway on top of a Knative serving applicati...
23-09-2018 04:47:18 all and sundry Advanced
Knative Serving - Service to Service call
In a previous post I had covered using Knative's Serving feature to run a sample Java Application. This post will be go into the steps to de...
04-09-2018 07:29:57 all and sundry Advanced
"Knative Serving" for Spring Boot Applications
I got a chance to try Knative's Serving feature to deploy a Spring Boot application and this post is simply documenting a sample and the app...
30-07-2018 03:26:55 all and sundry Advanced
Jib - Building docker image for a Spring Boot App
I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to create a docker image for a sample Spring Boot application using Jib. Let me first contrast...
19-07-2018 08:05:26 all and sundry Advanced
Tracing a reactive flow - Using Spring Cloud Sleuth with Boot 2
Spring Cloud Sleuth which adds Spring instrumentation support on top of OpenZipkin Brave makes distributed tracing trivially simple for Spri...
22-06-2018 06:49:03 all and sundry Advanced
Zuul 2 - Sample filter
Zuul 2 has finally been open sourced. I first heard of Zuul 2 during Spring One 2016 talk by Mikey Cohen is available here, it is good to fi...
12-06-2018 08:41:42 all and sundry Advanced
TestContainers and Spring Boot
TestContainers is just awesome! It provides a very convenient way to start up and CLEANLY tear down docker containers in JUnit tests. This f...
23-05-2018 06:34:52 all and sundry Advanced
Spring Cloud Gateway - Configuring a simple route
Spring Cloud Gateway can be considered a successor to the Spring Cloud Netflix Zuul project and helps in implementing a Gateway pattern in a...
11-04-2018 19:06:54 all and sundry Advanced

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