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Spring Boot Web Slice test - Sample
Spring Boot introduced test slicing a while back and it has taken me some time to get my head around it and explore some of its nuances. Bac...
11-06-2017 06:37:06 all and sundry Advanced
Ratio based routing to a legacy and a modern app - Netflix Zuul via Spring Cloud
A very common requirement when migrating from a legacy version of an application to a modernized version of the application is to be able to...
30-05-2017 17:46:23 all and sundry Advanced
Cloud Foundry Custom User Provided Services(CUPS) and tagging
Custom User Provided Services or CUPS for short is a way to deliver credentials for external services to an application hosted on Cloud Foun...
19-05-2017 08:57:50 all and sundry Advanced
Integrating Gatling into a Gradle build - Understanding SourceSets and Configuration
I recently worked on a project where we had to integrate the excellent load testing tool Gatling into a Gradle based build. There are gradle...
05-05-2017 03:52:26 all and sundry Advanced
Spring Web-Flux - Functional Style with Cassandra Backend
In a previous post I had walked through the basics of Spring Web-Flux which denotes the reactive support in the web layer of Spring framewor...
21-04-2017 21:15:32 all and sundry Advanced
Hystrix Command - Java 8 helpers
Let me start by acknowledging that what I am posting here is far from original, it is inspired by the post here by Demian Neidetcher which w...
01-04-2017 21:04:50 all and sundry Advanced
Spring Web-Flux - First steps
Spring Web-Flux term is used for denoting the Reactive programming support in the web layer of Spring Framework. It provides support for bot...
19-03-2017 06:00:51 all and sundry Advanced
Using UAA OAuth2 authorization server - client and resource
In a previous post I had gone over how to bring up an OAuth2 authorization server using Cloud Foundry UAA project and populating it with som...
28-02-2017 19:21:18 all and sundry Advanced
Bootstrapping an OAuth2 Authorization server using UAA
A quick way to get a robust OAuth2 server running in your local machine is to use the excellent Cloud Foundry UAA project. UAA is used as th...
15-02-2017 04:41:17 all and sundry Advanced
Spring Data support for Cassandra 3
One of the items that caught my eye from the announcement of the new Spring Data release train named Ingalls was that the Spring Data Cassan...
28-01-2017 19:25:40 all and sundry Advanced

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