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Chicken and egg - resolving Spring properties ahead of a test
Consider a service class responsible for making a remote call and retrieving a detail: ... public class CitiesService { private final WebCli...
06-08-2019 17:58:40 all and sundry Advanced
Callback hell and Reactive patterns
One of the ways that I have better understood the usefulness of a Reactive Streams based approach is how it simplifies a Non-blocking IO cal...
10-06-2019 01:30:28 all and sundry Advanced
Functional Hystrix using Spring Cloud HystrixCommands
Spring's WebClient provides a non-blocking client for making service to service calls. Hystrix, though now in a maintenance mode, has been u...
01-05-2019 05:10:27 all and sundry Advanced
Water Pouring Problem with Kotlin and Vavr
The first time I saw the Water Pouring Problem being programmatically solved was the excellent lectures on functional Programming by Martin ...
05-03-2019 06:52:52 all and sundry Advanced
Spring-Boot 2.1.x and overriding bean definition
I was recently migrating an application from Spring Boot 1.5.X to Spring Boot 2.X and saw an issue with overriding Spring Bean definitions. ...
22-01-2019 02:05:41 all and sundry Advanced
Unit testing DynamoDB applications using JUnit5
In a previous post I had described the new AWS SDK for Java 2 which provides non-blocking IO support for Java clients calling different AWS ...
07-01-2019 15:07:38 all and sundry Advanced
Reactive Spring Webflux with AWS DynamoDB
AWS has released AWS SDK for Java version 2, the SDK now supports non-blocking IO for the API calls of different AWS services. In this post ...
17-12-2018 01:51:12 all and sundry Advanced
Helm chart to deploy and scale a generic app image
This is a post about a simple helm chart that I have worked on to deploy any generic app image to Kubernetes. The chart is available [here](...
30-10-2018 01:45:33 all and sundry Advanced
Knative serving - using Ambassador gateway
This is a continuation of my experimentation with Knative serving, this time around building a gateway on top of a Knative serving applicati...
23-09-2018 04:47:18 all and sundry Advanced
Knative Serving - Service to Service call
In a previous post I had covered using Knative's Serving feature to run a sample Java Application. This post will be go into the steps to de...
04-09-2018 07:29:57 all and sundry Advanced

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