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Backpressure in Project Reactor
Project Reactor implements the Reactive Streams specification, which is a standard for asynchronously processing a stream of data while resp...
27-07-2020 03:07:26 all and sundry Advanced
Expressing a conditional expression using Json - Java Implementation
I had a need recently to express a conditional expression in a form that a front end Javascript application and a backend Java application c...
05-07-2020 02:49:06 all and sundry Advanced
AWS DynamoDB version field using AWS SDK for Java 2
It is useful to have a version attribute on any entity saved to an AWS DynamoDB database which is simply a numeric indication of the number ...
25-05-2020 16:21:00 all and sundry Advanced
Processing SQS Messages using Spring Boot and Project Reactor - Part 2
This is a follow up to my blog post about processing SQS messages efficiently using Spring Boot and Project Reactor There are a few gaps in ...
09-04-2020 06:41:19 all and sundry Advanced
Processing SQS Messages using Spring Boot and Project Reactor
I recently worked on a project where I had to efficiently process a large number of messages streaming in through an AWS SQS Queue. In this ...
22-03-2020 07:22:00 all and sundry Advanced
Project Reactor expand method
One of my colleagues at work recently introduced me to the expand operator of the Project Reactor types and in this post I want to cover a f...
25-02-2020 07:03:10 all and sundry Advanced
Spring WebClient and Java date-time fields
WebClient is Spring Framework's reactive client for making service to service calls. WebClient has become a go to utility for me, however I ...
20-01-2020 06:39:38 all and sundry Advanced
Project reactor - de-structuring a Tuple
Tuples are simple data structures that hold a fixed set of items, each of a different data type. Project Reactor provides a Tuple data struc...
26-12-2019 21:37:13 all and sundry Advanced
Hash a Json
I recently wrote a simple library to predictably hash a json. The utility is built on top of the excellent Jackson Json parsing library Prob...
12-11-2019 16:13:48 all and sundry Advanced
Unit test for Spring's WebClient
WebClient to quote its Java documentation is Spring Framework's Non-blocking, reactive client to perform HTTP requests, exposing a fluent, r...
16-09-2019 02:42:49 all and sundry Advanced

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