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Spring Based Application - Migrating to Junit 5
This is a quick write-up on migrating a Gradle based Spring Boot app from Junit 4 to the shiny new Junit 5. Junit 4 tests continue to work w...
05-01-2018 02:06:21 all and sundry Advanced
Kotlin - Tuple type
It is very simple to write a Tuple type with the expressiveness of Kotlin. My objective expressed in tests is the following: 1. Be able to d...
02-01-2018 02:33:50 all and sundry Advanced
Kotlin - Try type for functional exception handling
Scala has a Try type to functionally handle exceptions. I could get my head around using this type using the excellent Neophyte's guide to S...
27-12-2017 02:42:31 all and sundry Advanced
Kotlin - tail recursion optimization
Kotlin compiler optimizes tail recursive calls with a few catches. Consider a rank function to search for the index of an element in a sorte...
19-12-2017 00:19:20 all and sundry Advanced
Spring Webflux - Writing Filters
Spring Webflux is the new reactive web framework available as part of Spring 5+. The way filters were written in a traditional Spring MVC ba...
10-12-2017 11:54:56 all and sundry Advanced
Annotated controllers - Spring Web/Webflux and Testing
Spring Webflux and Spring Web are two entirely different web stacks. Spring Webflux, however, continues to support an annotation-based progr...
02-12-2017 03:45:45 all and sundry Advanced
Using Micrometer with Spring Boot 2
This is a very quick introduction to using the excellent Micrometer library to instrument a Spring Boot 2 based application and recording th...
20-11-2017 16:44:04 all and sundry Advanced
Raw performance numbers - Spring Boot 2 Webflux vs Spring Boot 1
My set-up for the performance test is the following: The sample applications expose an endpoint(/passthrough/mes sage) which in-turn calls a...
23-10-2017 04:10:17 all and sundry Advanced
Kata - implementing a functional List data structure in Kotlin
I saw an exercise in chapter 3 of the excellent Functional Programming in Scala book which deals with defining functional data structures an...
06-10-2017 05:57:31 all and sundry Advanced
Testing time based reactor core streams with Virtual time
Reactor Core implements the Reactive Streams specification and deals with handling a (potentially unlimited) stream of data. If it interests...
19-09-2017 13:25:44 all and sundry Advanced

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