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Project reactor and Caching with Caffeine
So you have a function which takes a key and returns a project reactor Mono type. Mono get(String key) { Random random = ThreadLocalRandom.c...
24-03-2021 05:37:04 all and sundry Advanced
Coroutine based Spring boot webflux application
I have worked with Spring Framework for ages and it still manages to surprise me with how cutting edge it continues to be but at the same ti...
23-03-2021 16:47:01 all and sundry Advanced
Deriving a Kotlin "Try" type
Functional programming languages like Scala often have a type called "Try" to hold the result of a computation if successful or to capture a...
15-03-2021 05:20:16 all and sundry Advanced
Jackon Kotlin extension and reified types
Jackson Kotlin module library is a pleasure to use. It greatly simplifies gnarly code, specifically one's involving TypeReference. Consider ...
09-03-2021 06:27:27 all and sundry Advanced
Top "n" using a Priority Queue
If you ever need to capture the smallest or largest "n" from a stream of data, the approach more often than not will be to use a simple data...
28-02-2021 20:41:48 all and sundry Advanced
Generating a stream of Fibonacci numbers
A Java stream represents potentially an infinite sequence of data. This is a simple post that will go into the mechanics involved in generat...
19-01-2021 06:59:02 all and sundry Advanced
AWS SDK 2 for DynamoDB and storing a json
AWS DynamoDB is described as a NoSQL key-value and a document database. In my work I mostly use the key-value behavior of the database but r...
01-12-2020 03:59:53 all and sundry Advanced
Permutation - Heap's Algorithm
This is a little bit of an experimentation that I did recently to figure out a reasonable code to get all possible permutations of a set of ...
15-11-2020 10:39:38 all and sundry Advanced
An experiment with Little's Law
My previous blog post about Project Reactor and Backpressure was about how Project Reactor provides sane defaults for scenarios where a lot ...
14-10-2020 02:26:22 all and sundry Advanced
Backpressure in Project Reactor
Project Reactor implements the Reactive Streams specification, which is a standard for asynchronously processing a stream of data while resp...
27-07-2020 03:07:26 all and sundry Advanced

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