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Agile is the process digital technology needs
In my presentation at Agile on the Beach last week I continued my discussion of Agile and Digital. It is increasingly clear that digital and...
18-07-2018 14:12:42 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
#NoProject #NoEstimates workshop
In August I'm running a 1-day workshop in Zurich with Vasco Duarte on the bleeding edge of Agile: #NoProjects and #NoEstimates for Digital F...
04-07-2018 02:07:38 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
Organizational structure in the Digital and Agile age
Someone ask the other day: how should a organisation be designed? There are two potential answers, which actually aren't as contradictory as...
03-07-2018 20:06:17 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
Business Agility Institute survery
My friends at the Business Agility Institute are running a survey on business agility. I encourage all of you to take five minutes and respo...
21-06-2018 12:26:50 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
Best practices considered harmfull
I've long worried about "Best Practices". Sure I usually play along at the time but lurking in the back of my mind, waiting for a suitable o...
20-06-2018 18:14:01 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
Because your "competitors have it" IS NOT STRATEGY
"We need a product that does X because our competitors have a product that does X" "Our product needs feature Y because our competitors prod...
05-06-2018 18:40:32 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
Free books and other news
Many of you are reading this because you signed-up for a free copy of my Xanpan book. Thank you so much! I hope you are enjoying my thoughts...
04-06-2018 13:08:32 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
Dialogue sheets update – translation & Amazon
It is six years now since I introduced Retrospective Dialogue sheets to the world and I continue to get great feedback about the sheets. Now...
24-05-2018 13:32:03 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
Estimation, planning, teams and money, some data
When I deliver Agile training for teams I run an exercise called "The Extended XP Game". It is based on the old "XP Game" but over the years...
17-05-2018 18:49:14 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
Product Ownership book – a work in progress
A quick update: most of my recent blogs about the product owner role together with some new material, is now available in book form from Lea...
17-05-2018 12:37:46 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing

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