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Nature abhors an information void
No. 6: What do you want? Voice: Information No. 6:You won't get it Voice: By hook or by crook we will Information we all want information Fa...
20-01-2018 13:55:56 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
I am guilty of Agile training
Over Christmas I was thinking, reflecting, drinking Once upon a time I was asked by a manager to teach his team Agile so the team could beco...
11-01-2018 19:06:09 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
Conclusion: Who works on what – Comparative advantage part 3 of 3
In my last two posts Who should work on what? part1 and part 2 I've tried to apply the comparative advantage model from economics to the que...
21-12-2017 18:36:45 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
Adding value – Who works on what? – part 2 of comparative advantage
In my previous post I tried to use the economic theory of comparative advantage to answer the question: Who should work on what? or Shouldn'...
20-12-2017 11:56:57 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
Who should work on what? – Comparative advantage part 1
Returning to my theme of numerical and economic analysis of software development, I'd like to address that old chestnut: Shouldn't every dev...
19-12-2017 19:57:15 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
I'm delighted – I'm in the 20 TOP Agile Blogs
I'm delighted, this blog has been listed in the "20 TOP Agile Blogs for Scrum Masters (2017 edition)". I recognise most of the other blogger...
15-12-2017 12:05:35 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
When does a Start-Up need Agile?
I started writing another piece on more economic and agile/software development but it got to long, so right now, an aside Back in 1968 Pete...
06-12-2017 17:32:44 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
Allan's new Law of Social Networks
"The more social networks one joins the less one interacts with any one social network" Just saying. Please don't create another social netw...
29-11-2017 13:05:42 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
1% improvement
Keeping with the numerical and financial theme of the last couple of blogs I want to turn my attention to improvement and how really small i...
22-11-2017 13:48:06 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
How much is it worth? – more about money
My last post How much did it cost? tapped something inside me. Time and again I notice how people in the technology business, indeed, even b...
14-11-2017 12:39:38 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing

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