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The future of office working
The lockdown hasn't effected my work environment that much. This is a picture of my home office, my garden office, my "man cave." I am very ...
01-07-2020 19:40:20 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
I'm an Agile Guide
Anyone who keeps a keen eye on Linkedin might have noticed I recently changed my job description to Agile Guide. I feel "guide" more accurat...
01-07-2020 13:07:57 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
Time value profiles – a little tool with big implications
User Stories Masterclass onlne, 6 July NOW BOOKING Code BLOG_READER for 30% discount + 25% Early Bird discount New: Agile Estimating & Forec...
23-06-2020 16:48:20 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
Product Owner: meet they customer
User Stories Masterclass, 29 June & Agile Estimating & Forecasting, 13 July Discounts below I was once responsible for coaching a Product Ow...
16-06-2020 14:26:17 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
Sander Hoogendoorn @ Agile on the Beach Keynote – and discount
As most readers will already know and everyone else will have guessed Agile on the Beach 2020 isn't happening. Gather than try and move the ...
09-06-2020 00:24:39 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
User stories are not…
Final call: Adding Value to Stories, starts 5 June New: User Stories Masterclass waitlist, 29 June waitlist available When started writing w...
08-06-2020 17:57:09 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
Adding Value to User Stories
My next online workshop is now available for booking: Adding Value to User Stories. As with my previous online workshops this is a series of...
21-05-2020 23:01:49 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
Product owner as a homeowner
For years people have been comparing software construction with building construction. Think about how we talk about "architecture" or found...
21-05-2020 16:29:41 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
The problem with Product Owners
Advertisement: at the time of writing there are still a few tickets available for my online User Stories Masterclass beginning this Wednesda...
08-05-2020 14:37:55 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
User Stories: online workshops – booking now (free for furloughed)
Last month I ran an experiment: I delivered my one day workshop on User Stories, Requirements and Backlogs as a series of four 90 minute wor...
04-05-2020 11:14:16 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing

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