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Continuous Digital - the new name for the #NoProjects book
Regular readers will be familiar with my rants against projects and my posts about NoProjects - if not you have a lot of catching up to do: ...
24-04-2017 21:39:19 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
Stating the obvious: Pre & Post conditions and TDD
Can you have an epiphany more than once?Well I did. In early January - perhaps the result of all the Christmas drink - I had an epiphany and...
21-04-2017 17:30:52 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
What does a CTO do?
The last few years have been good to me, I've enjoyed giving advice to teams and companies and helping people get started with better ways o...
12-04-2017 10:21:17 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
Mimas: What it does
My last entry I discussed some of the lessons I learned coding the Agile on the Beach submission and review system, Mimas (feel free to have...
10-04-2017 15:36:49 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
10 Lessons from coding the Mimas conference submission & review system
The picture above is the documentation for Mimas, the conference submission and review system I wrote for Agile on the Beach. The documentat...
07-04-2017 18:11:11 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
Stockless Production from HP - a Kanban video
Some years ago when I was doing my masters degree I was shown a video called "Stockless Production" which was filmed at HP in the early 1980...
31-03-2017 11:55:12 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
AOTB 2017 - notes on submission selection & review
Phewww Agile on the Beach isn't for another 3 months but in one way its just ended for me. So it is a good time to share a few notes, specif...
25-03-2017 11:53:27 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
What do you mean... Done?
The Monday status meeting is drawing a close. Doris the development manager was keen to start working through a file of resumes on her desk,...
20-03-2017 12:40:03 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
Whats Next? - Agile disruption
A question from a LinkedIn follower, I thought I'd share my answer with readers:"Hey Allan,I'm giving this a shot reaching out to you. I rec...
05-03-2017 20:44:24 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
How (not) to impress a potential CTO
The other day I was at an event for start-ups and entrepreneurs - no, not the "Agile for Startups" event I'm speaking at in a couple of week...
28-02-2017 16:41:24 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing

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