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Retrospective cards, product Owners and #NoProjects
A quick follow up on my last two blog post. First, Team Retrospective cards above are now available for sale: For those paying in euro's Ret...
10-11-2019 19:06:08 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
Mission Impossible: the Product Owner
Is the product owner role impossible to fill well? Do we set product owners up to fail? Have you ever worked with a really excellent product...
27-10-2019 21:16:21 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
New books and cards – stuff happening
I am sure some of you have noticed that my blogs have been a less regular the last few months. That is because I've been busy on other stuff...
13-09-2019 18:42:58 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
The problem of the problem
Some years ago I was managing a team at an internet TV pioneer. Shortly after a release our biggest customer ITV was on the phone complainin...
03-09-2019 21:35:12 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
Electronic monks
Those of us who don't code any more, and perhaps many of those who do, need Electronic Monks to help us with software development. There is ...
09-08-2019 19:26:14 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
In the beginning there is architecture, well maybe
I was on a panel last year when someone asked that old chestnut: "Surely before you start coding anything you need to design an architecture...
26-07-2019 17:14:38 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
The Product Owner Delta
As regular readers might know I'm working on a book called The Art of Product Ownership to be published by Apress later this year. One of th...
29-06-2019 14:42:39 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
The Agile virus
The thing we call Agile is a virus. It gets into organizations and disrupts the normal course of business. In the early days, say before 201...
18-06-2019 23:08:22 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
Agile is a Crunchy Nut Frog (and some dirty secrets)
Remember the Monty Python Crunchy Nut Frog sketch? especially the final section.. Officer: Well why don't you move into more conventional ar...
06-06-2019 17:02:17 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
Identity over roles and responsibilities
When was the last time you read your "roles and responsibilities" description? My guess is, it was about the time you applied for your curre...
23-05-2019 17:54:57 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing

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