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The Product Owner Delta
As regular readers might know I'm working on a book called The Art of Product Ownership to be published by Apress later this year. One of th...
29-06-2019 14:42:39 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
The Agile virus
The thing we call Agile is a virus. It gets into organizations and disrupts the normal course of business. In the early days, say before 201...
18-06-2019 23:08:22 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
Agile is a Crunchy Nut Frog (and some dirty secrets)
Remember the Monty Python Crunchy Nut Frog sketch? especially the final section.. Officer: Well why don't you move into more conventional ar...
06-06-2019 17:02:17 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
Identity over roles and responsibilities
When was the last time you read your "roles and responsibilities" description? My guess is, it was about the time you applied for your curre...
23-05-2019 17:54:57 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
Building software is not like building houses (thankfully)
I hate the "building software is like building buildings" metaphor. For a start most software people know so little about physical building ...
26-04-2019 15:35:59 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
Story Generators
Recently I've been looking again at Jobs to be Done and OKRs (Objectives and Key Results). I increasingly see them as story generators and a...
22-03-2019 19:11:02 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
Tyranny of the backlog
The backlog is a great idea: all the things we think the team will build, or perhaps: things they might build, and it might contain other wo...
14-03-2019 19:51:05 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
Audio & free eBook of Project Myopia
A little bit of time sensitive news, albeit at the risk of overwhelming my regular readers especially those who take this blog on the mailin...
26-02-2019 10:03:03 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
An (agile) coach's dilemma
I'd never met the team before. It was a small company in Cornwall and the big boss man was away on holiday that week. They took me upstairs ...
13-02-2019 15:55:33 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
Throwing mud at a wall
Throwing mud at a wall is a metaphor I use again and again. As a description of what I do and as a metaphor for creating change in organizat...
06-02-2019 20:02:41 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing

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