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Technical liabilities: not technical debt
(This is refactored version of my earlier blog post Technical Liabilities and not Technical Debt - its shorter and contains few of the refer...
04-12-2016 14:25:19 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
Technical Liabilities and not Technical Debt
My last - frustrated - post finished with this line:"banks are collecting technical debt the way they used to collect sub-prime"I've always ...
27-11-2016 13:42:38 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
Banking systems stink - the pain of an botched HSBC release
I've had a very frustrating morning, and it all comes down the failure of bank IT systems - particularly a software release failure at HSBC....
02-11-2016 16:18:55 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
Lean Product Manager - a new endeavour:
The state of Product Management in the UK has long been on of my bugbears. Anyone who has seen my "Requirements: Whose job are they anyway?"...
24-10-2016 15:40:49 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
Feedback & testing wanted - please help!
Can I ask for some help, please?Some testing? Some feedback? PleaseHere is where I need the help: - now let me explain Agile on the Beach 20...
20-10-2016 12:33:54 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
Software diseconomies of scale - any research?
To say last October's post "Software has diseconomies of scale - not economies of scale" has been my most popular post ever is something of ...
18-10-2016 13:09:06 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
Conclusion: Agile & ERP, part 5
The story so far Agile & ERP?The Good News about Agile & ERPERP Culture v. Agile CultureTh Bad News about Agile & ERP 5. Wher e does this le...
12-09-2016 12:00:17 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
The Bad News: Agile & ERP, part 4
The story so far Part 1: Agile & ERP introducedPart 2: Good News: Agile can work with ERP!Part 3: Culture: How Agile & ERP cultures conflict...
09-09-2016 12:35:55 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
Culture problems: Agile & ERP part 3
I suggested some cultural problems with software development in an ERP setting in my second post on Agile and ERP, this time I want to look ...
08-09-2016 11:07:50 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
The Good News - Agile & ERP, part 2
First the good news: there is a lot of Agile practices which work just fine in an ERP environment. These are mostly the process practices an...
07-09-2016 12:14:19 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing

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