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What Product Owners should not do
Last time I set out some of the things a Product Owner should be doing or at least considering doing. Even a quick look at that list will te...
18-04-2018 13:30:28 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
Busy busy busy: What Product Owners do
If you hadn't noticed I'm building a blog mini-series on the Product Owner role. Its a role I've long felt didn't get the attention it shoul...
10-04-2018 11:26:44 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
Product Owner or Backlog Administrator?
In the official guides all Product Owners are equal. One size fits all. In the world I live in some Product Owners are more equal than other...
20-03-2018 19:26:08 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
Product Owners need 4 things
To be an effective Product Owner and that includes product managers and business analysts who are nominating work for teams to do you need a...
05-03-2018 17:24:16 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
Sprint Zero
Starting a new project? A new product? Have a team transitioning to "Agile" (aka Scrum) and wanting to get ready? Why not try a Sprint Zero?...
25-02-2018 12:42:58 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
Down with management!
Si: Welcome Peter, thank you for taking the time to attend this annual performance review Peter: As long as you know I don't want to be here...
14-02-2018 11:51:58 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
Xanpan – free eBook now!
Hypothesis: If I offer people a free copy of my Xanpan eBook (suggested price $17.50) then people will sign up to my newsletter list which c...
12-02-2018 12:41:22 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
A blog post that never was
This blog post will be deleted in the next few days. It really doesn't say much but some of you read this blog via an e-mail shot. So I thin...
09-02-2018 13:55:53 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
Outsourcing banana skins: Warning signs that your supplier isn't as good as they claim
So you think you want to contract out some development work? yes, you know this area is full of banana skins to slip on, and you know others...
01-02-2018 12:18:09 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
Minimally Viable Team in a nutshell
Last week I was in Holland helping a client with their agile adoption and digital transformation. When the subject of teams came up I starte...
26-01-2018 12:11:38 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing

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