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Want to join a (free) online workshop?
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24-03-2020 13:44:46 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
#NoProjects everywhere
After years of shared #NoProjects advocacy I finally for to meet Evan Leybourn exactly two years ago. Over lunch in a Melbourne cafe we talk...
03-03-2020 17:12:55 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
Mimas is OpenSource
That picture above is Mimas, one of the moons of Saturn yes, I'm still a bit of a "geek". Mimas is the name I chose for the Agile on the Bea...
24-02-2020 19:31:35 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
All about Agile on the Beach
This week has been a bit of a feast about Agile On the Beach. So here is a list of this weeks writing and some previous posts. Agile on the ...
24-02-2020 13:06:25 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
Why does AOTB have its own submission system?
Anyone who has submitted to Agile on the Beach in the last few years will have used our submission system: Mimas. Like so many other confere...
19-02-2020 16:52:58 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
Notes on Agile on the Beach submissions
More notes on Agile on the Beach this is going to go on all week, sorry but there is a lot to get on the record. Maybe only conference-geeks...
18-02-2020 14:49:38 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
Agile on the Beach – update on review process
294 submissions 54 volunteer reviewers 2,400 votes 2 rounds of review 40 accepted submissions Over the weekend I did the hardest thing I do ...
17-02-2020 11:39:50 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
Dear customer, the truth about IT
"Dear Customer, the truth about IT projects" was originally published in The Agile Journal way back in 2012. Unfortunately the essay has sto...
05-02-2020 20:05:33 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
Framing the question frames the answers – my crown jewels
Today I'm giving away my crown jewels. Once you have read this post I can't run my favourite exercise with you. There is a bit of experienti...
05-02-2020 13:36:53 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
Object oriented hierarchy? – a postscript
My last post on hierarchy generated a fair bit of interest both online and offline. Once it is pointed out people recognise there is a posit...
31-01-2020 13:46:45 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing

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