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Books to be written
I'm entering the final stretch of writing for my new book so it is time to think hard about the name. "How I write books" was only ever a wo...
04-07-2022 16:17:39 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
OKRs in 26 Minutes (video)
I was recently asked to do a short introduction to OKRs for the Digital Leaders conference. The recording is now online and focuses on the b...
27-06-2022 15:13:03 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
How fresh is your backlog?
Do you struggle with an overwhelming backlog? Do you count the number of product backlog items in your backlog in tens? hundred? or thousand...
15-06-2022 15:16:32 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
Succedding with OKRs in Agile Infographic
Noel Warnell was so impressed with Succeeding with OKRs in Agile that he created this infographic to go with the book thank you, Noel! Subsc...
14-06-2022 13:50:59 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
Scrum or OKRs, which comes first?
"Hello Allan , I followed a few of your seminars on OKRs and I am reading your book. I do have one question. I will start a transformation s...
01-06-2022 20:50:04 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
Getting key results right
I've contributed a piece on key results to the Zokri blog so wonder over there and read "Getting key results right". Actuallyu, the original...
19-05-2022 16:23:42 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
The Excess Strategic WIP problem
Try pouring a bottle of milk into a glass with milk already in it. You have a choice: stop or tidy up the mess afterwards. That is my work-i...
16-05-2022 17:07:19 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
Return of the sprint goal? (Infographic)
Most of the sprint goals I've ever seen are rubbish. Pretty much "do the random collection of stuff we've decided already." Such goals are m...
14-05-2022 16:18:35 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
How I write books (my new book)
Regular readers will know I write books quite a few by now, it gets embarrassing. Being an author is a great conversation starter, when peop...
10-05-2022 00:09:11 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
The only thing you can do wrong, and the opposite of agile
The only thing you can do wrong in agile is to work the same way you did 3 months ago. Corollary: The opposite of agile is static. "The only...
29-04-2022 13:37:07 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing

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