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Dear customer, the truth about IT
10 years on I feel the need to repost this classic letter from the IT industry to our clients. Audio version, read by Allan Kelly. Dear cust...
08-01-2021 13:05:24 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
My story, my why
I thought I'd open 2021 year with a personal story of how I got where I am today (no, I'm not in San Francisco, although that is the Golden ...
05-01-2021 18:03:01 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
Videos: ITIL & the Product Owner
Last month I appeared in two videos now available on YouTube. First I was interviewed by Adrian Reed about the Product Manager and Owner rol...
15-12-2020 23:35:46 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
The "people problem" problem and the great agile divide
"Its always a people problem." Gerry Weinberg, The Secrets of Consulting, 1985 The great, unspoken, divide in agile is between those who bel...
15-12-2020 17:00:36 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
Next short online workshops
Edinburgh Agile are now taking bookings for my next set of short online workshops. Agile Estimation & Forecasting has been added to the esta...
20-11-2020 08:34:35 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
Most software dies young
My old ACCU friend Derek Jones has been beavering away at his Evidence Based Software Engineering book for a few years now. Derek takes an a...
19-11-2020 11:43:22 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
Coordinating teams like synchronised flying?
I don't really know what piloting a plane is like. I'm not a pilot. I have only ever been in the cockpit at museums (sitting in an SR-71 Bla...
18-11-2020 16:05:09 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
The big mistake with Platform Product Owners and what to do about it
From time to time I come across software platform team also called infrastructure teams. Such teams provide software which is used by other ...
02-10-2020 00:39:10 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
User Stories Masterclass: October & November
A success story from the dark days of lock-down: my online User Stories Masterclass. The Masterclass is running again in October and Novembe...
01-10-2020 05:56:55 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing
What ever happened to #NoProjects? – post-projects
"I'm frankly amazed at how far the #NoProjects throwaway Twitter comment travelled. But even today, in the bank where I work, the same probl...
29-09-2020 07:10:56 Allan Kelly Agile & Testing

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