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Introduction to Spring WebFlux and Reactive API
In depth guide to Spring WebFlux, Reactive Programming, Reactive Streams and Reactive Project API along with an Introduction to Flux and Mon...
05-05-2021 12:39:48 Amit Phaltankar Advanced
Introduction to Spring WebClient
Complete introduction to Spring 5 reactive non-blocking WebClient to make HTTP calls. Build your WebClient to make web request from scratch....
19-04-2021 07:55:58 Amit Phaltankar Advanced
How to Hide Spring Data Repository Methods
Detailed guide on How to hide a specific Spring data repository query methods. Also covers an example of creating a read-only repository. Th...
14-04-2021 04:27:08 Amit Phaltankar Advanced
Shutdown Spring Boot Applications Gracefully
Guide to Shutdown Spring Boot Application Gracefully. Learn to configure Spring Boot to finish ongoing job or request safely before stopping...
07-04-2021 08:45:29 Amit Phaltankar Advanced
Custom Error Messages in Spring REST API
Learn a different ways of handling most common Spring exceptions and returning detailed custom error messages from a Spring REST API. The po...
01-04-2021 02:02:31 Amit Phaltankar Advanced
Mapping Lists of different elements types using Model Mapper
Learn How to Map Java Lists of different element types using ModelMapper Library. Covert a list of a bean to list of different bean in Java....
16-03-2021 04:39:10 Amit Phaltankar Advanced
Convert Entity To DTO In Spring REST API
A tutorial on How to Entity to DTO Conversion and DTO to Entity Conversion in a Spring REST API manually as well as by using Model Mapper. T...
15-03-2021 21:36:29 Amit Phaltankar Advanced
Custom Media Types in Spring REST API
A guide on How to Use Custom Media Types in Spring REST API. Covers Versioning Spring REST API by using Custom Media Types. The post Custom ...
10-03-2021 07:26:48 Amit Phaltankar Advanced
Return Specific HTTP Response Status in Spring
This tutorial demonstrates how to return a specific HTTP Response Status from a controller in Spring or Spring Boot Application The post Ret...
04-03-2021 07:38:11 Amit Phaltankar Advanced
Spring AOP Custom Annotation Example
A practical example of How to write Spring AOP Custom annotation in a Spring or Spring Boot application and apply advices The post Spring AO...
03-03-2021 20:56:45 Amit Phaltankar Advanced

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