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Sorting Collection of Objects by Multiple Fields in Java
Learn how to sort a Collection of custom Objects using multiple fields in Java using Comparator's compareTo() and comparing() methods The po...
30-01-2023 06:18:22 Amit Phaltankar Advanced
Case-Insensitive Search in Java ArrayLists
Examples of searching an element in an ArrayList ignoring its case. Overview Java ArrayList is a dynamically growing ordered collection of e...
19-01-2023 03:05:26 Amit Phaltankar Advanced
Flattening Nested Lists in Java
Learn different ways to flatten a nested List in Java. A flattened List contains elements from all the nested Lists. The post Flattening Nes...
18-01-2023 09:48:04 Amit Phaltankar Advanced
Finding the Difference Between Two Java Sets
This article contains examples of finding the difference between two Java Set implementations. Overview Java Set is a collection of unique e...
18-01-2023 02:11:08 Amit Phaltankar Advanced
Comparing Two Lists In Java
Learn compare, find commonality, and difference in two Java Lists using Plain Java, Java Streams, and Commons Collections library The post C...
17-01-2023 06:48:40 Amit Phaltankar Advanced
Finding the Differences Between Two Java Lists
How to find difference between two Lists in Java using Plain Java, Streams API, Apache Commons Collections, and Google Guava Library The pos...
16-01-2023 05:03:37 Amit Phaltankar Advanced
Asserting Java Lists for Equality Ignoring the Order
A unit testing guide to asserting if two Java Lists are equals ignoring the order using JUnit, TestNG, AssertJ, Hamcrest, or Apache Comons T...
09-01-2023 01:20:06 Amit Phaltankar Advanced
Check if Two Java Lists are Equal
Learn different ways of asserting if two ArrayLists in Java have the same elements in the same order. Overview A Java List is a dynamically ...
06-01-2023 05:13:43 Amit Phaltankar Advanced
Java HashSet Sorting Examples
A guide showing how to sort Java HashSet instances using a TreeSet, the Collections.sort() method, and the Stream.sort() method The post Jav...
05-01-2023 06:41:59 Amit Phaltankar Advanced
Chaining Multiple Java Predicates Together
Examples of chaining multiple Predicates to derive complex filter criteria in Java using AND, OR, or NOT operators The post Chaining Multipl...
03-01-2023 02:43:01 Amit Phaltankar Advanced

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