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Examples of Converting List to Map using Streams
Learn ways of Collecting a Stream of List into Map using Java Streams API. Using Collectors.toMap and Collectors.groupingBy with example. Th...
05-03-2019 10:57:11 Amit Phaltankar Advanced
How to Write a non-web Application with Spring Boot
Spring Boot Standalone Applications or non-web applications are very quick to develop. Write your own Spring Boot non web application in min...
05-03-2019 03:52:33 Amit Phaltankar Advanced
Avoid NullPointerException using Java 8 Optional
In this Java 8 Optional Examples Tutorial learn How to avoid Nulls and Null Pointer Exceptions and avoid Null Checks using Java 8 Optional. ...
04-03-2019 21:19:15 Amit Phaltankar Advanced
Java Method Reference and Constructor Reference
Learn with Examples to use Java Method Reference and Constructor Reference for passing or expression assignment The post Java Method Referen...
03-03-2019 23:00:14 Amit Phaltankar Advanced
Java Functional Interfaces Tutorial
A tutorial on Java Functional Interfaces - Learn with code examples the concept of Functional Interfaces and why were they added in Java 8. ...
02-03-2019 09:53:44 Amit Phaltankar Advanced
Introduction to Default Methods in Java 8 with Examples
This is a guide to Java 8 Default Methods. You will learn why Java created Default methods, benefits and how to use them. The post Introduct...
28-02-2019 12:04:20 Amit Phaltankar Advanced
Introduction to Spring Boot Admin Server with Example
A guide to Spring Boot Admin Server. Learn to create a centralised Admin Server to monitor and manage your other Spring Boot Services. The p...
26-02-2019 20:01:50 Amit Phaltankar Advanced
How to Secure Spring Boot Actuator Endpoints
Quick and Short Guide to Actuator endpoint Security in Spring Boot. Learn how to secure actuator endpoints with the help of example. The pos...
25-02-2019 23:17:30 Amit Phaltankar Advanced
How to use Spring Profiles Tutorial with Examples
Introduction to Spring Profiles - Learn Spring and Spring Boot Profiles, set environment specific configurations - with real-life examples. ...
24-02-2019 20:46:29 Amit Phaltankar Advanced
Custom Health Check in Spring Boot Actuator
Quick guide to Custom Health Indicators - detailed view of Health, Health Indicators and Custom Health Check with simple examples. The post ...
23-02-2019 07:36:31 Amit Phaltankar Advanced

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