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Evaluating CouchDB
Building a game catalog with CouchDB Revisiting a recurring example in this blog, this tutorial shows how to build a game catalog using Couc...
17-04-2017 01:49:22 Andrew Bell Beginners
Using Spring Boot JPA to Access MySQL Data
In my previous post, we saw how to setup MySQL, add some test data, and run some basic SQL queries. Now, let's create an Java application th...
12-06-2016 10:21:49 Andrew Bell Beginners
Introduction to SQL with MySQL
Here's a quick tutorial on setting up a MySQL database, how to use MySQL Workbench, and understanding basic SQL queries. In future blog post...
12-06-2016 00:47:10 Andrew Bell Beginners
Dozer Deep Property Mapping and Date Mapping Example
Dozer has Deep Mapping and String to Date Mapping available. This is a working example of using the two. The bread and butter lives in the D...
06-12-2015 12:26:40 Andrew Bell Beginners
Angular Material Design with Yeoman Gulp-Angular
Having been really digging what’s happening with Google’s Material Design, and now having seen enough Bootstrap to make my eyes bleed, I was...
14-07-2015 21:57:45 Andrew Bell Beginners
Chaining Angular Promises
Angular Promises can be a difficult topic to master, and I’ve created a project to help understand how promises work and how services can be...
01-07-2015 02:02:37 Andrew Bell Beginners
Spring Data MongoDB Linking Objects with DBRef
Picking up where Spring’s Accessing MongoDB Data with REST tutorial leaves off, we’re going to add a second object, and a relationship to th...
18-04-2015 19:15:58 Andrew Bell Beginners

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