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Procedural Terrain With Java - part 2
So last time we got our Java application up and running with a scene displayed using the JMonkeyEngine (JME) game engine. This time, we're g...
23-11-2019 07:38:32 Andy Gibson Beginners
Procedural Terrain With Java – part 1
Every year, around Christmas time I always get a hankering to write some 3D terrain rendering code. Not so much the actual rendering engine,...
22-11-2019 09:15:26 Andy Gibson Beginners
Article about the semantic benefits of using java Optional values for returning results.
03-09-2019 01:30:54 Andy Gibson Beginners
New Look Java Magazine
The official Java magazine from Oracle has received a new look in the form of switching from a heavy PDF based production to a more responsi...
02-09-2019 18:58:24 Andy Gibson Beginners
Switching Blogging Modes
Every few months the burden of broken promises to write more blog posts mounts to the point that I have write a post addressing the lack of ...
07-06-2019 21:57:35 Andy Gibson Beginners
Java Patterns For Concurrency
This post talks about some of the patterns we can use to solve concurrency issues relating to state shared across multiple threads. The goal...
30-10-2018 22:37:24 Andy Gibson Beginners
Modifying Immutable Objects with Chained Methods
When you are coding with immutable objects, there are many times where you not only need to initially define them but may want to create der...
07-03-2018 09:03:13 Andy Gibson Beginners
AWS Builders Day 2018 – Manchester
A write up of my experience at the AWS Builders Day 2018 in Manchester
06-03-2018 09:38:50 Andy Gibson Beginners
Implementing Chained Methods with Inheritance
Chained methods are class methods that return the instance of the object so you can call another method on the same object. This article loo...
04-03-2018 11:52:28 Andy Gibson Beginners
Java Concurrency – Introduction
First in a series on concurrency and describes some of the problems with concurrency in our code and simple ways we can fix them. While ther...
26-02-2018 02:15:35 Andy Gibson Beginners

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