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Creating a simple OSGI Bundle By Hand
As a bit of an experiment I tried to create an OSGI Bundle by hand and run it with Apache Felix. OSGI is a specification for building modula...
03-09-2021 00:14:47 Andy Gibson Beginners
Inherited Jackson Serializers
Looking at the Jackson Serializer post, it does introduce a particular code smell as it uses if statements to check the type of object and t...
23-02-2020 23:21:14 Andy Gibson Beginners
Introduction to Jackson Serializers
Jackson is a framework that provides the means to read and write objects to and from JSON. Typically, it tries to use built in support for c...
21-02-2020 01:07:19 Andy Gibson Beginners
Why C++ ?
I made mention of my foray into the world of C++, and was asked why I was interested in doing so given all the Java work I do. The best answ...
13-02-2020 21:52:19 Andy Gibson Beginners
Simple C++ Project Setup With CMake
As a Java developer, I wanted to dabble with a C++ project, something I've not done for a while. I was looking into how to structure my proj...
12-02-2020 23:58:13 Andy Gibson Beginners
Procedural Terrain Update
So I started a series before Christmas on generating and rendering procedural terrain at runtime. Between one thing and another, including e...
11-02-2020 12:39:46 Andy Gibson Beginners
Procedural Terrain With Java - part 2
So last time we got our Java application up and running with a scene displayed using the JMonkeyEngine (JME) game engine. This time, we're g...
23-11-2019 07:38:32 Andy Gibson Beginners
Procedural Terrain With Java – part 1
Every year, around Christmas time I always get a hankering to write some 3D terrain rendering code. Not so much the actual rendering engine,...
22-11-2019 09:15:26 Andy Gibson Beginners
Article about the semantic benefits of using java Optional values for returning results.
03-09-2019 01:30:54 Andy Gibson Beginners
New Look Java Magazine
The official Java magazine from Oracle has received a new look in the form of switching from a heavy PDF based production to a more responsi...
02-09-2019 18:58:24 Andy Gibson Beginners

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