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Configuring A Quarkus Application With Profiles
This blog post follows the first one I wrote about Configuring A Quarkus Application. So, if you want to know how to configure a Quarkus app...
07-11-2019 15:35:32 antonio goncalves Advanced
Configuring A Quarkus Application
In this blog post I'll show you how to configure a Quarkus application using the specific file as well as the Micropr...
07-06-2019 12:35:28 antonio goncalves Advanced
Welcome My Fascicle on JPA
Last year I've published a fascicle on Bean Validation. It was time to publish the one on JPA. In a previous blog post I explained the entir...
20-05-2019 15:09:46 antonio goncalves Advanced
JHipster, Angular, PrimeNG and AutoComplete
JHipster is a great way to bootstrap your application. Your app can be a monolith or be split into several microservices, use JWT or OAuth2,...
08-11-2018 11:57:43 antonio goncalves Advanced
Angular Libraries and Microservices
We live in a Microservices world, and this world is there to stay. Back-end developers need to dive into Domain Driven Design, write statele...
13-08-2018 16:54:25 antonio goncalves Advanced
Welcome To My First Fascicle
For those who follow me, you know that I wrote a few books on Java EE. For those who follow Java EE, you know that there is a version 8 out ...
05-03-2018 16:14:47 antonio goncalves Advanced
Java EE vs Spring Testing
I've recently posted a Tweet about my day to day life. This Tweet said "I've reached a point where I can test Spring code in a couple of min...
16-01-2018 16:06:29 antonio goncalves Advanced
Configuring the AsciiDoctor Maven Plugin
AsciiDoc is a great way to write technical documentation. It is text based, can be committed and versionned in your VSC with your project, h...
22-08-2017 17:24:22 antonio goncalves Advanced
Talks I Gave at Conferences and Meetups
Here is the list of talks I gave at conferences and meetups (and I try to keep this list up to date): 2017-05 The PluraSight Experience (wit...
03-07-2017 17:07:39 antonio goncalves Advanced
When Enterprise Java Micro Profile meets Angular
With my friend Sebastien Pertus, we decided to create a 3 hours university on "how an Angular front-end could communicate with an Enterprise...
16-05-2017 16:53:22 antonio goncalves Advanced

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