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Automating Administrative Tasks with iText and DocuSign
The one thing I hate the most is wasting time in administrative tasks. When you have a company, deal with customers, invoice, pay taxes, sig...
30-01-2017 16:33:13 antonio goncalves Advanced
AllCraft : Ma Nouvelle Aventure
Une fois n'est pas coutume, je blogue en fran ais. Apr s avoir travaill en SSII, travaill pour un diteur, pas travaill (et oui, faut bien fa...
05-01-2017 11:52:33 antonio goncalves Advanced
Securing JAX-RS Endpoints with JWT
In this blog post I'll show you how to use the JJWT library to issue and verify JSon Web Tokens with JAX-RS endpoints. The idea is to allow ...
06-10-2016 16:27:50 antonio goncalves Advanced
Just Enough App Server with WildFly Swarm
Application Servers have changed a lot: consuming less memory, being faster at startup time Now it's time to change the way we package our a...
13-07-2016 18:30:52 antonio goncalves Advanced
"Micro Profile in Enterprise Java" Announced !
The developers' world is a mixture of evolutions and reinventing the wheel. When I was doing EJBs 1.0 back in 1998, I was doing Micro Servic...
27-06-2016 20:11:59 antonio goncalves Advanced
O Java EE 7 Application Servers, Where Art Thou?
Damn, I've been waiting so long to publish this blog (which is the successor of the same post on Java EE 6 app servers). The idea is to do s...
02-02-2016 15:53:15 antonio goncalves Advanced
CDI and Forge Talks in Europe and Morocco
Are you going to JavaOne? Well I m not! But instead I ll be doing some talks in October and November in Europe and Morocco. Four years ago I...
15-10-2015 09:26:09 antonio goncalves Advanced
50 minutes to develop a full Java EE application with Forge? Is that all?
If you are interested in JBoss Forge, you should check out this 50 minutes talk I gave at Devoxx UK. Watch it on Parleys! Watch on Parleys.c...
30-07-2015 12:45:46 antonio goncalves Advanced
Who Cares About toString Performance?
Who cares about toString performance? Nobody! Except when you have huge amount of data being processed in a batch that does plenty of loggin...
30-06-2015 09:58:08 antonio goncalves Advanced
Buzz Word Bingo 2015
For my next talk I need a slide with dozens of technical buzzwords. Working in the IT industry, I am, and deal, with fashion victims (i.e. t...
22-05-2015 10:30:48 antonio goncalves Advanced

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