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Jakarta EE 2020 Survey: which EE versions do people use?
At OmniFaces we have a survey running about Jakarta EE. The first question is about which version of Java EE/Jakarta EE people use. While th...
25-01-2021 20:28:02 Arjan Tijms Advanced
Jakarta Security and Tomcat 10
Jakarta Security was introduceed as Java EE Security in Java EE 8. It facilitates portable application security that fully integrates with c...
30-12-2020 22:20:55 Arjan Tijms Advanced
Jakarta EE Survey 2020
At OmniFaces we poll the community from time to time about Java EE (now Jakarta EE) and related technologies. With the transfer of Java EE t...
29-09-2020 07:11:12 Arjan Tijms Advanced
Hiring the right people
A company's resources are typically not unlimited. Deciding for what next role to hire can be a challenging process. Does a company need ext...
04-09-2020 22:51:02 Arjan Tijms Advanced
Perfecting the business structure
In programming we learn that we should not overcomplicate the architecture of our code. Yes, larger code bases may need a little bit more st...
17-08-2020 02:35:40 Arjan Tijms Advanced
Implementation components used by Jakarta EE servers
A while ago we looked at which implementation components the various Java EE servers were using. At the time this concerned mostly Java EE 6...
04-05-2020 19:10:32 Arjan Tijms Advanced
New Jakarta EE 8 Certified server: Primeton AppServer V7
Somewhat as a surprise, a company called Primeton Information Technologies, Inc recently filed a certification request for a new Jakarta EE ...
13-04-2020 00:06:41 Arjan Tijms Advanced
Piranha 20.1.2 released!
Piranha 20.1.2 has been released :) In total 59 issues were done for this release, which mostly included work for Payara Micro, but also inc...
15-01-2020 00:25:05 Arjan Tijms Advanced
Jan 2020 update: Piranha Micro getting more compatible
We're currently hard at work with our Piranha runtime implementation. Piranha is a new Jakarta EE and MicroProfile runtime build from scratc...
09-01-2020 22:40:05 Arjan Tijms Advanced
The productive standup
Timeboxing is a very simple technique to manage time and become more productive. Our OmniDevs have honed this technique to perfection! Here ...
29-11-2019 14:38:27 Arjan Tijms Advanced

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