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Java EE Survey 2018
At OmniFaces we poll the community from time to time about Java EE and related technologies. With all the changes that are about to happen w...
15-03-2018 16:29:08 Arjan Tijms Advanced
Payara 5 RC1 available for testing
We are happy to announce that Payara 5 release candidate 1 is now available for download. Payara 5 is the first release that will include al...
08-03-2018 00:57:45 Arjan Tijms Advanced
Dynamically adding an interceptor to a build-in CDI bean
In Java EE's CDI, beans can be augmented via 2 artefacts; Decorators and Interceptors. Decorators are typically owned by the application cod...
23-08-2017 18:06:47 Arjan Tijms Advanced
Extensionless URLs with JSF 2.3
An extensionless URL is a URL without a final suffix like .xhtml, .html, .jsp, etc. Such a suffix is seen as technical "clutter" that's hard...
17-08-2017 15:24:35 Arjan Tijms Advanced
Dynamic beans in CDI 2.0
A while ago we wrote about CDIs ability to dynamically add Bean instances to the CDI runtime. A Bean is a kind of factory for beans, that ma...
15-08-2017 14:18:59 Arjan Tijms Advanced
Should the community take over or not?
JSF aka JavaServer Faces is a component based MVC framework that's part of Java EE and is one of the oldest Java MVC frameworks that's still...
13-06-2017 16:10:35 Arjan Tijms Advanced
Draft list of changes in Servlet 4.0
The proposed final draft (PDF) of the Servlet 4.0 spec has just been made available at GitHub. The major new feature is HTTP/2 support and s...
24-05-2017 12:45:14 Arjan Tijms Advanced
JSF 2.3 released!
After a long and at times intense spec and development process the JSF 2.3 EG is proud to announce that today we've released JSF 2.3. JSF (J...
29-03-2017 01:12:16 Arjan Tijms Advanced
The state of portable authentication in Java EE, end 2016 update
In the beginningand middle of this year we looked at how well modern Java EE servers supported portable authentication (JASPIC) in Java EE. ...
05-12-2016 00:09:08 Arjan Tijms Advanced
Custom authorization rules on IBM Liberty
Last month we presented a way how a Java EE application can provide custom rules for authorization. The code shown in that article was devel...
30-08-2016 02:02:42 Arjan Tijms Advanced

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