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Close them out!
Having a good backlog is important for many projects. However, having hundreds or even thousands of issues that realistically nobody will ev...
23-12-2022 22:13:02 Arjan Tijms Advanced
Just say no
Developers want to be there for everyone, and are always ready to help out with their coding skills. An experienced developer however doesn'...
14-12-2022 20:09:50 Arjan Tijms Advanced
Jakarta EE Survey 2022
At OmniFaces we poll the community from time to time and again about Jakarta EE (previously Java EE) and related technologies. With the tran...
03-10-2022 18:02:14 Arjan Tijms Advanced
What's new in Jakarta Security 3?
Despite the version number 3, Jakarta Security 3 is the first real update of Jakarta Security since it was introduced as Java EE Security in...
05-04-2022 03:58:30 Arjan Tijms Advanced
GlassFish at Eclipse - JakartaOne slides
During the JakartaOne livestream 2021 I talked about GlassFish at Eclipse, which was a great experience with close to 900 people online. Tha...
09-12-2021 15:18:21 Arjan Tijms Advanced
JakartaOne Livestream on 7 Dec 2021
Happy to announce I'll be speaking at the biggest Jakarta EE event of the year, which is the JakartaOne Livestream. Register now by using th...
24-11-2021 23:45:48 Arjan Tijms Advanced
GlassFish now runs on JDK 16!
GlassFish, an open source Jakarta EE Platform implementation, is a code base that goes back a long time, in essence all the way back to 1996...
08-04-2021 19:34:41 Arjan Tijms Advanced
The CN4J profile as the common EE and MP profile - a proposal
The Java EE platform was moved a while ago to become the Jakarta EE platform. At about the same time, a group of Java EE vendors split off a...
25-03-2021 19:57:21 Arjan Tijms Advanced
Jakarta EE Survey 2020/2021 - results
Last September we conducted our survey about Jakarta EE. In this survey we asked several questions about Jakarta EE, what people use exactly...
22-02-2021 01:26:34 Arjan Tijms Advanced
Jakarta EE 2020 Survey: which EE versions do people use?
At OmniFaces we have a survey running about Jakarta EE. The first question is about which version of Java EE/Jakarta EE people use. While th...
25-01-2021 20:28:02 Arjan Tijms Advanced

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