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The state of portable authentication in Java EE, end 2016 update
In the beginningand middle of this year we looked at how well modern Java EE servers supported portable authentication (JASPIC) in Java EE. ...
05-12-2016 00:09:08 Arjan Tijms Advanced
Custom authorization rules on IBM Liberty
Last month we presented a way how a Java EE application can provide custom rules for authorization. The code shown in that article was devel...
30-08-2016 02:02:42 Arjan Tijms Advanced
Simplified custom authorization rules in Java EE
In a previous article we looked at implementing a Java EE authorization module using the JACC specification. This module implemented the def...
23-07-2016 22:52:00 Arjan Tijms Advanced
The state of portable authentication in Java EE, mid 2016 update
In the beginning of this year and two months prior to that we looked at how well modern Java EE servers supported portable authentication (J...
04-06-2016 02:04:51 Arjan Tijms Advanced
Java EE's mysterious message policy
Users of Java EE authentication (JASPIC) may have noticed that the initialize method of a SAM takes two parameters of type MessagePolicy. Bu...
04-05-2016 15:26:27 Arjan Tijms Advanced
Servlet 4.0's mapping API previewed in Tomcat 9.0 m4
Without doubt one of the most important Servlet implementations is done by Tomcat. Tomcat serves, or has served, as the base for Servlet fun...
02-04-2016 23:12:33 Arjan Tijms Advanced
Latest versions Payara and WildFly improve Java EE 7 authentication compliance
Two months ago we looked at the state of portable authentication for GlassFish, Payara, JBoss/WildFly, WebLogic and Liberty in Java EE 7. Wi...
10-02-2016 12:58:36 Arjan Tijms Advanced
Java EE 7 server Liberty 9 beta 2016.1 tested for JASPIC support
IBM recently released the latest monthly beta of their modern and light weight Java EE 7 server; Liberty 9 beta 2016.1. Previous beta releas...
10-02-2016 06:10:15 Arjan Tijms Advanced

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