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The Proxy Pattern in Java
A guide to the Proxy design pattern and its Java implementation
18-07-2019 12:02:41 baeldung (Eugen Paraschiv) Advanced
A Quick Look at R2DBC
Explore R2DBC in its early stage.
17-07-2019 12:17:06 baeldung (Eugen Paraschiv) Advanced
MockMvc Kotlin DSL
Have a look at the new Kotlin-specific MockMvc support available in Spring
15-07-2019 16:41:29 baeldung (Eugen Paraschiv) Advanced
Lossy Conversion in Java
Learn about lossy conversion in Java and some handy conversion techniques to avoid this error
15-07-2019 10:21:05 baeldung (Eugen Paraschiv) Advanced
Guide to Spring Cloud Stream with Kafka, Apache Avro and Confluent Schema Registry
Make Spring Cloud support Kafka with the Confluent standard components and approach, including Avro, the Schema Registry and the standard bi...
14-07-2019 16:53:19 baeldung (Eugen Paraschiv) Advanced
Remote Code Execution with XStream
Learn how to prevent a remote code execution attack on an application that uses XStream to read XML
14-07-2019 09:01:37 baeldung (Eugen Paraschiv) Advanced
Upload and Retrieve Files Using MongoDB and Spring Boot
Have a look at how to upload files of different sizes using Spring Boot and MongoDB.
14-07-2019 01:09:45 baeldung (Eugen Paraschiv) Advanced
Non-blocking Spring Boot with Kotlin Coroutines
Find out how to write clean reactive code with Spring Boot and Kotlin co-routines, which make asynchronous code look as straightfoward as sy...
13-07-2019 17:21:46 baeldung (Eugen Paraschiv) Advanced
JUnit Custom Display Name Generator API
Learn how to use JUnit Custom Display Name Generator API to create Test Display Names.
13-07-2019 09:29:17 baeldung (Eugen Paraschiv) Advanced
Java Weekly, Issue 289
A new explore-the-project option is available on Spring Initializr, and a guide to making Kotlin code easier to read through the use of scop...
12-07-2019 17:51:03 baeldung (Eugen Paraschiv) Advanced

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