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OmniFaces 3.7.1 adds autogenerated sw.js, o:inputHidden and of:stripTags()
OmniFaces 3.7.1 has been released! In this version, the WebAppManifestResourceHan dler got a new feature: auto-generating an offline-aware s...
13-07-2020 01:51:59 balusc (Bauke Scholtz) Advanced
OmniFaces 3.6 adds manifest.json generator, o:scriptParam, and o:pathParam
OmniFaces 3.6 has been released! Next to a bunch of utility methods, this version adds a WebAppManifestResourceHan dler which autogenerates ...
03-05-2020 19:30:33 balusc (Bauke Scholtz) Advanced
JSF 2.3 tutorial with Eclipse, Maven, WildFly and H2
Fast menu Introduction Installing Java SE JDK What About Jakarta EE? Installing WildFly Installing Eclipse Configuring Eclipse Integrating N...
19-04-2020 00:42:30 balusc (Bauke Scholtz) Advanced
OmniFaces 3.5 has been released!
OmniFaces 3.5 has been released! A handful functions/utility methods have been added: #{of:encodeURI()} EL function so that you can URI-enco...
12-04-2020 17:43:59 balusc (Bauke Scholtz) Advanced
OmniFaces 3.4 has been released :)
OmniFaces 3.4 has been released :) Also in this version, not really a lot of new things. Only a new onerror attribute for . It will be invok...
27-10-2019 18:30:14 balusc (Bauke Scholtz) Advanced
OmniFaces 3.3 (finally) released!
OmniFaces 3.3 has been released! After a little more than 9 months after 3.2 release, the 3.3 has finally been released. I waited a bit too ...
05-05-2019 19:44:09 balusc (Bauke Scholtz) Advanced
OmniFaces 3.2 adds o:hashParam, CDNResource and UUID in exception logging
OmniFaces 3.2 has been released! Next to a bunch of utility methods, this version adds a and a CDNResource, and the FullAjaxExceptionhandler...
30-07-2018 04:31:09 balusc (Bauke Scholtz) Advanced
OmniFaces 3.1 adds MessagesKeywordResolver and SourceMapResourceHandler
OmniFaces 3.1 has been released! Next to a bunch of utility methods, this version adds a MessagesKeywordResolver and a SourceMapResourceHand...
12-04-2018 23:14:03 balusc (Bauke Scholtz) Advanced
Do not use org.glassfish Mojarra 2.4.0!
Look, there's a Mojarra 2.4.0 in Maven Central! What is this? Is JSF 2.4 already there? No, JSF 2.4 is not there yet. Technically speaking, ...
07-04-2018 13:17:47 balusc (Bauke Scholtz) Advanced
OmniFaces 3.0 released!
OmniFaces 3.0 has been released! The minimum requirements have been upgraded from Java 1.7, JSF 2.2, EL 2.2, Servlet 3.0, CDI 1.1 and (optio...
03-01-2018 18:48:32 balusc (Bauke Scholtz) Advanced

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