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OmniFaces 3.11 released!
OmniFaces 3.11 has been released! Nothing shocking. Just one new utility method and a small handful improvements/fixes. It's been more than ...
04-04-2021 21:45:59 balusc (Bauke Scholtz) Advanced
OmniFaces 3.10 released!
OmniFaces 3.10 has been released! It introduces among others the new ViewResourceHandler which enables using JSF components and EL expressio...
24-01-2021 19:12:26 balusc (Bauke Scholtz) Advanced
OmniFaces 3.9 released with new exception handlers and resource handler
OmniFaces 3.9 has been released! In this version, among others two new exception handlers have been added: the ExceptionSuppressor and ViewE...
19-12-2020 16:48:01 balusc (Bauke Scholtz) Advanced
Using Java 14 Records in JSF via Eclipse
Introduction Java 14 introduced the record type. It's basically some sort of an immutable JavaBean without the need to write/generate all th...
13-11-2020 20:41:23 balusc (Bauke Scholtz) Advanced
OmniFaces 3.8 o:validateBean improvements and a handful new utilities
OmniFaces 3.8 has been released! In this version, the has been improved to support validating nested properties annotated with @Valid. Previ...
12-09-2020 14:36:43 balusc (Bauke Scholtz) Advanced
OmniFaces 4.0-M1 ready for testing!
You can grab it here :) This is the first milestone release of OmniFaces 4.0, which is the first version developed specifically for JSF 3.0 ...
18-07-2020 21:46:56 balusc (Bauke Scholtz) Advanced
OmniFaces 3.7.1 adds autogenerated sw.js, o:inputHidden and of:stripTags()
OmniFaces 3.7.1 has been released! In this version, the WebAppManifestResourceHan dler got a new feature: auto-generating an offline-aware s...
13-07-2020 01:51:59 balusc (Bauke Scholtz) Advanced
OmniFaces 3.6 adds manifest.json generator, o:scriptParam, and o:pathParam
OmniFaces 3.6 has been released! Next to a bunch of utility methods, this version adds a WebAppManifestResourceHan dler which autogenerates ...
03-05-2020 19:30:33 balusc (Bauke Scholtz) Advanced
JSF 2.3 tutorial with Eclipse, Maven, WildFly and H2
Fast menu Introduction Installing Java SE JDK What About Jakarta EE? Installing WildFly Installing Eclipse Configuring Eclipse Integrating N...
19-04-2020 00:42:30 balusc (Bauke Scholtz) Advanced
OmniFaces 3.5 has been released!
OmniFaces 3.5 has been released! A handful functions/utility methods have been added: #{of:encodeURI()} EL function so that you can URI-enco...
12-04-2020 17:43:59 balusc (Bauke Scholtz) Advanced

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