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OmniFaces 3.0 released!
OmniFaces 3.0 has been released! The minimum requirements have been upgraded from Java 1.7, JSF 2.2, EL 2.2, Servlet 3.0, CDI 1.1 and (optio...
03-01-2018 18:48:32 balusc (Bauke Scholtz) Advanced
OmniFaces 3.0-RC1 ready for testing!
You can grab it here. This is the first release candidate of OmniFaces 3.0, which is the first version developed specifically for JSF 2.3 an...
14-12-2017 20:02:40 balusc (Bauke Scholtz) Advanced
OmniFaces 2.6 enables saving entire @ViewScoped bean in client side state
OmniFaces 2.6 has been released! The main new things are a bunch of general purpose converters for strings and collections, a new implicit E...
02-02-2017 15:39:18 balusc (Bauke Scholtz) Advanced
OmniFaces 2.5 released with o:inputFile, @GraphicImageBean and MultiViews
OmniFaces 2.5 has been released! The major visible changes are the component which extends and improves , the @GraphicImageBean annotation w...
15-09-2016 14:28:43 balusc (Bauke Scholtz) Advanced
Integrating Tomcat 8.5.x and TomEE 7.x in Eclipse
Are you also seeing below error when trying to integrate Tomcat 8.5.x or TomEE 7.x using Tomcat v8.0 Server plugin in Eclipse? For searchbot...
05-07-2016 00:07:58 balusc (Bauke Scholtz) Advanced
OmniFaces 2.4 revives c:url, improves @Param and simplifies logging
OmniFaces 2.4 has been released! This version has relatively few new additions, only one brand new tag which revives good 'ol JSTL for Facel...
01-07-2016 17:40:40 balusc (Bauke Scholtz) Advanced
OmniFaces 2.3 brings JSF and WebSockets together!
OmniFaces 2.3 has been released! This version brings a fairly important new tag to the world: for WebSocket based server-side push. Not only...
01-04-2016 14:19:23 balusc (Bauke Scholtz) Advanced
Recursive tree of composite components
p code { white-space: nowrap; } While trying to create kind of menu tree with Facelets and composite components, you'll probably ever have a...
09-02-2016 00:28:02 balusc (Bauke Scholtz) Advanced
Programming with one hand
2016 started for me with this: No, not a fireworks accident. Just a stairway accident. I ran, yes ran, upwards stairs, stumbled near before ...
02-01-2016 05:12:54 balusc (Bauke Scholtz) Advanced
OmniFaces 2.2 released!
OmniFaces 2.2 has been released! This version brings a bunch of new utility methods in Faces, Messages and Components classes, a new compone...
24-11-2015 04:47:00 balusc (Bauke Scholtz) Advanced

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