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Between the lines
As coders we are constantly making decisions. This is what we do, this is what it`s all about. It is our job. Our decisions have a lot of im...
19-12-2014 18:22:00 be a better devel ... (Gregor Riegler) Agile & Testing
Improve your Feedbackloop with Continuous Testing
Have you ever though about what the most valueable thing in software development was for you? And im not talking about things that value for...
11-07-2014 13:04:00 be a better devel ... (Gregor Riegler) Agile & Testing
About the „Is TDD Dead?“ discussion
It did not take long after Agile died that TDD joined its party. If you havent noticed, David Heinemeier Hansson put up quite a rant against...
03-06-2014 17:43:00 be a better devel ... (Gregor Riegler) Agile & Testing

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