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Include CSS or JS first in your HTML page for best performance?
I was recently having a discussion with Rich Harris about performance optimizations for CSS and JS handling. A few questions came up for whi...
06-09-2020 00:49:05 ben mccann Advanced
Being on the computer forces your shoulders forward and together. A split keyboard helps bring your shoulders back into a natural position. ...
23-01-2017 02:04:17 ben mccann Advanced
How SBT does dependency resolution
SBT uses its own fork of Ivy to do dependency resolution. The code to do this resolution is split between a few classes such as ConvertResol...
13-04-2016 18:43:51 ben mccann Advanced
Setting up Mac OSX
Install Homebrew. It will fail to install packages by default due to issues writing to /usr/local. To fix this: sudo chmod -R g+w /usr/local...
22-03-2016 21:54:47 ben mccann Advanced
Making a Mac keyboard somewhat sane
Change the following settings using the Mac system preferences Key Repeat all the way long Delay Until Release all the way short Tracking sp...
09-03-2016 04:33:48 ben mccann Advanced
OAuth in a command line script
Many APIs today use OAuth. If you want to use an OAuth API from the command line, then what I recommend is starting a web server locally to ...
05-08-2015 18:47:09 ben mccann Advanced
Building Docker images with SBT
A typical way to setup Jenkins is to connect it to your source repository (e.g. with the Git Plugin), run your tests after each commit, and ...
26-07-2015 19:00:25 ben mccann Advanced
MongoDB data migration
Here is some benchmarking data regarding transferring data from one machine to another. These benchmarks were run on the AWS i2 instance cla...
07-07-2015 17:29:24 ben mccann Advanced
Vision and Culture at Connectifier
There are an infinite number of things to focus on when building a company – building a product, marketing it, selling it, keeping the serve...
18-05-2015 22:17:46 ben mccann Advanced
IntelliJ Setup
The font rendering on IntelliJ is horrendous and makes you want to gouge your eyes out. This is because is uses Swing. In order to make this...
04-05-2015 22:42:56 ben mccann Advanced

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