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Reactive Programming with Angular by Example (Part 3)
In the previous parts of this series, we've learned how to work with data loaded asynchronously. Now let's have a look at some of the advanc...
20-07-2017 22:16:16 beyond java (Stephan Rauh) Advanced
Reactive Programming with Angular by Example (Part 2)
In the first part of this series, we've seen how to call a REST service and how to display the result asynchronously. Now we're going one st...
18-07-2017 22:38:53 beyond java (Stephan Rauh) Advanced
Reactive Programming with Angular by Example (Part 1)
Web applications benefit a lot from reactive programming. The application reacts immediately when the user clicks, even if it takes a couple...
17-07-2017 23:49:18 beyond java (Stephan Rauh) Advanced
UI Roundup 2017: Angular vs. React
Only 18 months ago, Cory House wrote comparing Angular 2 and React. But we all know how fast the JavaScript world progresses. Cory's article...
09-07-2017 00:18:16 beyond java (Stephan Rauh) Advanced
Too Old to Learn a New Language?
The other day, a co-worker and I held a talk at the Java Forum Stuttgart. Our topic was the UI techradar we're currently developing. So much...
08-07-2017 17:56:36 beyond java (Stephan Rauh) Advanced
VertxUI: Java as a Front-End Language
Yesterday I had a job interview for a senior Java back-end job. They asked me whether I was a full-stack developer or not. Although my answe...
26-06-2017 21:10:03 beyond java (Stephan Rauh) Advanced
Embracing Redux – or What's Wrong with Object-Oriented Programming?
Before you ask, I don't think anything's wrong with object-oriented programming. But recently I've attended an interesting talk at the JAX c...
22-06-2017 00:22:44 beyond java (Stephan Rauh) Advanced
Hey, We've Got a New Team Member!
I guess you all know the situation. One day or another, you realize that you've got more work than you can manage. So your boss adds a new t...
18-06-2017 23:51:39 beyond java (Stephan Rauh) Advanced
What's New in BootsFaces 1.1.0?
Putting it in a nutshell, the new version of BootsFaces doesn't bring you new features. Instead, it focuses on quality and compliance with t...
01-05-2017 22:06:38 beyond java (Stephan Rauh) Advanced
BootsFaces 1.1.0 RC1
The next version of BootsFaces was scheduled to be published during the Easter holidays. However, we decided to spend a few extra weeks to i...
25-04-2017 00:09:08 beyond java (Stephan Rauh) Advanced

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