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What Does the Keyword "new" do in JavaScript?
As an Angular teacher, I often say that JavaScript objects are functions. Most of the time, I get away with this bold claim. It's not entire...
24-02-2018 18:11:45 beyond java (Stephan Rauh) Advanced
Bang, Bang, You're a Boolean!
Did you ever wonder why there are such strange operators like !!, === and !== in JavaScript? Developers coming from other languages, such as...
20-02-2018 22:40:42 beyond java (Stephan Rauh) Advanced
How to Show the Assembly Code Generated by the JVM
Common wisdom says that Java runs on bytecode. Most developers also know there's something like a JIT compiler, but few developers are aware...
18-02-2018 22:27:31 beyond java (Stephan Rauh) Advanced
Guiding NPM Through a Firewall
npm doesn't like to be fenced in by a corporate firewall. Too bad most npm installations live precisely there. The other day, I ran an npm i...
08-02-2018 00:49:37 beyond java (Stephan Rauh) Advanced
What About the Performance of Java 8 Lambdas?
Isn't it funny that I start writing a series of articles about Java 8 Lambdas in 2018? Mind you: my first article dates back to April 2012, ...
05-02-2018 00:37:16 beyond java (Stephan Rauh) Advanced
Using Java 8 Lambdas Efficiently
Functional programming is en vogue. There are many good reasons to adopt functional programming. Recently, I watch more and more Java progra...
27-01-2018 17:10:39 beyond java (Stephan Rauh) Advanced
Escape Analysis in Java
Spectre and Meltdown came as a shock. They showed that low-level CPU optimizations have an impact on our lives. Plus, they proved an illusio...
16-01-2018 22:26:22 beyond java (Stephan Rauh) Advanced
Getting Started With Vue.js
They announced Vue.js to me saying "It's like Angular, only they did it right this time". I don't think there's anything wrong with Angular,...
13-01-2018 23:53:38 beyond java (Stephan Rauh) Advanced
Migrating to Bootstrap 4
The first application I migrated to Bootstrap 4 recently worked out of the box. Add the new CSS and JavaScript, find a replacement for the G...
09-01-2018 23:01:58 beyond java (Stephan Rauh) Advanced
Material Design for Bootstrap
After a long search, I've finally found two good libraries bringing the design language of Material Design to Bootstrap. Actually, I've seen...
05-01-2018 21:50:01 beyond java (Stephan Rauh) Advanced

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