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Selecting a Java version on MacOS and Linux
Once upon a time, you could use Java without installing it. Nowadays, most operating systems make a developer's life difficult by trying to ...
01-12-2020 23:10:51 beyond java (Stephan Rauh) Advanced
JavaScript Gems: KaTeX - Beautiful Formulas in the Browser
\KaTeX is a JavaScript library to render formulas in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry, and probably several related realms. It shows how ...
25-09-2020 20:20:41 beyond java (Stephan Rauh) Advanced
535 Ways to Reload Your Page In JavaScript
JavaScript never ceases to surprise me. One of these day, I had some trouble to change the theme of my PDF viewer. Usually, the browser upda...
23-09-2020 07:05:31 beyond java (Stephan Rauh) Advanced
Why Optional does not Solve the NullPointerException Problem
Most Java developers believe that Oracle introduced Optional to protect you from running into NullPointerExceptions. That's wrong on almost ...
22-07-2020 00:44:19 beyond java (Stephan Rauh) Advanced
Getting Rid of the NullPointerException - 2020 Edition
Published under an CC-BY-3.0 licence by Oliver Widder.Wouldn't it be nice to get rid of the dreaded NullPointerException? They've called it ...
19-07-2020 22:30:06 beyond java (Stephan Rauh) Advanced
BeyondJava @ Conference
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29-06-2020 19:25:55 beyond java (Stephan Rauh) Advanced
Guest Posts
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29-06-2020 06:23:41 beyond java (Stephan Rauh) Advanced
Performance Impact of Functional Programming in Java
Contemporary Java shows a couple of unique traits and mannerisms. When Lambda functions became part of Java after many years of heated discu...
29-06-2020 00:01:00 beyond java (Stephan Rauh) Advanced
Multilingual Programming with GraalVM
GraalVM allows you to run Java, JavaScript, Ruby, and a broad range of other programming languages. They all run in the same virtual machine...
24-05-2020 16:26:43 beyond java (Stephan Rauh) Advanced

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