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Tracking Cookies and GDPR
GDPR is the new data protection regulation, as you probably already know. I've given a detailed practical advice for what it means for devel...
22-03-2018 13:10:01 bozho (Bozhidar Bozhanov) Advanced
Setting Up Cassandra With Priam
I've previously explained how to setup Cassandra in AWS. The described setup works, but in some cases it may not be sufficient. E.g. it does...
19-03-2018 19:46:09 bozho (Bozhidar Bozhanov) Advanced
Using JWT For Sessions
The topic has been discussed many times, on hacker news, reddit, blogs. And the consensus is DON'T USE JWT (for user sessions). And I largel...
05-03-2018 08:49:52 bozho (Bozhidar Bozhanov) Advanced
Adding Visible Electronic Signatures To PDFs
I'm aware this is going to be a very niche topic. Electronically signing PDFs is far from a mainstream usecase. However, I'll write it for t...
21-02-2018 23:31:20 bozho (Bozhidar Bozhanov) Advanced
Integration With Zapier
Integration is boring. And also inevitable. But I won't be writing about enterprise integration patterns. Instead, I'll explain how to creat...
11-02-2018 14:27:22 bozho (Bozhidar Bozhanov) Advanced
GDPR for Developers [presentation]
On a recent meetup in Amsterdam I talked about GDPR from a technical point of view, effectively turning my "GDPR a practical guide for devel...
26-01-2018 10:56:32 bozho (Bozhidar Bozhanov) Advanced
When You Have A Blockchain, Everything Looks Like a Nail
Blockchain, AI, big data, NoSQL, microservices, single page applications, cloud, SOA. What do these have in common? They have been or are hy...
23-01-2018 00:01:19 bozho (Bozhidar Bozhanov) Advanced
Fix Your Crawler
Every now and then I open the admin panel of my blog hosting and ban a few IPs (after I've tried messaging their abuse email, if I find one)...
12-01-2018 16:22:51 bozho (Bozhidar Bozhanov) Advanced
OWASP Dependency Check Maven Plugin – a Must-Have
I have to admit with a high degree of shame that I didn't know about the OWASP dependency check maven plugin. And seems to have been around ...
27-12-2017 14:48:22 bozho (Bozhidar Bozhanov) Advanced
Using Trusted Timestamping With Java
Trusted timestamping is the process of having a trusted third party ("Time stamping authority", TSA) certify the time of a given event in el...
17-12-2017 10:23:57 bozho (Bozhidar Bozhanov) Advanced

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