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Enabling Two-Factor Authentication For Your Web Application
It's almost always a good idea to support two-factor authentication (2FA), especially for back-office systems. 2FA comes in many different f...
21-10-2017 12:29:07 bozho (Bozhidar Bozhanov) Advanced
Setting Up Cassandra Cluster in AWS
Apache Cassandra is a NoSQL database that allows for easy horizontal scaling, using the consistent hashing mechanism. Seven years ago I trie...
09-10-2017 20:25:48 bozho (Bozhidar Bozhanov) Advanced
SecureLogin For Java Web Applications
No, there is not a missing whitespace in the title. It's not about any secure login, it's about the SecureLogin protocol developed by Egor H...
21-09-2017 00:41:28 bozho (Bozhidar Bozhanov) Advanced
Self-Driving Cars Should Be Open Source
Self-driving cars are (will be) the pinnacle of consumer products automation robot vacuum cleaners, smart fridges and TVs are just toys comp...
15-09-2017 15:03:13 bozho (Bozhidar Bozhanov) Advanced
Five Must-Watch Software Engineering Talks
We've all watched dozens of talks online. And we probably don't remember many of them. But some do stick in our heads and we eventually watc...
06-09-2017 03:19:04 bozho (Bozhidar Bozhanov) Advanced
Stubbing Key-Value Stores
Every project that has a database has dilemma: how to test database-dependent code. There are several options (not mutually exclusive): Use ...
21-08-2017 02:38:43 bozho (Bozhidar Bozhanov) Advanced
We Are Not Having a Productive Debate About Women in Tech
Yes, it's about the "anti-diversity memo". But I won't go into particular details of the memo, the firing, who's right and wrong, who's libe...
13-08-2017 02:54:15 bozho (Bozhidar Bozhanov) Advanced
How To Send Ethereum Transactions With Java
After I've expressed my concerns about the blockchain technology, let's get a bit more practical with the blockchain. In particular, with Et...
10-08-2017 03:18:00 bozho (Bozhidar Bozhanov) Advanced
Concerns About The Blockchain Technology
The so-called (and marketing-branded) "blockchain technology" is promised to revolutionize every industry. Anything, they say, will become d...
27-07-2017 03:06:32 bozho (Bozhidar Bozhanov) Advanced
Basic API Rate-Limiting
It is likely that you are developing some form of (web/RESTful) API, and in case it is publicly-facing (or even when it's internal), you nor...
14-07-2017 16:49:10 bozho (Bozhidar Bozhanov) Advanced

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