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Blockchain – What Is It Good For? [slides]
Last week I gave a 20 minute talk on the way I see blockchain applicability. I've always been skeptical of the blockchain hype, having voice...
03-12-2018 22:05:43 bozho (Bozhidar Bozhanov) Advanced
Technical Innovation vs. Process Innovation
We are often talking about "innovation" and "digital innovation" (or "technical innovation") in particular, when it comes to tech startups. ...
24-11-2018 11:19:04 bozho (Bozhidar Bozhanov) Advanced
Resources on Distributed Hash Tables
Distributed p2p technologies have always been fascinating to me. Bittorrent is cool not because you can download pirated content for free, b...
09-11-2018 23:04:37 bozho (Bozhidar Bozhanov) Advanced
Algorithmic and Technological Transparency
Today I had a talk on OpenFest about algorithmic and technological transparency. It was a somewhat abstract and high-level talk but I hoped ...
03-11-2018 23:12:41 bozho (Bozhidar Bozhanov) Advanced
Automate Access Control for User-Specific Entities
Practically every web application is supposed to have multiple users and each user has some data posts, documents, messages, whatever. And t...
27-10-2018 12:17:56 bozho (Bozhidar Bozhanov) Advanced
Random App Ideas
Every now and then you start thinking "wouldn't it be nice to have an app for X". When I was in that situation, I took a note. Then that not...
22-10-2018 19:07:16 bozho (Bozhidar Bozhanov) Advanced
Scaling Horizontally on AWS [talk]
On a recent conference (HackConf) I gave a talk where I tried to summarize how to do deployment and horizontal scaling on AWS. It is an over...
08-10-2018 21:27:20 bozho (Bozhidar Bozhanov) Advanced
Models for Electronic Identification
Electronic identity is an important concept as it lies on the crossroads of the digital, the physical and the legal worlds. How do you prove...
29-09-2018 21:24:08 bozho (Bozhidar Bozhanov) Advanced
Typical Workarounds For Compliant Logs
You may think you have logs. Chances are, you can rely on them only for tracing exceptions and debugging. But you can't rely on them for com...
24-09-2018 19:14:37 bozho (Bozhidar Bozhanov) Advanced
A Caveat With AWS Shared Resources
Recently I've been releasing a new build, as usual utilizing a blue-green deployment by switching the DNS record to point to the load balanc...
20-08-2018 23:51:05 bozho (Bozhidar Bozhanov) Advanced

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