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Electronic Signature Using The WebCrypto API
Sometimes we need to let users sign something electronically. Often people understand that as placing your handwritten signature on the scre...
11-06-2017 16:24:33 bozho (Bozhidar Bozhanov) Advanced
"Architect" Should Be a Role, Not a Position
What happens when a senior developer becomes more senior? It often happens that they get promoted to "architect". Sometimes an architect doe...
31-05-2017 16:43:00 bozho (Bozhidar Bozhanov) Advanced
Overview of Message Queues [slides]
Yesterday I gave a talk that went through all the aspects of using messages queues. I've previously written that "you probably don't need a ...
23-05-2017 10:07:12 bozho (Bozhidar Bozhanov) Advanced
Event Logs
Most system have some sort of event logs i.e. what has happened in the system and who did it. And sometimes it has a dual existence once as ...
12-05-2017 11:40:26 bozho (Bozhidar Bozhanov) Advanced
Spring Boot, @EnableWebMvc And Common Use-Cases
It turns out that Spring Boot doesn't mix well with the standard Spring MVC @EnableWebMvc. What happens when you add the annotation is that ...
21-04-2017 12:11:37 bozho (Bozhidar Bozhanov) Advanced
Distributed Cache – Overview
What's a distributed cache? A solution that is "deployed" in an application (typically a web application) and that makes sure data is loaded...
08-04-2017 22:56:02 bozho (Bozhidar Bozhanov) Advanced
Distributing Election Volunteers In Polling Stations
There's an upcoming election in my country, and I'm a member of the governing body of one of the new parties. As we have a lot of focus on t...
21-03-2017 00:56:20 bozho (Bozhidar Bozhanov) Advanced
"Infinity" is a Bad Default Timeout
Many libraries wrap some external communication. Be it a REST-like API, a message queue, a database, a mail server or something else. And th...
17-03-2017 12:43:41 bozho (Bozhidar Bozhanov) Advanced
Protecting Sensitive Data
If you are building a service that stores sensitive data, your number one concern should be how to protect it. What IS sensitive data? There...
12-03-2017 19:29:08 bozho (Bozhidar Bozhanov) Advanced
A Case For Native Smart Card Support in Browsers
A smart card is a device that holds a private key securely without letting it out of its storage. The chip on your credit card is a "smart c...
22-02-2017 10:18:11 bozho (Bozhidar Bozhanov) Advanced

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