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Idea: A Generic P2P Network Client
Every now and then one has a half-baked idea about some project that they aren't likely to be able to do because of lack of time. I've writt...
04-07-2019 08:15:08 bozho (Bozhidar Bozhanov) Advanced
First Thoughts About Facebook's Libra Cryptocurrency
Facebook announced today that by 2020 they will roll out Libra their blockchain-based cryptocurrency. It is, of course, major news, as it ha...
18-06-2019 23:10:18 bozho (Bozhidar Bozhanov) Advanced
Reflection is the most important Java API
The other day I was wondering which is the most important Java API. Which of the SE and EE APIs is the one that makes most of the JavaContin...
09-06-2019 13:15:13 bozho (Bozhidar Bozhanov) Advanced
JKS: Extending a Self-Signed Certificate
Sometimes you don't have a PKI in place but you still need a key and a corresponding certificate to sign stuff (outside of the TLS context)....
20-05-2019 03:00:03 bozho (Bozhidar Bozhanov) Advanced
Multiple Cache Configurations with Caffeine and Spring Boot
Caching is key for performance of nearly every application. Distributed caching is sometimes needed, but not always. In many cases a local c...
04-05-2019 17:39:27 bozho (Bozhidar Bozhanov) Advanced
The Positive Side-Effects of Blockchain
Blockchain is a relatively niche technology at the moment, and even thought there's a lot of hype, its applicability is limited. I've been s...
26-04-2019 19:50:19 bozho (Bozhidar Bozhanov) Advanced
Command-line SQL Client for IBM i 7.x (AS/400)
In the category of "niche" blogposts, this is probably the "nichest". But it might be useful, so I'll share it. Recently I had to interface ...
09-04-2019 14:24:58 bozho (Bozhidar Bozhanov) Advanced
Audit Trail in IT Context
An audit trail (or audit log) is something both intuitive and misleading at the same time. There are many definitions of an audit trail, and...
01-04-2019 15:31:27 bozho (Bozhidar Bozhanov) Advanced
7 Questions To Ask Yourself About Your Code
I was thinking the other days why writing good code is so hard? Why the industry still hasn't got to producing quality software, despite yea...
10-03-2019 01:43:27 bozho (Bozhidar Bozhanov) Advanced
Implicit _target="blank"
The target="_blank" href attributes has been been the subject of many discussions. When is it right to use it, should we use it at all, is i...
03-03-2019 12:12:43 bozho (Bozhidar Bozhanov) Advanced

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