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Quickstart AWS SQS + Spring Boot Processing FIFO Queues
AWS SQS (Simple Queue Service) can provide developers with flexibility, and scalability when building microservice application(s). In this q...
13-08-2020 17:31:59 sixthpoint (Brandon Klimek) Advanced
Optimizing your application using Spring Boot 2.x and Amazon ElastiCache for Redis
Has your project gotten to the point when big data sets and or time consuming calculations begin to affect performance? Struggling to optimi...
13-08-2020 10:44:11 sixthpoint (Brandon Klimek) Advanced
Quick Start; Spring Security 5 OAuth2 Login
Social logins using Oauth2 have become a industry standard. It revolutionized the way sites share data and has allowed users to quickly acce...
13-08-2020 04:12:56 sixthpoint (Brandon Klimek) Advanced
Using Docker + AWS to build, deploy and scale your application
I recently worked to develop a software platform that relied on Spring Boot and Docker to prop up an API. Being the only developer on the pr...
05-05-2018 00:57:42 sixthpoint (Brandon Klimek) Advanced
BackboneJS with Webpack: A lesson in optimization
Developing a large BackboneJS application presents a unique design problem. As developers, we like to organize our code so it is understanda...
15-12-2015 22:16:20 sixthpoint (Brandon Klimek) Advanced
Using the webpack dev server
A great feature of Webpack is has a build in webserver for testing your application. It will monitor your files for changes and rebuild. Thi...
10-11-2015 22:01:12 sixthpoint (Brandon Klimek) Advanced
Inversion of Control (IoC) with JSF
Power of containers Flash back to the early 2000s and this article would be focused on POJOs and how they are transforming the way we organi...
22-10-2015 20:27:54 sixthpoint (Brandon Klimek) Advanced
Death to the back button in JSF
The browser back button is notorious for being the most hated browser feature by developers. It posses many design challenges and considerat...
15-09-2015 20:58:17 sixthpoint (Brandon Klimek) Advanced
Terminate a running CentOS program using xkill
When an application is unresponsive in CentOS it sometimes requires the task be terminated. This is a neat trick to closing a application wi...
12-08-2015 20:23:06 sixthpoint (Brandon Klimek) Advanced
Multiple Beans are Eligible for Injection
In some cases you may want to inject a controller (another backing bean) into another controller. In Eclipse it will show a warning: Multipl...
03-07-2015 21:50:27 sixthpoint (Brandon Klimek) Advanced

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