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Building a Serverless App with AWS Lambda, S3, DynamoDB & API Gateway
What is AWS Lambda?AWS Lambda is an on demand compute service, where code is invoked in response to certain events. Events can originate int...
15-01-2018 19:47:05 Brians Java Blog Advanced
Health Checks, Metrics & More with Spring Boot Actuator
I've been working with Spring Boot for a few years and I'm a big fan. There are lots of things to like about Spring Boot, but one thing that...
07-09-2017 18:25:35 Brians Java Blog Advanced
HATEOAS with Spring
The Richardson maturity model breaks the REST architectural style into various levels of maturity. Level zero describes a system that uses H...
18-07-2017 19:55:32 Brians Java Blog Advanced
SOAP Services With MTOM
As you probably know, SOAP is an XML based protocol which means that all data inside a SOAP message must be text based. If you want to inclu...
19-06-2017 18:48:13 Brians Java Blog Advanced
REST Endpoint Testing With MockMvc
In this post I'm going to show you how to test a Spring MVC Rest endpoint without deploying your application to a server. In the past, full ...
25-05-2017 21:24:46 Brians Java Blog Advanced
Java Concurrency - Synchronization
In my last post we looked at running tasks across multiple threads, asynchronously using the ExecutorService. Accessing and manipulating an ...
12-04-2017 09:13:29 Brians Java Blog Advanced
Java Concurrency - Multi Threading with ExecutorService
In this post I'll look how the ExeutorService can be used to perform multi threaded asynchronous tasks. I'll begin by looking at the traditi...
28-03-2017 09:28:45 Brians Java Blog Advanced
Apache CXF- Contract First Web Services
I wrote a post a few years ago detailing a step by step guide to building a contract first web service using Spring. I recently started work...
05-10-2016 09:25:02 Brians Java Blog Advanced
Docker - Multi Container App
In my last post I used Docker to build and run a simple Spring Boot application. This post will take things a little further by introducing ...
11-08-2016 18:51:01 Brians Java Blog Advanced
Docker & Spring Boot
Docker allows you to package an application with its dependencies, into a light weight, portable container that can run on almost any enviro...
22-07-2016 19:30:59 Brians Java Blog Advanced

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