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Mocking in Go
I was recently asked to help out on a project with the aim of recommending how to implement some additional event handling functionality. I ...
22-10-2017 19:33:56 captain debug Advanced
Default Methods: Java 8's Unsung Heros
A few weeks ago I wrote a blog saying that developers learn new languages because they're cool. I still stand by this assertion because the ...
28-07-2014 08:00:00 captain debug Advanced
Is it Imperative that you learn Functional Programming with Java 8?
I've recently been taking look at Java 8 and have got hold of "Java 8 In Action" published by Manning. The first thing that struck me is how...
27-05-2014 08:00:00 captain debug Advanced
Tracking Exceptions - Part 6 - Building an Executable Jar
If you’ve read the previous five blogs in this series, you’ll know that I’ve been building a Spring application that runs periodically to ch...
07-05-2014 08:00:00 captain debug Advanced

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