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Extras for Eclipse: Neon Update
Written by R diger Herrmann A change in Eclipse Neon made it necessary to update Extras for Eclipse. Unfortunately, the Toggle Full Screen c...
06-07-2016 17:59:58 code affine Agile & Testing
Clean Sheet Update for Eclipse Neon
Written by Frank Appel In celebration of the latest Eclipse release, we provide a Clean Sheet Update for Eclipse Neon. Congratulations and a...
23-06-2016 08:16:18 code affine Agile & Testing
What's the Difference? Creating Diffs with JGit
Written by R diger Herrmann In this post, I will dig into the details of how to diff revisions and create patches with JGit. Starting from t...
16-06-2016 10:24:35 code affine Agile & Testing
Terminate and Relaunch in Eclipse
Written by R diger Herrmann A few days ago a new feature was committed to the Eclipse repository: Terminate and Relaunch. When enabled, Ecli...
19-04-2016 11:50:52 code affine Agile & Testing
How to Replace Rules in JUnit 5
Written by R diger Herrmann The recently published JUnit 5 (aka JUnit Lambda) alpha release caught my interest and while skimming through th...
06-04-2016 13:38:31 code affine Agile & Testing
OS X Sprout of the Ergonomic Eclipse Theme Clean Sheet
Written by Frank Appel Early enough to pass as an easter gift the latest update of our ergonomic Eclipse theme Clean Sheet comes in with som...
21-03-2016 08:39:44 code affine Agile & Testing
SWT ScrolledComposite Explained
Written by Administrator Like a friend of mine once put it, SWTs ScrolledComposite is a nasty beast. And to some point I do agree. This is l...
01-03-2016 15:26:11 code affine Agile & Testing
JUnit 5 – A First Look at the Next Generation of JUnit
Written by R diger Herrmann In the beginning of February, the JUnit 5 (aka JUnit Lambda) team has published an alpha release. Since JUnit 4 ...
22-02-2016 13:26:04 code affine Agile & Testing
Announcing Extras for Eclipse
Written by R diger Herrmann Over the last months I finally found the time to implement some of the features that I missed most and were able...
10-02-2016 11:52:04 code affine Agile & Testing
A Help Command for Gonsole
Written by R diger Herrmann We took the 4.2 release of JGit as an opportunity to not only include the new JGit version but also spend some t...
25-01-2016 12:16:16 code affine Agile & Testing

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