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Moving to Medium
Blogspot seem to be dying. Authoring the articles on this platform feels like I'm in 90's. WYSIWIG is barely working, authoring in HTML isn'...
24-09-2018 11:49:32 code impossible (Anton Arhipov) Beginners
The essential tools for software developer
As a software developer I have used a ton of different tools for different purposes. However, it got me thinking, if I really need a lot of ...
15-01-2018 18:31:35 code impossible (Anton Arhipov) Beginners
Setting up JRebel for WebSphere AS in Docker environment
Getting any Java application server up and running in the development environment is usually a fairly simple task. You can just download the...
06-01-2018 16:25:46 code impossible (Anton Arhipov) Beginners
XRebel for standalone apps with embedded Jetty
XRebel was designed to work specifically with Java web applications. Currently, it relies on Servlet API to serve its UI. It has been tested...
07-08-2017 14:47:01 code impossible (Anton Arhipov) Beginners
Conferences I have visited in May'17
Riga DevDays Riga DevDays - a perfect conference of an Estonian to visit: not too far away (45 minutes flight), nice city, very good event!T...
01-06-2017 16:49:31 code impossible (Anton Arhipov) Beginners
Twitterfeed #4
Welcome to the fourth issue of my Twitterfeed. I'm still quite irregular on posting the links. But here are some interesting articles that I...
22-01-2017 23:30:29 code impossible (Anton Arhipov) Beginners
Twitterfeed #3
Welcome to the third issue of my Twitterfeed. Over two weeks since the last post I've accumulated a good share of links to the news and blog...
28-12-2016 17:58:19 code impossible (Anton Arhipov) Beginners
Twitterfeed #2
So this is the second issue of my Twitterfeed, the news that I noticed in Twitter. Much more sophisticated compared to the first post, but s...
06-12-2016 01:03:29 code impossible (Anton Arhipov) Beginners
Twitterfeed #1
Twitterfeed is the collection of news that I find via Twitter. I have no particular system or a method on how do I pick the news. Neither do...
23-11-2016 01:33:15 code impossible (Anton Arhipov) Beginners
Hello World with JBoss Modules
JBoss Modules is quite an interesting project that powers JBoss application server and some other projects in JBoss ecosystem. However, I wa...
19-05-2016 01:04:45 code impossible (Anton Arhipov) Beginners

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