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Twitterfeed #4
Welcome to the fourth issue of my Twitterfeed. I'm still quite irregular on posting the links. But here are some interesting articles that I...
22-01-2017 23:30:29 code impossible (Anton Arhipov) Beginners
Twitterfeed #3
Welcome to the third issue of my Twitterfeed. Over two weeks since the last post I've accumulated a good share of links to the news and blog...
28-12-2016 17:58:19 code impossible (Anton Arhipov) Beginners
Twitterfeed #2
So this is the second issue of my Twitterfeed, the news that I noticed in Twitter. Much more sophisticated compared to the first post, but s...
06-12-2016 01:03:29 code impossible (Anton Arhipov) Beginners
Twitterfeed #1
Twitterfeed is the collection of news that I find via Twitter. I have no particular system or a method on how do I pick the news. Neither do...
23-11-2016 01:33:15 code impossible (Anton Arhipov) Beginners
Hello World with JBoss Modules
JBoss Modules is quite an interesting project that powers JBoss application server and some other projects in JBoss ecosystem. However, I wa...
19-05-2016 01:04:45 code impossible (Anton Arhipov) Beginners
HotSwap vs hot deploy
It is the year 2016 and one still has to explain that HotSwap and hot deploy in Java IDEs is not the same thing. Stackoverflow is full of qu...
13-02-2016 00:26:27 code impossible (Anton Arhipov) Beginners
Another great Java interview question: Singleton
I'm not a big fan to ask to write code at the interviews. But I still find it useful to do some coding exercises at the whiteboard. One of m...
10-12-2015 17:23:57 code impossible (Anton Arhipov) Beginners
I have been interviewing candidates for Java developer jobs for a full decade at this point. I have tried various approaches for the intervi...
21-11-2015 18:53:00 code impossible (Anton Arhipov) Beginners
I will be speaking at JavaOne 2015
I'll be speaking at JavaOne this year again! This time I have 2 talks accepted:CON3597 - Having Fun with Javassist. This is merely a live co...
23-07-2015 16:37:00 code impossible (Anton Arhipov) Beginners
GeekOut 2015 recordings are available
All the videos from GeekOut 2015 are available: are the two talks that seemed the most interesting to me: Martin Thompson - Practicing at t...
09-07-2015 15:48:00 code impossible (Anton Arhipov) Beginners

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