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Linux shell on windows
Windows 10 Anniversary update brought a new feature called "bash on ubuntu on windows". This feature provides a basic bash environment that ...
02-10-2016 23:20:38 code is poetry (Jihed Amine Maaref) Beginners
Returning an optional in getters
A practice I've used recently and found quite helpful is to wrap the return type of newly created getters inside an Optional. With the pre-j...
07-08-2016 17:44:52 code is poetry (Jihed Amine Maaref) Beginners
Setup a docker environment for Liferay with MySQL inside a VirtualBox VM
What is Docker? Docker is a tool that packages an application and its dependencies in a virtual container that can run on any Linux server (...
17-01-2016 13:15:19 code is poetry (Jihed Amine Maaref) Beginners

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