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API consumers - between search and feedback
Approaches for API consumers "We do know our consumers. We know exactly what they want." Very often I hear these two sentences at the beginn...
20-09-2022 20:11:01 codecentric Advanced
Heroku is dead: Let's deploy Spring Boot containers on!
Heroku is cancelling their free plan! What about all my open-source projects? Luckily comes to the rescue! Here are the missing docs ...
19-09-2022 07:36:39 codecentric Advanced
Platform Engineering – A primer
Currently, platform engineering is a topic that is causing a lot of reactions in the vastness of the World Wide Web. Especially for customer...
13-09-2022 09:49:37 codecentric Advanced
Hotwire: A new (old) approach for modern web applications
Hotwire (HTML over the wire) was introduced by Basecamp in late 2020 and promises to be an alternative approach to developing modern web app...
31-08-2022 08:25:51 codecentric Advanced
Toit will bring your IoT projects up to speed
If you have ever created an application for a microcontroller such as the ESP32, you might have noticed that it's quite different to most of...
30-08-2022 09:32:52 codecentric Advanced
Architecture documentation as code with Structurizr and Asciidoctor. Part 1: Workflow and tooling
In this article series, we learn how to generate and publish HTML architecture documentation from code with Structurizr and Asciidoctor. The...
26-08-2022 09:59:34 codecentric Advanced
CloudWatch on AWS: How to tackle high-security requirements
If you build cloud-native applications, you will also generate log output. Log outputs are essential to log the functionality of the applica...
24-08-2022 11:03:48 codecentric Advanced
Intro to monorepo with Nx
What is a monorepo? To understand why you may want to use the build system Nx (see website), we should first talk about what a monorepo is a...
11-07-2022 08:38:47 codecentric Advanced
GraphQL business error responses revisited
GraphQL excels by suggesting to think more from the actual client requirements than from the sometimes prematurely abstract server-side gran...
08-07-2022 12:20:35 codecentric Advanced
Tame the multi-cloud beast with Crossplane: Let's start with AWS S3
What if learning the Kubernetes API is all you need to provision any infrastructure? And we're not only talking about AWS, Azure & Google - ...
04-07-2022 03:33:17 codecentric Advanced

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