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Better time series forecasting using expert knowledge
Methods for time series forecasting have become more and more powerful in recent decades, ranging form simple linear models to complex machi...
15-02-2019 10:31:44 codecentric Advanced
Managing Passwords in Teams with Gopass
In development teams often a huge amount of secret values needs to be shared. The way they are shared is critical for security as leaked sec...
14-02-2019 07:21:07 codecentric Advanced
Reflections on DDD Europe 2019
This year I visited the DDD Europe conference in Amsterdam. It was my first visit to any DDD conference, and I was happily surprised with th...
13-02-2019 22:09:27 codecentric Advanced
The testable Lambda – A lightweight approach with Dependency Injection
With AWS Lambda, you can run code without having to maintain the runtime environment - hence the term "serverless" for this kind of deployme...
13-02-2019 16:06:41 codecentric Advanced
Vert.x Kotlin Coroutines
Vert.x Eclipse Vert.x is an event-driven application framework that runs on the JVM. Architecturally it is very similar to Node.js, having a...
13-02-2019 10:04:00 codecentric Advanced
How to identify relevant quality attributes in software
Introduction When designing a system architecture, you will have to take decisions. Those decisions will influence how your system is going ...
13-02-2019 03:59:58 codecentric Advanced
Modern JAMstack deployment
Introduction Congratulations on your decision to use the JAMstack in your project! After your coding and harvesting the power of JavaScript,...
12-02-2019 20:47:36 codecentric Advanced
Web application vulnerabilities and how to prevent them.
Understanding security vulnerabilities I've noticed developers worry about vulnerabilities in applications they develop. I also think most o...
05-02-2019 17:26:50 codecentric Advanced
AWS Lambda: Cold boot and mean response times in Scala vs. Java
AWS Lambda is a popular service for hosting microservice functions in the cloud without provisioning actual servers. It supports Node.js, Py...
01-02-2019 09:55:35 codecentric Advanced
Code Freeze
In the beginning of January I had the opportunity to attend a very special conference for the second time: Code Freeze. It's special because...
30-01-2019 08:16:21 codecentric Advanced

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