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Gatling JDBC Release 1.0.0
Although, some weeks have already passed I want to announce the release of Gatling JDBC 1.0.0. This Gatling extension can be used to perform...
18-07-2018 13:07:27 codecentric Advanced
Measuring your OpenStack cloud with gnocchi and ceph storage backend
To solve our performance problems of gnocchi and the whole OpenStack telemetry stack, we tried gnocchi with ceph as backend starting with op...
16-07-2018 10:23:05 codecentric Advanced
Chaos Engineering – withstand turbulent conditions in production
When you were a child, did you deliberately break or dismantle things in order to understand how they work? We all did - although some peopl...
05-07-2018 07:11:39 codecentric Advanced
batch-web-spring-boot-starter 2.0.1 released
Java batch is becoming a hot topic in enterprise environments these days, but how do you do it the right way? The project batch-web-spring-b...
29-06-2018 07:33:31 codecentric Advanced
How to write a Kotlin DSL – e.g. for Apache Kafka
The Kotlin language is gaining more and more attention and is being used in an increasing number of projects. One thing that Kotlin can be u...
24-06-2018 14:22:05 codecentric Advanced
Non-Breaking Lambda Deployments for Alexa Skills using Versions and Aliases
Let's say we have a certified Amazon Alexa Skill that has an endpoint pointing to an AWS Lambda function. We want to update the Lambda funct...
15-06-2018 10:48:25 codecentric Advanced
Using new Context API with Higher Order Components in React
What is the new Context API and what problem does it solve? React Context API is a feature used for sharing global state and passing it all ...
11-06-2018 09:48:27 codecentric Advanced
How to (re)set iOS the Application State in UI Tests
Writing UI tests for iOS applications using the XCTesting Framework where my app had some saved state between runs has caused me a lot of pr...
08-06-2018 13:11:25 codecentric Advanced
A Complete Setup of GitLab CI & Docker Using Vagrant & Ansible: HTTPS/Let's Encrypt, Container Registry, Runners
Tired of Jenkins? Always keeping an eye on all those new kids on the block with their super cool and simple Continuous Integration Pipeline ...
29-05-2018 08:41:20 codecentric Advanced
Compliance is not security
Often daily business in companies starts with a fresh compliance audit. Everything seems to be measured, documented, regulated. It's secure....
25-05-2018 09:34:26 codecentric Advanced

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