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codecentric's HR Synergy Solution: A modern, unified and fully customizable HR solution
Your HR deserves better HR employees have to deal with lots of activities and services that seem disconnected, at least from a technical poi...
22-10-2020 14:29:43 codecentric Advanced
Lifting an electric vehicle charger into the cloud
With the increasing popularity and availability of battery electric vehicles, privately-owned charger infrastructure at home or on company p...
19-10-2020 22:31:03 codecentric Advanced
DISH-O-TRON - Train that vision model!
With this article we continue our endeavor of building dish-o-tron - an AI system designed to prevent the sudden appearance of dirty dishes ...
12-10-2020 14:12:03 codecentric Advanced
How to integrate IT security in a company, or: The five pillars of IT security
() Let's face it: Every company's IT infrastructure can and will be the target of hacking. It is not a question of if it will happen, it is ...
05-10-2020 13:47:50 codecentric Advanced
Green test pyramids with Cypress - UI testing of the future
Cypress is a young open-source testing framework for web-based user interfaces (UI). Cypress tests are written in JavaScript and, as is also...
02-10-2020 13:24:05 codecentric Advanced
DISH-O-TRON - Gather that DATA you must!
This is the second article in our dish-o-tron series (a non-standard Deep Learning tutorial) in which we tackle one of the biggest problems ...
25-09-2020 20:31:01 codecentric Advanced
Offloading and more from Reedelk Data Integration Services through Kong Enterprise
The last post in our series on Reedelk was about implementing an ETL process that can be triggered by a rest endpoint. Now this service shou...
21-09-2020 08:55:42 codecentric Advanced
API as a Product insights
For quite some time now, the topic "API as a Product" has been appearing in various media. But what does it actually mean? If you look at AP...
17-09-2020 12:08:30 codecentric Advanced
DISH-O-TRON - No more dirty dishes thanks to AI
Thanks for clicking our click-baity title. Sadly, to tell you the truth, doing dishes is still a thing. However, so far most of our readers ...
11-09-2020 11:21:06 codecentric Advanced
Rust for Java developers
Rust for Java developers A step-by-step introduction The Java ecosystem is vast and can solve almost any problem you throw at it. Yet its ag...
10-09-2020 10:40:29 codecentric Advanced

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