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Debug Ansible Playbooks Like A Pro
With version 2.1 Ansible introduced two features that make it possible to add proper debug logging to your playbooks, and also check and tro...
27-06-2017 07:34:47 codecentric Advanced
Get the Most out of Git Aliases
If you are like me and use the Git command-line a lot, you will probably grow your own list of Git aliases sooner or later. This article won...
23-06-2017 09:21:48 codecentric Advanced
Gatling Load Testing Part 1 – Using Gatling
Gatling is a Scala-based load testing tool developed by the Gatling Corp. The tool itself is open source and can be found on GitHub. On top ...
21-06-2017 11:14:09 codecentric Advanced
Kotlin and Spring: Working with JPA and data classes
I've been looking at Kotlin for a while now and since Spring will support Kotlin as a first class language from version 5 onward I wanted to...
16-06-2017 08:47:22 codecentric Advanced
The vicious circle of bad test code and how to break it
SUMMARY Compared to the great advances in programming languages and tools, the day-to-day practice of how we actually code is messier than i...
07-06-2017 13:30:07 codecentric Advanced
Kofax Transformation Modules (KTM), AI and Machine Learning
The topics AI, machine learning and deep learning are on everyone's lips, and the media regularly publishes articles on them. What many do n...
06-06-2017 08:02:55 codecentric Advanced
Scaling Spring Boot Apps on Docker Windows Containers with Ansible: A Complete Guide incl Spring Cloud Netflix and Docker Compose
Provision a Docker Windows Container with Ansible? No Problem! But wasn t Docker meant for more than one Container?! Don t we wana have many...
30-05-2017 03:17:50 codecentric Advanced
5 recipes to make your work flow in JIRA
Atlassian JIRA is a great tool to build workflows for every kind of use case whether in Software Development, IT or for business processes l...
10-05-2017 18:30:51 codecentric Advanced
Product Routes (AKA „Roadmaps")
A journey planner finds one or more suggested journeys between an origin and a destination. Searches may be optimised on different criteria,...
27-04-2017 11:21:24 codecentric Advanced
Robotic Process Automation with Kofax Kapow™
Kofax Kapow Kapow Software was acquired by Kofax in 2013 and fits perfectly to Kofax's First Mile strategy. Kofax Kapow provides a platform ...
24-04-2017 06:09:13 codecentric Advanced

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