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GitLab security scanning - part 3: Kubernetes deployments
In part 1 and part 2, we focused on different types of security scanning practices. In this article we will take a look at Kubernetes deploy...
16-05-2022 11:58:45 codecentric Advanced
Keycloak.X, but secure – without vulnerable libraries!
How to reduce the known CVEs with your own Keycloak distribution to zero*. Introduction Keycloak will become easier and more robust by switc...
10-05-2022 14:23:17 codecentric Advanced
Generating Kotlin DSLs
Introduction This article will give an introduction to Kotlin DSLs (Domain-Specific Languages) and teach you how to create and generate them...
06-05-2022 10:02:10 codecentric Advanced
Github Actions test a full Tekton CI installation
In my previous blog posts I gave an intro to Tekton and showed how to configure and integrate it. In this post I I want to show you a way ho...
29-04-2022 10:32:31 codecentric Advanced
GitLab Security Scanning – Part 2
Containers Applications L icenses In part 1 of the article series, we focused on static scanning of source code. In this article we will go ...
19-04-2022 10:30:16 codecentric Advanced
DMN Decision tables with Mule 4
Problem statement While most advanced business process management tools implement a thing called decision tables to be used in a defined bus...
31-03-2022 13:21:36 codecentric Advanced
GitLab Security Scanning
Secure.Your.Code! At all stages Automatically Alwa ys Starting with the first line of your code Today, the security scanning of code, contai...
14-03-2022 11:35:23 codecentric Advanced
Tekton Triggers in practice
This article is part of a series that deals with Tekton CI/CD and its practical use. In the first article we did the installation and create...
04-03-2022 09:14:21 codecentric Advanced
Functions vs. containers - which is better?
According to the L nendonk study 2021 "Cloud-Native Software Development", 64% of the study participants are already partially or completely...
24-02-2022 09:17:33 codecentric Advanced
AsyncAPI specification updates
Almost six months have passed since my introductory post about AsyncAPI, which is already an eternity in our fast-moving IT world. Shortly a...
23-02-2022 09:00:50 codecentric Advanced

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