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ctop – manage and monitor your Docker containers
Today, I'd like to introduce you to a nice command line tool called ctop. I discovered it when I was looking for a tool to monitor some Dock...
17-12-2018 07:58:37 codecentric Advanced
Continuous Infrastructure with Ansible, Molecule & TravisCI
The benefits of Test-driven development (TDD) for infrastructure code are undeniable. But we shouldn t settle there! What about executing th...
11-12-2018 03:30:54 codecentric Advanced
Making a React application container environment-aware at Kubernetes deployment
Motivation This blog is based on the use case of a React web application that is supposed to be deployed to a Kubernetes cluster. To give mo...
06-12-2018 09:44:18 codecentric Advanced
Test-driven infrastructure development with Ansible & Molecule
So you re doing Infrastructure-as-Code? Sure. But have you ever heard of test-driven development (TDD)? It s that dev team thing, right? Hel...
04-12-2018 03:05:32 codecentric Advanced
Enterprise-ready Redux with Umi and Dva
React is successful because it came from a practical need out of Facebook, maybe the biggest and most complex website in existence. While Re...
01-12-2018 11:49:15 codecentric Advanced
Fixing history — An event sourcing journey
Introduction Elescore, a platform built by me that tracks elevator disruptions, integrates multiple external data sources. One of these sour...
30-11-2018 14:46:34 codecentric Advanced
Android testing (Part 3): The power of the Robot pattern with Kotlin
This is the third and final part of the Android testing blog post series and today we'll talk about the Robot pattern and how to use Kotlin ...
29-11-2018 15:13:33 codecentric Advanced
Configure your Gitlab CI with docker-machine against keystone v3
We are running our Gitlab CI infrastructure on top of OpenStack. To not use a fixed number of VMs, we use Gitlab CI with docker-machine to c...
27-11-2018 13:48:36 codecentric Advanced
Book review: Smarter Homes – How Technology Will Change Your Home Life
At a recent IoT Hessen meetup in Frankfurt, where Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino presented her brand-new book Smarter Homes, she told the audie...
19-11-2018 10:02:03 codecentric Advanced
Deep Learning diesel car detection with AWS Deeplens
With this series, we would like to give you an understanding of different machine and deep learning approaches, illustrated by the example o...
12-11-2018 08:54:38 codecentric Advanced

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