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5 recipes to make your work flow in JIRA
Atlassian JIRA is a great tool to build workflows for every kind of use case whether in Software Development, IT or for business processes l...
10-05-2017 18:30:51 codecentric Advanced
Product Routes (AKA „Roadmaps")
A journey planner finds one or more suggested journeys between an origin and a destination. Searches may be optimised on different criteria,...
27-04-2017 11:21:24 codecentric Advanced
Robotic Process Automation with Kofax Kapow™
Kofax Kapow Kapow Software was acquired by Kofax in 2013 and fits perfectly to Kofax's First Mile strategy. Kofax Kapow provides a platform ...
24-04-2017 06:09:13 codecentric Advanced
Event time processing in Apache Spark and Apache Flink
With the new release of Spark 2.1, the event-time capabilities of Spark Structured Streaming have been expanded. It is time to take a closer...
20-04-2017 08:28:18 codecentric Advanced
XFS: Possible Memory Allocation Deadlock in kmem_alloc
A few weeks ago we were surprised by seemingly random I/O hangs on several virtual machines. Any attempt to write to their data volumes bloc...
11-04-2017 11:17:20 codecentric Advanced
Running Spring Boot Apps on Docker Windows Containers with Ansible: A Complete Guide incl Packer, Vagrant & Powershell
This is a crazy world. It s not only possible to make Ansible provision Windows machines. No! There are Docker Windows Containers out there ...
06-04-2017 03:06:04 codecentric Advanced
CRUD operations on Spring REST resources with Kotlin
In this practical, hands-on post I would like to share some of my experience in building REST services wih JSON and Spring(Boot) using Kotli...
03-04-2017 15:22:35 codecentric Advanced
Distributed Stream Processing Frameworks for Fast & Big Data
Spark Streaming, Flink, Storm, Kafka Streams that are only the most popular candidates of an ever growing range of frameworks for processing...
27-03-2017 07:58:21 codecentric Advanced
Building a distributed Runtime for Interactive Queries in Apache Kafka with Vert.x
Interactive Queries are a fairly new feature of Apache Kafka Streams that provides programmatic access to the internal state held by a strea...
20-03-2017 07:57:50 codecentric Advanced
Interactive Queries in Apache Kafka Streams
"Databases? Where we're going we don't need databases" - Doc Brown, 1985 Well, we're certainly not there yet, but this article is going to i...
13-03-2017 09:04:50 codecentric Advanced

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