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A Lovely Spring View: Spring Boot & Vue.js
It s time to shed some light on the integration of Vue.js with the popular Java Enterprise framework Spring Boot! Both frameworks are shinin...
24-04-2018 04:13:12 codecentric Advanced
How to create an AWS Lambda Authorizer for an Amazon API Gateway
In this tutorial, we want to give you a basic understanding of how an AWS Lambda authorizer works and how you can pass information from it t...
23-04-2018 08:59:11 codecentric Advanced
Agile, oven-fresh documentation. Part 3: Tested requirements with JBake
In the first two parts of this blog series, I introduced JBake and discussed the integration of PlantUML. In this post, I will move on to te...
18-04-2018 09:59:32 codecentric Advanced
Implementation of a blockchain application with Hyperledger Fabric and Composer
There is currently no way around the topic of blockchain. But apart from cryptocurrencies, there are more interesting applications which lea...
17-04-2018 08:05:40 codecentric Advanced
3 Steps to Access AWS Resources with Google Sign-In
Imagine you implement a mobile app that needs to access AWS resources like an S3 bucket. You could of course distribute some API keys with y...
12-04-2018 09:49:53 codecentric Advanced
Android OS boot process with focus on Zygote
You just started with Android development and went through setup new project wizard in Android Studio, pressed that glorious green play butt...
10-04-2018 10:24:08 codecentric Advanced
REST-ful Microservices on the Google Cloud Platform
This tutorial shows you how to develop a REST-ful microservice running on the Google Cloud Platform. I already explained how to deploy Sprin...
09-04-2018 08:37:24 codecentric Advanced
Product Discovery: Create better products
We have more or less successfully obliterated the wall between business and software development using agile methods - at least on a project...
01-04-2018 00:05:03 codecentric Advanced
How to Convince a Customer to Trust High-Performing Distributed Teams
Distributed teams, i.e. teams, whose members are not present onsite for the whole length of the project, have become rather widespread in th...
28-03-2018 05:40:27 codecentric Advanced
An overview of Hyperledger blockchain projects [blockcentric #7]
Project Hyperledger is hosted by the Linux Foundation and deals with blockchain implementation and related tooling projects. The focus is ma...
21-03-2018 09:11:06 codecentric Advanced

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