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Agile, oven-fresh documentation. Part 1: JBake
In software development, one question that constantly arises is how the current project can be comprehensively documented. The most common w...
23-02-2018 09:05:01 codecentric Advanced
Improve your test structure with Lambdas and Mockito's Answer
Although the use of mock objects is controversial, we as developers have to use them from time to time. The nearly 6000 stars Mockito has on...
15-02-2018 14:06:01 codecentric Advanced
Continuous Integration with Drone on AWS
Introduction Drone is a Continuous Delivery system built on container technology and written in go. It uses a simple configuration yaml, wit...
14-02-2018 09:33:35 codecentric Advanced
Deploying Spring Boot Applications in the Google AppEngine Flex Environment
In this tutorial I will show how to set up a deployment of Spring Boot application for the AppEngine Flex environment in the Google cloud in...
13-02-2018 07:28:27 codecentric Advanced
Zooming on lenses, with lenses in the JS land
Functional lenses or simply lenses are functions that point to a specific part of the data structure. Lenses help us to focus on just the in...
12-02-2018 16:36:20 codecentric Advanced
Integration of Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services, Protractor and Sauce Labs
Continuous Integration and Automated Testing in combination with cloud testing platforms can prove as a good practice in the web application...
08-02-2018 09:33:15 codecentric Advanced
Deep Learning Workshop at codecentric AG in Solingen
Big Data a buzz word you can find everywhere these days, from nerdy blogs to scientific research papers and even in the news. But how does B...
06-02-2018 09:09:46 codecentric Advanced
How development for AWS changes the local setup
When a new project is set up these days in the cloud this usually means that AWS is used, that the backend is split into multiple services (...
02-02-2018 12:20:17 codecentric Advanced
AWS CodePipeline Dashboard
In modern stacks, the application often consists of multiple microservices. For one of our projects we had to manage about 20 of these. Not ...
30-01-2018 08:30:34 codecentric Advanced
DRY in the 21st Century
It seems that nowadays, the "Don't Repeat Yourself"(DRY)-principle is the one of the foundations of programming that is criticized the most....
29-01-2018 11:22:51 codecentric Advanced

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