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Crowded backlog? A product is more than the sum of its features
We often find businesses in a stage of growth where they are experiencing problems caused by an increasing number of customer requests and r...
30-03-2021 15:19:15 codecentric Advanced
fargate with efs and aurora serverless using aws cdk
In this blog post, I will demonstrate how you can deploy an application to AWS fargate using the AWS CDK. The WordPress software is used, wh...
25-03-2021 07:14:20 codecentric Advanced
Agile Toolbox: 10-minute story time
Backlog refinement meetings can become unrewarding and tedious really fast if you have to work through 20 stories in two hours. Wouldn't it ...
23-03-2021 13:47:26 codecentric Advanced
Agile Toolbox: Story Time
Backlog Refinement Meetings k nnen schnell z h und unbefriedigend werden, wenn man 20 Stories in zwei Stunden durcharbeiten muss. In diesem ...
18-03-2021 10:00:16 codecentric Advanced
Stop re-writing pipelines! Why GitHub Actions drive the future of CI/CD
The Pipeline-as-Code pattern is implemented by most CI/CD platforms today. So what could be the next evolutionary step? Based on GitHub Acti...
15-03-2021 04:03:47 codecentric Advanced
Publishing Docker images to GitHub Container Registry with GitHub Actions
Tired of bumping into Docker Hub's rate limiting? Why not give the GitHub Container Registry a try? Right now it's in public beta but it alr...
04-03-2021 03:46:42 codecentric Advanced
A different flavour of IIoT: Recipes for the plant thermomix
In this article we explain our IIoT solution for autonomous, declarative plant growing. This article is the second in our series on IIoT. Th...
03-03-2021 15:46:39 codecentric Advanced
Quality means Teamwork
We are usually involved in projects demanding a high level of software quality, whether they be large legacy applications, where the custome...
02-03-2021 08:39:23 codecentric Advanced
GitHub Actions CI pipeline: GitHub Packages, Codecov, release to Maven Central & GitHub
Stuck with TravisCI? Looking for a worthy alternative to GitLab CI? Here's a guide on how to create a full CI pipeline publishing GitHub Pac...
22-02-2021 04:15:15 codecentric Advanced
Rust - an introduction
A few weeks ago it was that time again. After many years of software development with the programming languages Java and Groovy and then mai...
15-02-2021 08:28:28 codecentric Advanced

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