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Introducing Firebridge: Firebase Admin access anywhere
The wonderful world of serverless development brings us many gifts for a relatively low price, but as with everything there are also downsid...
24-04-2019 09:39:23 codecentric Advanced
Apache PLC4X, the missing link for industrial innovation
When reading the current media or talking directly to people in the industry, it seems the industry is currently undergoing one of its great...
23-04-2019 12:56:13 codecentric Advanced
Serverless GCP Functions – Look Ma, No Servers!
Serverless computing promises to provide easily scalable applications and provide a straightforward programming model that allows developers...
15-04-2019 11:22:11 codecentric Advanced
Explain Non-Blocking I/O Like I'm Five
Introduction Ten years ago there was a major shift in the field of network application development. In 2009 Ryan Dahl invented Node.js becau...
05-04-2019 08:19:18 codecentric Advanced
Traefik 2.0 - Configuration & new routing rule syntax
Back in 2015, the first version of the by now famous edge router Traefik saw the light of day. Lots and lots of work has been put into the a...
01-04-2019 10:17:18 codecentric Advanced
Augmented Reality: AR sunlight estimation
Shadows play a vital role in perceiving spatial relations between objects. They are an essential tool for creating authentic virtual additio...
29-03-2019 10:05:07 codecentric Advanced
Using Google Sheets as database
(feature image by unsplash-logoVincent Botta) Motivation Sometimes you just need a simple database and also the ability to have a really sim...
28-03-2019 09:07:09 codecentric Advanced
Can you win the stacking challenge? An example of heuristic optimization
I have come across an interesting optimization problem. The task is to stack the items of a given set of boxes of different sizes, weights, ...
27-03-2019 10:59:09 codecentric Advanced
How to secure a Spring Boot app with SAML and Keycloak
Using Keycloak with Spring Boot applications is usually just a matter of a few lines of code when you use Keycloak s adapter integrations. H...
26-03-2019 10:16:35 codecentric Advanced
Behaviour-driven development (BDD) of an Alexa Skill with Cucumber.js – Part 2
In the first post of this blog series we established a framework to easily write acceptance tests for an Alexa Skill in Cucumber.js. This se...
25-03-2019 09:29:26 codecentric Advanced

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