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Spy vs. Spy - aka "The Two Sides of the Testing Coin"
When you ask ten developers about unit testing you will definitely get at least eleven opinions how to do testing right. As for every other ...
27-02-2020 12:08:56 codecentric Advanced
Finding Innovators for VR meetings – Virtual Interaction Room part 9
If you want to catch up with earlier episodes of this blog article series, here is a link collection: 1. value proposition and assets 2. usa...
26-02-2020 08:31:53 codecentric Advanced
State management in Svelte
In 2020, web development is not only based on component-driven approaches but also on the use of state management solutions. These solutions...
25-02-2020 08:16:42 codecentric Advanced
Implementing a consumer-driven contract testing workflow with Pact broker and Gitlab CI
Introduction In the previous posts we learned that the Pact workflow requires you to exchange contracts and verification results between con...
24-02-2020 14:37:06 codecentric Advanced
Same but different: Introduction to Svelte
Compared to the past few years, the JavaScript world has become relatively quiet lately. Especially in the frontend React, Angular, and with...
18-02-2020 09:55:46 codecentric Advanced
Great Expectations: Validating datasets in machine learning pipeline
Typically your favorite machine learning model doesn't care whether or not your input dataset is professionally and technically correct. How...
17-02-2020 09:22:34 codecentric Advanced
Mob programming and shared everything
Mob programming is a technique we use extensively for sharing knowledge in the team, improving developer skills and increasing team cohesion...
14-02-2020 14:41:15 codecentric Advanced
API's Testen und Debuggen mit Insomnia
Viele Wege f hren ja bekanntlich nach Rom und ebenso gibt es viele Wege und M glichkeiten f r das Debuggen und Testen von REST API's. Meine ...
14-02-2020 08:40:04 codecentric Advanced
Collaboration tools into Virtual Reality – Virtual Interaction Room part 8
Why is integrating collaboration tools into Virtual Reality important? During our experiments and interviews with potential customers, we ha...
12-02-2020 19:03:59 codecentric Advanced
Simplifying Redux with the Redux Toolkit
Modern web applications usually do not only have an UI, but also a state that has to be kept and maintained in the system. One of the most p...
03-02-2020 08:16:45 codecentric Advanced

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