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Flyway Tutorial – Managing Database Migrations
Many software projects are still using relational databases as an important part of their technology stack. This typically requires the hand...
16-01-2017 07:44:16 codecentric Advanced
Deploying Pull Requests with Docker
The Git repositories in my current project are hosted on Bitbucket Cloud. Any code changes have to go through pull requests. Jenkins builds ...
13-01-2017 09:23:31 codecentric Advanced
Web frameworks and how to survive them
SUMMARY: Frameworks that help build the web apps of tomorrow must keep up with all powerful new technology there is on offer. At some point ...
12-01-2017 16:05:03 codecentric Advanced
Must have libraries for Android
There are a few libraries for Android, which implement a lot of widely used features and concepts from the well known Java ecosystem for les...
11-01-2017 08:02:48 codecentric Advanced
Hello gRPC! (with ScalaPB)
gRPC is a modern RPC framework developed by Google. It picks up the traditional idea of RPC frameworks call remote methods as easily as if t...
10-01-2017 12:14:34 codecentric Advanced
6 reasons for native Android development
2016 was yet again a successful year for the mobile device market. The operating systems Android and iOS together reach a market coverage of...
04-01-2017 07:45:40 codecentric Advanced
Topic Modeling of the codecentric Blog Articles
The major part of big data is unstructured data. When an organization wants to leverage its data or external information from social media w...
03-01-2017 09:30:14 codecentric Advanced
Running Spring Boot Apps on Windows with Ansible
There are times you have to use a Windows box instead of your accustomed Linux machine to run your Spring Boot app on. Maybe you have to cal...
02-01-2017 04:13:30 codecentric Advanced
Let's build a Spotify GraphQL Server
GitHub built a GraphQL API server. You can write your own, too. This article shows how to write a GraphQL Server for Spotify: How a simple E...
01-01-2017 12:19:38 codecentric Advanced
Robot Framework Tutorial 2016 – Wrap-Up and Conclusion
Robot Framework Tutorial 2016 Part 1: Installation Part 2: Keywords Part 3: Implementing Keywords in Java Part 4: Selenium2Library as a drop...
22-12-2016 12:33:53 codecentric Advanced

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