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Integration testing strategies for Spring Boot microservices part 2
This is the second part of my earlier post about strategies for integration-testing Spring Boot applications that consist of multiple (rest)...
27-02-2017 12:20:46 codecentric Advanced
Robot Framework Web-Template – Selenium2, PhantomJS, Basic Authentification
This article is an up-to-date version of Robot Framework A complete example" from 2012. Even though a lot of things from that article are st...
24-02-2017 13:33:07 codecentric Advanced
Ad hoc polymorphism in Scala for the mere mortals
In this blog post we are going to discuss ad hoc polymorphism and the Type Class Pattern in Scala in very simple terms. No knowledge of alge...
23-02-2017 13:19:59 codecentric Advanced
CQRS and Event Sourcing with Lagom
Lagom is the new microservices framework from Lightbend (formerly Typesafe, the company behind Scala and Akka). The framework and the concep...
16-02-2017 08:48:15 codecentric Advanced
Crossing the Streams - Joins in Apache Kafka
Version 0.10.0 of the popular message broker Apache Kafka saw the introduction of Kafka Streams. In its initial release, the Streams-API ena...
15-02-2017 09:31:13 codecentric Advanced
Integration testing strategies for Spring Boot microservices
SUMMARY: Unit tests are a necessary condition to clean code, but today's convention-over-configura tion frameworks like Spring Boot are ofte...
13-02-2017 09:28:31 codecentric Advanced
My 100th post on the codecentric blog :-)
Today this will be a "slightly different" blog post than usual. That is because this very post will be an anniversary for me personally as i...
24-01-2017 16:12:18 codecentric Advanced
Flyway Tutorial – Execute Migrations using Maven
This is the second part of our threepart series on Flyway. The first part showing the installation, basic concepts and a sample project can ...
20-01-2017 14:31:56 codecentric Advanced
SMACK stack from the trenches
This is going to be a sum-up of the experience gathered on various projects done with the SMACK stack. For details about the SMACK stack you...
19-01-2017 11:28:05 codecentric Advanced
Flyway Tutorial – Managing Database Migrations
Many software projects are still using relational databases as an important part of their technology stack. This typically requires the hand...
16-01-2017 07:44:16 codecentric Advanced

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