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Getting efficient with code and IDEs
Have you ever wondered why people use their Integrated Development Environment (IDE) in other ways than you do? Noticed people being dramati...
05-10-2021 08:59:17 codecentric Advanced
C# - Creating an interface for a class automatically
The last few years have seen a huge proliferation of interfaces for C# classes. These interfaces are very useful for DI, testing and mocking...
04-10-2021 09:50:06 codecentric Advanced
AsyncAPI - Documentation of event- and message-driven architectures
Most applications today are distributed and loosely coupled - which in turn means that the architecture consists of many self-contained comp...
27-09-2021 09:16:36 codecentric Advanced
Speed up your CI/CD jobs in Kubernetes
A performant and well integrated CI/CD environment is one of the key factors for fast and agile software development. To achieve short feedb...
03-09-2021 08:45:50 codecentric Advanced
Overview of hardened container base images
How to choose the best container base image? What does "best" mean in this context? This blog post will not try to determine the best base i...
10-08-2021 06:30:42 codecentric Advanced
API first services with Spring Boot
In several posts, I've touched on the API first paradigm. I would now like to review the basic statements of API first before we take a look...
06-08-2021 09:39:39 codecentric Advanced
Failure on demand - Scenes from an agile transformation
In this blog post, we want to show why agile transformations fail, illustrating various situations that unfortunately still occur far too of...
15-07-2021 09:41:50 codecentric Advanced
Site Reliability Engineering: Running software in production
Lately, Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) has been getting a lot of attention. With SRE came metrics such as Service-Level Objective (SLO),...
02-07-2021 05:47:53 codecentric Advanced
Structuring serverless applications in the cloud
Serverless is a model in which cloud providers are solely responsible for operating the infrastructure. Compute resources are structured int...
25-06-2021 10:24:01 codecentric Advanced
API first - now even faster!
In my last post on APIOps, I looked at API first as a strategy for designing APIs. But how can APIs created in this way be found and standar...
15-06-2021 14:08:04 codecentric Advanced

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