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Measuring collaboration tool success – Still a fool with a tool? – Part 2 of 2
Recap In the first part of this blog post, we have integrated motivations and best practices for using collaboration tools into a measuremen...
07-01-2021 09:08:33 codecentric Advanced
Measuring collaboration tool success – Still a fool with a tool? – Part 1 of 2
"Knowledge-worker productivity is the biggest of the 21st century management challenges." - Realized by Peter Drucker as early as 1999, the ...
06-01-2021 10:10:10 codecentric Advanced
NER with little data? Transformers to the rescue!
How do you solve deep learning problems with too little labelled data? The answer, of course, is transfer learning. In this post, we will ap...
14-12-2020 16:06:42 codecentric Advanced
Goodbye Dockerfile: Cloud Native Buildpacks with & layered jars for Spring Boot
Containers are industry standard today. But how often do we try to write our own Dockerfiles again and again? Cloud Native Buildpacks with P...
30-11-2020 04:21:46 codecentric Advanced
The how of monitoring your services
Lately, there was a lot of discussion about SLAs, SLOs and SLIs. As this article states it is hard to define the correct SLOs and SLIs. This...
17-11-2020 21:32:59 codecentric Advanced
Spring Boot Apps with Kong API Gateway using OpenAPI & Declarative Configuration
No matter what architecture you're planning to build: an API Gateway is mostly part of a modern setup. So why not connect your Spring Boot a...
16-11-2020 06:55:39 codecentric Advanced
Take control of named entity recognition with you own Keras model!
This post shows how to extract information from text documents with the high-level deep learning library Keras: we build, train and evaluate...
13-11-2020 20:49:22 codecentric Advanced
IIoT product development: lessons from past projects
In this overview article on industrial IoT product development we will guide you along the essential questions and directions to consider. W...
11-11-2020 12:46:49 codecentric Advanced
NER @ CLI: Custom named entity recognition with spaCy in four lines
Named entity recognition is a technical term for a solution to a key automation problem: extraction of information from text. Applications i...
06-11-2020 20:08:11 codecentric Advanced
codecentric's HR Synergy Solution: A modern, unified and fully customizable HR solution
Your HR deserves better HR employees have to deal with lots of activities and services that seem disconnected, at least from a technical poi...
22-10-2020 14:29:43 codecentric Advanced

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