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Pair programming without keyboard
Pairing in general and pair programming in particular is an essential practice of XP. Unfortunately, pairing is closely associated with codi...
30-03-2020 07:19:11 codecentric Advanced
Gamified security with
At current (quaran)times, with all our staff in remote working environments, it's fairly hard for us infosec people to get real hands on in ...
26-03-2020 08:08:59 codecentric Advanced
How to access VR experiences from different platforms – – Virtual Interaction Room part 11
If you want to catch up with earlier episodes of this blog article series, here is a link collection: 1. value proposition and assets 2. usa...
25-03-2020 16:53:53 codecentric Advanced
Insomnia Plugin Hub 1.0
Recently I introduced the Insomnia REST client in another blogpost (Sorry, this has been german only!). As mentioned there, this client is c...
24-03-2020 08:29:17 codecentric Advanced
Remote teamwork - experience report from a distributed team
This blog post is something we had on our to-do list for such a long time that it feels like forever: sharing all the learnings about day-to...
23-03-2020 14:36:29 codecentric Advanced
Home Office akut - 3 erfolgreiche Schritte für plötzliche Remote-Arbeit
Dieser Blogpost richtet sich an alle, deren Teams und Abteilungen pl tzlich im Home Office arbeiten m ssen und die damit wenig Erfahrungen h...
18-03-2020 09:04:28 codecentric Advanced
Working remotely: I want my shared whiteboard!
I am one of those people who always jump to the whiteboard to scribble and draw. It does not matter whether I am talking or listening. When ...
17-03-2020 09:42:09 codecentric Advanced
Kofax Transformation Modules: Natural Language Processing, Stimmungen und Entitäten
Kofax Transformation Modules (KTM) bietet diverse Werkzeuge, um Dokumente zu klassifizieren und Daten zu extrahieren. Diese Werkzeuge wurden...
16-03-2020 14:19:33 codecentric Advanced
We Made our Homework - What Are the Next Steps? - part 4
First: the most important step for a company is to identify the user's pain points or particular frustration, rather than focussing on the a...
16-03-2020 07:51:51 codecentric Advanced
OOD-Prinzipien in Angular
Angular ist seit einigen Jahren eines der beliebtesten JavaScript-Frameworks zur Erstellung von Single Page Applications. W hrend viele Java...
15-03-2020 22:58:26 codecentric Advanced

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