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Validating Topic Configurations in Apache Kafka
Messages in Apache Kafka are appended to (partitions of) a topic. Topics have a partition count, a replication factor and various other conf...
07-12-2017 09:16:33 codecentric Advanced
Penetration Test Training – Quaoar
For anyone interested in Penetration Testing and IT Security, there is the need to test the theoretical skills you might have acquired. To g...
05-12-2017 09:31:28 codecentric Advanced
Developing modern offline apps with ReactJS, Redux and Electron – Part 3 – ReactJS + Redux
In the last article we introduced you to the core features and concepts of React. We also talked about the possibility to save data in the c...
03-12-2017 07:03:06 codecentric Advanced
Angular – bane of my SPA?
When it comes to SPAs (Single Page Applications), very often you hear "Angular" in the same or the following sentence. Due to my projects, I...
01-12-2017 12:40:51 codecentric Advanced
Hello MQTT Version 5.0!
At 09-08-2017 the OASIS MQTT Technical Committee announced that MQTT Version 5.0 is now available for public review and comment until Septem...
30-11-2017 21:47:20 codecentric Advanced
API management with Kong
Utilising APIs to foster innovation and to create new business opportunities is not a new concept. A lot of success stories from eBay, Netfl...
23-11-2017 10:01:22 codecentric Advanced
Dynamic Validation with Spring Boot Validation
Serverside validation is not only a way to prevent eventual attacks on a system, it also helps ensuring data quality. In the Java environmen...
22-11-2017 10:06:07 codecentric Advanced
Elegant delegates in Kotlin
Kotlin has given us some really killer features. Some are obviously useful (null safety), while others come with a warning, like operator ov...
15-11-2017 09:52:13 codecentric Advanced
Penetration Test Training – LazySysAdmin: 1 (vanilla style)
and Kai Herings Good morning everyone Today we're going to start out training session with a fairly decent image from LazySysAdm...
13-11-2017 06:02:22 codecentric Advanced
Microservices with Nomad and Consul
Companies want to deliver software faster and be able to deploy different parts of their system autonomously. Therefore they are splitting t...
08-11-2017 11:48:50 codecentric Advanced

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