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Adopting omni-channel communication – part I: necessity
We are living in a time of rapid and disruptive technological breakthroughs. Recent technologies and approaches including Blockchain, Intern...
05-06-2020 10:58:00 codecentric Advanced
Cost-effective batch jobs on AWS' serverless infrastructure
There are batch jobs that require much engineering and fine-tuning on serious hardware to make them feasible. However, many batch jobs run o...
04-06-2020 11:37:02 codecentric Advanced
Running Spring Boot GraalVM Native Images with Docker & Heroku
Combining Spring Boot with the benefits of GraalVM Native Images is really cool. But how about doing all that magic inside a Docker containe...
02-06-2020 04:14:03 codecentric Advanced
Thinking AI means re-thinking data
While doing AI is sexy and cool, data infrastructure is typically not considered any of this. However, production-grade machine learning app...
28-05-2020 09:07:32 codecentric Advanced
PayPal Integration with React Native
INTRO In this blog post we will share some of our learnings during the process of integrating PayPal in React Native application. We will ad...
26-05-2020 09:29:41 codecentric Advanced
Modern solutions to manage large-scale projects in 2020
In the previous post, we reviewed most common problems with using Excel or out-of-the-box project management tools in large-scale projects. ...
25-05-2020 09:41:48 codecentric Advanced
Implementing and testing an Angular feature flag directive
Introduction An important goal of agile software development is to shorten the user feedback loop. To achieve that you want to release your ...
19-05-2020 09:32:27 codecentric Advanced
How NOT to manage large and complex projects in 2020
Today, modern solutions offer a valuable infrastructure for managing complex projects and end-to-end processes. This is achieved by providin...
18-05-2020 09:35:39 codecentric Advanced
Kick-start your microservice project with JHipster
I recently looked for a solution on how to prototype a customer project in a short time and came across JHipster. The target architecture us...
13-05-2020 10:41:52 codecentric Advanced
Running Spring Boot apps as GraalVM Native Images
All those Micronaut, & Co. frameworks sound great! But Spring is the undisputed forerunner in Enterprise Java. Wouldn't it be gre...
07-05-2020 12:50:21 codecentric Advanced

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