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Prevent acceptance tests becoming a time sink
So in a average IT project something like acceptance test comes up sooner or later. Which is a good thing because we want to be sure about t...
22-11-2016 16:38:51 codecentric Advanced
A short history in Version Control Systems – RCS, ClearCase, SVN, Git
Let's start this post with a question: Have you worked productively with RCS in any software development project? If the answer is "yes" tha...
18-11-2016 16:17:44 codecentric Advanced
Continuous Delivery Patterns: Building your application inside a Docker container
Let me be clear: This post is not about building a Docker container for your application it is about building your application inside a cont...
16-11-2016 09:14:08 codecentric Advanced
How to setup iOS 10 Local Notification
A short introduction to notifications Notifications are part of iOS for a long time, but iOS 10 brings us a way to present custom notificati...
14-11-2016 14:51:46 codecentric Advanced
(J)Unit Testing Principles
This article is about basic principles for Java JUnit tests. Even though most of the following principles are probably also true for unit te...
11-11-2016 17:41:17 codecentric Advanced
Highly available VIPs on OpenStack VMs with VRRP
Introduction Virtual IPs (VIPs) are widely used to enable high availabilty for IT infrastructure services. Although the use case is very com...
11-11-2016 11:38:35 codecentric Advanced
New features in iOS 10 Notifications
This text mostly focuses on the local notifications and what we can do in UIViewController in Notification Content Extension. Notifications ...
07-11-2016 09:14:39 codecentric Advanced
Automatic termination of an insurance contract – how Kofax KTM may help
One of our insurance customers uses Kofax Capture and Kofax Transformation Modules (KTM) to capture and classify incoming documents (corresp...
27-10-2016 07:22:19 codecentric Advanced
Learning from experiments: Implementing an Atlassian Connect add-on with Mule
This year I got the chance to gain some experiences with Atlassian Connect and also Mule/the Anypoint Platform. These two things have nothin...
25-10-2016 09:51:03 codecentric Advanced
Full-stack Swift – Part 2
In the first part of this blog post, we have successfully built a simple Vapor web server. Now we are going to complement it with an iOS app...
24-10-2016 09:40:09 codecentric Advanced

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