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Document classification, data extraction and everything
Over time, a lot of posts about document classification and data extraction, using Kofax, among other products, have been published in the c...
21-08-2019 09:00:18 codecentric Advanced
Core ML - inference on iOS
In machine learning, we are training a model for a particular task, e.g. distinguishing dogs and cats in pictures. Inference refers to the a...
20-08-2019 08:56:53 codecentric Advanced
Spring Boot on Heroku with Docker, JDK 11 & Maven 3.5.x
If you don't know Heroku already, you'll get to love it soon! But wait - do you run Spring Boot apps based on JDK 11+? Do you build them wit...
19-08-2019 05:09:06 codecentric Advanced
Understanding the AWS Lambda SQS integration
Introduction AWS offers different components for building scalable, reliable, and secure cloud applications. Lambda is a service to execute ...
12-08-2019 10:20:57 codecentric Advanced
Developing AWS locally with Serverless Offline Plugins
You are using the Serverless Framework on AWS? Did you know that you can develop on your local machine as well with little effort? For this ...
09-08-2019 07:57:38 codecentric Advanced
Building your own serverless functions with k3s and OpenFaaS on Raspberry Pi
In recent years, lots of new programming paradigms have emerged - going from monolithic architectures towards microservices and now serverle...
07-08-2019 09:33:21 codecentric Advanced
Hands-On Spark Intro: Cross Join Customers and Products with Business Logic
In this blog post, I want to share my aha moments with you I had during the development of my first (Py) Spark application. We do this by an...
06-08-2019 10:04:03 codecentric Advanced
Serverless plugins – Automatic generation of monitoring dashboards
The Serverless framework defines a meta language on top of the Infrastructure as Code (IaC) services of many Cloud Service Providers (CSP). ...
31-07-2019 14:44:50 codecentric Advanced
React Native Animated with Hooks
An important part of mobile applications is animations. Good animations first of all need to have a purpose. Then, they should be incorporat...
29-07-2019 12:55:25 codecentric Advanced
Move n-gram extraction into your Keras model!
Move n-gram extraction into your Keras model! In a project on large-scale text classification, a colleague of mine significantly raised the ...
19-07-2019 17:50:25 codecentric Advanced

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