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Testing AWS python code with moto
In this article I want to share with you how moto hooks into boto3 and how you can use it to test existing python code which interacts with ...
20-01-2020 09:07:43 codecentric Advanced
Seven ways of handling image and machine learning data with AWS Sagemaker and S3
If you start using AWS machine learning services, you will have to dive into data handling with AWS Sagemaker and S3. We want to show you se...
17-01-2020 12:18:40 codecentric Advanced
VR Virtual Interaction Room – part 6
Previously Today, I am going to share our insights about entry barriers for VR virtual interaction rooms. I want to extend the VR moderator ...
15-01-2020 20:28:11 codecentric Advanced
RFC-7807 problem details with Spring Boot and JAX-RS
Application specific problems, e.g. a missing field in a client request, have to be handled properly with machine readable and human friendl...
10-01-2020 12:36:10 codecentric Advanced
Hyperledger Fabric CouchDB is killing my cloud storage bills
Hyperledger Fabric is a nice DLT platform and offers great customization options. One of which is the ability to choose different databases ...
09-01-2020 16:27:25 codecentric Advanced
Brave new container world – an overview
The container ecosystem changes virtualization and the way we work as software developers by providing us with new possibilities to build, d...
07-01-2020 11:14:08 codecentric Advanced
VR Virtual Interaction Room – part 5
Previously In this episode of the blog series "VR virtual interaction room", I would like to share some experiences which are not software-r...
01-01-2020 16:24:20 codecentric Advanced
Lessons learned from a successful project
As consultants, we are always focussed on the next thing to improve, so it's easy to forget to celebrate our successes. We should pay specia...
31-12-2019 09:45:49 codecentric Advanced
Axon replaying made easy with endpoints
The event store is at the heart of any event sourced application. It contains every event that occurred in the lifetime of your system. Thos...
23-12-2019 10:34:49 codecentric Advanced
Publishing application metrics to CloudWatch using Micrometer
Why metrics? In my post about Quality attributes in software we introduced observability as an important quality attribute of modern softwar...
21-12-2019 09:04:48 codecentric Advanced

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