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How to secure a GraphQL service using persisted queries
GraphQL is a rising query language that gives clients the power to ask for what they need and get exactly that in a single request. In theor...
01-05-2020 09:32:26 codecentric Advanced
Team-oriented development
Team-oriented development (TOD) is a term we coined to describe flexible development within a team. As we experimented in our team, we found...
28-04-2020 09:02:51 codecentric Advanced
Golang, Gin & MongoDB - Building microservices easily
Golang, a.k.a. Go, has been around in the industry for quite some time now, but people are still reluctant to just go ahead and use it. To h...
22-04-2020 09:34:35 codecentric Advanced
Evaluating machine learning models: The issue with test data sets
Machine learning technologies can be used successfully and practically in a corporate environment. A concrete, manageable use case and thus ...
21-04-2020 10:15:53 codecentric Advanced
Google's and Apple's contact tracing
Technology-based contact tracing is currently heavily discussed by experts in various fields. In the light of the ongoing coronavirus pandem...
17-04-2020 16:07:51 codecentric Advanced
Selecting the right hardware for embedded development of open-source protocol adapters
With Apache PLC4X we are currently able to access almost any industrial PLC from the Java world. This is great, but we do know that there is...
16-04-2020 08:59:23 codecentric Advanced
Facilitating remote workshops with Zoom
Facilitating workshops that are completely remote pose a new kind of challenge. There are some things I have learned in the last weeks that ...
15-04-2020 09:16:11 codecentric Advanced
Kofax Transformation Modules: Natural Language Processing, sentiments and entities
Kofax Transformation Modules (KTM) offers several tools for document classification and data extraction. There are some older blog articles ...
07-04-2020 07:43:03 codecentric Advanced
Death, downturn and dramatic digitalisation - COVID-19's legacy-to-be
The coronavirus is thrusting society towards digitalisation. Expect many changes to remain long after the crisis has gone. Mike Chang, Produ...
06-04-2020 07:53:54 codecentric Advanced
Gamified security with DevOops
Today we're going to learn how to hack our way into the DevOops machine at hackthebox. If you want to know more about hackthebox, see the fi...
03-04-2020 08:58:49 codecentric Advanced

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