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Machine Learning: Moving from Experiments to Production
Judging by the many 5-minute tutorials for bringing a trained model into production, such a move should be an easy task. However, there are ...
19-03-2019 11:59:15 codecentric Advanced
Behaviour-driven development (BDD) of an Alexa Skill with Cucumber.js – Part 1
In this blog article we will learn how to do behaviour-driven development (BDD) of an Alexa Skill utilizing the Cucumber.js framework. Why d...
18-03-2019 09:29:09 codecentric Advanced
Flutter - the new mobile promise
If you've worked with technology for a couple of years, you've probably lived through your fair share of hypes and "Technobabble". So before...
14-03-2019 11:45:37 codecentric Advanced
A walkthrough of DVC
This post is on how to systematially organize Machine Learning (ML) model development. A model's performance improves when, e.g., you tune i...
13-03-2019 12:04:33 codecentric Advanced
Convolutional neural networks for damage detection
Damage detection from sensor data is at the basis of predictive maintenance. Mainly, one needs to discriminate the normal from the anomalous...
11-03-2019 11:01:40 codecentric Advanced
Docker & Angular: Dockerizing your Angular app easily
Docker is an open platform for developing, shipping, and running applications. This enables you to separate applications from the infrastruc...
06-03-2019 10:33:05 codecentric Advanced
Spot mismatches between your spec and your REST-API with hikaku
If you provide a REST-API and you create it contract-first you either use an approach that involves code generation or you have to find anot...
05-03-2019 11:02:29 codecentric Advanced
How to package your frontend in a Spring Boot App with ParcelJS
There are numerous ways to integrate frontend code in Spring-Boot-based web applications. One of them was recently demonstrated by our blog ...
28-02-2019 09:44:27 codecentric Advanced
Feature toggles in a microservice environment – Part 1: Benefits and drawbacks
Most of us have experienced the problem of picking the right moment to release a new feature; when will deploying the new version of the art...
27-02-2019 08:44:27 codecentric Advanced
Going serverless: How to move files from on-prem SFTP to AWS S3
Motivation It is not so rare that we as developers land in a project where the customer uses SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) for exchangin...
26-02-2019 11:51:40 codecentric Advanced

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