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How to define AI? – 
Using the Turing Test to measure human-like intelligence in machines
Although everyone has an intuitive way of understanding what AI means, the term is somehow difficult to grasp in its whole complexity. One e...
21-06-2019 14:31:52 codecentric Advanced
Angular Components - An in-depth look
The Angular framework has been around for a while and many common design patterns have been applied to it. This article will cover some of t...
18-06-2019 11:38:10 codecentric Advanced
Test driven development: theory and practice
As of today, test driven development (TDD) is an integral practice in many software projects. However, this practice is still difficult to m...
13-06-2019 13:13:38 codecentric Advanced
Testing your database migrations with Flyway and Testcontainers
Why Database Migrations? Database migrations are usually a combination of schema and data migrations in databases. A schema migration denote...
07-06-2019 12:56:05 codecentric Advanced
Docker demystified
Introduction Since its open source launch in 2013, Docker became one of the most popular pieces of technology out there. A lot of companies ...
04-06-2019 10:10:06 codecentric Advanced
A good password
Passwords are (one of) the biggest pain(s) in today's IT security. They are a factor of life, and the modern lifestyle requires us to have a...
03-06-2019 15:25:13 codecentric Advanced
Cooking recipes for web applications with Node.js, Express.js and TypeScript - Part 2
This article and the code examples build on the first part of the article series. Have you already read it? This article, the second part, d...
31-05-2019 07:19:22 codecentric Advanced
Feature toggles in a microservice environment – Part 2: Implementation
In part one of this series Benefits and Drawbacks we discussed the effects of using Feature toggles. They provide greater flexibility when d...
27-05-2019 16:03:52 codecentric Advanced
Data crawlers in business platforms
Intro Business nowadays is changing rapidly, and the market demands constant change and fast adoption. In order to support new modern requir...
22-05-2019 16:04:58 codecentric Advanced
Ten cognitive biases to look out for as a developer
Introduction Cognitive biases can be viewed as bugs in our thinking when collecting, processing, and interpreting information. From an evolu...
21-05-2019 09:05:58 codecentric Advanced

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