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Lombok - you should definitely give it a try
Lombok is not a new thing in a Java ecosystem, but I must admit I always underestimated its value until I tried it or I was "convienced" to ...
13-09-2017 00:51:41 codeleak (Rafal Borowiec) Advanced
Remote debugging Wildfly application in IntelliJ
Remote debugging a Java application means connecting to the remotely running application using your local development environment. Java supp...
23-06-2017 01:09:15 codeleak (Rafal Borowiec) Advanced
Cleaner parameterized tests with JUnit 5
The general idea of parameterized unit tests is to run the same test method for different data. Creating parameterized tests in JUnit 4 is f...
08-06-2017 01:38:03 codeleak (Rafal Borowiec) Advanced
Testing exceptions with JUnit 5
JUnit 5 brought pretty awesome improvements and it differs a lot from its predecessor. JUnit 5 requires Java 8 at runtime hence Lambda expre...
06-06-2017 23:51:10 codeleak (Rafal Borowiec) Advanced
Thymeleaf 3 Standard Layout System Improvements
Thymeleaf 3 improved Standard Layout System so that creating layouts is more flexible as ever before. Read more
25-04-2017 21:54:56 codeleak (Rafal Borowiec) Advanced
Spring Boot and Security Events with Actuator
Spring Boot Actuator provides auditing capabilities for publishing and listening to security related events in a Spring Boot application wit...
17-03-2017 01:36:27 codeleak (Rafal Borowiec) Advanced
Getting started with Thymeleaf 3 text templates
Text ((org.thymeleaf.templatem ode.TemplateMode#TEXT)) templates in Thymeleaf allow creating templates with no markup. Such templates can be...
08-03-2017 00:19:42 codeleak (Rafal Borowiec) Advanced
Spring Boot - Configure Log Level in runtime using actuator endpoint
As of Spring Boot 1.5 a new loggers actuator endpoint allows viewing and changing application logging levels in runtime. Read more
06-03-2017 23:47:24 codeleak (Rafal Borowiec) Advanced
Spring Boot and Thymeleaf: Reload templates and static resources without restarting the application
Thymeleaf was designed around the concept of Natural Templates that allows static prototyping: template logic doesn't affect the template fr...
06-12-2016 23:15:56 codeleak (Rafal Borowiec) Advanced
Angular2 Typescript Webpack Quickstart
Get started quickly with Angular2 Typescript and Webpack: A skeleton / seed Angular2 application that was created by following the official ...
30-09-2016 00:36:19 codeleak (Rafal Borowiec) Advanced

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