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macOS: Insert current date shortcut with `` in macOS is a tool for automating repetitive tasks. It has a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface and supports tasks such as ...
04-02-2023 19:47:05 codeleak (Rafal Borowiec) Advanced
Frontend code analysis with SonarQube
SonarQube is an open-source tool for continuous code quality inspection that analyzes code for defects, vulnerabilities, and code smells. It...
15-01-2023 11:34:48 codeleak (Rafal Borowiec) Advanced
Manage multiple Java SDKs with asdf with ease
asdf is a helpful command-line tool that allows you to manage and switch between different versions of programming language runtimes includi...
02-01-2023 02:34:21 codeleak (Rafal Borowiec) Advanced
Parameterized tests in JavaScript with Jest
Parameterized tests are used to to test the same code under different conditions. One can set up a test method that retrieves data from a da...
05-12-2021 15:41:17 codeleak (Rafal Borowiec) Advanced
Testing exceptions in JavaScript with Jest
Testing exceptions in JavaScript with JestRead more
19-11-2021 12:44:40 codeleak (Rafal Borowiec) Advanced
Getting started with Github Actions: Run JUnit 5 tests in a Java project with Maven
Github Actions is a CI/CD service provided by Github and it is free for public repositories. For private repositories, each GitHub account r...
17-06-2020 13:01:23 codeleak (Rafal Borowiec) Advanced
macOS: Notes app tips that may improve your daily workflow
After switching from Windows to macOS in 2019 I also changed my default note taking app from OneNote to macOS build-in I wasn't s...
19-05-2020 22:12:43 codeleak (Rafal Borowiec) Advanced
Convert time unit to duration in Java
java.util.concurrent.TimeU nit represents time durations in Java at a given unit of granularity and provides utility methods to convert acro...
16-05-2020 18:48:49 codeleak (Rafal Borowiec) Advanced
Switch as an expression in Java with Lambda-like syntax
As of Java 14, the switch expression has an additional Lambda-like (case ... -> labels) syntax and it can be used not only as a statement, b...
14-05-2020 21:48:38 codeleak (Rafal Borowiec) Advanced

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