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Parameterized tests in JavaScript with Jest
Parameterized tests are used to to test the same code under different conditions. One can set up a test method that retrieves data from a da...
05-12-2021 15:41:17 codeleak (Rafal Borowiec) Advanced
Testing exceptions in JavaScript with Jest
Testing exceptions in JavaScript with JestRead more
19-11-2021 12:44:40 codeleak (Rafal Borowiec) Advanced
Getting started with Github Actions: Run JUnit 5 tests in a Java project with Maven
Github Actions is a CI/CD service provided by Github and it is free for public repositories. For private repositories, each GitHub account r...
17-06-2020 13:01:23 codeleak (Rafal Borowiec) Advanced
macOS: Notes app tips that may improve your daily workflow
After switching from Windows to macOS in 2019 I also changed my default note taking app from OneNote to macOS build-in I wasn't s...
19-05-2020 22:12:43 codeleak (Rafal Borowiec) Advanced
Convert time unit to duration in Java
java.util.concurrent.TimeU nit represents time durations in Java at a given unit of granularity and provides utility methods to convert acro...
16-05-2020 18:48:49 codeleak (Rafal Borowiec) Advanced
Switch as an expression in Java with Lambda-like syntax
As of Java 14, the switch expression has an additional Lambda-like (case ... -> labels) syntax and it can be used not only as a statement, b...
14-05-2020 21:48:38 codeleak (Rafal Borowiec) Advanced
Record type in Java
JDK 14, released in March 2020, introduced records (preview language feature) which provide a compact syntax for declaring classes whose mai...
13-05-2020 22:47:16 codeleak (Rafal Borowiec) Advanced
macOS: sync files between two volumes using launchd and rsync
Backing up and syncing files and directories between drives is pretty common use case for many users. In this quick tutorial you will learn ...
07-05-2020 00:21:27 codeleak (Rafal Borowiec) Advanced
Spring Boot tests with Testcontainers and PostgreSQL, MySQL or MariaDB
Testcontainers is a Java library that allows integrating Docker containers in JUnit tests with ease. In a Containerized World, there is litt...
31-03-2020 01:24:09 codeleak (Rafal Borowiec) Advanced

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