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Relationship Between Streams and Tables
In this blog post, we're going to look deeper into adding state. Along the way, we'll get introduced to new abstraction, the KTable, after w...
29-09-2017 04:15:39 coding junkie (Bill Bejeck) Beginners
Creating a Yelling App in Kafka Streams
This blog post will quickly get you off the ground and show you how Kafka Streams works. We're going to make a toy application that takes in...
06-09-2017 04:40:52 coding junkie (Bill Bejeck) Beginners
Applying Kafka Streams to the Purchase Transaction Flow
Maybe you know a bit about Kafka and/or Kafka Streams (and maybe you don't and are burning up with anticipation ). Rather than tell you abou...
29-03-2017 03:41:47 coding junkie (Bill Bejeck) Beginners
Machine Learning With Kafka Streams
The last two posts on Kafka Streams (Kafka Processor API, KStreams DSL) introduced kafka streams and described how to get started using the ...
29-04-2016 06:56:43 coding junkie (Bill Bejeck) Beginners
Kafka Streams - the KStreams API
The last post covered the new Kafka Streams library, specifically the "low-level" Processor API. This time we are going to cover the "high-l...
27-03-2016 05:14:57 coding junkie (Bill Bejeck) Beginners
Introducing the Kafka Processor Client
If you work on systems delivering large quatinties of data, you have probably heard of Kafka if you aren't using it already. At a very high ...
02-03-2016 04:29:03 coding junkie (Bill Bejeck) Beginners
Java 8 CompletableFutures Part I
When Java 8 was released a while ago, a great concurrency tool was added, the CompletableFuture class. The CompletableFuture is a Future tha...
23-01-2016 20:03:15 coding junkie (Bill Bejeck) Beginners
Scripting Tmux for Kafka
I ve known about tmux for some time now, but I kept putting off working with it. Lately I ve started looking at the Processor API available ...
11-12-2015 15:51:15 coding junkie (Bill Bejeck) Beginners
Working With Java 8 Optionals
In this post we are going to cover working with the Optional class introduced in Java 8. The introduction of Optional was new only to Java. ...
30-10-2015 13:21:50 coding junkie (Bill Bejeck) Beginners
Guava ImmutableCollections, Multimaps and Java 8 Collectors
In this post we are going to discuss creating custom Collector instances. The Collector interface was introduced in the pac...
23-10-2015 10:54:47 coding junkie (Bill Bejeck) Beginners

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