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How to create a multi module project with a Maven archetype generated from existing project
Did you find yourself one or several times, copying your favourite java project, renaming it, removing files, keeping some best practice cla...
04-12-2017 07:47:20 codingpedia Beginners
Parallel calls with async-await in javascript - I promise you all performance and simplicity
Some days ago, I presented how the code got much cleaner when I replaced Mongoose callbacks with the async-await feature from ES7, which Nod...
12-11-2017 00:10:45 codingpedia Beginners
Jax-RS REST Client example with Basic Authentication
Jax-RS REST Client example demonstrating how to GET a resource with a query parameter. The resource is secured with Basic Authentication. Ja...
11-11-2017 00:32:09 codingpedia Beginners
Cleaner code in NodeJs with async-await - Mongoose calls example
A lot has been written already about the transition from callbacks to promises and now to the new async/await1 feature in ES7. "The purpose ...
05-11-2017 12:44:13 codingpedia Beginners
How to redirect domain to www url with nginx
This post presents the configuration snippet from nginx that redirects all request to : # redirect HTTP to www server { listen 80 default_se...
17-09-2017 21:45:34 codingpedia Beginners
How to insert a document in mongodb in java - example
This blog post presents a simple example showing how to insert a document in mongodb, in the Java language. The code examples are taken from...
28-07-2017 06:58:54 codingpedia Beginners
Free Programming Books are now on
I am really happy to announce that we've reached and surpassed our goal of 1Mb of #codingmarks. This was possible by importing the free prog...
17-07-2017 09:22:44 codingpedia Beginners
How to configure Nginx in production to serve an Angular app and reverse proxy NodeJS
In this guide we are going to: install the latest NGINX version in Ubuntu 16.04.1 understand configuration files generate SSL certificates a...
22-05-2017 07:26:04 codingpedia Beginners
Fast, faster, Angular CLI - how I converted my Angular project to use Angular CLI
Last week I migrated the codingmarks project to use Angular CLI and it's awesome. Initially it was based on Angular Seed with Webpack - preb...
04-05-2017 07:12:18 codingpedia Beginners
The alias way to backup mysql database from command line
As I have told you before, I am really hooked on bash aliases1. This blog emphasizes this point and shows how to make a MySql database backu...
03-04-2017 21:22:20 codingpedia Beginners

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