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How to deploy an application on Wildfly/JBoss EAP 7 via the Wildfly Maven Plugin
This post shows how to deploy a Java EE application on a WildFly or JBoss EAP 7 via the WildFly Maven Plugin1. You can use this plugin to de...
17-01-2017 21:58:03 codingpedia Beginners
How to install MySQL 5.7 Server on Ubuntu 16.04
This is not the first time I need to install and configure a MySql Community Server on a fresh system with Ubuntu (16.04) running on it. So ...
14-01-2017 11:09:22 codingpedia Beginners
How to build the right smoke test REST service in Java EE with Maven
This post describes how to develop a Java EE REST service, usually part of a REST API backend, that will provide information about the curre...
19-12-2016 07:17:45 codingpedia Beginners
How to enable the CORS Filter in RESTEasy
In this post I will shortly present how to enable the provided RESTEasy CORS Filter in a REST API backend application. Well, it is officiall...
30-09-2016 17:22:40 codingpedia Beginners
How to migrate a Java EE REST API from JBoss EAP 6 to EAP 7
In this post I will briefly describe the steps and issues encountered when migrating a Java EE REST API from JBoss EAP 6 to JBoss EAP 7 - th...
04-09-2016 21:26:23 codingpedia Beginners
How to handle multiple authors in Jekyll
One of my main concern when I considered the migration from Wordpress to Jekyll was how would I be able to handle multiple authors, because ...
10-08-2016 08:07:37 codingpedia Beginners
How to migrate programming blog from Wordpress to Jekyll
In this post, I will give my two cents on migrating a programming blog from Wordpress1 to Jekyll2, namely I will list and detail the main st...
30-07-2016 07:25:23 codingpedia Beginners
Using The Java Api For Websocket To Create A Chat Server
In a previous post, I've used Server Sent Events to create a monitoring dashboard. SSE are a one way messaging format form server to clients...
18-07-2016 20:55:32 codingpedia Beginners
Laziness at extreme - developing JAX-RS services with Spring Boot
I think it would be fair to state that we, as software developers, are always looking for the ways to write less code which does more stuff,...
15-07-2016 10:35:10 codingpedia Beginners
Gulp Under the Hood: Building a Stream-based Task Automation Tool
Front-end developers nowadays are using multiple tools to automate routine operations. Three of the most popular solutions are Grunt, Gulp a...
16-05-2016 20:51:56 codingpedia Beginners

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