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Man-machine dialogue
16-01-2018 19:57:49 CommitStrip Comics
The war on interruptions
Today we say hello to Toucan Toco, a new CommitStrip sponsor! Toucan Toco is a Paris-based start-up who have created a very smart dataviz ap...
11-01-2018 21:43:03 CommitStrip Comics
New year, new frameworks?
08-01-2018 19:29:26 CommitStrip Comics
There's a problem with the code
05-01-2018 19:22:08 CommitStrip Comics
Christmas Present Mix-up
02-01-2018 20:27:40 CommitStrip Comics
Christmas Magic
Enjoy it with this great Christmas music ("O Holy Night") : Votre navigateur ne supporte pas l l ment audio element.
25-12-2017 13:58:13 CommitStrip Comics
No git blame
Inspired by a story from our friends at Toucan Toco
19-12-2017 19:53:34 CommitStrip Comics
USA: The End of Net Neutrality
14-12-2017 20:08:19 CommitStrip Comics

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