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The World Cup and the Sysadmin
19-06-2018 17:49:29 CommitStrip Comics
Why expos are great
Today our strip is sponsored by the Oracle Code Paris conference ! It's a (free!) tech conference open to all, covering todays tech hot topi...
15-06-2018 16:46:58 CommitStrip Comics
First Contact
31-05-2018 17:46:40 CommitStrip Comics
09-05-2018 19:25:56 CommitStrip Comics
Security, security, security!
27-04-2018 17:07:05 CommitStrip Comics
That's our job
Today we're saying hello to a new sponsor that we're huge fans of, their website was formerly known as Le Site du Z ro' in France, and is fa...
24-04-2018 20:26:27 CommitStrip Comics
They never get anything right
23-04-2018 18:38:41 CommitStrip Comics

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