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How to redirect any incoming request from non-secure (HTTP) to secure (HTTPS) call?
I love WordPress and all the customization which I do on my WordPress blog here. For I've enabled HTTPS (SSL) some time back. ...
10-03-2016 17:28:45 crunchify Beginners
Is Disqus REVEAL adding Taboola Ads on your Blog Post as part of iFrame?
Disqus is pushing very hard on REVEAL native content ads marketing now a days. They are doing lots of variations on their REVEAL product. If...
10-03-2016 00:50:11 crunchify Beginners
Disqus Starts Putting 300×250 Banner Image Ads in REVEAL Platform same as Google Adsense
I believe last week Disqus officially introduced REVEAL as I got an email promoting REVEAL platform. Reveal provides 16 different configurat...
09-03-2016 17:40:26 crunchify Beginners
How to create .zip or .tar Programmatically in Java using Apache Commons Archivers and Compressors
Apache foundation by default comes with lots and lots of utilities for us to use. In most of the cases we are kind of unaware of the utility...
07-03-2016 22:46:37 crunchify Beginners
In Java 8 How to Iterate Through java.util.Map and java.util.List? Example attached with Total 5 Different Ways
Do you want to iterate through java.util.Map and java.util.List in Java 8 using latest JDK8? I recently came across the same while working o...
01-03-2016 03:28:28 crunchify Beginners
Top 10 Java Interview Questions Answers - Must Read Before Appearing for any Java Interview
Since last year I received so far almost 50 emails asking about why not to post Java Interview Questions and answers for readers. I have bee...
29-02-2016 21:23:41 crunchify Beginners
Java 8 java.time.temporal.TemporalAdjusters and Stream.flatMap() Tutorial
It's been almost 2 years Java 8 was released, March 2014. I'm sure most of the companies still using Java 7 with Apache Tomcat in their prod...
28-02-2016 14:10:38 crunchify Beginners
Have you tried changing Eclipse Color Theme? Install Eclipse Dark and Other Themes
As a Java developer I use Eclipse IDE everyday. It's been almost 12 years I started working on Java and Eclipse. Personally and professional...
28-02-2016 07:01:24 crunchify Beginners
Escape Character Utility for URL and JSON data - Free to use in your Java Project
What is escape character in Java? Mainly escape characters are the characters which replaces existing character with new & provided characte...
28-02-2016 01:00:14 crunchify Beginners
Java NIO (Non-blocking I/O) with Server-Client Example - java.nio.ByteBuffer and channels.Selector - Java NIO Vs. IO
Java NIO is my favorite topic. I have been working with NIO since last 2 years and would like to share simple Server-Client code for my read...
27-02-2016 18:01:37 crunchify Beginners

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