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A Quick Look into Common and Useful Patterns in Java
Learn more about common patterns and how to implement them in a Java application.
18-09-2019 20:56:55 developer Advanced
Introduction to Azure Digital Twins
By using Azure Digital Twins, data can be queried from a physical space rather than from various disparate sensors. Master the concept here....
02-09-2019 18:58:52 developer Advanced
Visual Studio 2019 Kubernetes Tools
Learn about the various resources Kubernetes provides to Visual Studio 2019.
23-08-2019 19:02:21 developer Advanced
Introducing the New System.Text.Json APIs
With the release of .NET Core 3, which includes the new JSON APIs, JSON is far easier to use. Discover more about it here.
09-08-2019 01:26:33 developer Advanced
Introducing Azure IoT Edge Tools in Visual Studio 2019
The Azure IoT Edge Tools extensions and tools make coding, building, deploying, and debugging IoT Edge solutions easier. Start using them no...
31-07-2019 20:35:39 developer Advanced
Understanding MapReduce Types and Formats
MapReduce has a data processing model: inputs and outputs for the map and reduce functions are key-value pairs. Learn about the MapReduce mo...
23-07-2019 23:39:57 developer Advanced
Integrating Fingerprint Authentication Into Your App
Gain mastery of fingerprint authentication features that are included in the Android APIs.
15-07-2019 20:32:44 developer Advanced
Introduction to Azure Serverless
After reading this article, you'll be far more proficient working with the Azure Serverless Framework.
12-07-2019 17:48:12 developer Advanced
How MapReduce Works in Hadoop
Learn to leverage the MapReduce model used by Hadoop in resolving the Big Data problem.
03-07-2019 19:02:03 developer Advanced
Burnout and the Developer
Is developer burnout inevitable? Perhaps not. Here are some tips to help you avoid burnout.
29-06-2019 01:02:49 developer Advanced

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