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Python PyPi Repository Vulnerabilities Discovered
The Python Package Index also known as the PyPi repository is host to thousands of helpful libraries that enhance Python's already powerful ...
04-08-2021 02:26:36 developer Advanced
Why Post Project Reviews Are Important
Today, we are going to look at an often over-looked aspect of the software development lifecycle (SDL) known as the post project review. We ...
01-08-2021 02:42:16 developer Advanced
Top Android IDEs for Developers
Mobile development represents a huge opportunity for developers, whether they work for large enterprises, small businesses, or are just hobb...
31-07-2021 19:35:38 developer Advanced
Difficulties of Monolithic Architecture and Microservices
This series of articles on Microservices Architecture (MSA) started by covering the needs and motivations of microservices and moved on to t...
31-07-2021 03:54:20 developer Advanced
Working with Python Logical Operators
This Python tutorial delves into the basics of logical programming and is part of a series that will cover logical operators, decision makin...
30-07-2021 09:36:16 developer Advanced
Intro to Amazon Web Services (AWS) Auto Scaling
One of the most important benefits of cloud computing is the capability to scale up or scale down depending on run-time demands. AWS Auto Sc...
30-07-2021 02:44:50 developer Advanced
Types of AWS Auto Scaling and Best Practices
This article is the second and final part of our series of articles covering AWS Auto Scaling. It provides an insight into the types of Auto...
29-07-2021 19:49:59 developer Advanced
How to Print an Array in Java
Printing an array in Java is not as straightforward as it is in some other programming languages. The standard method of printing objects do...
28-07-2021 23:03:07 developer Advanced
GitHub Enlists Stanford Law to Defend Open Source Developers
GitHub announced today it is setting up a GitHub Developer Rights Fellowship at the Stanford Law School Juelsgaard Intellectual Property and...
27-07-2021 17:46:44 developer Advanced
An Introduction to The Lambda Architecture
We dwell in an era of technology where Big data, the Internet of Things, Machine Learning have all become an inevitable reality. In today's ...
26-07-2021 10:32:36 developer Advanced

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