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Integrating Fingerprint Authentication Into Your App
Gain mastery of fingerprint authentication features that are included in the Android APIs.
15-07-2019 20:32:44 developer Advanced
Introduction to Azure Serverless
After reading this article, you'll be far more proficient working with the Azure Serverless Framework.
12-07-2019 17:48:12 developer Advanced
How MapReduce Works in Hadoop
Learn to leverage the MapReduce model used by Hadoop in resolving the Big Data problem.
03-07-2019 19:02:03 developer Advanced
Burnout and the Developer
Is developer burnout inevitable? Perhaps not. Here are some tips to help you avoid burnout.
29-06-2019 01:02:49 developer Advanced
Understanding the Hadoop Input Output System
Explore the I/O subsystem of Hadoop.
25-06-2019 18:39:22 developer Advanced
Big Data and Azure
Learn to integrate Big Data into your Azure endeavors.
21-06-2019 23:35:57 developer Advanced
An Introduction to HDFS
Hadoop comes with a distributed filesystem called HDFS, a flagship filesystem of Hadoop. Learn about the design and concepts behind this fil...
19-06-2019 18:56:45 developer Advanced
What Is the Java Priority Queue?
Learn the finer points of using this important Java API.
11-06-2019 18:15:47 developer Advanced
An Introduction to Hadoop in the Light of Big Data
By reading this, you will gain an introductory idea about Hadoop in the light of Big Data.
07-06-2019 20:31:37 developer Advanced
.NET Framework 5: The New Future
With .NET 5 on the horizon, you're probably excited to hear what it will contain.
03-06-2019 18:59:20 developer Advanced

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