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An Introduction to Kubernetes
In light of the widespread adoption of DevOps philosophy, infrastructures that can be rapidly developed, scaled, and secured are becoming in...
11-08-2022 02:56:52 developer Advanced
Python and HTTPS Client Development
While Python's Requests module can emulate the actions of a full-blown web browser, arguably the most frequently called-on use case is to do...
09-08-2022 21:13:36 developer Advanced
Alternatives to Trello Project Management
Since its launch over 10 years ago, Trello has been the Kanban tool of choice for many because it is easy to use and has a free version suit...
07-08-2022 03:29:00 developer Advanced
How to Work With a JAR Manifest File in Java
In the Java programming language, a manifest file is a text file that contains metadata related to files contained in a programmer's JAR arc...
06-08-2022 21:21:38 developer Advanced
The Future of DevOps
The ever-changing world of technology requires software development teams to stay abreast of the latest trends and technologies to remain co...
06-08-2022 01:25:14 developer Advanced
Todoist Task Management Review
Are you looking for a task management and to-do list app to organize your personal and business life? Then Todoist may be right up your alle...
05-08-2022 03:51:25 developer Advanced
Alternatives to Basecamp Project Management
Basecamp calls itself "the all-in-one toolkit for working remotely." And, while it can come in handy for development teams working at a dist...
02-08-2022 20:23:12 developer Advanced
Working with Python and SFTP
A typical use case for a networked Python application might involve the need to copy a remote file down to the computer on which a script is...
26-07-2022 15:43:22 developer Advanced
An Introduction to Hashtable and HashMap in Java
In computing, a Hashtable is defined as a data structure that stores data represented as key-value pairs. Compared to a map, it is more effi...
26-07-2022 07:51:03 developer Advanced
An Introduction to the Java Reflection API
The Java Reflection API can be used to inspect and modify the runtime behavior of a program written in Java. In this Java programming tutori...
25-07-2022 19:49:39 developer Advanced

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