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Java Quick Tip: Locating Temporary Files
When files are being processed in an application, they are typically held in a temporary location. There are times when a developer needs to...
05-12-2021 20:08:35 developer Advanced
Managing Application Dependencies in Distributed Architectures
Dependencies amongst the modules are one of the biggest challenges of distributed architectures. Microservices-based applications are distri...
04-12-2021 23:17:37 developer Advanced
Difference Between var, let, and const in JavaScript
In JavaScript, variables can be declared using three different methods: var, let, and const. In this web development tutorial, we will discu...
04-12-2021 16:14:38 developer Advanced
MySQL Quick Tip: Using the DROP USER Command
There are instances where a database administrator or developer will need to remove a user from an application to ensure compliance, protect...
04-12-2021 09:53:13 developer Advanced
Comparing the MVC MVP and MVVM Design Patterns
The Model View Controller is an architectural pattern that facilitates the development of applications that can be developed, tested, and ma...
04-12-2021 02:45:44 developer Advanced
MySQL Quick Tip: Using the DAYOFWEEK Function
Knowing the day of the week for a provided date is a frequent requirement for programs and database admins looking to cull data from a datab...
03-12-2021 19:05:51 developer Advanced
How to Convert Second to Microseconds in Java
There are some instances where a developer may need to convert seconds into smaller fractions of time such as a microsecond. In the example ...
01-12-2021 06:27:22 developer Advanced
A Simple Introduction to Using MySQL on the Linux Terminal
MySQL is an open-source cross-platform relational database management system (RDBMS). MySQL uses the Standard Query Language (SQL) to commun...
30-11-2021 23:19:20 developer Advanced
A Deep Dive into Design Thinking with Agile Methodology
Organizations pursuing a more customer-centric innovation strategy often use one of two concepts: Agile or Design Thinking. Incidentally, bo...
30-11-2021 17:19:19 developer Advanced
Zoho Projects Review
It's not unheard of for a team to spend thousands of dollars annually on project management software. If you're working with a limited budge...
26-11-2021 00:57:37 developer Advanced

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