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Using the Google Container Engine on the Google Cloud Platform
See how to set up the Google Container Engine so that you can use it to run Jenkins.
26-07-2017 09:51:53 developer Advanced
Digging Deep into Java Recursion
Unravel some key aspects of the recursive technique in the light of Java programming.
24-07-2017 09:35:49 developer Advanced
Displaying Push Messages in a Custom UI (Xamarin-Android)
Learn to display a popup dialog when a notification is received and the app is open.
21-07-2017 09:40:02 developer Advanced
Anatomy of a Software Development Role: Data Scientist
The expansion of data requires a set of techniques and skills that are unlike historical approaches to data that we have been using.
19-07-2017 10:15:36 developer Advanced
Using the Google Any Voice Kit How to Run Google Assistant on Android Things
Follow up on the previous article and learn to configure the Google API Project to converse with Google Assistant.
17-07-2017 09:22:42 developer Advanced
What Is Functional Programming in Java?
Break into functional programming, from the perspective of using Java.
14-07-2017 09:35:30 developer Advanced
Using Advanced Oracle JDeveloper Features for MySQL Databases
Learn about more of the other features in JDeveloper that can be used with MySQL.
12-07-2017 09:51:13 developer Advanced
Sending Notifications to Mobile Apps from Azure Function Apps
Learn to integrate a service bus with a function app to send push notifications to your mobile app.
10-07-2017 09:23:02 developer Advanced
Understanding Java Wrapper Classes
Learn more about the classes provided in the standard API library.
07-07-2017 09:31:27 developer Advanced
Using Oracle JDeveloper Snippets with MySQL
Learn about snippets, which can be used with MySQL databases.
05-07-2017 09:25:50 developer Advanced

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