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An Overview of Resource-Oriented Architectures
Learn about Resource-Oriented Architecture (ROA), why it is useful, and the best practices for using it. Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)...
23-06-2021 23:45:15 developer Advanced
Intro to Concurrency in Go
Concurrency boosts performance by taking advantage of multiple processing cores. The API support in Go helps programmers to implement parall...
22-06-2021 19:04:14 developer Advanced
Vercel Taps into Google Conformance Engine to Ensure App Performance
Vercel, during its online Next.js Conf event today, revealed it has updated its development environment based on Next.js and the React frame...
15-06-2021 23:36:58 developer Advanced
What is Agile Project Management Software?
When trying to execute a project, many things can go wrong. You can outspend your budget. Your team can fail to collaborate and communicate ...
15-06-2021 07:25:02 developer Advanced
Versioning REST APIs
Developing APIs is no simple task. It gets even more complicated when you have to update or evolve them as technology and client needs chang...
15-06-2021 00:45:30 developer Advanced
Survey Surfaces Shift in Programming Language Preferences
A global survey of 25,431 developers finds that professional developers and the next generation of student developers are heading in differe...
11-06-2021 18:59:35 developer Advanced
Best Practices to Design RESTful APIs
Poorly designed APIs are difficult to maintain over time, and they can fail often. Such APIs are also vulnerable to security threats from ha...
10-06-2021 17:25:59 developer Advanced
Working with Python Numbers
Numbers in Python operate the same way they do in real life. You can use them for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division the uses g...
09-06-2021 18:31:37 developer Advanced
Overview of Regular Expressions and Regex in Python
Regular expressions or Regex is a programming term, used across many programming languages, that describes patterns used to match characters...
05-06-2021 05:04:57 developer Advanced
Survey Finds Little Citizen Developer Activity for Now
A global survey of more than 1,000 IT and business leaders conducted by Creatio, a provider of a low-code platform for building business pro...
04-06-2021 22:25:12 developer Advanced

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