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Top Tech Companies Hiring Right Now
Whether you are a seasoned developer looking for a senior-level position or a newcomer to the tech industry looking to gather some valuable ...
03-06-2021 16:41:49 developer Advanced
The Best Programming Languages to Learn in 2021
Whether you are a new or seasoned developer with decades of experience under your belt, your career could benefit greatly by learning one or...
02-06-2021 21:56:30 developer Advanced
How to Create and Print Lists in Python
Today's Python lesson will cover the basic concepts of lists. We will learn about the data type, how to add values to it, the rules for doin...
29-05-2021 00:15:08 developer Advanced
Datadog Report Sees Developers Taking a Shine to Serverless
Datadog this week published a report that details a major spike in the consumption of serverless computing frameworks since the start of the...
27-05-2021 17:02:10 developer Advanced
MuleSoft Embraces GraphQL to Advance API Integration
MuleSoft this week added a DataGraph capability to its Anypoint Platform for integrating applications that employ the GraphQL query language...
21-05-2021 18:15:31 developer Advanced
Java: Using Minimax Algorithm to Create a Tic Tac Toe Game
This is the first part in a series where you will learn the core principles of Artificial Intelligence (AI) programming in Java. We will be ...
20-05-2021 19:07:23 developer Advanced
REST Web Services with JAX-RS, JSON, and JAXB: Part Two
This is the second article in my series on REST using Apache Wink. My previous article covered using JAX-RS (REST web services) using Apache...
19-05-2021 19:02:34 developer Advanced
Mendix Named a Leader in Low-Code Development Platforms
Low-code development platforms a visual approach to creating software that involves little to no actual code have seen a spike in interest l...
15-05-2021 00:00:01 developer Advanced
New Survey Reveals Developers Anxious to Return to the Office
A new survey from continuous code improvement platform make Rollbar shows that developers are eager to return to the office. Find out why. S...
13-05-2021 23:21:19 developer Advanced
Starting JAX-RS and REST Web Services Using Apache Wink: Part One
This article explains the basic concepts of Jakarta RESTful web services (specifically, JAX-RS, formerly the Java API for RESTful web servic...
12-05-2021 07:04:52 developer Advanced

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