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High volume, low latency system
We are currently in the process of optimizing the bidding platforms for PocketMath, one of the largest supply of mobile programmatic invento...
27-06-2017 17:50:28 developers corner Advanced
MySQL Partition Pruning
Recently, we learned an expensive lesson about MySQL partition pruning. There, it is better to share it here so that others will not repeat ...
09-04-2017 07:27:15 developers corner Advanced
Some folks asked me before that which Agile practice is the most important and my immediate answer is Retrospective. From my own experience,...
02-01-2017 16:25:14 developers corner Advanced
Let's Implement "Login with Github" button
Recently we delivered a simple workshop in Spring User Group Singapore about implementing "Login with Github" button using Spring Boot, Spri...
29-09-2016 09:10:02 developers corner Advanced
Spring Oauth2 with JWT Sample
Sometimes ago, we published one article sharing a custom approach to implement stateless session in cloud environment. Today, let explore an...
17-04-2016 07:08:35 developers corner Advanced
Should you mind your own business?
In a recent Lean Coffee retrospective, each member of our team was asked to raise one question or concern about working environment. For me,...
12-01-2016 05:48:13 developers corner Advanced
Designing database
Database design has evolved greatly over the last 10 years. In the past, it used to be the database analyst job to fine-tune the SQL query a...
06-07-2015 05:10:00 developers corner Advanced
Can java optimize empty array allocation?
Yesterday came across a simple optimization case, here is the original methodpublic String[] getSomeArray() {    if (nothing) {        retur...
12-06-2015 02:53:00 developers corner Advanced
Rethinking database schema with RDF and Ontology
When I joined the industry 10 years ago, my first project used relational database. After that, my next project also used relational databas...
25-05-2015 22:44:00 developers corner Advanced
First Agile impression
Last year, we had a mass recruitment for Java developers with various level of experience. Unfortunately, from this part of the world (Asia)...
13-05-2015 01:15:00 developers corner Advanced

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