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Does Java have default parameters?
Short answer: No. Fortunately, you can simulate them. Many programming languages like C++ or modern JavaScript have a simple option to call ...
27-03-2020 17:58:12 Daniel Olszewski (Daniel Olszewski) Advanced
What is Spring bean?
In short, a Spring bean is an object which Spring framework manages at runtime. A Spring bean is a basic building block of any Spring applic...
19-03-2019 10:29:33 Daniel Olszewski (Daniel Olszewski) Advanced
How to bind @RequestParam to object in Spring
Do you have multiple parameters annotated with @RequestParam in a request mapping method and feel it isn't readable? The annotation looks pr...
01-03-2019 03:40:13 Daniel Olszewski (Daniel Olszewski) Advanced
Injecting Spring Prototype bean into Singleton bean
Have you ever wonder why singleton is the default scope for Spring beans? Why isn't it prototype? It's not a random choice. It's because the...
28-02-2019 20:28:28 Daniel Olszewski (Daniel Olszewski) Advanced
The JavaScript runtime environment
Have you just started learning JavaScript? Or maybe you already have some language experience but want to understand JavaScript runtime in m...
27-02-2019 01:36:10 Daniel Olszewski (Daniel Olszewski) Advanced
Activating Spring Boot profile with Maven profile
Some teams prefer having a separate Maven build profile for each application runtime environment, like dev, test, prod, etc. In this article...
26-02-2019 18:30:04 Daniel Olszewski (Daniel Olszewski) Advanced
Spring Custom Validator by example
Since you're here, you probably reach the point in which standard annotations like @NotNull or @Size don't meet your expectations. Fortunate...
20-02-2019 17:26:40 Daniel Olszewski (Daniel Olszewski) Advanced
JavaScript Promise by example
The JavaScript Promise is a concept that every modern self-respecting web developer should be familiar with. No matter if you just started l...
20-02-2019 09:47:52 Daniel Olszewski (Daniel Olszewski) Advanced
Java class naming - The ultimate guideline
Every programmer agrees naming classes is highly important for code readability. Proper naming decrease the time needed to understand the co...
19-02-2019 03:04:07 Daniel Olszewski (Daniel Olszewski) Advanced
How to save enum in database with JPA
Saving enum values in a relational database is a bit more tricky than primitives, Strings, and regular immutable value wrappers. From this p...
18-02-2019 19:46:53 Daniel Olszewski (Daniel Olszewski) Advanced

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