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Java 8 Concepts: FP, Streams, and Lambda Expressions
If you've been raised on object-oriented programming and have used Java (or C#, C++) all your life, the sudden turn to functional programmin...
28-05-2017 06:34:30 dzone java Advanced
What's New in CUBA Platform 6.5?
As you already might have noticed we have published the new release of the CUBA platform and Studio. The new version mostly introduces enhan...
28-05-2017 00:34:00 dzone java Advanced
This Week in Java Careers: Which Companies Are Hiring?
DZone Jobs launched earlier this month, and there are already some excellent opportunities for Java developers who are looking for their nex...
27-05-2017 18:32:15 dzone java Advanced
JPA Auditing: Automatically Persisting Audit Logs Using EntityListeners
In my previous article, Spring Data JPA Auditing: Saving CreatedBy, CreatedDate, LastModifiedBy, LastModifiedDate automatically, I discussed...
27-05-2017 11:21:13 dzone java Advanced
Vaadin With Scala
This post shows a fully working 'Hello World' application in Vaadin 8 with Scala 2.12 running on Jetty. Following my frustrated attempt to D...
27-05-2017 05:13:28 dzone java Advanced
Multi-Stage Docker Image Build for Java Apps
A few days back, I discovered a new Docker feature multi-stage builds. The multi-stage build feature helps you create thin Docker images by ...
26-05-2017 23:08:59 dzone java Advanced
Notes on Debugging Clojure Code
Clojure is a great programming language, but a recurring complaint I keep hearing from developers hacking on Clojure code is that debugging ...
26-05-2017 17:06:35 dzone java Advanced
Java Profilers: 3 Different Types and Why You Need All of Them
Debugging performance issues in production can be a pain and in some cases impossible without the right tools. Java profilers have been arou...
26-05-2017 09:54:56 dzone java Advanced
Java SE 9: What's New?
Below, I have provided some of the most important core language enhancements for JDK 9.0. The examples provided below can be directly pasted...
26-05-2017 03:35:27 dzone java Advanced
This Week in Spring: Manifest Editing, Boot 2.0M1, and Kotlin
Welcome to another installment of This Week in Spring! This week I'm in Amsterdam, NL and Essen, DE, talking to customers about cloud-native...
25-05-2017 21:28:43 dzone java Advanced

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