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Perfecting Your SOLID Meal With DIP
The codebase has improved so much lately that you're famous now! Each day you come to WooMinus, you're greeted with a different title: The O...
18-01-2017 01:41:51 dzone java Advanced
The Twisted Sisters of Overloadable Groovy Operators
Groovy supports operator overloading for a limited set of operators. Each supported operator corresponds to a particular method signature. I...
17-01-2017 19:31:11 dzone java Advanced
Functional Programming Is Not What You (Probably) Think
After seeing many of the comments from another article attempting to explain what FP (Functional Programming) is about, I thought I would ta...
17-01-2017 13:18:56 dzone java Advanced
Java Cloning: Even Copy Constructors Are Not Enough
This is the third article in my Java Cloning series. In my previous articles, Java Cloning and Types of Cloning (Shallow and Deep) in Detail...
17-01-2017 07:11:43 dzone java Advanced
Do the Many Types of Coding Languages Stifle Creativity?
How many types of coding languages can you name today? 15? 20? And these are just the ones that spring to mind, the household names. When I ...
17-01-2017 01:02:43 dzone java Advanced
What 2017 Brings for a Java Developer
The new year and Christmas aren't far gone, so it's a good time for Java developers to wear a warm sweater. And, of course, it's an excellen...
16-01-2017 18:46:55 dzone java Advanced
Is An Agile Java Standard Possible?
This week, we had one of the three face-to-face meetings that the JCP executive committee (EC) has each year. This is only my second meeting...
16-01-2017 12:40:03 dzone java Advanced
Functional and Reactive Spring with Reactor and Netflix OSS
Reactive programming is a programming paradigm that deals with a stream of events in a non-blocking and event-driven fashion. Exceptions are...
16-01-2017 06:28:08 dzone java Advanced
Lazy Loading Is a Code Smell
Have you ever seen those huge objects with many attributes? These domain objects where we are using lazy loading because we do not want to r...
14-01-2017 16:05:18 dzone java Advanced
IntelliJ IDEA 2017.1 EAP Is Out!
Finally, the holidays are over and it's time to get back to work. We hope you've already had a chance to try IntelliJ IDEA 2017.1 EAP. If no...
14-01-2017 09:56:50 dzone java Advanced

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