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Ratpacked: Using Spring Cloud Contract
Spring Cloud Contract is a project that allows you to write a contract for a service using a Groovy DSL. In the contract, we describe the ex...
30-03-2017 13:56:58 dzone java Advanced
Using Groovy to Quickly Analyze Terracotta Health Check Properties
One of the considerations when configuring Terracotta servers with tc-config.xml is the specification of health check properties between Ter...
30-03-2017 07:52:35 dzone java Advanced
A Word on toString()
Can you spot the problem?
30-03-2017 01:46:20 dzone java Advanced
JAX-RS 2.1 Early Draft Review Has Started!
JAX-RS 2.1 just posted its first early draft review. Because of the now accelerated Java EE 8 schedule, the rest of the steps towards finali...
29-03-2017 19:41:17 dzone java Advanced
A Detailed Breakdown of the JVM
The JVM is the virtual machine on which Java code executes. It's responsible for converting byte code into machine-specific code. HotSpot JV...
29-03-2017 13:35:52 dzone java Advanced
Diving Into Java 8's newWorkStealingPools
Concurrency was introduced in Java with version 5.0, and it provided a lot of easy-to-use APIs for writing complex, multithreaded code, whic...
29-03-2017 07:29:05 dzone java Advanced
The Stepdown Rule
It has recently occurred to me that some people are ordering the functions in a class randomly, mostly based on gut feelings. It's a good in...
29-03-2017 01:17:44 dzone java Advanced
Spring Testing Improvements in IntelliJ IDEA 2017.1
In the last post, we talked about Spring Data improvements, but it doesn't stop there. IntelliJ IDEA 2017.1, released last week, has enhance...
28-03-2017 19:13:02 dzone java Advanced
Multi-Tenancy Implementation for Spring Boot + Hibernate Projects
In this article, we'll see how to achieve multi-tenancy in a Spring Boot project using a schema-per-tenant approach. This article will also ...
28-03-2017 13:07:58 dzone java Advanced
Object-Oriented Solutions: Avoiding Getters
Alice and Bob were both working in a small team for an international broker, creating an application to react to certain events in the marke...
28-03-2017 07:05:44 dzone java Advanced

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