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Application Design the Java 9 Way
Java 8 brought many great improvements to the language. Java 9 enhanced them further! A major paradigm shift now needs to occur. The tools t...
19-01-2018 01:38:17 dzone java Advanced
Java Quiz 9: Demonstrating Multilevel Inheritance
Before we start with this week's quiz, here is the answer to Java Quiz 8: Upcasting and Downcasting Objects. By upcasting objects, the overr...
18-01-2018 19:24:22 dzone java Advanced
Docker and Java: Why My App Is OOMKilled
Those who have already run a Java application inside Docker have probably come across the problem of the JVM incorrectly detecting the avail...
18-01-2018 13:06:18 dzone java Advanced
Classification of Development Frameworks for Enterprise Apps
If you Google "best Java framework", most probably, you will stumble on this article, which gives a great overview of the landscape in the J...
18-01-2018 06:54:48 dzone java Advanced
Play Zork, Learn OAuth
In the early '80s, some of the best "video" games were text-based adventures. These games would print out descriptive text of your surroundi...
18-01-2018 00:39:45 dzone java Advanced
Java 8: Oogway's Advice on Optional
While Po was reading about Java 8 Optionals, a few questions popped into mind. Why was it added to Java? How does it save us from the almigh...
17-01-2018 18:26:11 dzone java Advanced
How to Add JARs to a JetBrains MPS Project
JetBrains MPS is a wonderful tool to create DSLs. We love it and use it regularly in our consultancy work, and we have written about JetBrai...
17-01-2018 12:06:04 dzone java Advanced
Effective Java 3rd Edition: A Must-Read for Every Developer
Joshua Bloch finally updated his popular book Effective Java for Java 7, 8, and 9. The previous edition was one of the most popular books am...
17-01-2018 05:55:23 dzone java Advanced
Rust for Java Devs: Creating Variables
I'm going to do something different today and write about Rust instead of Java. This is something that I want to give a try, and if it all g...
16-01-2018 23:43:36 dzone java Advanced
Closures in Scala [Video]
Before we begin discussing closures in Scala, let us have a quick look at a function. The function literal bill below accepts only one input...
16-01-2018 17:28:11 dzone java Advanced

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