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This Week in Spring: Java 9, REST, and Microservices
Hi, Spring fans! This week I'm in Istanbul, Turkey, talking to customers and speaking at the Spring and Java meetups tonight. I hope you'll ...
26-07-2017 20:31:04 dzone java Advanced
JIT Inlining [Snippets]
Among all Just-In-Time Java compiler optimizations, inlining methods are a powerful approach. Usually, when we write code following good obj...
26-07-2017 13:58:22 dzone java Advanced
Recognizing Patterns to Understand and Transform Apps
Code is arguably the most valuable asset for many organizations. However, the value trapped in the code is not easy to use. Why?
26-07-2017 07:25:05 dzone java Advanced
5 Elements of a Perfect Pull Request
Raise your hand if you remember the days of in-person code reviews. You may recall entire afternoons spent checking out changes from SVN, ru...
26-07-2017 00:55:42 dzone java Advanced
State of the Dev Ecosystem: Java and JavaScript
The team at JetBrains decided to poll developers from 2016-2017 in order to publish what they called "The State of Developer Ecosystem in 20...
25-07-2017 18:19:44 dzone java Advanced
Java NIO.2 File Attributes
Java NIO has improved a lot ever since it was introduced. Especially from Java 7 onwards, there have been lots of improvements to the File I...
25-07-2017 09:08:03 dzone java Advanced
Lifting Functions to Work With Java Monads
Stream and Optional classes, added to Java 8, allow you to have some fun with functional programming. The problem is that Java is still miss...
25-07-2017 02:35:48 dzone java Advanced
Tools to Power Every Phase of Java Development (Part 2)
Welcome back! In case you missed Part 1, we began our journey to better Java development by presenting an overview of the tools every develo...
24-07-2017 20:04:57 dzone java Advanced
Akka: Cluster-Aware Actors
The fundamental building block of Akka actor systems is an actor. Actors are mechanically simple yet potentially very powerful. From the per...
24-07-2017 13:32:56 dzone java Advanced
FP in Scala for OOP Programmers (Part 1)
Have you ever been to a Scala conference and told yourself, "I have no idea what this guy is talking about?" Did you nervously look around a...
24-07-2017 07:04:50 dzone java Advanced

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