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What Are You Missing by Debugging in VS Code?
In the first chapter of my debugging book, I discuss IDE debugging. In that chapter, I mostly talk about IntelliJ/IDEA. People often ask me ...
08-02-2023 01:20:36 dzone java Advanced
Simulating and Troubleshooting OOMError in Scala
As we continue in this series of simulating and troubleshooting performance problems in Scala, now let's discuss how to simulate the
07-02-2023 18:54:59 dzone java Advanced
Hidden Classes in Java 15
Java has had anonymous classes from the very start. (Well, actually, they came in version 1.1.) However, anonymous classes were not anonymou...
05-02-2023 16:32:51 dzone java Advanced
Apache Kafka Introduction, Installation, and Implementation Using .NET Core 6
We will go over Apache Kafka basics, installation, and operation, as well as a step-by-step implementation using a .NET Core 6 web applicati...
04-02-2023 22:23:45 dzone java Advanced
Architectural Miscalculation and Hibernate Problem "Type UUID but Expression Is of Type Bytea"
Nowadays, it is difficult to find a service that works on its own and does not communicate with other services, especially modern systems th...
04-02-2023 00:12:39 dzone java Advanced
How To Avoid "Schema Drift"
We are all familiar with drifting in-app configuration and IaC. We're starting with a specific configuration backed with IaC files. Soon aft...
03-02-2023 16:00:20 dzone java Advanced
3 Ways That You Can Operate Record Beyond DTO [Video]
The record feature has arrived in the latest LTS version, Java 17! Records allow the making of an immutable class without a boilerplate. Tha...
03-02-2023 07:48:10 dzone java Advanced
How and Why You Should Start Automating DevOps
DevOps is not new. Every business in the IT world knows it is the right software development methodology. Indeed, DevOps has enticed the wor...
02-02-2023 23:34:59 dzone java Advanced
Part I: Creating Custom API Endpoints in Salesforce With Apex
Part One: SOAP-Based APIs Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) is a messaging protocol based on requests and responses using an XML format. ...
02-02-2023 15:24:26 dzone java Advanced
Remote Debugging Dangers and Pitfalls
This is the last part of the debugging series. To learn the rest, you'll need to get the book "Practical Debugging at Scale: Cloud Native De...
02-02-2023 07:15:20 dzone java Advanced

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