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Important Java Keywords That You Must Know
What Is a Keyword in Java? Java keywords are a reserved word that has a special meaning associated with it. For easy identification, they ar...
15-12-2018 01:37:17 dzone java Advanced
This Week in Spring: Tutorials, Releases, and the Return of Spring Tips
Hi, Spring fans, and welcome to another installment of This Week in Spring! This week, I've been in Seattle, WA, and now, I'm off to Toronto...
14-12-2018 19:25:31 dzone java Advanced
JPA EntityManagerFactory Interface With Example
The main role of an EntityManagerFactory i nstance is to support instantiation of EntityManager instances. An EntityManagerFactory i s const...
14-12-2018 13:16:08 dzone java Advanced
JVM Advent Calendar: Building Monorepo Projects With Gradle
According to Wikipedia, a monorepo is a software development strategy where many projects are stored in the same repository. This strategy a...
14-12-2018 07:05:59 dzone java Advanced
Migrating Spring Boot Applications to the Latest Java Version (Java 11)
Recently, we started moving our applications from Java 8 to Java 11; this was after the announcement from Oracle that they will stop providi...
13-12-2018 21:13:11 dzone java Advanced
Java Annotated Monthly — December 2018
Happy winter/summer solstice and any associated festivals and holidays you may or may not celebrate! This month's annotated contains a mix o...
13-12-2018 14:58:11 dzone java Advanced
JVM Advent Calendar: Comparing Kotlin Performance With Graal and C2
You may have heard of Graal, the new JIT compiler for the JVM written in Java. It has been available inside the JDK since Java 10, and in th...
13-12-2018 08:48:52 dzone java Advanced
How to Solve Your Java Performance Problems (Part 2)
In the first part of this post, we explained the Performance Diagnostic Methodology (PDM) and how to use it. But, the proof of the pudding i...
13-12-2018 02:37:43 dzone java Advanced
Java 8 Streams API: Laziness and Performance Optimization
We have had a quick overview of the Java 8 Streams API in our prevous post. We looked into the power and simplicity of the Java 8 Streams AP...
12-12-2018 20:24:25 dzone java Advanced
How to Convert an Array to String in Java [Snippet]
Using Arrays.toString() Method Arrays.toString() returns a string with the content of the input array. The new string created is a comma-del...
12-12-2018 14:12:41 dzone java Advanced

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