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Inversion of Control (IOC), Dependency Injection (DI) Oversimplified
Introduction IOC and DI are very useful patterns that are used in almost every production project. But, for me personally, they are pretty m...
29-10-2020 15:19:05 dzone java Advanced
How to Encrypt PDF Documents in Java
Proper documentation, intensive contracts, and extensive manuals form the backbone of the business, though, in modern business, much of this...
28-10-2020 22:33:14 dzone java Advanced
How to Resize a Video in Java
With the vast genres of online media platforms, like social media, online video sites, and more, there are more opportunities than ever befo...
28-10-2020 05:30:19 dzone java Advanced
How to Use JHipster to Build a Secure Micronaut and Angular App
A new framework for developing JVM applications (including APIs and Microservices) is Micronaut. Micronaut uses AOT, or ahead-of-time compil...
27-10-2020 12:54:27 dzone java Advanced
ActiveInject. Fast and Lightweight Dependency Injection Library
What is ActiveInject? ActiveInject is a lightning-fast and powerful dependency injection library. It has a lot of tools and features to offe...
26-10-2020 19:52:49 dzone java Advanced
[CSF] OfficeFloor: Going Beyond Dependency Injection
So why another Dependency Injection (DI) framework? Because Dependency Injection is only part of the Inversion of (Coupling) Control problem...
26-10-2020 03:15:11 dzone java Advanced
[CSF] Using Metrics In Spring Boot Services With Prometheus, Graphana, Instana, and Google cAdvisor
This project demonstrates how to instrumentalize and monitor Spring Boot services on the behalf of a large set of tools like, beside others,...
25-10-2020 10:05:39 dzone java Advanced
Computer Science Fair Collection
Read through our submissions for the Computer Science Fair. Interested in entering your own project? Our full list of rules and FAQs can be ...
24-10-2020 17:35:21 dzone java Advanced
How to Convert a PDF to PNG or JPG in Java
For sharing documents both in hardcopy and digitally, the PDF file format is the preferred choice. Because of its high-versatility and compa...
24-10-2020 00:34:14 dzone java Advanced
How to get Type-Safe and Intuitive Hibernate/JPA Queries
A large proportion of Java database applications are using Hibernate/JPA to bridge the gap between Java and SQL. Until recently, we were for...
23-10-2020 07:24:54 dzone java Advanced

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