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Understanding Java Keytool Keystore Commands
This guide will help you with the Java Keytool Keystore platform. We will show you which Java Keytool Keystore commands work for which proce...
23-04-2018 18:50:51 dzone java Advanced
DZone Research: The Myriad Uses of Java
To gather insights on the current and future state of the Java ecosystem, we talked to executives from 14 companies. We began by asking, "Wh...
23-04-2018 12:36:41 dzone java Advanced
Switch Expressions: Enhancing Java Switch Statements
In late December of last year, I posted "Switch Expressions Coming to Java?" Since then, there has been significant discussion, expressed di...
23-04-2018 06:28:54 dzone java Advanced
JDK 11 and Proxies in a World Past sun.misc.Unsafe
With JDK 11, the first methods of sun.misc.Unsafe are being retired. Among them, the defineClass method was removed. This method has been co...
22-04-2018 08:31:26 dzone java Advanced
Spring Boot Actuator in Spring Boot 2.0
In this post, we will take a closer look at Spring Actuator and highlight some changes in Spring Boot 2.0. We will discuss some of the endpo...
21-04-2018 16:41:01 dzone java Advanced
SOLID Design Principles Explained: Interface Segregation
The Interface Segregation Principle is one of Robert C. Martin's SOLID design principles. Even though these principles are several years old...
21-04-2018 10:37:31 dzone java Advanced
Waiting for Tasks With Phaser
The class Phaser lets you wait for a flexible number of tasks executed in other threads. Use the method register to add a task you want to w...
21-04-2018 04:31:29 dzone java Advanced
Mastering Java 8 Streams (Part 4) [Video]
One of the more advanced (but incredibly useful) streams methods is the reduce method. What does it do? When would you use it? What does red...
20-04-2018 22:20:42 dzone java Advanced
How to Read and Write a CSV File Using Core Java [Snippet]
A CSV is a comma-separated values file that allows data to be saved in a table-structured format. Let's try to read a CSV file using Java an...
20-04-2018 16:16:54 dzone java Advanced
Get to Know JSON Binding (Part 2)
The Java API for JSON Binding (JSON-B) 1.0 strengthens the Java EE platform's overall support for the JSON data interchange format. Already,...
20-04-2018 10:08:30 dzone java Advanced

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