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SKP's Java/Java EE Gotchas: Revisiting Java SE 9 Features, Part 1
Preparing for an interview? Want to just revisit Java SE 9 features? Trying to recollect or revise Java SE programming constructs? Let me ta...
27-02-2020 17:09:04 dzone java Advanced
How to Search for Java Objects Stored in Redis
What Is a Live Object in Java? Java is an object-oriented programming language, which means there are few concepts more important in Java th...
26-02-2020 18:30:02 dzone java Advanced
Checking Whether Two Arrays Are Equal or Contain Mismatches
Checking Whether Two Arrays Are Equal Checking whether two arrays are equal can be easily accomplished via the Arrays.equals() method. This ...
26-02-2020 12:18:30 dzone java Advanced
Using the OpenJ9 JVM for Quarkus Applications
As defined on the home page, Quarkus is "a Kubernetes Native Java stack tailored for OpenJDK HotSpot and GraalVM." Since I'm a big fan of Op...
26-02-2020 05:54:46 dzone java Advanced
Spring Boot Quickstart
Spring Boot is a Java framework that allows the development of web services. This article will show you all the steps to get started with Sp...
25-02-2020 23:30:18 dzone java Advanced
Spring Bean Lifecycle — Spring Aware Interfaces for Beans
In the video below, we take a closer look at the Spring bean lifecycle Spring aware interfaces for beans. Let's get started! Further Reading...
25-02-2020 17:17:59 dzone java Advanced
Blended Software — a New Resource
There is a saying about my part of the world that is focused on the weather. It basically says, "if you don't like the current weather, just...
24-02-2020 20:47:47 dzone java Advanced
Java Thread Synchronization and Concurrency Part 2
Introduction This is the second part of my two-part series on thread synchronization. If you missed the first article, check it out. In the ...
21-02-2020 16:36:15 dzone java Advanced
Pros and Cons for Using GraalVM Native-Images
Java is becoming very progressive with a new release policy and we receive regularly every 6 month new features, enhancements or just previe...
20-02-2020 17:26:13 dzone java Advanced
Java Thread Synchronization and Concurrency Part 1
Introduction Java thread synchronization and concurrency are the most discussed topics during various design phases of a complex application...
20-02-2020 00:44:19 dzone java Advanced

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