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Java: Creating Terabyte Sized Queues with Low-Latency
Queues are often fundamental components in software design patterns. But, what if there are millions of messages received every second and m...
03-12-2021 03:52:33 dzone java Advanced
Circuit Breaker And Retry with Spring Cloud Resiliance4j
Introduction With the growing number of services, services might need to communicate with other servers synchronously and hence become depen...
02-12-2021 20:01:52 dzone java Advanced
Compile Time Safe Code - Java and JavaScript Examples
Compile Time Safe Code Is True Gem In Development World Compile Time Safe Code is the code that has a guarantee that after compilation it wi...
02-12-2021 14:01:26 dzone java Advanced
Cordova: Communicating Between JavaScript and Java
Background Cordova is an open-source cross-platform development framework that allows you to use HTML and JavaScript to develop apps across ...
01-12-2021 02:14:51 dzone java Advanced
Embracing invokedynamic To Tame Class Loaders in Java Agents
One of the nicest things about Byte Buddy is that it allows you to write a Java agent without manually having to deal with byte code. To ins...
30-11-2021 18:42:11 dzone java Advanced
Debugging the Technical Interview - Methods and Cheating
The headline caught my attention right away " I was shocked to catch a candidate cheating in an online interview "... How the hell do you ch...
30-11-2021 11:26:32 dzone java Advanced
Authentication/Authorization in a Remote LDAP Server
There are plenty of articles, videos, and courses around about this topic, but nearly all of them use embedded LDAP as a source for user inf...
30-11-2021 02:49:18 dzone java Advanced
Spring Boot - Restful Web Service Endpoint for Getting the User With Addresses - @OneToMany Relation
In the video below, we take a closer look at Spring Boot - RESTful Web Service Endpoint for getting the User with addresses - @OneToMany rel...
29-11-2021 19:50:23 dzone java Advanced
How To Run the Spring Boot Application Using the Maven Command? | RESTful Web Services
In the video below, we take a closer look at How to run the Spring Boot application using the Maven Command? | RESTful Web Services. Let's g...
28-11-2021 03:58:51 dzone java Advanced
Java Under the Hood [Videos]
Java is a high-level programming language, which means that we don't need to know the internals of the language and how it works under the h...
27-11-2021 20:51:39 dzone java Advanced

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