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How to Convert DOCX to PDF in Java
Ever since its introduction in Microsoft Word 2003, DOCX format has always maintained a high prominence in offices worldwide due to its easy...
13-08-2020 16:17:13 dzone java Advanced
Java Streams: An Implementation Approach
In this tutorial, we will learn what Streams are in Java and how we can develop an implementation approach. We will compare the Stream API t...
12-08-2020 14:23:38 dzone java Advanced
How Does "20 Seconds" Work in Scala?
This short article will show you how apparently magical constructs like 20.seconds works in Scala, although the Int type doesn't have such m...
12-08-2020 07:09:11 dzone java Advanced
The Silent Villains of the Coding Universe: A Review of Anti-Patterns
Anti-Patterns seem harmless but lead to error-prone solutions and make your code unmaintainable in the long-run. For those who aren't famili...
12-08-2020 00:32:34 dzone java Advanced
Architecting Cloud Computing Solutions With Java | Jakarta Tech Talks
If you'd like to watch the original version, check out Jakarta EE's YouTube Channel. Cloud-Native has become a big buzzword around the world...
11-08-2020 17:17:47 dzone java Advanced
Top 50 Java Collections Interview Questions
Hello guys, Java Collection and Generic are a very important topic for Java Interviews. They also present some of the hardest questions to a...
11-08-2020 11:16:10 dzone java Advanced
Tutorial: Deploying Java EE Apps on Azure (Part 3)
This is the final blog in a series of posts that explore different options for running Java EE workloads on Azure. In this part, we will run...
11-08-2020 03:59:21 dzone java Advanced
Spring Boot or Jakarta EE - What's Better?
No - I don't want to start a new flame war in which I put one framework above the other. Both, Spring Boot and Jakarta EE are great framewor...
10-08-2020 20:42:45 dzone java Advanced
Tutorial: Deploying Java EE Apps on Azure (Part 2)
This is the second blog in a series that will walk you through the options of running Java EE applications on Azure. The first part provided...
08-08-2020 07:32:49 dzone java Advanced
The Practical Difference Between Abstract Classes and Traits in Scala
This short article will compare abstract classes and traits as means of inheritance. This is for the beginner Scala programmer who is just g...
08-08-2020 00:17:46 dzone java Advanced

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