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3 Principles for Java Engineers to Stay Up-to-date With Technology
Java Engineers can adopt several strategies to stay up-to-date with technology. One of the most natural ones is by developing frameworks and...
07-03-2021 05:04:34 dzone java Advanced
Implementing Authentication and Authorization With Vaadin
This article shows how to implement authentication and authorization in Spring Boot Vaadin Flow applications without using Spring Security. ...
06-03-2021 22:22:30 dzone java Advanced
Spring Boot JMS ActiveMQ Example [Video]
In the video below, we take a closer look at an example of Spring Boot JMS ActiveMQ in action. Let's get started!
06-03-2021 15:45:09 dzone java Advanced
Using MicroProfile to Build a Secure GraphQL API
MicroProfile was created in 2016 to address the constantly changing needs of modern web devs. It is an open-source community project encoura...
06-03-2021 08:59:06 dzone java Advanced
Gradle Goodness: Enabling Preview Features For Java
Java introduced preview features in the language starting in Java 12. These features can be tried out by developers, but are still subject t...
06-03-2021 02:11:19 dzone java Advanced
Re-Thinking the Visitor Pattern With Scala: Shapeless and Polymorphic Functions
Over the course of my career, a problem that I have had to face fairly repeatedly is dealing with a nested tree-like structure with arbitrar...
05-03-2021 19:38:50 dzone java Advanced
Deadlock-Free Synchronization in Java
Thread synchronization is a great tool to overcome race conditions in multithreaded programs. But, it also has a dark side; deadlocks: nasty...
05-03-2021 12:55:58 dzone java Advanced
Monitoring Across Frameworks
Gone are the times when developers' jobs ended with the release of the application. Nowadays, developers care more and more about the operat...
05-03-2021 06:14:42 dzone java Advanced
Virtual Tour Is the Biggest Project Yet for the New Java Community Platform, Foojay
Fifteen events are already confirmed in an ambitious virtual tour of Java User Groups across the globe, marking a strong start for the new J...
04-03-2021 23:42:07 dzone java Advanced
Multithreading Java and Interviews Part 1: An Introduction
Why Do So Many Devs Hate Completing Multithreading Tasks During Interviews? The key reason is that multi-threading not widely used in produc...
04-03-2021 17:02:58 dzone java Advanced

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