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How to Create Project-Specific Code Generators for Enterprise Architect Easily
Have you ever wanted to generate code from your enterprise architect UML or SysML models? Have you tried to customize an enterprise architec...
31-03-2020 23:09:13 dzone java Advanced
A Call for Inspirational Stories: Developers Fighting COVID-19
The world is at a standstill. Coronavirus quarantines and lockdowns have frozen entire populations, and governments are scrambling to bail o...
31-03-2020 16:52:47 dzone java Advanced
Spring Bean Life Cycle — BeanNameAware Interface
In the video below, we take a closer look at Spring Bean Life Cycle - BeanNameAware Interface. Let's get started!
31-03-2020 01:27:08 dzone java Advanced
Spring MessageSourceAware Java Bean Example
In the video below, we take a closer look at a Spring MessageSourceAware Java Bean Example. Let's get started!
30-03-2020 18:57:29 dzone java Advanced
How to Empty Cache memoryIdempotentRepository in Apache Camel (DSL Java)
In this article, we provide a brief tutorial on how to clear the cache memoryIdempotentRepositor y in an Apache Camel Application. The Enter...
28-03-2020 10:37:20 dzone java Advanced
A Simple, Yet Powerful Design Model to Manage Records
Abstract A user interface to create, read, update or delete records (CRUD) is an essential component of any computer system. The existing us...
28-03-2020 04:08:39 dzone java Advanced
Application Monitoring with Spring boot Actuator
Monitoring production is an important part of a software service provider. Many companies providing monitoring systems for maintaining the p...
27-03-2020 21:42:06 dzone java Advanced
Going Beyond Regular Expressions with Structural Code Search
We're introducing a new way to search code at Sourcegraph with structural code search. Structural code search lets you match nested expressi...
27-03-2020 15:31:12 dzone java Advanced
7 JVM Arguments of Highly Effective Applications
At the time (March 2020) of writing this article, there are 600+ arguments that you can pass to JVM just around garbage collection and memor...
26-03-2020 09:19:51 dzone java Advanced
Spring Bean Lifecycle — ApplicationContextAware Interface
In the video below, we take a closer look at Spring Bean Lifecycle - ApplicationContextAware Interface. Let's get started!
26-03-2020 02:56:55 dzone java Advanced

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