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Get Your Internal Queues Under Control in Java
There are many good reasons why you should use internal queues in your program. Most common patterns contain the same principle divide your ...
20-06-2019 17:03:53 dzone java Advanced
The False Hope of Managing Effects With Tagless-Final in Scala (Part 1)
Tagless-final is a technique originally used to embed domain-specific languages into a host language, without the use of Generalized Algebra...
20-06-2019 09:11:44 dzone java Advanced
Using PowerMock to Mock Static Methods
In a recent blog, I tried to highlight the benefits of using dependency injection and expressing the idea that one of the main benefits of t...
20-06-2019 01:19:30 dzone java Advanced
How to Change the Default Port Number of Spring Boot Applications Using Command-Line Properties [Video]
In the video below, we take a closer look at how to change the default port number of Spring Boot applications using command line properties...
19-06-2019 17:25:04 dzone java Advanced
Java: Chronicle Bytes, Kicking the Tires
I recently contributed to the open-source project "Chronicle Decentred" which is a high-performance decentralized ledger based on blockchain...
19-06-2019 09:31:50 dzone java Advanced
Spring Tips: Spring's Support for Kotlin Coroutines [Video]
Hi, Spring fans! In this week's installment, Josh Long (@starbuxman) looks at Kotlin's new support for coroutines ("Koroutines"?) and the ri...
19-06-2019 01:39:24 dzone java Advanced
How to Send and Receive Product Objects To or From a Queue [Video]
In the video below, we take a closer look at how to send or receive product objects to or from a queue using Spring, JMS, and RabbitMQ with ...
18-06-2019 17:45:42 dzone java Advanced
Playing With Graal VM
Recently, I started playing with Graal VM. What is Graal VM? To quote their website directly: GraalVM is a universal virtual machine for run...
18-06-2019 09:53:43 dzone java Advanced
How to Use ApplicationContext Interface [IoC Container] Methods in Spring [Video]
In the video below, we take a closer look at how to use the ApplicationContext interface (IoC Container) methods in Spring. So, let's get st...
18-06-2019 02:00:40 dzone java Advanced
Permutation Check in Java
Here is a new Algorithm problem continuing our season. If you missed the first article, check it here: Decide if a String has duplicates. Ou...
17-06-2019 18:10:16 dzone java Advanced

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