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The Interface of Java and the Many Faces of It
Before beginning the post of Interface of many faces, have you ever heard a phrase, "Man Of Many Faces"? if not, it means a person can be of...
06-06-2020 20:29:03 dzone java Advanced
State Design Pattern in Java
State Design Pattern in Java is a software design pattern that allows an object to change its behavior when the internal state of that objec...
06-06-2020 13:59:02 dzone java Advanced
Quickly Grow Your Java application in the Cloud With
Moving to the cloud and scaling applications is a top priority for many businesses. However, migrating on-premise code to the cloud isn't al...
06-06-2020 07:32:40 dzone java Advanced
View Test Results in Grafana - Part 2
In the 1st part of this series, we set up Grafana and InfluxDB for our test reports. Now, as a follow up to that, we are going to see how to...
06-06-2020 01:07:05 dzone java Advanced
How to Use Bootstrap to Build Beautiful Angular Apps
Since 2005, I've been a proponent of CSS frameworks. I was even the leader of an open-source project, AppFuse, and during that time, we held...
05-06-2020 18:41:55 dzone java Advanced
Deploy Friday: E06 Quarkus Supersonic Subatomic Java
A Question and Answer session with guests: Karina M. Varela Edson Yanaga Burr Sutter Otavio Santana Robert Douglass Try Quarkus on Platform....
05-06-2020 08:22:09 dzone java Advanced
Intro to Speedment - Part 1: Representing a Database in Java with Streams
Java has been a purely imperative language for the majority of its existence. With the release of Java 8 back in 2014, a more declarative ap...
05-06-2020 01:54:09 dzone java Advanced
Parallel Streams Done Right
Downsides of Parallel Streams Parallel collection processing using Stream API can be as easy as: Java x 1 List result = list.parall...
04-06-2020 19:25:45 dzone java Advanced
How to Create an Employee Using Spring Boot Layered Architecture and JdbcTemplate
In the video below, we take a closer look at how to create an employee using Spring Boot layered architecture and JdbcTemplate. Let's get st...
04-06-2020 12:54:14 dzone java Advanced
Managed Server Shutdown, but Running?
Yet another post of the series of thread dump analysis that I've done during root cause analysis of various issues at work. Issue A red aler...
04-06-2020 06:20:25 dzone java Advanced

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