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Failing Fast With Java 8
Fail fast or fail early is a software engineering concept that tries to prevent complex problems from happening by stopping execution as soo...
18-11-2017 01:51:09 dzone java Advanced
Picocli 2.0: Do More With Less
Picocli is a one-file command line parsing framework that allows you to create command line applications with almost no code. Annotate field...
17-11-2017 19:39:40 dzone java Advanced
Build Secure Single Sign-On With OIDC and JHipster
Devs might not care about single sign-on (SSO) when building one-off applications for clients or themselves. However, when developing apps f...
17-11-2017 13:21:40 dzone java Advanced
Is OOP Compatible With an Enterprise Context?
This week, during a workshop related to a Java course I give at a higher education school, I noticed the code produced by the students was m...
17-11-2017 07:11:00 dzone java Advanced
OpenCSV: Properly Handling Backslashes
OpenCSV is one of the popular Java libraries out there used for handling CSV data. In this post, I will discuss one specific issue that I re...
17-11-2017 01:03:55 dzone java Advanced
This Week in Spring: Kotlin, Hibernate, and Spring 5
Hi, Spring fans! Welcome to another installment of This Week in Spring! This week I am in Casablanca, Morocco for the amazing Devoxx Morocco...
16-11-2017 18:55:57 dzone java Advanced
Inside the JVM (Part 4): ClassLoader [Video]
This video discusses the JVM ClassLoader. This is a detailed and advance discussion of what each classloading phase does and the internal pr...
16-11-2017 12:48:28 dzone java Advanced
What's Planned for JDK 10?
With the recent release of Java Development Kit (JDK) 9, a great deal of attention has been rightfully focused on the newest features of Jav...
16-11-2017 06:42:14 dzone java Advanced
Akka Message Delivery: At-Most, At-Least, and Exactly-Once (Part 2)
This article is the second in a series of three articles that dives into some of the interesting aspects of messaging within distributed sys...
15-11-2017 23:18:09 dzone java Advanced
Java Code to Handle Versions and Their Comparisons [Snippet]
Hello, buddies. I'm sharing a small but useful piece of code that can help you in handling version strings and comparisons in day-to-day cod...
15-11-2017 15:58:12 dzone java Advanced

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