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Improve Your Application's Serialization Through Efficient Object Marshaling
Efficient code doesn't just run faster; if it's using less compute-resource, it may also be cheaper to run. In particular, distributed cloud...
30-09-2022 19:59:07 dzone java Advanced
Jakarta EE 10 Has Landed!
The Jakarta EE Ambassadors are thrilled to see Jakarta EE 10 being released! This is a milestone release that bears great significance to th...
29-09-2022 12:22:57 dzone java Advanced
The Reason Java Is Still Popular
This is a great time to post this, right on the release of Java 19. Yes, another "my language is better" post. No, I didn't want to write it...
29-09-2022 04:30:09 dzone java Advanced
Palindrome Program in Java
A Java interview will most likely involve a scenario in which candidates will have to demonstrate their logical and programming skills, as w...
28-09-2022 20:37:46 dzone java Advanced
Two Cool Java Frameworks You Probably Don't Need
We've all attended - maybe even delivered - talks where the speaker is particularly enamoured of a language or tool and uses the word simply...
28-09-2022 12:46:01 dzone java Advanced
Java and Low Latency
I have lost count of the number of times I have been told that Java is not a suitable language in which to develop applications where perfor...
28-09-2022 04:53:38 dzone java Advanced
Pagination With Spring Data Elasticsearch 4.4
Some time ago, I wrote the Introduction to Spring Data Elasticsearch 4.1 article. As I promised, I want to continue with a search feature. M...
27-09-2022 21:01:09 dzone java Advanced
Bypassing Spring Interceptors via Decoration
Whether they are built using the genuine Spring Framework or Spring Boot, such applications are widely developed and deployed these days. By...
27-09-2022 13:07:25 dzone java Advanced
Creating Your First Cloud-Agnostic Serverless Application with Java
If you are new to serverless, creating a simple application for a serverless infrastructure is a good place to start. In this article, you w...
27-09-2022 05:14:36 dzone java Advanced
Simulating and Troubleshooting Deadlock in Kotlin
All multi-threaded applications are prone to deadlock. The modern Kotlin platform is no exception to it. In this post let's discuss how to s...
26-09-2022 21:21:25 dzone java Advanced

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