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An Introduction to JBehave and BDD
Testing is an important part of any project, and there are various types of testing available. JBehave is a nice tool for behavior-driven de...
07-12-2016 18:39:24 dzone java Advanced
Is Inheritance Dead?
When object-oriented programming was introduced, inheritance was the main pattern used to extend object functionality. Today, inheritance is...
07-12-2016 11:56:10 dzone java Advanced
Java Holiday Calendar 2016 (Day 7): Access Databases With Streams
Today's tip is about querying databases using Java 8 streams. By adding both a runtime and plugin dependency to open-source Speedment in you...
07-12-2016 05:30:33 dzone java Advanced
Spring Data Geode Is Out!
On behalf of the Spring and Apache Geode communities, I am extremely pleased and excited to announce the release of Spring Data for Apache G...
06-12-2016 23:17:43 dzone java Advanced
Java Holiday Calendar 2016 (Day 6): Be Lazy With Java 8
Today's tip is about lazy initialization. Sometimes, we want our classes to do only what is absolutely necessary and nothing more. Immutable...
06-12-2016 17:09:23 dzone java Advanced
IntelliJ IDEA Inspection Settings for Java 8 Refactoring
I've been giving a talk this year showcasing how to use IntelliJ IDEA inspections to help you refactor existing code to Java 8. The initial ...
06-12-2016 11:00:21 dzone java Advanced
Bad, Bad Code! (And Tips to Avoid It)
Due to my work as an instructor, I get to review a lot of code written by students. Their code's quality is different, of course, and most o...
06-12-2016 04:44:43 dzone java Advanced
A Look at the Builder Pattern
Builder is a part of the Creational pattern family, which is useful for creating complex objects with a lot of options where all of them are...
05-12-2016 22:38:43 dzone java Advanced
Java Holiday Calendar 2016 (Day 5): CRUD Operations
Today's tip is an introduction on how to use open-source Speedment to expand Java 8's Streams to support Creating, Reading, Updating and Del...
05-12-2016 16:32:52 dzone java Advanced
Things to Know About ArrayLists
The ArrayList is one of the more interesting things a Java programmer can learn. If you have experience coding in Java, you should know what...
05-12-2016 10:12:18 dzone java Advanced

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