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Learning Kotlin: Operators Don't Have to Mean One Thing
From the previous post, we looked at operators and being able to use them yourself by implementing the relevant operator methods. The first ...
14-08-2018 12:41:50 dzone java Advanced
The Functional Style — Part 1
Functional programming is a very hot topic nowadays. People are increasingly interested in functional and hybrid-functional languages, such ...
14-08-2018 06:34:04 dzone java Advanced
How to Use the Auxiliary Constructor in Scala
Before starting with the auxiliary constructor, I recommend that you take a look at my previous blog Primary Constructor in Scala. Scala has...
13-08-2018 13:19:53 dzone java Advanced
Building Your First Spring Boot Web Application
In my previous article, I wrote about the Spring Boot fundamentals. Now, its time to show you a Spring Boot web application example. In this...
13-08-2018 07:10:56 dzone java Advanced
How to Create a Project With JavaFX on JDK 11
There was a mixture of feelings about the decoupling of JavaFX from JDK after its 11th release. Many of us felt that this is the time to say...
12-08-2018 10:21:48 dzone java Advanced
Starting a Career in Java Development
Starting a Java development career can be a great choice given the number of job openings that pop up day after day. Java has been around fo...
12-08-2018 04:14:23 dzone java Advanced
Fluent Design Style ComboBox and Scroll Bar for Java, JavaFX
In this post, I'll be describing version 4 of JMetro, which has just been released. JMetro is a Java, JavaFX theme inspired by Fluent Design...
11-08-2018 22:08:33 dzone java Advanced
Connascence: A Look at Object-Oriented Design in Java
Lately, at Codesai, we've been studying and applying the concept of connascence in our code and have provided an introductory talk about it....
11-08-2018 16:02:27 dzone java Advanced
Top Five Free Java 8 and 9 Courses for Programmers
If you're looking for some free resources on Java, e.g. books, tutorials, and other learning materials, then you have come to the right plac...
11-08-2018 09:55:41 dzone java Advanced
How to Avoid Deadlock in Java Threads
Want to learn how to avoid deadlock in Java? The question of avoiding deadlock is one of the popular Java interview questions, with multi-th...
11-08-2018 03:50:50 dzone java Advanced

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