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What Makes Java Open-Source?
If you're using Java to write business applications, you may know that Java Standard Edition (SE) is not open-source software. It is not man...
25-01-2021 11:37:42 dzone java Advanced
Data Access Object Design Pattern: Introduction, Example, and Key Points [Video]
In the video below, we take a closer look at the Data Access Object Design Pattern: Introduction, Example, and Key Points | DAO Design Patte...
25-01-2021 04:35:25 dzone java Advanced
MicroProfile: Your Cloud-Native Companion for Enterprise Java [Video]
Writing microservices within Jakarta EE is technically possible, but you miss a few goodies for the distributed environment you are running ...
24-01-2021 21:39:39 dzone java Advanced
Upgrading a Maven, Spring Boot, and JavaFX Application
I've been migrating all my JavaFX applications to Java 15/JavaFX 15.0.1 to see if there are any pain points or gotchas to be aware of. I par...
24-01-2021 15:13:08 dzone java Advanced
Java Joy: Turn Streams Into Arrays [Snippet]
The Java Stream API has many useful methods. If we want to transform a Stream into a Java array, we can use the toArray method. Without an a...
24-01-2021 08:18:47 dzone java Advanced
JDK 17: Hexadecimal Formatting and Parsing
Build 3 of JDK 17 Early Access Builds includes the implementation for JDK-8251989 ("Hex formatting and parsing utility"). This newly introdu...
24-01-2021 02:03:57 dzone java Advanced
How to Rephrase or Paraphrase Text Using AI in Java
If you've ever been stuck for hours wondering how to translate source material into your own personalized content, we feel your pain. Writer...
23-01-2021 18:59:03 dzone java Advanced
Clustered Quartz Scheduler With Spring Boot and MongoDB
Spring Boot library for Quartz does not work correctly if you start up two instances of service in parallel. Each one of the services starts...
23-01-2021 12:13:40 dzone java Advanced
The State of JVM Desktop Frameworks: Swing
In the first post of this series, we went through the rise and fall of some of the desktop frameworks, mainly Java ones. This post and the f...
23-01-2021 05:26:13 dzone java Advanced
Threads in Java
Overview of Threads A sequence or flow of execution in a Java program is called a thread. Threads are also known as light weight processes, ...
22-01-2021 18:51:31 dzone java Advanced

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