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Eclipse MAT: Shallow Heap Vs. Retained Heap
Eclipse MAT (Memory Analyzer Tool) is a powerful tool to analyze heap dumps. It comes quite handy when you are trying to debug memory relate...
13-02-2019 22:00:10 dzone java Advanced
Recent Java Updates From IBM
In preparation for a Java conference, I've spent some time catching up on the latest activities in the Java community. With Java EE's move t...
13-02-2019 15:56:01 dzone java Advanced
Java-Distributed Caching in Redis
When it comes to improving your application's speed and performance, every millisecond counts. According to a Google study, for example, 53 ...
13-02-2019 09:50:54 dzone java Advanced
How to Increase Java Testing ROI With Parasoft Jtest
In today's digital economy, companies have to deliver software faster to the market to keep pace with consumer demand. To achieve this witho...
13-02-2019 03:49:08 dzone java Advanced
A New JDK12 Stream API Collection: Collectors#teeing
When following major Java releases, we usually focus on bold and controversial JEPs while humble and tiny changes get introduced unnoticeabl...
12-02-2019 20:35:28 dzone java Advanced
Modern State Pattern Using Enums and Functional Interfaces
It's often the case that the behavior of an object should change depending on the objects state. Consider an ShoppingBasketobject. You can a...
12-02-2019 13:43:45 dzone java Advanced
Method Parameters Marked Final: Good Approach?
On a recent project, we started to employ CheckStyle to help enforce good code quality and standards. I added the CheckStyle plugin to my In...
12-02-2019 04:33:07 dzone java Advanced
Top 5 Free Scala Programming Courses for Java Programmers
Scala is a powerful object-oriented and functional programming language that has been long touted as the successor to Java or to replace Jav...
11-02-2019 21:42:07 dzone java Advanced
Creational Design Pattern Series: Factory Method Pattern
The factory method design pattern is one of the well-known "Gang of Four" (GoF) design patterns. It is a creational design pattern that uses...
11-02-2019 14:49:48 dzone java Advanced
GlassFish 5.1 Release Marks Major Milestone for Java EE Transfer
Eclipse GlassFish 5.1 has been released, and unlike the modest increase in version number might suggest, this truly marks a major milestone ...
11-02-2019 07:57:48 dzone java Advanced

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