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Using Correct Annotations in Spring Testing
1. Introduction There's heavy use of annotations in Spring Framework. This makes confusing about what annotations should be used especially ...
31-07-2021 18:20:44 dzone java Advanced
Is Java Still Relevant in 2021?
When technology has existed for years, it is likely to appear irrelevant, uncompetitive, and even become obsolete to some people. That is no...
31-07-2021 11:12:56 dzone java Advanced
Spring Boot: Admin Server and Admin Client Example
In the video below, we take a closer look at Spring boot Admin Server and Admin Client example. Let's get started!
31-07-2021 04:09:08 dzone java Advanced
External Task Client Implementation in Camunda With Spring Boot Application
Today, we will be using Spring Boot starter dependency to run the external task in Camunda. Create a Spring Boot project with the embedded C...
30-07-2021 21:18:49 dzone java Advanced
Vue.js vs React: Which One to Choose
Vue.js and React have lots of similar features. Although React is a library, it suits building the view of the single-page application the s...
30-07-2021 14:06:58 dzone java Advanced
What Is HashMap? Introduction and Sample Programs | Java Collections Framework
In the video below, we take a closer look at HashMap and see an introduction and sample programs. Let's get started!
30-07-2021 06:58:53 dzone java Advanced
Java Blogs and Podcasts Developers Should Bookmark
If you are a Java developer, engineer, SRE, QA, enthusiast, aficionado, or have any involvement or interest in Java in any capacity, this li...
30-07-2021 00:10:29 dzone java Advanced
Spring Boot With Spring Data JPA [Book] | Spring Boot Crud Example With Restful APIs and JPA
In the video below, we take a closer look at Spring Boot With Spring Data JPA [Book] | Spring Boot CRUD Example with RESTful APIs and JPA. L...
29-07-2021 17:05:31 dzone java Advanced
Beans Custom Validation Constraints
As Knowledge is divine, here I am going to share my working knowledge about the API RESTful service that made JAVA, a wonderful language in ...
29-07-2021 10:12:40 dzone java Advanced
How To Get an Employee Using Spring Boot Layered Architecture and Jdbc Template
In the video below, we take a closer look at How to get an employee using Spring boot layered architecture and JdbcTemplate. Let's get start...
29-07-2021 03:17:41 dzone java Advanced

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