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Java for Testers: A Complete Step-By-Step Guide
The idea behind test-driven development (TDD) is that if you want to write good code, you have to write tests for it first and then figure o...
25-11-2022 08:12:03 dzone java Advanced
Three Ways To Separate Plain Text From HTML Using Java
On each webpage we visit, we are confronted with a huge variety of multimedia content, all of which is put together and presented using Hype...
25-11-2022 00:26:06 dzone java Advanced
Spring Boot for Cloud: Configuration and Dependencies
The natural choice to implement a micro-service application in the realm of the Spring framework would be to use the Spring Cloud set of mod...
24-11-2022 16:42:43 dzone java Advanced
Spring Boot for Cloud: REST API Development
There are two main ways by which microservice applications can interact with each other: REST services and messaging systems. The REST appro...
24-11-2022 08:59:14 dzone java Advanced
A Closer and Detailed Look at SOAP API
An API, or Application Programming Interface, is software that allows two different applications to send messages to each other. For example...
24-11-2022 01:18:39 dzone java Advanced
Spring Boot for Cloud: Actuator
In previous articles, we talked about some features of Spring Boot that are very useful in the development phase of our system: we described...
23-11-2022 17:41:13 dzone java Advanced
Why I Don't Do TDD
I recently gave a talk about debugging for the London Java Community. During the Q&A part of the talk, someone asked me about my approach to...
23-11-2022 09:51:13 dzone java Advanced
Linked List Popular Problems Vol. 1
Aloha guys. Today we are trying to solve three popular linked list problems: Linked List Cycle, Middle of the Linked List, and Remove Duplic...
23-11-2022 01:52:25 dzone java Advanced
When To Use the @DynamicUpdate With Spring Data JPA
The Spring Data JpaRepository interface comes with the save(S entity) method that is frequently used to update an entity representation on t...
22-11-2022 17:53:55 dzone java Advanced
Auto-Scaling a Spring Boot Native App With Nomad
Horizontal scaling and in particular auto-scaling is a common challenge for many applications no matter their architectural approach (monoli...
22-11-2022 10:05:12 dzone java Advanced

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