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Spring Bean Lifecycle — ApplicationContextAware Interface
In the video below, we take a closer look at Spring Bean Lifecycle - ApplicationContextAware Interface. Let's get started!
26-03-2020 02:56:55 dzone java Advanced
Securing Web Apps Using PKCE With Spring Boot
Technology has a way of updating faster than security standards. OAuth 2.0 is the latest and greatest standard for modern applications, but ...
25-03-2020 20:41:08 dzone java Advanced
SKP's Java/Java EE Gotchas: Revisiting Java SE 9 Features, Part 2
As I had promised, albeit very late, I am back with the Code Samples of my earlier article Java SE 9... What's New? You may refer to the ear...
24-03-2020 18:58:17 dzone java Advanced
Securing Legacy Apps With OAuth 2.0 and Spring Cloud Gateway
Do you find it painful to modernize your old, form-based logins? It doesn't have to be that way. The lack of support in the underlying frame...
24-03-2020 12:20:11 dzone java Advanced
Quarantine! [Comic]
24-03-2020 06:03:07 dzone java Advanced
Spring Bean Lifecycle — BeanPostProcessor
In the video below, we take a closer look at Spring Bean lifecycle BeanPostProcessor. Let's get started!
23-03-2020 23:29:26 dzone java Advanced
How to Implement Fuzzy Search (Google's Autocomplete Search) in Java
Approximate String Search Approximate String Search, Fuzzy Search, search with mistakes there are many names for this one problem. In this a...
23-03-2020 16:58:15 dzone java Advanced
Java: It's Time to Move Your Application to Java 11
In the past few years, several exciting things have happened in the Java world, among them is certainly the new version control. Previously,...
20-03-2020 02:41:19 dzone java Advanced
Get to Know JSF: An Easy and Straightforward a Jakarta Framework
Developing web systems is a reality in the current market, and the Jakarta Server Faces framework is a standard Jakarta EE option to solve t...
19-03-2020 20:21:54 dzone java Advanced
Native Memory Allocation in Java
From time to time, we run into a memory problem that is not related to Java Heap but Native Memory. Let's imagine the situation where we hav...
19-03-2020 13:46:03 dzone java Advanced

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