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Spring Boot and Micrometer With InlfuxDB Part 1: The Base Project
To those who follow this blog, it's no wonder that I tend to use InfluxDB a lot. I like the fact that it is a real single purpose database (...
23-11-2020 23:22:24 dzone java Advanced
Static Classes in Java
In this article, we are going to study what is a static class in Java and how we can create it. Later, we will discuss some implementation c...
23-11-2020 16:42:03 dzone java Advanced
How to Validate an Email Address in Java
Email is one of the most universal tools for sharing and receiving information across the globe, with users able to connect with others onli...
23-11-2020 08:40:45 dzone java Advanced
How to Find All the Classes of a Package in Java
To find all classes of a package in Java we can use the ClassHunter of Burningwave Core library. So we start by adding the following depende...
22-11-2020 12:21:58 dzone java Advanced
Dependency Injection Implementation in Core Java
Overview This article will guide you to understand and build a lightweight Java application using your own Dependency Injection implementati...
21-11-2020 14:32:37 dzone java Advanced
Reclaim 25% of Java Heap Memory and Lower Your Cloud Bills
Do you know that you can save up to 25% of your heap memory and your cloud bills without any effort? Well, that's true. Many exciting featur...
20-11-2020 17:54:09 dzone java Advanced
Top 10 Most Useful Websites for Java Developers
Below is the list of most effective and trustworthy resources about Java Technology. These could be very useful and interesting for Java pro...
20-11-2020 08:48:14 dzone java Advanced
Implement Your own Dependency Injection
Overview This article will guide you to understand and build a lightweight java application using your own Dependency Injection implementati...
19-11-2020 11:52:37 dzone java Advanced
Difference Between InitialRAMPercentage, MinRAMPercentage, MaxRAMPercentage
This article attempts to clarify the difference between InitialRAMPercentage, MinRAMPercentage, MaxRAMPercentage JVM arguments. These argume...
18-11-2020 16:20:50 dzone java Advanced
How to Convert ODT Files to PDF in Java
Microsoft has maintained its position in the spotlight for formatted document creation and editing for good reason. Its extreme ease of use ...
17-11-2020 21:25:31 dzone java Advanced

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