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5 JavaScript Concepts Every Web Developer Should Learn
Hello Devs, if you are wondering what to learn in JavaScript to take your skills to the next level then you have come to the right place. Ea...
19-01-2022 08:59:21 dzone java Advanced
JxBrowser and JCEF
When looking for a solution to display HTML, execute JavaScript, or use OAuth2 protocol in Java, one often looks for a full-fledged embeddab...
19-01-2022 02:12:59 dzone java Advanced
Flyweight Design Pattern in Java
In the video below, we take a closer look at the Flyweight Design pattern in Java. This tutorial includes an introduction, real-time example...
18-01-2022 19:11:45 dzone java Advanced
Making Readable Code With Dependency Injection and Jakarta CDI
Within programming, object orientation (also known as OOP) is one of the wealthiest paradigms in documentation and standards, as with depend...
18-01-2022 12:26:03 dzone java Advanced
Optimization Techniques Using Java Streams
The incredible amounts of data collected by digital technologies have created an explosion of big data analysis. It allows companies, govern...
18-01-2022 05:41:48 dzone java Advanced
Less Code With Spring Data Rest
We programmers are constantly solving various problems and always looking for a way to make life easier for others. On the other hand, we ma...
17-01-2022 22:53:05 dzone java Advanced
Authentication With Remote LDAP Server in Spring WebFlux
In my previous article, we covered authentication and authorization with remote LDAP servers in Spring Web MVC. Since base concepts are the ...
17-01-2022 16:05:50 dzone java Advanced
Implement Real-time Locating in an Android App
Real-time locating is a core function for many apps, allowing them to quickly and accurately locate users' real time locations. Location Kit...
17-01-2022 09:16:31 dzone java Advanced
Authentication Using Google Accounts Across Android Devices
With the release of AppGallery Connect version 1.5.2 the Auth service now has full support for making use of unified sign-in with a Google a...
17-01-2022 02:28:06 dzone java Advanced
Containerize Gradle Apps and Deploy to Kubernetes With JKube Kubernetes Gradle Plugin
This article is a follow-up to my previous post, Deploy Maven Apps to Kubernetes With JKube Kubernetes Maven Plugin. Eclipse JKube is a coll...
16-01-2022 19:44:40 dzone java Advanced

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