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Contingencies vs. Faults
Introduction Since the invention of the Java language, there has been a long-standing debate about checked versus unchecked/runtime exceptio...
04-05-2021 04:38:54 dzone java Advanced
Going Beyond Java 8: Create Custom Java Runtimes with jlink
According to some surveys such as that of JetBrains, version 8 of Java is currently the most used by developers all over the world, despite ...
03-05-2021 21:37:36 dzone java Advanced
What's New in JPA Buddy 3.0
JPA Buddy 3.0 is out! Support for Flyway script generation and Kotlin are finally here, along with other improvements and fixes. Let's take ...
02-05-2021 22:40:20 dzone java Advanced
Tips for Using IntelliJ IDEA Effectively [Video]
I wanted to share my tips and tricks that and especially some keyboard shortcuts that make me more productive when using IntelliJ IDEA. Inte...
02-05-2021 16:00:44 dzone java Advanced
How To Read the Properties File Outside the Jar in Spring Boot
In the video below, we take a closer look at how to read the properties file, which is outside the Jar in Spring Boot! First, we'll external...
01-05-2021 23:29:41 dzone java Advanced
Introduction to Spring Boot and JDBCTemplate: Introduction to Docker
With the set application connected to the database, the next step is to deploy the application. In the third part of this series, our primar...
01-05-2021 16:42:52 dzone java Advanced
SpringBoot Configure DataSource Using JNDI With Example Using Tomcat 9 Server
In the video within this article, we take a closer look at the SpringBoot Configure DataSource Using JNDI, alongside an example using a Tomc...
01-05-2021 09:48:56 dzone java Advanced
How to Generate and Compare Perceptual Image Hashes in Java
Perceptual image hashing is a relatively new process used primarily in the multimedia industry for content identification and authentication...
01-05-2021 02:58:52 dzone java Advanced
New to Java? Here Are Some Resources
In this tweet, I was asked if I had a list of resources for developers who are new to Java. I didn't at the time, but I've spent some time r...
30-04-2021 20:19:16 dzone java Advanced
Java Microbenchmark Harness (JMH)
Introduction In my previous article, we established that microbenchmarking is hard with jvm. It is not enough to surround the code in a loop...
30-04-2021 13:32:14 dzone java Advanced

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