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The Things I Love and Use from Java 11
Hey, tea lovers! Let us see what Java is providing to keep up with the latest trend or requirement. I will be going over the things I think ...
10-09-2020 18:25:25 dzone java Advanced
Scala Beginner Series (2) : Object Oriented Scala
This series is all about the taste of Scala. It is best suitable for all the newbies in Scala. You may also like: Scala Beginner Series (1) ...
10-09-2020 11:58:19 dzone java Advanced
6 Best Books to Learn Multithreading and Concurrency in Java
Hello Java programmers, you may know that books are essential to learning something new, and despite being in the electronic age, where book...
10-09-2020 05:29:23 dzone java Advanced
Spring Boot - Building Restful Web Services With Jersey (JSON) + JPA
In the video below, we take a closer look at Spring Boot - Building Restful Web Services With Jersey (JSON) + JPA | Spring Boot Jersey Examp...
09-09-2020 23:01:32 dzone java Advanced
A New Way to Test Your Multithreaded Code With JUnit
Currently, when we test multi-thread Java we call the class under test by as many threads possible. And since the test is not deterministic,...
09-09-2020 16:34:45 dzone java Advanced
Spring Boot - Test a RESTful Web Service Using cURL Client
In the video below, we take a closer look at Spring Boot - Test RESTful web service using curl client | Test a REST API with curl . Let's ge...
09-09-2020 10:06:36 dzone java Advanced
Understanding Code - Part 2
Continuing the previous post, here we will see more about the tools that help us understand the code. First we will see about eclox. Eclox c...
09-09-2020 03:34:17 dzone java Advanced
Spring Boot Togglz Usage — Part Two
Togglz is a feature flag toggle pattern library to enable or disable a feature in the application. For getting started on togglz, please ref...
08-09-2020 20:21:18 dzone java Advanced
Beginners Guide to Decision Management in a Retail Web Shop
There is no better way to getting started with a new technology than a beginners guide, a demo, and a workshop where you build it all step-b...
08-09-2020 13:50:07 dzone java Advanced
Don't Use assertTrue to Verify Text in Your Test
Introduction It is common, especially in functional tests on any front-end (web, mobile), to include text validation in our tests to verify ...
08-09-2020 07:20:24 dzone java Advanced

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