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A diagram editor framework for VS Code
Do you want to extend VS Code with a custom diagram editor? In this article we will introduce you to Eclipse... The post A diagram editor fr...
16-04-2021 11:19:35 eclipse Beginners
A custom dashboard for Eclipse Che
Do you want a workspace management server for your cloud development environment such as Eclipse Che, but also require a custom... The post ...
08-04-2021 12:49:54 eclipse Beginners
Web-based modeling tools with
Do you want to build a domain-specific tool running in the browser? Do you require features such as form-based editors, tree... The post Web...
31-03-2021 11:28:52 eclipse Beginners
VS Code extensions vs. Theia extensions
If you develop a custom web-based tool or an IDE extension these days, you might wonder whether to go for a... The post VS Code extensions v...
24-03-2021 15:21:18 eclipse Beginners
EclipseSource Oomph Profile – updated to 2021-03
Eclipse 2021-03 has been released yesterday, a new version of the Eclipse IDE and platform. The new release contains a lot... The post Eclip...
18-03-2021 14:05:55 eclipse Beginners
A minimal diagram editor example for Eclipse GLSP
In this article, we introduce a minimal example for a diagram editor developed with Eclipse Graphical Language Server Platform (GLSP). GLSP....
17-03-2021 10:56:59 eclipse Beginners
A property view for Eclipse Theia
In this article, we introduce the new, extensible property view that has recently been contributed to Eclipse Theia, the open platform... Th...
10-03-2021 11:30:50 eclipse Beginners
Building diagram editors in Eclipse Theia with GLSP
Do you want to implement a diagram editor in Eclipse Theia? The Eclipse Graphical Language Server Platform (GLSP) allows you to... The post ...
03-03-2021 11:42:50 eclipse Beginners
The Model Server
Do you want to build a web-based tool based on a domain-specific data model? Do you need to connect client-side editors... The post The EMF....
25-02-2021 14:05:06 eclipse Beginners
The workflow diagram example for Eclipse GLSP
Do you want to see Eclipse GLSP, a framework for web-based diagram editors in action? In this article, we present a... The post The workflow...
17-02-2021 15:56:41 eclipse Beginners

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