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Join the virtual Che Conf 2018 tomorrow, February 21st
The Che Conf 2018 will take place tomorrow, Feb 21st starting at 10 am EST. For Europeans, it is a nice...
20-02-2018 11:35:36 eclipse Beginners
EMF Forms 1.15.0 Feature: Enhanced Table Renderer
EMF Forms makes it easy to create forms that can edit your data based on an EMF model. To get started...
31-01-2018 15:22:19 eclipse Beginners
EDAPT 1.3.0 released!
We are happy to announce that, we have released EDAPT 1.3.0! We want to thank all committers and contributors for their...
26-01-2018 16:16:49 eclipse Beginners
SWT Spy – debugging SWT layouts
Do you have to debug an existing SWT view and you are not sure what elements are really on screen? Are...
10-01-2018 15:28:17 eclipse Beginners
EclipseSource Oomph Profile – updated to Oxygen.2
Yesterday, Oxygen.2 has been released, a new version of the Eclipse IDE and platform. It contains many useful improvements, so it...
21-12-2017 13:40:57 eclipse Beginners
EMF Forms and EMF Client Platform 1.15.0 released!
We are happy to announce that together with Oxygen.2, we have released EMF Forms and EMF Client Platform 1.15.0! We want...
20-12-2017 14:23:51 eclipse Beginners
Eclipse DemoCamp Munich on 4th of December 2017 – Final Agenda
The Eclipse Democamp December in Munich will take place on upcoming monday and we are looking forward to meet you there!... The post Eclipse...
01-12-2017 09:59:34 eclipse Beginners
EMF Forms 1.14.0 Feature: Enhanced Input Validation
EMF Forms makes it simple to create forms which edit your data based on an EMF model. To get started with... The post EMF Forms 1.14.0 Featu...
24-11-2017 10:31:35 eclipse Beginners
Modeling Symposium at EclipseCon Europe 2017 - Slides
Thanks for attending the modeling symposium at EclipseCon Europe 2017, thank you for the positive feedback and thanks to all the... The post...
23-11-2017 14:51:06 eclipse Beginners
Eclipse DemoCamp Munich: Registration opens today
Eclipse Democamp Munich December 4th 2017 Registration opens today! We are pleased to invite you to participate in the Eclipse...
06-11-2017 15:38:25 eclipse Beginners

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