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A new lease of life for the Dell XPS 13 9343
Dell innovated in 2015 by shipping a version of its (near borderless) XPS 13 9343 running with the Ubuntu operating system instead of Window...
23-04-2016 22:01:28 elecodev Advanced
Why BDD is a false good idea
The cornerstone of BDD, short for Behaviour Driven Development, is the idea of a shared language used throughout the team to write and tests...
05-01-2016 01:33:29 elecodev Advanced
Testing multithreaded code
Java threads are managed by the underlying operating system scheduler, which is always (afaik) non-deterministic. Therefore the threads exec...
10-08-2015 17:11:09 elecodev Advanced
Strategies to reduce garbage on the JVM
All JVM languages eg. Java, Scala, Clojure.. (and even some non-JVM language like Golang) are garbage collected. This means the process of c...
07-07-2015 09:07:14 elecodev Advanced

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