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Stackd 54: All things Akka
*Overview* Kito, Danno, and Josh join special guest Francisco L pez-Sancho (author of Akka in Action) to discuss all things Akka, as well as...
02-01-2022 06:54:34 Enterprise Java Newscast Advanced
Stackd 53. An interview with Richard Fitchner
Recorded Date 10/23/2021 Title: In this episode, Kito, Ian, Danno and Josh welcome special guest Richard Fitchner, Founder JUG Oberpfalz, CE...
11-11-2021 07:54:17 Enterprise Java Newscast Advanced
COVID as the new normal (and new releases)
Recorded Date 9/3/2021 Description Another great episode with the entire band -- Kito, Daniel, Ian, and Josh. They discuss COVID as the new ...
24-09-2021 04:53:13 Enterprise Java Newscast Advanced
Stackd 46. As we spend time coding! (since we are isolating)
Yep, the crowd have been catching up with their netflix shows, reading cool blogs, and keeping up to date in the Enterprise space! We dive a...
12-05-2020 06:28:14 Enterprise Java Newscast Advanced
Stackd 45. In Isolation and Self-quarantine!
Oh my, staying in isolation is tough! But that didn't stop the crew of Stackd to record the latest news in the full-stack space! From UI (An...
30-03-2020 03:20:30 Enterprise Java Newscast Advanced
Stackd 44. Angular, PrimeVue, State of JS, Quarkus and Jakarta EE
Another stuffed-to-the-gills episode on Stackd! Where Kito, Josh, Dan and Ian talk about the new happenings on the UI (Tons have been happen...
25-02-2020 05:47:08 Enterprise Java Newscast Advanced
Stackd 43. Year end Review!
Kito, Josh, Danno, and Ian are at it again! Covering what's new in the Full-stack space, including a deep end discussion on Scrum, the inter...
23-01-2020 07:05:16 Enterprise Java Newscast Advanced
Episode 42. On Primefaces, Jakarta EE, JDK 13, OracleCodEone and a New Show Name
Primefaces is alive and kicking! now with PrimeTek UI Updates. Working with maps? then hear how Josh uses ArcGIS JS API. Jakarta EE 8 has be...
12-11-2019 21:16:32 Enterprise Java Newscast Advanced
Episode 41. on Java EE Guardians, Jakarta EE vs Microprofile, JDK 13, and JavaFX.
So first, a big Welcome for the "Enterprise Java Newscast" to joining the "Pub House Network", a series of podcast and content created by de...
24-09-2019 08:36:57 Enterprise Java Newscast Advanced
Episode 40 - July 2019
UI Tier PrimeFaces 7: (JJ) Angular 8: (IH) lit-html 1.0: (KM) Java EE/Jakarta EE Participation: (JJ) Renaming Specs: Add link to Eclipse Jav...
30-07-2019 00:27:19 Enterprise Java Newscast Advanced

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