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IntelliJ Feature Request: Find Escaped Strings
IntelliJ has some automatic String escaping built in.IntelliJ automatic String escaping on copy/pasteExample: pasting TO IntelliJWrite some ...
11-09-2015 05:59:00 flowstopper (Fabian Kessler) Beginners
French OVH vs German Hetzner: the Stereotypes Are Alive
This is an open letter describing my experiences and offering some suggestions to the French hosting company OVH.I have had 2 cheap VPS at O...
17-06-2015 18:46:00 flowstopper (Fabian Kessler) Beginners
Is that Googlebot user agent really from Google?
How do you know if the client identifying as Googlebot is actually from Google? And Bingbot? And all the others? On Github there's a newly p...
05-04-2015 13:00:00 flowstopper (Fabian Kessler) Beginners
Graphical Visualizations in JavaDoc
Having code documentation is crucial for a software. It helps the developers to understand the functions and APIs. Code that is well underst...
10-12-2014 11:25:00 flowstopper (Fabian Kessler) Beginners
Java SLF4J: Dynamic Log Level
In short Problem: SLF4J doesn't support to set the log level at runtime. Solution: Use Lidalia Extensions to SLF4J The whole storyMy Java pr...
22-09-2014 12:04:00 flowstopper (Fabian Kessler) Beginners
If your project is still hosted on SourceForge, I automatically assume it's dead.
SourceForge was the first free project hosting platform for open source software. It was immensely popular. It was the hub during the early ...
20-05-2014 10:05:00 flowstopper (Fabian Kessler) Beginners
Java: .equals() or == on enum values?
Both do pretty much the same thing: checking whether 2 enum values are the same. And if you search your code base, you probably find both ki...
29-04-2014 11:52:00 flowstopper (Fabian Kessler) Beginners

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