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http4s: from Cats to ZIO
Hey-hey-hey! So you decided that it's not fancy to use http4s with Cats any more. It's obvious that you may want to see in action ZIO as a m...
16-09-2019 22:15:50 Fruzenshtein's No ... (Alexey Zvolinskiy) Advanced
http4s: JSON request validator
There are three things a software developer can watch forever: fire, water, and request validators. In the previous blog post I demonstrated...
09-09-2019 15:38:36 Fruzenshtein's No ... (Alexey Zvolinskiy) Advanced
http4s: another CRUD example
So you decided to try http4s to create some web app or an API. Naturally your first step is to read official docs. Then you may notice that ...
02-09-2019 18:59:05 Fruzenshtein's No ... (Alexey Zvolinskiy) Advanced
Kubernetes on AWS: How to connect to RDS?
Hey there! It's time to write a new blog post about something really hot, for example Kubernetes. In order to make this article even more sp...
08-01-2019 15:35:46 Fruzenshtein's No ... (Alexey Zvolinskiy) Advanced
Akka: Actors Design And Communication Techniques
I'm working with akka within last 3 years. I can't say that my knowledge is brilliant. There are still many things which I learn about akka ...
19-06-2018 17:50:13 Fruzenshtein's No ... (Alexey Zvolinskiy) Advanced
Akka: Data Access Actors
An actor model gives us outstanding solution for building of high scale and high load systems. Those of you who work with Akka, know that in...
22-02-2018 19:17:06 Fruzenshtein's No ... (Alexey Zvolinskiy) Advanced
Scala: Extract [A] from List[B[A]]
Hey Scala squad! In this post I'm going to show some ways of extracting values from list or sequence of boxed elements. It's a pretty common...
13-12-2017 10:26:38 Fruzenshtein's No ... (Alexey Zvolinskiy) Advanced
Akka HTTP: another one validation directive
The question is how to validate a HTTP request body using Akka HTTP directive? Of course we can use for this reason validate directive, but ...
22-09-2017 11:38:07 Fruzenshtein's No ... (Alexey Zvolinskiy) Advanced
How To Build & Deploy Scala Application?
Hey! Looks like you are familiar with Scala. And I believe you even develop some apps locally using it. A main mission of the code is to hel...
14-07-2017 15:16:07 Fruzenshtein's No ... (Alexey Zvolinskiy) Advanced
Akka HTTP: model validation field by field
If you work with Akka HTTP for a while, you should definitely know that it has multiple ways for model validation. I talk about http request...
24-05-2017 12:49:36 Fruzenshtein's No ... (Alexey Zvolinskiy) Advanced

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