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What 2017 brings for a Java developer?
The New Year and Christmas it's a good time for Java developers to wear a warm sweater with deers. And of course it's an excellent moment to...
13-01-2017 17:48:55 Fruzenshtein's No ... (Alexey Zvolinskiy) Advanced
10 Amazing Scala Collection Functions
When I work with Scala collections, I always keep in mind that there are two types of operations which I can perform: transformation operati...
20-12-2016 11:19:54 Fruzenshtein's No ... (Alexey Zvolinskiy) Advanced
How I would like to learn Scala?
I want to share with you a small piece of my project. It's about Scala programming language. If to be more precise it's about the most simpl...
05-12-2016 22:29:51 Fruzenshtein's No ... (Alexey Zvolinskiy) Advanced
Scala in Java Maven project
Probably the most painful thing for software developers is to be restricted in technology choice which they want to use in a development. Yo...
09-11-2016 20:30:37 Fruzenshtein's No ... (Alexey Zvolinskiy) Advanced
Coursera: review of scala courses
This Spring I paid around $350 for the new specialization on Coursera. It's name "Functional Programming in Scala". Since that time I have c...
26-10-2016 23:55:29 Fruzenshtein's No ... (Alexey Zvolinskiy) Advanced
Scala: work with files & directories
How often do you need to write or read files? This is pretty common task in any more or less not trivial project. Image upload process, CSV ...
04-10-2016 13:00:21 Fruzenshtein's No ... (Alexey Zvolinskiy) Advanced
Scala OOP: 9 things you forgot
Hello, dear Reader! I apologize for a such loud title of the article, but you should know how it's important for me to engage the readers to...
14-09-2016 12:49:48 Fruzenshtein's No ... (Alexey Zvolinskiy) Advanced
Scala: Pattern matching
There are a lot of cases when you need to make a decision in a program based on some condition or value. The first thought which comes to mi...
20-07-2016 14:13:36 Fruzenshtein's No ... (Alexey Zvolinskiy) Advanced
Scala: recursive functions
I enrolled to Functional Programming in Scala specialization on Coursera. It consists of 5 courses which will take around 180 days. First co...
04-06-2016 17:30:06 Fruzenshtein's No ... (Alexey Zvolinskiy) Advanced
Scala: Case classes & companion objects
That's not a secret that Scala is very popular programming language in BigData industry. And you may heard before that Scala is a data-centr...
04-05-2016 15:26:03 Fruzenshtein's No ... (Alexey Zvolinskiy) Advanced

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