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Akka HTTP: another one validation directive
The question is how to validate a HTTP request body using Akka HTTP directive? Of course we can use for this reason validate directive, but ...
22-09-2017 11:38:07 Fruzenshtein's No ... (Alexey Zvolinskiy) Advanced
How To Build & Deploy Scala Application?
Hey! Looks like you are familiar with Scala. And I believe you even develop some apps locally using it. A main mission of the code is to hel...
14-07-2017 15:16:07 Fruzenshtein's No ... (Alexey Zvolinskiy) Advanced
Akka HTTP: model validation field by field
If you work with Akka HTTP for a while, you should definitely know that it has multiple ways for model validation. I talk about http request...
24-05-2017 12:49:36 Fruzenshtein's No ... (Alexey Zvolinskiy) Advanced
Scala Median function
Have you ever heard about a median? I'm talking about that thing from mathematician statistics, which represents a "middle" value of a data ...
04-05-2017 21:39:58 Fruzenshtein's No ... (Alexey Zvolinskiy) Advanced
Coursera Spark: Week 2 And 3
So as you already know, I've enrolled to Functional Programming in Scala Specialization on Coursera. Currently I'm passing through the 4th c...
21-03-2017 14:31:35 Fruzenshtein's No ... (Alexey Zvolinskiy) Advanced
Coursera Spark: Week 1
So this week is an official start of 4th course from Scala Specialization on Coursera. I mean Spark course. This is an outstanding event, be...
13-03-2017 16:18:10 Fruzenshtein's No ... (Alexey Zvolinskiy) Advanced
Feel The Difference: Currying Or Partially Applied Function In Scala
In this article I want to show a real difference between curried functions and partially applied functions in Scala. This question is pretty...
11-03-2017 16:28:02 Fruzenshtein's No ... (Alexey Zvolinskiy) Advanced
What 2017 brings for a Java developer?
The New Year and Christmas it's a good time for Java developers to wear a warm sweater with deers. And of course it's an excellent moment to...
13-01-2017 17:48:55 Fruzenshtein's No ... (Alexey Zvolinskiy) Advanced
10 Amazing Scala Collection Functions
When I work with Scala collections, I always keep in mind that there are two types of operations which I can perform: transformation operati...
20-12-2016 11:19:54 Fruzenshtein's No ... (Alexey Zvolinskiy) Advanced
How I would like to learn Scala?
I want to share with you a small piece of my project. It's about Scala programming language. If to be more precise it's about the most simpl...
05-12-2016 22:29:51 Fruzenshtein's No ... (Alexey Zvolinskiy) Advanced

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