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Thoughts On Working With Nested Monad Within The Future Monad In Scala
This post is about nested contexts, specifically with Future. Or more accurately, nested monad within the Future monad. eg: Future[Either[E,...
13-05-2018 06:57:42 geekAbyte Advanced
ip-num 1.0.1 is Released
ip-num, version 1.0.1 is now available. It is mainly a bug fix release. The release contains the following changes/fixes: Fixed the throwing...
19-04-2018 22:03:36 geekAbyte Advanced
An alternative way to interpret usage of curly braces in Scala
I recently came up with what I consider to be a nifty way for reading a particular piece of Scala syntax that I have long found confusing. B...
14-03-2018 01:14:38 geekAbyte Advanced
Exploring Type class in Scala: Conclusion
I remember watching Dan Rosen's excellent video tutorial on Type class in Scala, earlier this year. And I remember the feeling I had, where ...
24-12-2017 06:12:34 geekAbyte Advanced
Three Real-world examples of Type class pattern in Scala
In this post, we are going to look at a couple of examples where the type class pattern has been put to use in Scala. This is the sixth post...
23-12-2017 20:24:27 geekAbyte Advanced
Common forms of Type class pattern in Scala
This post will explore some of the various forms the type class encoding in Scala can take. It is the 5th post in a series of posts on type ...
21-12-2017 21:36:20 geekAbyte Advanced
Encoding Type class in Scala
This post looks into how to encode the Type class pattern in Scala. It is the 4th post in the Type-class knowledge pack series. The previous...
19-12-2017 01:34:54 geekAbyte Advanced
Exploring Type Annotations in Scala
Do you come across code like this in Scala: def apply[T <% Mappable[T]](x: T): T or class ReferenceQueue[+T <: AnyRef] { .. } or def setValu...
10-12-2017 15:38:48 geekAbyte Advanced
Implicit Scope and Implicit Resolution in Scala
Having a good understanding of implicits is necessary to fully appreciating how the type-class pattern is encoded in Scala. This is because ...
03-12-2017 05:51:17 geekAbyte Advanced
Exploring Typeclass in Scala: A knowledge pack
This series of blog post seeks to provide an exhaustive exploration of the Type-class pattern in Scala. Aptly described as a "knowledge pack...
26-11-2017 20:35:15 geekAbyte Advanced

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