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A Short Note on Types in Rust
Types, loosely defined, are about capabilities. What are the capabilities available on a value of a certain type? Programmers experienced wi...
23-01-2023 10:17:48 geekAbyte Advanced
Introduction to Macros In Rust
This guide will present an overview of the fundamentals a new developer approaching macros in Rust needs to know. If you have read other mat...
17-10-2022 05:45:23 geekAbyte Advanced
Introduction to Declarative Macros in Rust
This post will give a quick overview of declarative macros in Rust. If you are not familiar with the concepts of macros in Rust, then read I...
16-10-2022 21:42:08 geekAbyte Advanced
How to query account balance on Solana using Rust.
This post shows how to query Solana's cluster rpc endpoint using Rust. Most of the examples of how to perform this task that I ran to uses J...
28-09-2022 06:48:35 geekAbyte Advanced
IntoIterator and the for ... in Syntax in Rust
In Rust Iterator pattern with iter(), into_iter() and iter_mut() methods I explained why attempting to use a variable holding a Vec after it...
13-08-2022 20:28:32 geekAbyte Advanced
Rust Iterator pattern with iter(), into_iter() and iter_mut() methods
Let's create a vec of integers, iterate through and print the individual values, and then afterward, print out the whole vec. Here is the co...
11-08-2022 01:38:20 geekAbyte Advanced
Introduction to Digital Signature for the Working Developer
In this post, we would be looking at digital signatures. It will be a quick, straight-to-the-point overview of some of the essential things ...
12-06-2022 16:53:07 geekAbyte Advanced
Introduction to Asymmetric Encryption for the Working Developer
In this post, we are going to look at asymmetric encryption. As mentioned in the previous post on symmetric encryption, encryption is the cr...
06-06-2022 14:52:06 geekAbyte Advanced
A Neophyte's Introduction to the async/await landscape in Rust
The async/await features in other programming languages seem to be more straightforward. For example in JavaScript, you have the syntax that...
30-05-2022 00:44:26 geekAbyte Advanced
Introduction to Key Exchange for the Working Developer
In Introduction to Symmetric Encryption for the Working Developer, we saw how to encrypt and decrypt data. Being symmetric encryption, both ...
07-05-2022 23:45:13 geekAbyte Advanced

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