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Declaration Files in TypeScript: An Introduction
This is the first post in what I believe would be a series where I capture some of the things I learned about TypeScript while developing ip...
11-10-2017 23:19:02 geekAbyte Advanced
ip-num 1.0.0 is Released
ip-num, version 1.0.0 is now available. ip-num is a TypeScript library for working with ASN, IPv4, and IPv6 numbers. It provides representat...
29-09-2017 23:19:53 geekAbyte Advanced
Exploring Currying and Partial Application using Scala
tl;drCurrying is different from Partial (Function) Application.In Scala it is possible to define a function which returns another function t...
24-12-2016 21:04:29 geekAbyte Advanced
Making Sense Of Symbols In Scala's Collections API
Scala comes under a lot of criticism for the leeway it gives to the use of symbols. A criticism I can understand, since if abused, can easil...
07-09-2016 00:11:18 geekAbyte Advanced
Replaying Events in An Axon Framework Based Application
This post shows how to replay events from the event store in an application built using event sourcing with Axon Framework. Note: This post ...
24-08-2016 23:18:14 geekAbyte Advanced
Understanding Implicits in Scala
I knew about the maxim: "Implicits are evil" way before I started using Scala. So by the time I started running into them in codebases, I wa...
27-06-2016 09:28:18 geekAbyte Advanced
Difference Between Value, Factory, and Service in AngularJs
There are various ways to create Objects in JavaScript. A couple include: Using Object literal notation: Reference var carObj = { model: "Me...
29-04-2016 23:57:33 geekAbyte Advanced
Exploring CQRS with Axon Framework: Closing thoughts
...and this post, is the final one, in the series of posts on Exploring CQRS with Axon Framework. It is a summary of my thoughts on CQRS as ...
26-04-2016 00:25:31 geekAbyte Advanced
Exploring CQRS with Axon Framework: Overview of the Testing infrastructure
After a long break, I am finally getting around to picking up on the series: exploring CQRS with Axon Framwork. This post, which is on Testi...
23-01-2016 17:44:27 geekAbyte Advanced
Exploring CQRS with Axon Framework: Applying Event Sourcing
This post is part of the series of post on exploring CQRS architecture using Axon Framework. It looks into combining event sourcing within C...
29-10-2015 03:57:00 geekAbyte Advanced

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