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jquery-stockquotes and Oracle JET
Here's integrated into an Oracle JET application: Steps: Somehow download , e.g., via Bower. In "main.js" include a reference: 'jqueryui-sto...
26-05-2017 14:39:56 Geertjan Wielenga Beginners
New: JDK 9 Jigsaw Modular Projects in NetBeans IDE
The NetBeans IDE 9 development builds now enable you to create Java Modular Projects, i.e., Jigsaw projects that can contain multiple Jigsaw...
15-05-2017 05:51:01 Geertjan Wielenga Beginners
Running NetBeans IDE 9 Development Build on JDK 9 EA Build 162
For the adventurous, interesting times ahead since you're able to try out the NetBeans IDE 9 development build on top of JDK 9 EA, in my cas...
14-05-2017 23:48:45 Geertjan Wielenga Beginners
YouTube: Two Minute NetBeans Tip #2
Drum roll... two minute NetBeans tips, part 2:
14-05-2017 10:19:50 Geertjan Wielenga Beginners
JShell Integration in NetBeans IDE
I've blogged about the integration of the Java 9 JShell in NetBeans IDE before, here and here. In the latest daily builds, assuming you're r...
14-05-2017 03:43:57 Geertjan Wielenga Beginners
Beyond Mobile App vs. Mobile Browser
The continual discussion of whether to create a native/hybrid mobile app or to create an app accessed via the browser, has two recent altern...
13-05-2017 21:39:53 Geertjan Wielenga Beginners
Trip Report: NetBeans Day Greece 2017
NetBeans Day Greece, hosted at Oracle partner Unisystems Hellas in Athens, took place today. Around 50 attendees, with a range of speakers a...
13-05-2017 14:22:39 Geertjan Wielenga Beginners
Software Adoption Surveys: From Quantity To Quality!
In a democracy, everyone is equal. One person, one vote, and all votes are equal since all people are equal. Erroneously, that approach is a...
13-05-2017 08:17:36 Geertjan Wielenga Beginners
Trip Report: NetBeans Day UK 2017
The 3rd NetBeans Day took place in London today! (Go here for the 2016 report and here for the 2015 report.) As before, NetBeans Day UK took...
13-05-2017 02:16:52 Geertjan Wielenga Beginners

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